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Russian Defense Ministry

– only to the basis of equitable distribution of responsibilities, etc. Let someone call it "patriarchal", but it is on such a foundation you can build a viable combat team from the North-Caucasian recruits. Charter and actual operation of the current practice of the Russian army for a number of points that contradict the normal human (male) notions. Maybe it's time to learn the creative experience of the Chechen battalions of the Russian Defense Ministry, as also discussed below. 5. Chechen battalions of the Russian Defense Ministry is well (or even brilliant) have shown themselves while serving in Chechnya and Abkhazia, in Lebanon and liberating South Ossetia.

And it is contrary to the charter of the Russian army, order for military service in those battalions into account national and religious specifics of the Chechens. The result – no bullying and conflicts, mutual respect of commanders and subordinates, and as a result, the total understanding and coordination for complex missions. We are confident in this approach to the matter and correct statement of objectives (protection of the borders of small and large country, the Russian Federation, protect the homeland from potential enemies, etc.) can form a separate national companies and battalions of soldiers of the North Caucasus. The practice of forming national units (including religious and national aspirations personnel) exist, for example, in Dagestan (DSSR) to 1932 6. We know that many hundreds, perhaps thousands of people from the North Caucasus (Dagestan and Ingushetia, above all) are willing to serve under contract in the Russian army, and – even in "hot spots". More than 50% of them – with higher education. Many of them without explanation denied this, although they are willing to sign a contract after six months of military service. We consider these facts as discrimination based on nationality. Questions raised here are too serious to be able to solve them immediately, on impulse.