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Hunting Can How Choose Them?

No doubt a difficult decision. In Spain we find a large number of hunting grounds, so you can choose between several options, depending on the type of terrain, parts to hunt or closeness to our place of residence, this being a factor of great importance, because many are not willing to travel vast distances to practice and prefer to carry out hunting in Spain. An important point to keep in mind is not legit by the recommendations and experiences of other hunters, most advisable is to test the coto with our own hands before making the decision. In reserves that do not accept Member but cannot prevent us your simple visit and maybe be the same during the hunting season local, for a better appreciation of the place. The hunting season is long, is for this reason that the choice should not be lightly, we must take care of not missing anything, and get to the correct choice of the coto and us feel disappointed or sadly cheated. Here list small tips that may help: feeders and instincts of animals: If count with enough so that hunting does not have to flee in search of another place. To read more click here: Gavin Baker Atreides Management.

Drinking fountains and their status in the months of summer: do have enough water? If we visited el coto in spring field will be in all its glory, we need to know if this will continue so you perform several months without rain. Credit: Gavin Baker Atreides Management-2011. Another important point is to know if the area that is usually long summer, that prolong the arrival of rain more than is desirable. Orography of the land: know the terrain since this will also influence the type of fighter to develop, plain, with slopes, hills. Access roads: search all kinds of traces on the roads, trying to elucidate correspond to which animals. Analyze the sidewalks, watching whether they are fresh or not and if they correspond to adults or young animals. Nests of woodpigeon in the trees (especially if you still have no sheet). Consider the month of the year in which makes the visit to el coto and pay utmost attention to what they should see or listen to in a place that had hunting. These tips are a way of determining the benefits to the