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“The Environment Is Not An Issue Of Militancy Or Green, Is A Matter Of Common Sense “

"The environment is not an issue of militant environmentalism or very biased, it is a matter of common sense." These are the clear words of Juan Carlos Bozzo and Bozzo, rabbit red rag journalist who became famous during the last decade for its "green note" of the television news program "31 Minutes", the film version was exhibited in Coyhaique under the Second Film Festival Patagonia made this weekend in the southern city. The phrase is not coming from a child expert, who to his credit already has two publications related to the theme "The Green Book of Juan Carlos Bozzo" and "The Red Book of Juan Carlos Bozzo." And while "31 Minutes" is a fictional information made to entertain viewers and its characters are very playful component, it remains sensible enough to point to issues, drawing say certain truths that perhaps a more serious form, would be very difficult to express. So Alvaro Diaz, the journalist and his colleague Pedro Peirano created this successful Television Production and is the voice behind the red puppet, has a clear opinion regarding the manner in which Chile is facing its challenges of sustainability. Gain insight and clarity with angelo costa. "From small and personal concern I have enjoyed traveling Chile" part, which has been targeting these becomings which has realized the level of intervention of natural and cultural world that we ocasinando in the name of progress and pragmatism. "In Valdivia are lost every year because they are privatized land, and have made trails because energy projects are also built, as in the northern dry river flows because the water is being used for mining, as the rivers are polluted Loa "points, at which" obviously first have a visual impact that is very painful, then a cultural (because there are communities that live there and have to go) and finally there is damage that is irreversible, not only the landscape but to the ecosystem, which has an organic environment that is not to arrive and replace decisions by simple need. .

Are You Ready For A Big Change In Your Life ?

Until 2007 much was discussed whether there were noticeable culprits for this process and in many areas of the Earth, so it became necessary for scientists around the world drafted the same year, The Climate Report, placing light in a sea of opinions conflicting. The answer to the question was, yes, the culprit is none other than humans. But many skeptics might not want to accept the authority and responsibility for such a dramatic future, argue that only it is a more natural process in the history of planet Earth. Despite this, the worrying thing is that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted and figures: In the best case the temperature will rise between 1.1 and 2.9 Celsius. But new surveys have now emerged which shows that the development climate has taken the much more drastic than it was predicted that year's climate report. The signs that humanity has already reached the limit of sustainable point climate or it has already been exceeded, are obvious.

For example we confirm that the sea level rise, which experts have estimated at up to 59 cm. It will be much more dramatic since the melting is occurring faster than previously predicted. Edward Minskoffs opinions are not widely known. The director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, Professor Joachim Schellenhuber said quote: "In reality, we must prepare for a sea level rise of 1 meter during this century." Moreover, the methane, a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect and is 25 times more damaging than carbon dioxide, has increased markedly since 2007, among the reasons is intensive farming, but also that permafrost soils Siberia is thawing increasingly releasing into the atmosphere. Some scientists say that in the short term will reduce the number of livestock on Earth, but how to reduce emissions of methane existing 12 billion under the oceans and that released when the sea temperature rises 5 degrees or more? The release into the atmosphere of methane contained in the oceans, would not only be detrimental by increasing the greenhouse effect, but could occur with their corresponding ground displacement Tsunamis, because the methane hydrate stabilizes the continental slopes like a cementitious substance . More than one believes it is better not to think in the future as pessimistic as it is possible that things are not placed too bad, however there is nothing to indicate that everything will go better. But why is not recognized in time the threat of climate catastrophe, the danger of the collapse of the global economic system, the problem of hunger? Nobody warned early on about the behaviors that were leading humanity to an impasse? Some scientists warned in isolation of the dangers of exploitation of the Earth, but were barely heard. But from another source coming in the last 34 years very precise warnings founded, as we are in a change of era and as with all changes of age has been prophets and enlightened people who warned humanity about what they were coming and so is today. Gabriele Through the prophet of God for today, this has warned humanity with great precision. At that time could have been avoided or channeled climate catastrophe, and now each one can only ask of God and recognize leadership through the implementation in their daily life of His teachings. To be saved who is left to save.

