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The Result

In development of the psychoanalytic thought subsequent to Freud 4, the hypothesis of the instinct of death faced the life instinct generally was not accepted, and it became to consider the aggressiveness as fundamental impulse of the man, with an instinctive base but also, and mainly, with a necessary function for the conservation of the life. According to these investigators, the aggressive instinct does not have anything to do with the instinct of death of Freud, but it forms the base of all human aspiration to independence and the individual affirmation. More than to a specific instinct, the aggressiveness is related to the typical needs of exploration and movement, as much of the man as of the animal. It represents a way and means through what the man tries to extend his dominion on the reality, to protect its security and to affirm its own identity. The aggressiveness is really the expression of one more a more general tension of the man to dominate the atmosphere and car-to realise, and its transformation in destructiveness or violence is synonymous of a lack of adaptation to the reality. The destructiveness and the violence would not comprise therefore of the nature of the man, but they would be rather the result of a certain type of education and learning, the symptoms of maladaptation to the reality. According to this theory, this lack of adaptation has its roots in the childhood and it is worsened with the development of the person, due to the absence of compensations (or satisfaction to its requirements) and by intolerance before the frustrations.

We do not conclude that the aggression in the human being is not, then, autodestructivo instinct, nor is an impersonal instinct either. Human the aggressive answer occurs in two circuits: Conscious the neurophysiological circuit infra and the circuit conscious car. In a healthy person, the automatic physiological answer to the threatening stimulus is subordinate, integrated in the conscious answer and still modulated by her.

The Adoption

If east concept is broken until the simplest parts, which has is this: When you create with sufficient force that is going to be successful in something, the success practically is ensured – not because its belief creates the result, but because not dara by won in the adoption of measures at massive level until it obtains what wants. When you think that the success is inevitable, he is able to leave to a side the idea ” of fracaso” , in the conventional sense, it is a bad thing. However, it is only a specific attempt that can learn. Another lesson of to be accepted and consumed life, nonsubject. When you think that the success is going to be the final turn out never to occur by won, then it would attack his objective with a greater energy, a greater passion and an ethical greater work. It is going to be excited and so it is doing, because you know that you are important.

It includes/understands that everything what this doing, has an added value that in the long run will be translated in the result that wishes. That unshakeable belief allows him to focus its thoughts in questions like ” How I can? ” instead of ” Why I cannot? ” The perspective of the security that gives the capacity to see the obstacles beyond things that interpose in their way, but like challenges to which feed its growth. I conoci to a person who vivio in own meat when he was a boy of ten years. A terrible turn of the events, its mother was assassinated, his father goes to the jail of by life, and I finish without home, until it was gathered by a relative who were an alcoholic one and a drug user. Years later, after to have saved of the environs constant of drugs and the violence, it saw that much people commented that they felt surprised who that she had avoided to become jumbled in that world of drugs, alcohol, or any activity of the band that was so dominant in those years. She was a student who remained outside the problems. To always it seemed to him a little graceful that while some people thought that tapeworm reasons but that sufficient to fall in those bad habits, he was that same one it maintained what it in the straight and close way, maintained it safe that really it could not accept the idea to participate in anyone of those things. It thought that it had to avoid it! Simply they do not see it like possible, that under those circumstances it has been able to reason thus, and the truth is that never penso in it.

Those things are problems of ” others personas” , one became jumbled in, but I not (it was often said to itself). In fact, it has seen the daily challenges that one faced like tests that they were there for making it more fort, thus wise that someday could make some type of difference. And poof – that is exactly what happened. : The point of all this is that all actions were impelled by one firm conviction that was going to be successful with time. That it was going to obtain everything.