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Private Development Corporation

“In a place that is defined by the zoning of the waterfront as an area of Bentham resource extraction and aquaculture. So unfortunately we see that there is no real consistency in the decisions being taken and discourse towards citizenship “expressed by the advisory board. This, in circumstances that applied in the evaluation Conaf in a first technical report under the signature of Manuel Henriquez to prepare an Environmental-impact-assessment – News ResultsQuestions raised over Jaitapur green report Hindustan Times – Nov 29 12:05pmBridge to Coonskin Park approved Charleston Daily Mail – 1 hour ago’State had given us green clearance’ Hindustan Times – 9 hours ago’>Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and not a simple statement, but then in an official letter signed by the incumbent regional director Claudio Godoy “service drastically changes my mind.” Rated as more serious what has happened to the EIA HidroAysen, where the company acknowledges that flood more than 48 hectares of the park, whereupon Conaf expressed in its comments that “clearly the project is incompatible with the purposes of National Park Laguna San Rafael and Parque Nacional Bernardo O’Higgins, and constitutes a manifest violation of applicable environmental regulations and can not be remedied by Addendum. ” Added to this is that the study does not show any analysis of the impacts and risks, for example accidents of ships with fuel-product of the passage of ships to Puerto Yungay by area linked to the park. Read more here: Estee Lauder. “And yet, lack of information as relevant, the Corema chaired by Mayor Selim Carrasco allowed the development of Icsara and sent to the company as a way to make your job easier” they said.

The leaders added other situations that pose hazards to the area, such as the transmission line that seeks to build dams Transelec to connect the Baker and the Pascua happens, if not almost over, its outer edge by bringing the attractive landscape also be affected. Miriam Chible in his capacity as president of the Private Development Corporation of Aysen, Peter Hartmann as Aysen branch director of the Committee for the Defence of Flora and Fauna and the journalist Patricio Segura called on the government, “and particularly the authorities have in the region to demonstrate a real commitment to our natural and cultural heritage, which not only is there for the photo and discourse, but to be preserved for generations ayseninos future and Chile and even mankind. ” They concluded that “there is merit to be recognized as the world’s freshwater reserves, but even more consistent would be put into practice the status of biodiversity reserves, and that the Government will definitely send the dossier to make the World Heritage area and Ice Patagonian archipelagos to Unesco, management do not understand why today is trapped. Learn more at: Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. “

International Water Institute

We take very seriously what it represents for us the water element to it, on this Planet Earth. We can not continue to waste or pollute. The United Nations Organization has warned that as the planet warms and dries out, we could witness conflicts and wars over this resource. To find ways to combat the problem about 20,000 experts, activists and politicians from more than one hundred countries are gathered at the V World Water Forum held in Istanbul, Turkey. It has been written as we are reminded: ecojoven.com., The water flows as a major geopolitical conflict XXI century as it is expected that by 2025, demand for this element so necessary for human life shall be 56% higher than the supply … and people with white water could be forced looting. It is estimated that the 6250 million people we have come to be needed and 20% more water.

The struggle is between those who believe that water should be considered a commodity or marketable (such as wheat and coffee) and those express that it is a social good about the right to life. The scope of national sovereignty and the legal tools are also part of this fight. We ADD Nora Bar, that the UN, the World Bank and other international organizations warn that if consumption continues to increase at current rates, the water can become a source of another serious global crisis. Nir Barzilai, M.D. wanted to know more. Moreover, according to a report by the International Water Institute (SIWI, for its acronym in English), there are already 1.4 billion people in the world living in areas supplied by rivers are drying up.

Sustainable Development

Some countries had more recently retaken its concerns with the ambient questions, that if had become a world-wide phenomenon, appeared with much force, from 1968, motivated for the social movements and later for the crisis of the oil (Dantas, 1999). In 1972 it happens in Estocolmo to the first Conference of United Nations on the Environment, leaving clear the necessity to implant adequate ambient strategies, to promote socioeconmico a development equitable. Wedge at that moment the term ecodesenvolvimento, that later would come if to call Sustainable Development. It is important to detach that during the Conference of Estocolmo the aspects technician involving the contamination provoked for industrialization, the population growth and the urbanization, had had more prominences (Martins, 1995). The increasing concern with the ambient questions, mainly under the aspect of the degradation of the way, took UNESCO? Organization of United Nations for the Education, Science and the Culture, to promote at the beginning of the years 70, the first Conference of United Nations on the Human Environment. The Conference of Estocolmo, as she was known, presented in 1972 the lines of direction of ' ' Plan of Mundial&#039 Action; ' ' ' Declaration on the Environment ' '.

Passed three ambientalistas decades of the accomplishment of that event, scientists and technician, of the world all, continue alerting for the actual damages to the nature, for the direct action of the man. Our irresponsibility in the fields social, economic and politician-ecological, definitively contributes effective and for the installation of a global collapse of unknown ratios, that could only be prevented if the man will be capable, in curtssimo stated period, to promote radical changes in the way of life and the rational use of the natural goods. Some examples show that the conditions of economic, social order and ambient they are strong linked, between which we can cite the globalization of the markets, the world-wide net of computers; the search of alteration in the borders politics; the transference of productive sectors in the search of markets with lower prices (one fortssima transnationalization of capitals), among others.

Municipal School Ricieri Bert

The handling and the problematic one provoked by solid residues in the conception of parents and pupils of the Municipal School Ricieri Bert in the City of Santa Cruz of the Xingu-MT.Vinicius Baptist Da Silva 1Universidade of the State of GrossoEmail Weeds: Moral Sales 2Universidade of the State of GrossoIvone Weeds Rasp of Almeida 3Universidade of the State of Weeds GrossoDaiane Goulart F. Barreto 4Universidade of the State of GrossoRESUMONeste Weeds work, we look for to carry through a survey regarding the handling and the problematic one provoked by solid residues in the conception of parents and pupils of the Municipal School Ricieri Bert in the City of Santa Cruz of Xingu-TM, and objective to awake the ambient attention for the problems of health and impacts negative associates to the municipal solid residues, particularly, in function of me the management of the same ones and of a model of development in which the environment and the public health are relegated secondary plan. When looking for to extend the quarrel on the solid residues what one searchs it is its insertion, of more significant form, considering a sensitization on the causes and consequences emphasizing the reality where the city is inserted. The objectives, beddings, principles, instruments and importance of if implanting one Municipal Politics of management of solid residues are approached, that makes possible an improvement in the ambient quality and of life of the population, with proposals of integration of the segments and the society, detaching the importance of the social participation in the planning and management and of the Ambient Education as motor force of this process. Words Keys: handling; solid residues; ambient impacts; public health; public politics; ambient education. fer in this field.