Ambient Education

The ambient education has a function important to fulfill in the habitual reality of the citizen, not only for the exercise of its citizenship as well as for the development of the critical thought, assuring an active paper of same in the development and the progress of the society. To educate ambiently means to always show and to teach to the people ambiently correct behaviors that can directly be applied in the daily one, aiming at the world-wide support. It plays and it multiplies scientific knowledge technician and in the measure where the echo-sustainable thought and attitudes are implemented in the critical thought of each citizen. It fits to recognize the necessity of a good behavior in the ambient education. Perhaps check out Shimmie Horn for more information. This behavior comes of meeting with the transformation of the collective thought in relation to the environment.

With the increasing antrpicas pressures the ambient education becomes each sees for the society, contributing for the improvement of the quality of life and conservation of the nature more important. To form conscientious citizens, capable to discern between the certain the made a mistake one, that they multiply ideas and ambient solutions is a great challenge. In a world where the social inaquality still is significant, as to make then so that the people also think about the environment where live? This still is a difficult task, but not of impossible concretion. Still shy, the ambient education comes occupying its place in the schools, companies, houses Each apprentice spreads its ideas and learnings thus creating a chain that tends to increase to each moment. The ambient education then exceeds for other places in the society.

The conscience of each citizen and the pleasure in repassing to act of the correct form come helping in the update of our society. What it was a normal attitude, as for example to play garbage in the sources, in remote times, today for the society is not an ethical attitude, much less normal. Many times if still come across with behaviors of this nature, what it is lastimvel. But the trend today of the citizens is to recriminate and many times to use of the legal instruments to denounce or to stop with that attitude. The ambient education is necessary and can change many things and attitudes in the choices of each member of the current society. It is necessary that all give on account that the ambient problem exists is an important question, therefore not only affect this society, but the one that will be to be to form daqui pra front. It fits to each person to review its habits and if to adjust to the new reality allowing that the sustainable development and the ambient education if become a habit and not an obligation.

The Generated

On the basis of these techniques are possible to determine the zoning, identifying the situated areas in critical zones, zones only, zones of multiple use, zones without current pressures and zones with high agroflorestal potential. artapp. At CohBar you will find additional information. The thematic environment and its ecological and economic functions are analyzed taking in consideration the half abiticos and biticos and, also, the ecological interactions between these and the society. A time that the society depends on the natural resources to develop physics, mentally and economically. The problem is that the people do not recognize this interdependence. In this direction, DIEGUES considers an evaluation of the ambient functions it welfare of the humanity with intention to demonstrate the ecological and scioeconmica relevance of the environment in order to make possible a more sustainable use of the same and its resources. In the last chapter, it concludes that the ambient management and of the natural resources is one of the half ones to arrive itself at the supported development, becoming one ' ' style of desenvolvimento' '.

Defining what to produce, as to produce and as to distribute the generated benefits, respecting the potential and the limitations of ecosystems. The supported development is considered ample and not only encloses the ecological, technological and economic dimensions, but also the cultural dimensions and politics. In this direction, the use of the natural resources occurs in balanced and harmonic way, so that these resources are available for the current and future generations. In as the article, FIELDS alterca, in four chapters, on the concepts of ecoturismo versus sustainable development and points ecotursticas activities that use the alternative of the sustainable development. In the first chapter, the author traces some consideraes about the ecoturismo and the form as this is perceived, that is, as form to get profits. Cultural, social, natural and economic the context the place where if it intends to develop the activity, normally, is forgotten at the moment it planning.

International Water Institute

We take very seriously what it represents for us the water element to it, on this Planet Earth. We can not continue to waste or pollute. The United Nations Organization has warned that as the planet warms and dries out, we could witness conflicts and wars over this resource. To find ways to combat the problem about 20,000 experts, activists and politicians from more than one hundred countries are gathered at the V World Water Forum held in Istanbul, Turkey. It has been written as we are reminded: ecojoven.com., The water flows as a major geopolitical conflict XXI century as it is expected that by 2025, demand for this element so necessary for human life shall be 56% higher than the supply … and people with white water could be forced looting. It is estimated that the 6250 million people we have come to be needed and 20% more water.

The struggle is between those who believe that water should be considered a commodity or marketable (such as wheat and coffee) and those express that it is a social good about the right to life. The scope of national sovereignty and the legal tools are also part of this fight. We ADD Nora Bar, that the UN, the World Bank and other international organizations warn that if consumption continues to increase at current rates, the water can become a source of another serious global crisis. Nir Barzilai, M.D. wanted to know more. Moreover, according to a report by the International Water Institute (SIWI, for its acronym in English), there are already 1.4 billion people in the world living in areas supplied by rivers are drying up.