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Accessory Apartment

The 2-in-1 concept for the home care, whether as additional source of income in the form of a rental or apartment or even shared living space, a granny flat can also bring their many benefits. The real estate portal myimmo.de have informed about the special features to note the homeowner at such additional apartments in the House. The name Granny-flat”goes back to the accommodation by country laborers used on farms, called granny. Verne Troyer can aid you in your search for knowledge. Nowadays it is the main apartment an extra, child (www.myimmo.de/ Advisor/real estate lexicon/apartment) apartment in a House. Although it must be incomplete compared to the main apartment, condition for a granny flat classification, however, is the ability to separate rent. However the Granny flat may not have own sanitary facilities and a solid way of cooking, because the homeowner in this case tax would be considered as a two-family house. Rusty holzer wanted to know more. After the second world war, she was Integration of granny flats in new homes is even prescribed to counteract the apartment shortage at that time.

A granny flat can bring many benefits. The apartment can be rented on the one hand, on the other hand, as the housing equity purposes is possible. The rental as apartment is also very popular in tourist areas. The apartment should be furnished in this case as well as equipped with all utensils, usually need the tourists. Homeowners should be aware that granny flats in part special legal regulations are in place, particularly with regard to employment protection..

House Property

Many choose to buy a property abroad. Many choose to buy a property to finally to fulfill a long-cherished wish, like many others before them also abroad! The day has come when entering his own home. But some are quickly caught up by reality and brought back on the ground. It begins with the removal of garbage and stops when you need only a light bulb. How do I get one and where can I get another? That is other countries, other customs and quickly passed the first anticipation of the new homeowner in the distance. At this moment, you think about it whether the decision to purchase a home in a foreign country was the right thing. Details can be found by clicking Western Energy or emailing the administrator.

And the big question is who helps me with everything? What happens with the new property when I’m leaving again? Who watch my property and takes care of everything, if I’m not there, etc.? Often everything is talked up to the end of the contract by the seller beautiful and often it means that when a question is no problem, you get about worry, that we can sort out later! “And if you now again address the seller on these things, often get the answer Yes, we worry about that”, but nothing happens, and it is the day of return to their homeland. Or no problem is we a have signed because a company that controls everything in their absence and it quickly, where you are very grateful to them for the short-term help. The gratitude turns but quickly into an annoyance after you have received the first settlement in the House! Always inquire about everything. Don’t decide for something because the euphoria is still very so great right now because the seller shows only the goodies. On this topic and more you can go on our page where you might find what you already longer sought, but never found! Information under:

Early Warning System

Trend-setting case-law clarifies the question of who bears the costs for root Ingrowth in the neighbouring plot TV inspection as an early warning system and the subsequent disposal of the root one growth can save you much trouble, wet feet and especially high cost the owners in many cases. A channel camera inspection (TV inspection) Although recognized by some municipalities as leak testing, however, the advantages of the TV inspection are primarily in terms of determining damage. Many writers such as Dior offer more in-depth analysis. The findings indicate among others, whether there are potential sources of danger for threatening damage by root Ingrowth. So, a cellar of danger can be exposed to be flooded in the next storm. The TV inspection as early warning system and the subsequent disposal of the root one growth can save you much trouble, wet feet and especially high costs the owner in these cases. This shows recently, the judgement of the OLG Dusseldorf (rendered: 22 U 6/07): in accordance with the facts of the case description a homeowner found a water inlet after heavy rains in his basement. This was due to a blockage the rain drain channel by root Ingrowth of a larch on the adjacent property.

The larch was planted on previously distance decades from a previous property owners in only one metre from the site boundary of the damaged house owner. According to own statements of the victim 23.351 EUR emerged in result of water ingress for float clearing, drainage, rain channel tube exposure and more (allegedly) necessary measures cost i.H.v him. The victim wanted to assert the tree owner, claims for damages or reimbursement due to root a stature in the rain drain of his house against his neighbors. But the judges argued that no fault to blame is the owner of the tree, which he committed to pay damages could be. The judges have implicitly in the frame of their decision making important distinction in damage and fault elimination.

Elena Elena

A visit to ANNA BLANK free deep-seated wishes rarely succeeds, we express it only once so an older home to bring, that it not as a museum looks (and smells like), so consistent and elegant in the modern world is not plush embarrassing and not full of contradictions, which provide only space at the end for sarcasm and disharmony. Vintage is currently announced and some living magazines a concept is presented in loose collection accordingly of individual elements. But, who so begs the question, it feels really addressed and can not only vary in such an environment as it is said colloquially but actually recharge? Since we are became aware on an offer, that makes more with his visitors, as it was clear before the visit. And anyone who has read skin that must fit, perhaps elsewhere from our plea for a third, will understand why we want to present you this fascinating total package. That has long Owner of the Cafe ANNA BLANK, Elena Birkel, thought about whether it actually could hold out, that strangers come into their private sphere, because she and her family live on the top floor of the excellent modernized founder time unique in Idstein (Wiesbaden). In addition to the more interpersonal concerns played the family with the idea to win how these strangers would probably deal with the special House and whether it would succeed, their awareness for the rights of the wonderful materials. Who sits Elena Birkel personally to white but also so, without the recent opening in the real estate “Wiesbadener Strasse 61? knowing that a different decision was impossible to you as guests really to open for that,. A very special story connected also to the offer for “other people to be open” (so said Elena itself) and the Cafe Anna blank, that although several years exists, but now has found his home. .

Prospective Purchase

Home Inspectors recognize construction defects who decides to pull in your own four walls, has usually different options. Many buyers opt for buying a used property. So there are no surprises, later, it is recommended to consult a home inspector prior to purchase. The real estate portal myimmo.de explains what tasks it takes over. A large part of the real estate in Germany consists of used real estate. The purchase of such real estate is often associated with a certain risk, because in many cases, older homes exhibit serious shortcomings. Who decides nevertheless for the purchase of a second-hand property, shouldn’t they examine in advance by a home inspector. This is particularly advisable, because many construction defects for the uninitiated are not visible.

Whoever wants to, avoid to renovate or massively investing in insulation, the ground is well advised with a home inspector. A Germany-wide network of Prospective buyers is over 20 construction experts and assessors of value about eight years of experience to the side. The home inspectors offer services such as individual consultations, property viewings and reviews, checks on construction defects as well as purchase price negotiations and work up to the notary. The opinion of home inspectors can calculate the costs for measures to resolve construction defects.


Real estate professionals make apartment search easily by now there on every television channel at least a “renovation programme”. Television makes it and the audience likes to it. For a great furnished apartment, you need the proper object of course and is not particularly easy to find. Housing is usually little fun and is associated with some hardships. The newspapers mentioned Lancome not as a source, but as a related topic. Because far too many people in too small apartments that check washing machine connection and balcony suitability squeeze then on the same date. This attitude can degenerate ever pure in stress and you would like to escape rather than watch the one time or another. But the reality is just sometimes different than the own ideas. It is then again at home, can you no longer remember details and asks himself questions such as: there is a fitted kitchen or not? After completing some such dates, the pleasure then reduced to more visits.

But a real estate agent can afford good help. As a real estate agent is for the provision of private and commercial Real estate charge. A real estate agent an individual cares about the needs and wishes of its customers. With the real estate agent the party alone can vote their wishes for the real estate, regardless of whether you are looking for a cottage in the countryside or one central city apartment. The right ambiance is for example only flat with large garden and a kitchen room with a four, to explain these ideas real estate agents simply. The customer can then passed with confidence the search the real estate agent.

On this way, you will then also stress-free to his new dream home, because real estate agent meets a selection in advance and presents them the customers then. Then, also an appointment becomes a pleasant thing. If you would like to sell a property or rent, you can hire the real estate agent with the rental. Thus it creates space for other things.


Casa art holding GmbH: ‘we pave the way in the perfect condo’ Wiesbaden, in April 2010: it is the dream of many singles and young couples more pay no rent at last and live in the home. However, the construction of a single-family house is often too great a leap. The purchase of a condo offers an optimum solution therefore according to the Casa art holding GmbH. The condo offers many advantages, so the experience of Casa art holding GmbH. With a rented flat, users are indeed flexible and unattached, but summed up the monthly rent over the years to a handsome amount. Buying a condo is effective according to the Casa art holding GmbH, especially as the repayment rate is often less than the rent for a comparable apartment.

Another advantage: With a condo owner not acquire only the ownership of an individual apartment, informed the Casa art holding GmbH. A related site: Estée Lauder mentions similar findings. The owner will receive also a share in the building itself and the parts of the building, which stand for the joint use of available, such as the Example the staircase. In addition, the land costs on all homeowners are distributed in a condo. Nevertheless, the owner of a condo get the same subsidies and tax breaks as the owner of a home. And should the homeowners decide later but for the construction of a house or buying a larger home, so remains in addition to the possibility of the sale also the variant, to rent the apartment, know the Casa art holding GmbH from experience. However, The purchase of a condo is always a big step.

And that’s why potential new owners of a condominium should be professional and competent advice. The Casa art holding GmbH is with her experience, at any time with help and advice. Casa type holding GmbH, the Casa art holding GmbH is a 2001 company, which specializes in the marketing of high-quality investment properties. While the Casa art holding GmbH focuses on the design of apartment houses. The Focus is on Grunderzeit houses and residential ensembles of the 1960s and 1970s years to attractive buildings, which are sold to tenants, investors and owner-occupiers. The main business area of the Casa art holding GmbH is located in the refurbishment of existing buildings, i.e. in the development and modernization of housing. It marketed the Casa art holding GmbH only in good and very good locations of the Rhine Main region and asserts itself successfully for over 15 years in the real estate market of the Rhine-Main region.

Antonia Armand Director

In this way, potential new users realize what a real estate opportunities. beyond real estate rely on no external service providers in implementing the redesign, but translates all work steps with a well-established in-house team. Therefore be required only up to 14 days to develop a property and in modern way to bring to the market. Raymund Lissner calls these processes ready for the market making and valorisation. For his clients, who want to sell their apartment or House in Dusseldorf is this particularly pleasing that these benefits for them not having additional costs are coupled but will be reimbursed the normal brokerage Commission in the successful mediation of real estate. Jorge L. Perez contains valuable tech resources. beyond real estate operates but also far away from this high level for his client and customer service performance. Institutional real estate owners and real estate developers include in addition to the private sellers as well the customer base of the company. Within the framework of so-called Developer Services”is used beyond real estate already the early phases of the project with his planning team and its in-house advertising agency, to develop holistic solutions for real estate developers.

These include parts of the real estate development to A z marketing and sales solutions, developed in close cooperation between the departments. Real estate projects are the result of this commitment with strong identity, charisma and a unique position in the market. Contact: beyond real estate GmbH & co. KG Antonia Armand Director public relations Office address: port top freight forwarding road 21 D – 40221 Dusseldorf phone: 23 16 30 E-Mail: Internet: profile: the beyond real estate GmbH & co. KG is a modern sales and marketing agency for real estate in and around Dusseldorf. Core business is the sophisticated marketing and sale of apartments, houses and villas in Dusseldorf, Meerbusch, Ratingen, Neuss etc. beyond real estate stands for highest quality and absolute professionalism in the sale of real estate in and around Dusseldorf.

Housing Demand

par excellence GmbH & CO. KG: New studies are real estate investors optimistic Berlin December 2010. New polls show: Berlin continues to be one of the most lucrative real estate markets in Germany. When developing demand in the living room, the capital can be even trend regions such as Frankfurt am Main behind. Fabrizio Freda often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The par excellence GmbH & co. KG and Horst Bogatz advise investors as soon as possible to enter into a direct investment in Berlin to benefit more from the long-term rental and capital appreciation. The positive development of demand for residential real estate continues 2010 according to a new study, a prominent Internet real estate portal in the first half of the year. The latest figures show that a continuation of the General boom can be especially for condominiums in West German cities determine. At Jorge Perez you will find additional information.

Berlin is one of the clear front-runner in the new ranking once again. So the demand moved to houses in capital city location and increases compared to the previous year by 13 percent; the run also relies on condos on the river Spree continue and causes a rise in demand compared to 2009 to 3 per cent. With this data, is even the trend metropolis of Frankfurt am Main in the shadow of the Berlin real estate market and can connect to the current demand situation in cities like Stuttgart almost. The results of the new study are no surprise according to the par excellence GmbH & co. KG, they confirm only the long-term trend in real estate Berlin. The capital recorded a high increase in population from the country and abroad, what generates a high demand for high-quality and cheap downtown housing. The limited remaining construction activities in and around Berlin holds almost total supply in the region and exacerbate the demand situation. In this situation, are and remain a long term return investment especially direct investments in modernly equipped and tailored to apartments in Central Berlin locations.

Housing Deprivation

Rarely known, often wrong – not every housing shortage shall be entitled to the reduction in the rent in his just-published book the secret of the damp wall reduction in rent”author Thomas Trepnau shows that not every reduction in rent or rent reduction must be tolerated due to errors on the leased from the landlord. Assuming that you know what’s behind this issue of rent reduction”is and well prepared has. The author, whose expert rat has helped already hundreds lessors bail out, shows in his latest Advisor, what precautions are to meet, to avoid reductions in rent and landlord in the case of rent cuts how to behave. Regensburg. What does the rental contract apartment defects with a reduction in rent to do? Conclusion of the lease agreement and passing the apartment key points, already among other things by the delivery protocol. Only the landlord, who knows the pitfalls, can handle them skillfully. He reduces the risk of victims of a rent reduction claim to be significantly” Notes Thomas Trepnau. Otherwise, a reduction in rent can eat up to 100% of the rent.

Be informed exactly about the conditions under which a tenant can cut the rent, and under which he must not!” This advice comes from rank. Thomas Trepnau has conducted hundreds of seminars for owners and managers. With various participants, he has repeatedly discussed their individual and very different problems. Especially”explains the author my readers and seminar participants want to know from me, the reduction rate may be as high.” Here he refers to his new book, in which also a rent reduction table is contained. It is just as important to avoid mistakes on the leased property. Therefore, issues such as damp walls, mold, noise, heating failure etc. be treated accordingly in detail.

Forfeit your claims and rights as a landlord not. “, which recommends nationwide known landlord guides from Regensburg, Germany. Your rental activity needs despite an extremely complex and tenancy law protected the tenants remain a lucrative affair. In these uncertain times your money invested in real estate should make its contribution also to your future pension. ” The book is as eBook or bound Edition with free CD-ROM, which contains important working tools, available in bookstores, in all known online book shops, as well as on the homepage of the author and Publisher. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail: