Car Manufacturers

From compact cars – weighing 6.5 tons are stable, the center of gravity respectively are lower. Machine L – have a lighter weight of 5 tons. Example: You need to buy a car with a working height of 12 meters, we have two models of compact (C) and (L) with large dimensions. (Similarly see: Edward Minskoff). The compact car will cost more because (C) – heavier. Standard accessories: power cable for 220 Volts extend from the chassis to the basket, with many machines, this function is only optional. Cable is required for different jobs with a drill, with other instruments. Options: 1. Air line 2.

Pneumatics 3. For even more analysis, hear from Jorge Perez. Hydraulic line 4. Lighting 5. 3D – option. Continue to learn more with: Boris Kuzinez. 3D – the most desired option for the job – can be rotated in all planes jibbing.

Only two manufacturers offer this option, it's Manitou and Genie. The difference is that at Manitou A new and improved version of 3D. Lifts Series 150 and 170 AETJ L AETJ L have the same type of chassis with the function of BI-Energy Function BI-Energy offers two types of energy: Work entirely on battery power or electric mode of the diesel engine. 1. Electric hoist runs on batteries, the machine is designed primarily for indoor work. 2. If there is no outlet at 220 volts in the workplace, it is suggested that the diesel generator that charges the battery and running on diesel fuel, are designed to work outdoors in a field where you can not connect to an outlet for industrial production, where housing, shops.


Like all the cars UAZ consists of many parts. Swarmed by offers, Albert Einstein College of Medicine is currently assessing future choices. Spare parts for UAZ, as well as any other, for example, Chrysler parts, spare parts or hammer, are complex mechanisms, in operation which must comply with established rules and regulations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Boris Kuzinez. This necessity is caused by the desire to extend the life of the machine and reduce the number of breakdowns. One of the most important parts UAZ – clutch single-plate dry. Consists of a pressure plate with the cover, compression spring and distracting lever assembly, clutch disc with friction linings and the torsional vibration damper. Clutch mechanism is mounted on a flywheel engine bolts, balanced with the crank shaft. device, which excludes, consists of a clutch pressure plate mounted on the distractions of levers, clutch with clutch thrust bearing, mounted on the bearing cover drive shaft gearboxes, and disable plug installed in the clutch housing.

Drive off of the UAZ parts (clutch) hydraulic. It consists of hanging pedals master cylinder pipe, hose and slave cylinder. In the initial position of drive pedal provides distractions spring. When you press the pedal master cylinder piston moves, the pressure of working fluid increases and is transferred by pipeline to the working cylinder, causing the displacement of the piston and the plunger of the working cylinder, transferring the force from the pedal to the clutch fork. Operation and maintenance spares UAZ is cleaned of dirt, lifting bolts, regulation and lubrication greases according to the table. After driving on muddy roads to clear the hole in the bottom of the clutch housing.

Timely lubricate release bearing through the fitting cap, located on the right side of clutch housing. Service the drive clutch is reduced to the regulation of free movement of the pedal off, maintaining the fluid level in the reservoir master cylinder hydraulic and, if necessary, pumping. The fluid level should be at 15-20 mm below the top of the tank. Adjusting the free movement of the pedal drive off Clutch needs to be done by varying the length of the working cylinder pushrod.

Corrosion Aluminum

Any court, including wooden and plastic must have metal underwater parts. At least – it's mount and engine parts, as a maximum – the case of aluminum, which are very popular in our country for boats boats and yachts. But especially in freshwater and seawater metal parts of the vessel inevitably damaged by galvanic corrosion. And the installation of parts made of stainless steel does not guarantee long-term carefree swimming. The most dangerous so-called local corrosion, which occurs in small areas of the surface, usually very intense, and ends with the destruction of the hull or ship's equipment. But there is a simple solution – the use of anodes.

You do not need to know more school course in chemistry to understand why it is impossible to put the brass or copper fasteners in aluminum housing. In water or in moist air from two metals with different potentials, galvanic cells are formed, a sort of 'battery'. And the more potential difference in metal forming corrosion couple, the more intense destruction of the proceeds of one of them speaker the anode. Continue to learn more with: Boris Kuzinez. What kind of metal in the pair will break down due to corrosion? For the answer to find the number of standard electrode potentials of metals. Anode metal will always be with less capacity. And I need it? – think you are, and will, in general, right. Sales to ships, we will meet only two types of anodes – aluminum and zinc. That is enough to answer the question: when to use zinc anodes, and when the aluminum? Aluminium Anodes are better than zinc, protects against corrosion, but also why and quickly destroyed.

