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Laitman Globalization

Desire to obtain not originally intended for pleasure, but merely in order to build on top of it the property of bestowal. Michael Laitman Globalization revealed to us the existence of the system, all of which are rigidly connected between the themselves. The crisis has clearly demonstrated how the system works: when a bank collapses in Iceland without a pension are police officers in England. Events are developing with increasing speed, and we are anxiously asking, but what do we will open tomorrow? Kabbalists say that the following discovery that awaits us all, looks like this: we understand that should only receive necessary. Sounds, of course, very scary. Here, Edward Minskoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Immediately appear as open door to the house come the severe form with a list of my people, overwork acquired property and offer to voluntarily surrender the excess.

But who will decide that for me too much, and what is not? State? We have already held in unforgettable memory of the Soviet Union. Again the 'Back to the Future'? No way! However, the Kabbalists, of course, do not speak about it. About what? Try to explain. The idea is that originally laid down in the man only desires to maintain the life of his biological body and the human species as a whole: to food, sex, family, etc. All the other desires a person acquires, being in society. Life among his own kind makes it desire of fame, wealth and knowledge. In animals, such desires do not. They also need to demonstrate the power and gain respect for yourself, but basically it is dictated by a desire to get good food, which is always small.


SUMMARY This article has as pretension to reflect the importance of the Philosophy in Average Ensino, exploring the paper of the professor of Philosophy with sight to an auto-reflexiva-investigativa teaching activity. The starting point for the qualitative research of bibliographical character was a partner-historical boarding concerning the return of the Philosophy to average education and the presented adverse conditions in the legal context of the gift. It also approaches the philosophy as practical reflexiva and points the paper of the professor in this area of the knowledge. One concludes that, when dealing with the return of the philosophy as it disciplines can appear reflections that foment and fortify the paper and the importance of this disciplines so that it can form in the learning a critical spirit, reflective and independent. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs. Word-key: Return of the Philosophy. Average education.

Legislation INTRODUCTION the relevance of this boarding centers in its contribution for ampler knowledge concerning the acceptance/rejection of disciplines of philosophy in average education, in view of its importance in the formation of the autonomy of the aprendentes in the current context. The presented topics obey a historical perspective with emphasis in the gone ones and returns of the philosophy in the resume, detaching the aspects politicians, educational and socioeconmicos who had moved away/reaproximaram/included/exclude the philosophy as it disciplines. Learn more about this with Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Ahead of the return of the philosophy to average education this text has as objective to argue its importance, as well as the function of the philosophy professor, presenting arguments that justify its return, in view of the construction of the identity and the autonomy of the learning. For in such a way, a qualitative research of bibliographical matrix was carried through where from the literature revision it was reflected concerning the displayed subject. Inside of this understanding, the article is structuralized in four topics. In the reality, in the construction of the analysis, the vertex of the problematic set of the here boarded one meets in as and in the third topics, that deal with the return of the Philosophy in Average Ensino and you strike of them undertaken for its defenders. (Source: Gregory Williamson).


What it lacks according to this author is the direction, a significao that could support the experiences of the people. The philosophical if manifest experience in the pertaining to school space when the professor allows young an opening for it searchs of the Real (BORNHEIM, 1976). If to distribute the contents, the concepts, subjects and start to parade the authors of philosophical thoughts, without if to attribute Real meant of these thoughts to the students, relating them it the current questions, seems to be an mistake. As Gallo (2008) if cannot deprive the young proper Brazilians of it to make, the movement of the philosophical experience, and adds that this only if becomes possible, when makes sensible they to learn Philosophy. Severino (2007) designates that the experience of the express subjectivity if basically from the capacity of the men to institute symbolic exchanges with the objects, that are part of its context; in turn, the world alone reaches the man through the symbolic mediation. In this way, the author-thus as Pablo Freire us leads to think that to teach it is a process of relation between who teaches and who learns mediatizados for objects to be known. This process must previously be thought, assuming a position didactic-pedagogical on the part of the professor, who in the current context does not have mere to be a communicator, or transmitter of information. But that one that interacts in the educative process as what it facilitates, it makes possible and it leads the process of critical and responsible form. The process of the knowledge in Philosophy, then, acquires meant when collated to the reality; in other words, to the historical context, social, cultural and concrete students.