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Middle East Housing

Even if you do as an architect or designer will design his dwelling place, not paying attention to such “trifles”, as the cost of building land, building materials and construction of houses, there is no guarantee that in 5-10 years you will not get tired of your own creation. In 2003 I was engaged in real estate in the suburbs and noticed one new, different building which I liked, though I picked it not for themselves. It had a total area of more than 1600 square meters, the original facade, with round windows, portholes and a decent finish. The building was divided exactly in half and had a symmetrical layout with large basements, which housed all the technical components, including garages and saunas, not to mention the central sewage system and gas supply system of protection. In short, the palace of the Middle East , not cottage outside Moscow. I met with one of the hosts to discuss the sales price. RBH Group understood the implications.

I was very interested, why do they sell such a gem of a 15-minute drive from Moscow. When I asked a man about my age, said that the house is even not finished, there are still plans for its settlement. But The house was conceived as a family residence, two brothers who loved each other and wanted to live in one house. To the comfort of life in the cottage can enjoy other family members, they have taken into account in the draft permanent residence of their parents, children and even grandchildren.

International Expansion

Innovadom, portal real estate leader at international level on the Internet, currently has 170 agents across Europe, begins its process of Expansion, this time have been selected countries France, Russia and Germany to implement his system of promotion real estate to reinforce its web portal, in this process of Expansion, in the months of January to may 2012 will attend more prestigious international real estate fairs, including INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY SHOW in London, INMOBILIEN SALON BERLiN in Berlin, INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY SHOW and REALTEX in Moscow or MIPIM in Cannes-France Innovadom is a company composed of professionals within the field of real estate management committed to a revolutionary way of understanding the real estate market. It has an extensive network of agents worldwide, thus facilitating rapprochement to their clients, customized with the aim of achieving effective sale purchase and in the as soon as possible of their properties. From its real estate portal you can find, visit, buy, and sell your home, your business or your field.. .

St. Petersburg Accommodation

It is no coincidence, every person who comes to St. Petersburg to relax or work faces the problem of where to stay. A wide range of similar hotels and hotels makes it difficult to choose. Recently, more and more common way out is to rent apartments. And this is understandable: all apartments, rented by the day, have several advantages over a hotel room.

Apartments, unlike hotels, provide a high level of comfort. Cosy apartment, as well as at home, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living people: comfortable furniture, a kitchen equipped with dishes, refrigerator, stove, phone, Unlimited high-speed Internet access, satellite tv, DVD-Player. The big advantage of rent of apartments is convenience, because the apartments come as to his home, where there is no security, reception and prying eyes. Unlike hotels, where everybody should be registered at the reception in an apartment, you can invite any visitor at any time. Despite the fact that rent apartment offers a person quality housing, high levels of comfort and convenience, to rent a luxurious apartment on the day, almost twice cheaper, than to live in a hotel. In addition, the apartment can stop one person, and the whole family for the same price. Most apartments are conveniently located in relation to the metro stations, tourist attractions, theaters, historical and cultural monuments of the northern capital.

Many apartments are located in the heart of St. Petersburg. To that arrives in a rented apartment, you feel at home and find a refrigerator filled with favorite foods, you just need to make a grocery order.