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Oxford University

Two of the five or six close friends ** lose. ** This can negatively influence the future, in the loving relationship. ** Research is the work of the team of Robin Dunbar, who established the maximum number of friends who can manage on Facebook: 150. Start a relationship (and express beautiful words about the couple in question) causes the loss of part of the closest friends. This, which seems a logical consequence, since part of the time spent with friends becomes dating, it has been confirmed through an elaborate investigation in Oxford University, according to the BBC.

Researchers estimated that the circle of closest friends (those to which one looks once a week) consists of about five or six people, which lost an average of two (more than one-third) when a relationship starts (here the friends carried the question and why I miss you so much). From the moment you start a relationship, the person happens to have five friends to four, and between these four includes the / novio/a, which concludes that lost two good friends in exchange for a couple, says Robin Dunbar, Professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford, also responsible for having established the maximum number of friends who can handle in the social network Facebook in 150. The researchers asked 540 people, 428 women and 112 men, 363 total with partner. Negatively influences the relationship if you don’t see your friends, emotional commitment begins to fall very rapidly (the attention) is so completely centada in couples who simply fail to see other people that have a lot to see, so some of these (friendly) relationships begin to deteriorate, has Dunbar. Original author and source of the article


We have grown used to hearing about ice cream Spanish omelette, gazpacho, beer or even fabada. But today's ice-cream in the usual continue to encounter the same sweet and acidic flavors ever. Belgious is a small and charming ice-cream shop in Barcelona, where in addition to delicious goofres, have an exotic assortment of strange ice cream.

Some of the innovative ice cream salted his letter are Roquefort with nuts, spinach with raisins, pine nuts and bacon, Lavender, Oliva black, chocolate or Cabrales Gin Tonic among many more flavors to be tasted in various formats.


Chicharito Between

The last great pride from the quarry of the Chivas of Guadalajara, Javier Chicharito Hernandez, made his debut for Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League, the tournament of clubs most prestigious on the planet. The career of Chicharito Hernandez in Europe continues to give important steps. The pea was presented as holder in its new home, the Old Trafford in Manchester, where his team received the Ranges of Scotland on the first day of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League in his 2010-11 Edition. The former Chiva formed pair to the offensive with the English star Wayne Rooney and was on the pitch for 90 minutes in a match that was more complicated than I expected the team Sir Alex Ferguson. Beyond the urgency of United by the victory in condition of local and that the technician performed variants on the offensive to try to win it in the second half, Hernandez had the confidence of his coach and remained on the attack until the end. Without a doubt is an important step in the upward stroke of the Chicharito in football at the highest level, because despite not having the fortune of mark in his presentation, demonstrated is apt to behave naturally in a very competitive football. Congratulations Chicharito! Original author and source of the article

For Canarian

The optimistical vision, related in this says, keeps alive the confidence in the school. Although it acquires, probably, contours diffuser e, in many aspects, less professionalized, the educative action will continue to appeal for professionals independent and creative, capable to think and to define its craft. What it appears as inevitable, in future terms, is the rupture with the model of school that we know and that, in historical terms, is if depleting. Therefore, you are welcome it advances to the professors to want to decide its current problems, turning over nostalgically for the past and hypothetical ' ' years dourados' ' of the school, (it will be that they had been of same gold) for which it will not be able more to return. For Canarian (2006), the education of the future will be marked by the centralidade in the person who learns, what she implies to rethink the ways of work of the educators. It is in the relation with the pupil (today, many times faced for the professors as its main problem), in the way to treat them, that the future is played.

FINAL CONSIDERAES: AN SKETCH TO CONTINUE Perhaps, for who it is reading this text and it perceives that it is come close to the final consideraes will be able to imagine, that in this epilogue, it will find formulas of as to change the school and as to solve joined problems in it. Who knows, until wait that has some practical orientation of as guiding itself, while educator or student of a course that prepares to be professor. Concretely, it will not find nor miraculous prescriptions, nor methodologies, therefore they do not exist, but she will be come across with notes on the direction of the change and the importance of the desestabilizadora reflection. One will meet with questionings, challenges and possibilities where if it constitutes the complex task to educate. Which the real responsibility of the school and the professors in relation to the students? This questioning remains intriguing and instigante. We will follow many you strike politicians, theoreticians, pedagogical and proposals of innovation regarding the social function of the school and educating, while practical professor, without arriving the solutions effective. In this Arroyo direction (apud MOLL, 2004) he affirms to be necessary to recoup the education.

To place the focus in the educandos and its processes formadores, to recognize in them a human being in formation. This includes processes of education, learning and construction of the knowledge. What it is important that the pupils learn in the school? That abilities, to know, must develop? It has many expectations on the work of the school and the action of the professor. One expects that it acts centered in the incumbency of the cognitivo development of the student, in the construction of the knowledge, but it has other dimensions that are necessary to the process of formation of the human beings. To form them ' ' … as totalities human beings who have rights if to constitute as human, to learn the complex arts of being gente.' ' (ARROYO apud MOLL, 2004, P. 13). Who must lead the process of change of the school? Which the size and the dimension of the change? The change in the school must occur in some fronts. Independent of chronological order


Be on the course and decisive construction of change is possible) the more camouflaged paradigm, quasi invisible and effective, is the surreptitious installation of the culture of the anti-aging and that presence is confirmation that exclusion exists and must flee to not discuss it-this attempt of escape is a fragmentation, psychic and social consequences. Then, the body is the only intended the advertisement status of exclusion that exists only that is equipped with disvalor, not the content, not the spirit – the crisis is valued then as what has been subtracted from the memory, and that she stays it is measured as residue and not value-then talks about reintegration from outside the process of losses, losses that override the person by reflections on death, item that is installed as a loss, and isn’t it.-is actually a revaluation of the rest of life and of the modifications of the axiology of agendas, their last pages-the most harmful is not perceiving that the first and nearly half of the pages of that agenda are not post modern, are older and, post is actually attempting to closing that come back in attitude that is intended to repair. Give the man more money and resources and it will be less anxious, it will be more secure, more creative to decide on the purposes of the rest of his life, is as if the revitalization of these few pages to be filled were it as if it were the first.-what some call the creative act that person can build it betterPerhaps much better that the devotees of the anti-aging, that actually is the culture of accountability early.-the current welfare system is not guilty, so are those who have made possible it, and the totalizing revision of these older acts, is what the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice has pointed out in the Badaro case.-so should be read in such failureat the barricades they can also help those who metabolize the concept of death, and it is not any barricade, is is that confirms the possibility that the future is also Constructible by everyone, really for everyone-to me, this happens to me and I have vivid dreams and hopes that sere party of change who has dreams where they work and where people live, which is more or less the same, even with the eyes facing the nothingnessthat put us in front of them so close that door than others, they dare not cross. I Yes, and there will be and the end will not be, is only the desire of the adversary and mine.-do not, and when already can’t remember what is essential, the rest of my memory will say that I do, and I’ll do it-which is lucky to have a job, have also fortunate to write, speak or think about him, even plain, repetitive, lacking courage or creation, always lets us know us more, and others, which is more than important to know far it goes, because this is useful, rewarding and builds even our esteem and our judgment about others and their actions and omissions; us aid to be part of a whole unfinished, mutated, defective and virtues more extensive than ourselves in the bosom of the selfishness that leads us to a lifetime to get to know us.