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When I come across myself with such word, gap, comes to the mind an emptiness notion that seems to try to fill certain absence, that we are sent conceiving it. But if it does not have to forget that at the same time, the gap fills this not perceived empty presumption with its form of being, looking for to consubstancializar itself as link. If to repair in a sequential logic, we will repair that a linearity does not exist, as immaturely we conceive, but yes an attempt in inside commanding of a estruturante perspective such delineation. Knowing that we are limited by our perception and that the reality that we apprehend it is only one parcel distinguished of ' ' todo' ' that we try to conceive, still thus, our proper particle is resulted of a series of factors that can also take the legitimacy from it while truth, therefore that it is also molded by factors that exceed our apprehension and same apprehending he is conditional until certain point. Laura Tyson contributes greatly to this topic. Leaving of such estimated, we have a particularizante reality that the influence exerted is simulated in accordance with on our perception, thus characterizing diverse other people’s factors our understanding-percipient one. Exactly to imagine a logic inside of a historical perspective, where the factor space-weather reigns on a logic ' ' construtiva' ' , still thus, and we dignssimos historians know the one to them who I mention myself, the lapses are immense, creating unsurmountable gaps. But the factor that will go to inside favor the perspective of a epistemolgica constructive attempt, therefore in view of not being able is exactly the gap to conceive what it escapes in them, creates a capable icon of ' ' to supply falta' ' , in view of that it is presented while constatao of an absence. Saramago a time displayed in its workmanship, ' ' Raised of the Cho' ' , that it only exists what is part of our reality, thus, to conceive an absence, we must perceive it while lacks and to reveal a direction that acts as link, therefore thus favors the continuation of an understanding attempt that does not obtain to dissolve itself as what it lacks, adjusting it what we mold while ' ' real' '. A leading source for info: Gavin Baker Atreides Management.

Development Of Mankind Controlled

In the strong spirit of people living confidence in the ability of understanding the universe and the place of humanity in it. The human mind is already trying to understand the meaning of his existence. Pay attention to what is in the universe. First all, there is a place where you can be – this space. There is material from which you can create – it's mass and energy quanta. Add to your understanding with Atreides Management Gavin Baker.

In the presence of organizing tools – the four fundamental interactions, although two of them have already merged into a single electroweak interaction. Finally, there is reason and the ability to create. Since everything exists simultaneously, and now, the conclusion arises: in the universe ruled by the creating mind, and mankind is its particles. Cosmic distances and sizes of stars for the amazing person. If the place of the earth to put the Sun, the Moon will be inside the Sun at a distance from the center equal to half the radius of the Sun. For our Galaxy, called the Milky Way, the sun is just a star, one hundred billion. Hear other arguments on the topic with Atreides Management Gavin Baker. How, then, great universe? Abyss of space, energy, mass, all located in any structure, but also develops in the future. In this vast universe, held by gravity stars, flying and spinning little planet Earth, which in joy and grief blooms humanity. What is it coincidence or pattern? Variety and raznotsvete characterized by rapid development of life on Earth. Representatives of the animal kingdom, which applies to people running around on land, fly through the air, swim in the water.

Marilena Chau

More they will not leave the water morna? They will be restrained in the forest? They will be being deluded? Being consoled? The world waits for its requirements. It needs its dissatisfaction, its suggestions. The world looks at for vocs with a hope remaining portion. It is time of more not contenting itself With these drops in oceano.’ ‘ (Bertolt Brecht, stretch of ‘ ‘ Ballad of Drop D? water in the Oceano’ ‘) Each text that I write is fruit of the anarchy of my mind, the revolutionary revolt of my inconformismo. My ideas escape of any limit. CohBar: the source for more info. I have a proper language. to each day, after a new text thus, I think: It does not leave that nobody orders in you, and thus will be respected and free. It is that we live in a world where they allow in them to create illusions stops later killing them, then in the first esquina.

E as taught the philosopher to me Marilena Chau, ‘ ‘ The freedom does not meet in illusion of it I can everything nor in the conformismo of the nothing posso.’ ‘ But happily the world is moving. The good one is this: always dumb it! Above all, it motivates what me is the message of this new world, that always arrives through the new books that I read or of new musics that I hear. Filed under: Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Everything is question to know what it is wanted of the life, when wants and we want because it. The life always is a thing for which valley the penalty if to risk. It bothers what is to see me exactly the arrest of the human beings daily, in miniature places, to each entardecer, that is the moment of the day that more taste, that more I feel myself exempts The ngelus. These our suburbs, that if extend to lose of sight, with its houses covered of darkened bricks and misery ways, in which children run, play its ball, free its pipes, at optimum moment of its lives – infancy: happy, same moment of being in the misery.

Of the place where I am, I am sad when seeing this people all. I obtain to see the caps of the laborers, who seem to walk alone, with coasts curves and heads orphans of illusion and dream. How many they had been able to carry through its dreams? If that is the peace, as will have been the fight? Never in such a way effort resulted in so little! The majority alone thinks about consuming! In accumulating wealth! the true life, as it is that it is! What I always wrote and always I will write is opposition what it is there, is anti-establishment, anti status quo. Clearly that some do not like, but this is another history, is not excellent, therefore we are being successful. Evidently we run in the contrary direction, we swim against the chain, we give murro in knife tip, to only exercise, for pure pleasure to think!

Superior Federal Court

This substance has as subs-heading; Docncia: a career discredited; Why the docncia does not attract, Our future professors and in the topic Solutions: Way to attract the best ones, the magazine uses the specialists invited by the Foundation Victor Civita the same one that the research elaborated and that is proprietor of the magazine, (understands Group April). Nir Barzilai, M.D. is a great source of information. In this in case that cited, the axiolgica question is not argued and yes the inversion of the diffusing logic mere of notice, for generating of knowledge. The Net Globe of Television shows in the mornings of Saturday the program Globe Education, especially come back toward this subject, demonstrating that it uses this project for ' ' to investigate the educational situation in pas' ' also provides to the participation of specialists ' ' that they analyze concrete problems and they formulate practical suggestions for enfrent-los' '. It is always important for the companies, mainly of the branch of communications, to demonstrate the comprometimento that have with the partner-educational questions in order to construct a positive image of its performance in the market, exactly that, specifically, this organization (TV Globe), if has shown condescending with the military administration in the ditatorial period in Brazil and capable to manipulate the presentation of stretches of a debate politician to favor definitive candidate in a presidential election. Obviously that these attitudes are not condizentes with the ethical and moral paper come back toward the construction of the citizen that the company looks for to show in its programs. Another important question is that the vestibule of the Internet R7 that is part of the Record Group, propagated a substance on the professors with following manchete, ' ' Wage floor of professors can affect budget of cities in until R$ 1,9 bilhes' '. Evidently that in the interior of the substance the explanation comes complete, that is, had a victory of the educational classroom before the Superior Federal Court, who must be equated by the public managers adjusting the existing mounts of money for the fulfilment of the sentence.

What it is verified in information is that the substance with this heading was favorable to the professionals of the education, another side, is of knowledge of that the necessary media of sensationalist phrases to get the maximum of possible hearing, in such a way, did not have the lesser concern with that really they work for the qualification of the individuals for the confrontation of the world of the life and that vexatious they are remunerated. The heading of the substance could be, ' ' Victory of the education, a light in the end of tnel' ' , and in the segment of the notice, they would display the difficulty that this result can bring for the accounts of the public administration. The cooptao instruments that the medias use go since psychology passing for the marketing until the neurolingstica, what it allows them to reach resulted expressive. What it remains for education is to coexist lucidity flashings that, of time in when, they appear in the media with the intention to only transmit information to contribute with the growth of the educational field, without second intentions, thinking only about the construction of a true and compromised debate with the future of the country.

Espacio Cyber

E thus the identity of each society is its difference in relation to excessively and what it differentiates the societies always are what alone that social group is capable to make, to produce or its form of if holding. Beyond the gastronomia, on the local events, the parties, on the folklore, the popular culture, the identity and the differences depend on several other elements. Because determined locality if it dedicates with priority to the agrarian or agropastoril activity and another one is developed as industrial zone? Because one determined city if detaches as center of superior education and others are dedicated with priority to the commerce? Because determined it would iguaria is appreciated in a locality or region not in others? In the specific case of Rondnia, because some cities had attracted greater number of colonists who others? Which the cultural elements that these colonists had brought of its regions of origin? The reply to these investigations it is what it characterizes the identity of each social group, ' ' eu' ' that it is differentiated of ' ' outros' ' eus. References ARISTOTLE, Politics. 5 ed. 2 reimpres. So Paulo: Martin Claret, 2009.

Available in: < access in 20/10/2011>. Access in 15/12/2011. SHEEP, Neri P. the construction of History and Local History: Challenges to the Professor. In. Published in 04 of June of 2010 available one in < Access in 15/12/2011 FONSECA, Guimares Forest. To make and to teach History. Horizontes beauty: Dimension, 2010 GOMESES, Mrcio Pear tree.

Anthropology: science of the man, philosophy of the culture. So Paulo: Context, 2009 GUIMARES JR, Mrio Jose Lopes. The Cibercultura and the Sprouting of New Forms of Sociability. Work presented in the GT ' ' Nuevos maps culturales: Espacio Cyber y woollen technology virtualidad' ' , in II the Reunin de Antropologia del Mercosur, Piripolis, Uruguay, of 11 the 14 of November of 1997. Available in: . Access in: 28-12-2011 HORTA, Sylvio R.G. the Experience of the life: Subsoil of the Philosophy. Available in: < Access in 3/9/2011 LEVY, Pierre, Cibercultura, So Paulo: publishing company 34, 1999 YOUNG CHICKEN, Mrcia de Vasconcelos. Cultural identity, Lecture carried through during the National Meeting of the Students of Arquitetura (ENEA) in 15 of July of 2004, the Restaurant Station 109, Commerce of the 109 South, Brasilia DF. Available in: Pablo: Scipione, 2010 VERANI, Cibele, Diversity Human being. In

Laitman Globalization

Desire to obtain not originally intended for pleasure, but merely in order to build on top of it the property of bestowal. Michael Laitman Globalization revealed to us the existence of the system, all of which are rigidly connected between the themselves. The crisis has clearly demonstrated how the system works: when a bank collapses in Iceland without a pension are police officers in England. Events are developing with increasing speed, and we are anxiously asking, but what do we will open tomorrow? Kabbalists say that the following discovery that awaits us all, looks like this: we understand that should only receive necessary. Sounds, of course, very scary. Here, Edward Minskoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Immediately appear as open door to the house come the severe form with a list of my people, overwork acquired property and offer to voluntarily surrender the excess.

But who will decide that for me too much, and what is not? State? We have already held in unforgettable memory of the Soviet Union. Again the 'Back to the Future'? No way! However, the Kabbalists, of course, do not speak about it. About what? Try to explain. The idea is that originally laid down in the man only desires to maintain the life of his biological body and the human species as a whole: to food, sex, family, etc. All the other desires a person acquires, being in society. Life among his own kind makes it desire of fame, wealth and knowledge. In animals, such desires do not. They also need to demonstrate the power and gain respect for yourself, but basically it is dictated by a desire to get good food, which is always small.


SUMMARY This article has as pretension to reflect the importance of the Philosophy in Average Ensino, exploring the paper of the professor of Philosophy with sight to an auto-reflexiva-investigativa teaching activity. The starting point for the qualitative research of bibliographical character was a partner-historical boarding concerning the return of the Philosophy to average education and the presented adverse conditions in the legal context of the gift. It also approaches the philosophy as practical reflexiva and points the paper of the professor in this area of the knowledge. One concludes that, when dealing with the return of the philosophy as it disciplines can appear reflections that foment and fortify the paper and the importance of this disciplines so that it can form in the learning a critical spirit, reflective and independent. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs. Word-key: Return of the Philosophy. Average education.

Legislation INTRODUCTION the relevance of this boarding centers in its contribution for ampler knowledge concerning the acceptance/rejection of disciplines of philosophy in average education, in view of its importance in the formation of the autonomy of the aprendentes in the current context. The presented topics obey a historical perspective with emphasis in the gone ones and returns of the philosophy in the resume, detaching the aspects politicians, educational and socioeconmicos who had moved away/reaproximaram/included/exclude the philosophy as it disciplines. Learn more about this with Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Ahead of the return of the philosophy to average education this text has as objective to argue its importance, as well as the function of the philosophy professor, presenting arguments that justify its return, in view of the construction of the identity and the autonomy of the learning. For in such a way, a qualitative research of bibliographical matrix was carried through where from the literature revision it was reflected concerning the displayed subject. Inside of this understanding, the article is structuralized in four topics. In the reality, in the construction of the analysis, the vertex of the problematic set of the here boarded one meets in as and in the third topics, that deal with the return of the Philosophy in Average Ensino and you strike of them undertaken for its defenders.


What it lacks according to this author is the direction, a significao that could support the experiences of the people. The philosophical if manifest experience in the pertaining to school space when the professor allows young an opening for it searchs of the Real (BORNHEIM, 1976). If to distribute the contents, the concepts, subjects and start to parade the authors of philosophical thoughts, without if to attribute Real meant of these thoughts to the students, relating them it the current questions, seems to be an mistake. As Gallo (2008) if cannot deprive the young proper Brazilians of it to make, the movement of the philosophical experience, and adds that this only if becomes possible, when makes sensible they to learn Philosophy. Severino (2007) designates that the experience of the express subjectivity if basically from the capacity of the men to institute symbolic exchanges with the objects, that are part of its context; in turn, the world alone reaches the man through the symbolic mediation. In this way, the author-thus as Pablo Freire us leads to think that to teach it is a process of relation between who teaches and who learns mediatizados for objects to be known. This process must previously be thought, assuming a position didactic-pedagogical on the part of the professor, who in the current context does not have mere to be a communicator, or transmitter of information. But that one that interacts in the educative process as what it facilitates, it makes possible and it leads the process of critical and responsible form. The process of the knowledge in Philosophy, then, acquires meant when collated to the reality; in other words, to the historical context, social, cultural and concrete students.