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Student Government RSSU Unity

You are courageous, resourceful and fun? Want to express themselves in public life? Think about where you can get management skills, organizational work, negotiations take place? Then boldly engage in a student Self! Be among those who develop their leadership skills and is not afraid to take responsibility. What is the student government? The main function of student government – the union guys who seek to participate in the life of the university and contribute to solving the problems of youth. Note that a unique system of student government, established in RSCU, recognized as the best among the universities of Russia. Children involved in addressing educational, social, domestic and other issues, the most important of which are discussed at meetings of the Student Council – the Senate. Its structure includes the Board of Stewards, Leadership Council and the Council of hostels University. In the Student Council to protect the rights and interests of students are responsible for the hostel. Considering the opinions and recommendations of the guys who work in student government, leadership of the university provides financial support to young people from socially disadvantaged groups. Among other interesting areas of work – ensuring transparency of student government, organizing public events exhibitions and conferences, development of inter-institutional, inter-regional and international relations.

The guys also assist the Student Academy of Social Sciences, Student Security Service, the Student Information Bureau, KVN and creative teams. In addition, collaborative work with the authorities at various levels. Elections – a step crucial in RSCU everyone has a chance to realize their boldest ideas, to implement interesting and social projects. Participate in the work of student government is prestigious, but it assumes greater responsibility. There shall be elected by the best students who showed themselves in school and in public life. The first step of the staircase leading to the Student Council – Senate – Election of mayor and leader of the group.

Study English In USA

When a student decides to go to study English abroad, can choose between: English courses in Ireland, United States, and other countries of English bean. Long term courses, with enrollment in studies of country centres. When the choice is to study in United States, to not being a European country many formalities should be made. The first step is always to ask for the F1 Visa. This can be done at the Embassy or the Consulate of the United States.

Apart from having to fill out different forms, should attest that it has a fixed residence and that, after studies are completed, it will become the country of origin. Also due pay a non refundable rate of about 34. To choose a centre in that study, the best resource is the internet. To be accepted, you must populate the own centre request, submit titles attesting that it has an acceptable level of English, such as the TOEFL, and also certificates of higher education. You can also help take recommendations and draft a Charter presentation.

Implement Knowledge

Regular customer benefits make getting your regular customers special discounts, special offers, small touches to birthday, product samples, coupons, recommendations or regular tips? Customer benefits include also to customer orientation. 4. Satisfied customers who recommend you enable referral marketing, the 6 the customer lottery. Encourage your customers to recommend you. Show that you are in your field Spitzenleister you can trust. Create an experience that you love your customers through your company and creates emotions. Recommended only services that are exceptional and absolutely convincing, because the referrer is Yes with his good name for it. And even if you have a sympathy, they are further recommended.

Because people recommend anyone they can’t stand. Finally do not forget, to thank your recommender. 5. Social media (regular and) destination fair) use previously the rule without Web page was anything goes. Today it is (also) the use of social media for more coverage your customers leading to.

Her performances in the social networks should just as valuable, consider how your Web page and maintain them with care. There is the most obvious intent, which with little effort to implement is to post more regularly. 6 Sprinkle content and knowledge freely distribute in times of social communication should be divided learned. Not our knowledge alone make all setting in the competition, but also our expertise and our ability to convey this knowledge and to apply. This is not meant to carry the knowledge of others as their own competence. This can be done via the social networks or why not even publish a paper or giving an expert interview? Applies, without a sophisticated marketing plan with all good intentions, either as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, goals are unreachable. Consider therefore exactly when you something like with which Implement cost would your goals to achieve. This can be a new flyer, an event, participating in a trade fair, day of the open door and and and. Not all activities can be at the beginning of the year precisely plan itself, for example, is a change in the law is affecting you, if you want to use an emerging marketing opportunity. Applies to your corporate resolutions, what applies to all Vorsate: you’re there to inspire, not to crush you. It can help to formulate objectives and to enter them in the calendar. A further assistance may be to consider a method to document its own progress. Attachments not in stone carved can be reformulated in the middle of the year and adjusted, what is needed in some cases. Final tip: Don’t forget, routine tasks, like for example every day to post something on Facebook, to become the routine for at least three weeks. Can be helpful, if you go to the first intent at the beginning of the new year, best within the first three days, with positive feeling to get you started. Then, at the end of the year, an evaluation is necessary: what have you made up and what have you achieved it? Without analysis, it may be better in the next year. We wish you happy holidays, and conclude with one of our favourite quotes from Mark Twain: who does not know where he’s going, somewhere will arrive.

Deutsche Annington

The Deutsche Annington homes SE 2013 among the 10 best training companies of in Germany. Bochum, 28 November 2013 athletes, young mothers, teenagers who had no chance on a training course at the first attempt the apprentices who successfully could receive their training at the Deutsche Annington real estate group (DAIG) thanks to an individual sponsorship, is a long list. Now the Deutsche Annington is received for this commitment as one of the best training establishments in Germany. Individuality is capitalized at the present time. But if individuality requires special solutions, it is quickly written off. Not so with the Deutsche Annington.

With us, everyone has a chance”this motto seeks and promotes the Deutsche Annington their trainees for differentiated and individual profiles and also offers a wide range of seminars and projects. Young mothers get the opportunity to complete their education on a part-time basis, and young people, the so far No apprenticeship have found or canceled a training are offered internships or entry level qualifications. For various roles in the company require also different requirement profiles. For this commitment, the Deutsche Annington is been named 2013 real estate group as one of the ten best training establishments. At the award ceremony of the training-ass”on November 25 in Berlin the housing companies in the category was industry, trade, services” 2nd place. The Deutsche Annington shows a significant involvement in the preparation of young people to working life with their training program. Is remarkable also that, despite its size, a strong focus is placed on the individual promotion of the individual trainee,”the jury commented on the award of the Deutsche Annington at the award ceremony in the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. We are pleased about the award.

It proves that we with our training activities the right Go away, reflects the high esteem that enjoys our training program outside of the company,”was Volker Siekermann, group human resources manager of the Deutsche Annington, pleased. The award is awarded annually by the wirtschaftsjunioren Germany and the Juniors of the craft in cooperation with the WirtschaftsKurier. The patron is the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. From over 185 entries managed the real estate company among the 10 best training companies of in Germany. The second place is endowed with 1,500 euros. More information about current awards and the Deutsche Annington: Deutsche Annington heard about the Deutsche Annington real estate group with around 179.000 own and 30,000 apartments managed for third parties, as well as approximately 2,670 employees to one of Germany’s leading apartment providers.