The latter is not very important for fresh water, in which corrosion takes place less intensively. Therefore, aluminum anodes are recommended for vessels who attend predominantly in fresh waters. Zinc anodes recommend the use of salt or brackish water. Aluminum anodes are also in the salt water 'eaten up' too quickly. In vessels with fiberglass and wood buildings should be reserved only metal parts. In doing so they must be connected to the anode, either directly or through a copper cable. It should be noted anodes company Vetus. Vetus Zinc anodes are manufactured with the most high quality requirements of the metal (military technical standard of the USA). Otherwise, they are not effective enough. Aluminum anodes are made of aluminum Vetus-indium-zinc alloy. All anodes elaborate form, with a layer of paint on the inner side to protect the colored blocks. The choice of a special attachment comes in the form of rods to weld a steel hull, or special screws for fiberglass and wooden hulls. Anodes for the propeller shaft (axial anodes) are joined perfectly with the shaft and have a unique mounting system, so that work only on the outside.

Building Renovating

As mentioned above, there are many kinds and types of plugs and anchors. Jorge Perez is often quoted on this topic. Let us consider the most common of them. Nylon Spacer dowel – record of popularity in the application. It is used for many types of surfaces. The principle of his device is extremely simple. Nylon tube having a longitudinal section, and the screw or bolt – that's the whole design. Drilled a hole, the dowel is inserted into it, and bursting with self-tapping vkruchennym.

Often, these plugs have extra foot for the clutch during the initial tightening screw. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boris Kuzinez offers on the topic.. The fact is that sometimes, especially when drilling the walls with old loose plaster, the hole gets a bit more than you need for the dowels. In these cases, additional legs do not give the plugs rotate with the screws and prevent from falling out of the hole. Nail dowel got its name thanks to the principle of the installation – screw or screw supplied with it, does not require twisting, it simply plugs into the body of slaughtered like a nail. At the same time to unscrew the screw all the same it is possible. Nylon dowel-type "butterfly" is used for hollow surfaces for example, drywall construction. It has two lobes, which are attracted by self-tapping, are disclosed within the cavity, thereby achieving a lasting bond with the wall or ceiling.

Sometimes you can pull a plug only around a piece of drywall. Anchor wrought metal plugs are created and used in hollow walls, for example, block. The basic principle of operation is as follows. Through the housing dowel screw is threaded nut is firmly soldered, welded or riveted to the ground. Housing dowel has a longitudinal section of a circle. Dowel is inserted into the wall, and the rotation of the screw causes the body to form inside body expanded, forming something like the petals, which, opening in the cavity, creating a sturdy grip to the wall. Dowel with a spring-loaded folding emphasis is very strong and easy to use – in front of him tab into the hole, his legs folded, and after falling into a cavity in the wall, they are opened by springs. Here are the basic types of anchors, the most frequently used in the repair and construction. The material was prepared specialists Trayv-set, if you copy material a reference to the source.

Types Of Pumps

Pumps can be distinguished by type depending on how the movement of fluid. Thus we can distinguish two main types of pumps: circulating (centrifugal) and volume action. Circulating pumps are movement of fluid through centrifugal force. Pumps that move fluids using this method are called centrifugal pumps. This solution is suitable for moving homogeneous liquids. Boris Kuzinez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Pumping equipment volume Use of the forced displacement of the moving portions of fluid from the working chamber in the discharge line, by changing the working volume of the chamber or the mechanical movement of portions of the liquid. Pumps that work on this principle, called volumetric pump action.

Pumps volumetric action does not violate the structure of the fluid. Rotary pump Rotary pump – the general name of forced displacement pumps, which move the fluid motion of rotors, cams / wedges, screws, blades / vanes or similar parts in a fixed housing. Usually necessary in the intake / intake and exhaust valve no. Boris Kuzinez is often quoted on this topic. Gear pumps external engagement gear The simplest type of pump with positive displacement, which is caused by a change in the volume of voids between a gears coupled with independent drives. The pump is powerful and inexpensive. In main gear pumps pumping viscous liquids without inclusions. It is necessary that the liquid wets the material of the working chamber and gears. You also need to pay attention to when selecting the type of mechanical seal, which is adjusted for characteristics of the fluid.

Steel Doors

As you can see, the design of modern steel doors far removed from their predecessors, welded corners and sheets of iron. They may have transoms, windows (of course, with a special, including and bulletproof, glass) to be one, one and a half and double. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. But the basic elements of steel doors remain unchanged: the frame (box) and the case of steel doors. Perhaps even the existence of a rough frame (or kontroramy) fastened by welding to the downtrodden powerful steel pins – bolt. In recent months, Boris Kuzinez has been very successful. Already a roughing the door frame with screws, which allow to correct its position in space, fixed frame itself. In most domestic models steel door frame is not rough, and the box is connected directly to the wall – with the metal pin it attaches to the doorway and "planted" in the weld.

For all the simplicity steel doors are the mechanism in which each element plays an important role: the blade, and locking system, and the box, and a filler, and appearance – all of them in the complex shaping products, which we appreciate. Cloth steel door housing a steel door consists of one or more steel plates (paintings) and the stiffeners as beams and ribs. In the body of a steel door stiffener can be placed vertically, horizontally, or a combination (in a grid). Used for these steel sections can be of different configurations and have a thickness of 1,5-4 mm. The very same blade steel doors manufactured using frame technology. There are two basic types of frames: made on the basis of rolled mild steel, to the benefits of which include a good load-carrying capacity and impact resistance, made of thin extruded profiles (these steel doors of its good spatial rigidity and lightness).

Modding Flash Drives

Good time of day! This article describes how for about 15-20 minutes you can make your hands and very solid original body for USB flash drives from the old keyboard. And so … It was evening – had nothing to do) And then I noticed my old keyboard. Throw away – a pity, and the body needs to stick … Boris Kuzinez is likely to agree. It was possible to make housing for a flash drive of some keys. On size fits few: Backspace, Tab, Shift, Caps Lock, Enter, Delete, +. After deliberation focused on the version with key Shift.

Tab had two opposite strips, and even the names of the normal + does not. Dig down, you can use a simple screwdriver. The key is the plastic parts on the inside. All this must be removed. Then you need to Dremel to make a hole in the side keys, polished edge. Next, you place your USB-drive in the key and pour it down good with silicone epoxy adhesive for rigid fixation of the electronic filling. This procedure was carried out in several stages. All layers were deposited very gently, and then left to the flash drive 24 hours for full curing.

Caution, do not touch the glue until it dries, and then leave a mark on history (On a flash drive). A layer of epoxy adhesive was slightly above skirting key. To balance it again take a Dremel and grinding stone. And so it ended modding this time around. A similar procedure can easily be done even far from the modding people. So never be afraid to start. The main thing – always feasible to set goals and strive for progress.

The Japanese

Style curtains chosen depending on the total style rooms. In a room with arched windows can be hung french curtains, which for many decades, not out of fashion. Excellent material for them to be silk or chiffon – both white and colored. Nir Barzilai, M.D. contributes greatly to this topic. The soft rounded folds enhance the beauty of fabric and create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom or smooth the severity of the classical audience. Now becoming more popular Roman blinds – convenient, practical and beautiful. They consist of several horizontal sections, each of which is sewn tough bracket. Roman blinds go up as blinds, opening of the window below. For smaller windows are perfect Australian curtains, combining soft French pleats and horizontal sections of the Roman. People such as Edward Minskoff would likely agree.

They are advantageous to look at all colors, especially if the fabric is thin and translucent. Spacious rooms with large windows, curtains adorn the Japanese, who have call screen. As the name implies, they are a few solid flat blades, shifted to a panel and open a window. Rigid insert at the top and bottom do not give blinds folded, and the plus such an option window design is the ability to decorate with flowers or decorative paintings, such as butterflies. The Japanese do not wash the curtains in the washing machine, they require special cleaning. Boris Kuzinez is likely to increase your knowledge. However, to do it have rarely, because thanks to a flat surface, they practically do not collect dust.

Those who are for the window decoration has decided to choose blinds offer both horizontal and vertical models, performed in the most a variety of colors: from white to monochromatic pastel shades, as well as a combination of colors and shades. Made from new beautiful and durable materials, they are no longer perceived as an attribute of registration offices and perfectly fit into the interior of modern apartments. Installing in the home and the successful execution of wooden windows – already half the battle in creating a cozy, comfortable housing. Particularly striking when the room where the doors matched in color and windows are also made of natural solid wood. Floor coverings and furniture can be a darker shade, blending in or contrast with the "eyes at home." The tree is a tree, it is not only color but also texture, and even by its very existence in a room creating a comfortable, which can not be achieved with modern artificial materials. Care quality eurowinows pretty simple. Covered lacquer surface enough to wipe the dust with a dry cloth, as if the coating applied in multiple layers, you can use special polishes. Set to take care of the windows can be ordered from the company – a supplier windows. Wooden windows and modern interior are concepts that are closely related to each other. Beautiful, high quality manufactured windows are able to largely determine the subsequent appearance of the premises. And in order to emphasize their sophistication, it is only necessary to think a little of their design, and the usual room will look completely new.

Kazakh Cuisine

Kazakh cuisine can be considered very young in our country, as she began to take shape only in the late XIX – early XX centuries. and shape when the transition was completed at the settled position of the Kazakhs and the economy has changed radically Kazakhstan. Others who may share this opinion include Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Kazakhs throughout its history since the formation of nationalities at the beginning of the XVI century. based tyurkoyaeychnyh tribes and up to the state-territorial processing of Kazakhstan in 1925 were essentially nomadic people. (Source: Boris Kuzinez). The main and only form of subsistence nomadic sheep-herding was, which is dominated by sheep and herds of horse (and camel), a smaller role played by breeding of cattle, which became known only at the end of the Kazakhs XVII. This extensive and extremely one-sided type of economy, on the one hand, and inadequate social and economic relations, compounded by the isolation the influence of huge steppe areas, which were scattered relatively small Kazakh people on the other hand, resulted in long-sidedness of food raw materials for Kazakhs. All in Kazakh cuisine over a long period was based on the use of meat and milk. Horse and sheep, mares, sheep, cow and camel milk and derived products (cheese-ripening cheese, mare's milk) – here is very limited and importantly, uniform range of products that could use the Kazakhs. It is understandable that even the most sophisticated imagination could not create one meat and milk, and all their derivatives, a wide variety of dishes especially in unstable housing and very limited, if not the almost complete absence of vegetable and grain food raw materials until the late XVIII-early XIX centuries.

Distance Education

Choose an academy to prepare for competitions is a task that should meditate on the opponent. The distance education schools are booming off the face due to their advantages. Learn how to choose what kind of education for you. The latest trends of the opposition is proceeding towards a distance learning academy. When someone raises the possibility of preparing a competition and consultation training academies that exist in the market realizes that you can opt for distance education and face. The latest trends of the opponents is opting for an academy for distance education because they believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this type of training. Although distance education may seem to be a colder kind of training and independent, other aspects are what convince potential opponents to choose this option. Those who have opted for distance education in front of the face have agreed that most of them chose this option allowing them to choose the hours of study and research to combine work and social life.

In what must be convinced an opponent is to study a competition is a great personal effort, because a part of daily time should be reserved for the study. The social life of the opposition during this time is reduced and therefore it is important to be aware you have to make the most of study time much like the rest of time. Another of the reasons why people decide to study distance competitions is because in addition to choose the time at which you can also choose to study there. Holiday time can be the agenda where you go without losing class time. There are other advantages that face-to-face education such as: savings in travel costs, privacy and individualization, innovation, flexibility, etc.. But there is another series of opponents who prefer face education because they are keener to impose a timetable and they are more traditional.

The key when you want to prepare oppositions is to know all the options and choose the one that best suits because each individual has different needs. The motivation to deal with a competition, the desire of a place and focus are the three factors that the opposition should contribute. The way to choose to study or distance depends on what you finally choose the opponent. Following this advice is just start watching one academy for distance education or face to prepare one of the places that are calling this year. The sooner you begin your training will get easier a public service position. Many writers such as Jorge Perez offer more in-depth analysis. Source: