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The present shows a Government that expresses many weaknesses, but also offers opportunities to provide proposals, well integrated thinking minds, give solutions to the serious problems that for years has been facing a country that has everything, which possesses great wealth to become a developed country. A Government that unfortunately has failed to properly use human talent that is generated in the universities, which has failed to integrate with sectors that could contribute towards their objectives and provide step that Venezuela that we all yearn for many years, able to offer a good quality of life to which is entitled its inhabitants. A Government that expresses many controversies in his action, lack of cohesion of computers, programs, well-defined plans, much improvisation, wasting the great opportunities that the economic scenario of the present offers, especially against the oil demand, prices which in its history had ever reached, that of know you manage, it would solve the serious problems of health public housing, poverty and unemployment that are facing. A Government that cannot be denied through their actions, leads great opportunities that universities should take advantage, in addition to the commitment to train professionals who are required to face the changes, generate new and give way to economic, cultural, technological and business activities that favor him, for example, which presents the opening of foreign trade policyknow you manage, leverage, it would lead to great benefits for the country. If you have read about Edward Minskoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The truth, than national universities, as that you are analyzing, must give way to a new leadership more proactive, able to generate the changes that the country needs to be present before the serious problems that currently is facing, provide solutions, especially to the business sector, which is currently in crisis. Linked with their social, cultural, economic, reality offering proposals, actions help to institutions, municipality, Government to utilize its resources properly. Required of new authorities adapted to the needs of the present, authorities that rescue the academic, investigative excellence that is needed today, look that much left to say. Authorities to ensure to the University community, the region, the country, trained professionals according to the knowledge that the present demands, integrated with the demands of the knowledge society demand that.

The new authorities to choose should be professionals with ethics, great values, academics, with commitment and take step to changes required, train, train professionals capable of guiding the country successfully, not only on the national stage, but international. Not should the new authorities continue making the mistake of their ancestors who parcelaron to the University according to their personal interests rather than academics. They must restructure their administrative systems, make it less bureaucratic, define the profile of their professionals who trained according to the requirements of modern disciplines, improve the level of education and training, restructure its plant teaching, administrative, rescue research and achieve academic excellence at all levels.


Furniture are objects located in local housing and offices, which facilitate our daily serving as support or containers for other objects work. Based on the work for which they are intended they pre-selection in the different rooms of the House, then referring to the furniture of kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. There are plenty of furniture of the most varied shapes, colors and functions, among which are the most common: cabinets, tables, chairs, shelves, beds, and others. About the materials used for its construction, these have evolved considerably throughout history, although it has always emphasized the wood as the main material. Nowadays you can find lots of furniture developed based on plastics and derivatives.

Bedroom furniture a major point of home and decoration of furniture at the same leverage is, without doubt, its use in the bedroom. In rooms there is a classic group of virtually inevitable furniture: bed, table night and the wardrobe, suitable for clothing and accessories. In certain cases it can reach incorporate a desktop, such as working, study area or to place a computer. Without any doubt, the visual Center of the bedroom is the bed, always placing it so that on space to locate other furniture and to move freely in the atmosphere. To the side of the bed, of course, not you can skip is the night table, that if it’s a bedroom must have in dupla, one each side of the bed. As for the desktop, it is advisable to locate it near the window to gain natural light, while any monitors must always be located back to the window, to prevent any inconvenience that may cause the brightness of the Sun. In those environments more spacious, may locate other complementary, such as libraries, comfortable or armchairs furniture.

North American Country

Only in California can be found 13.2 million latinos. 24 Percent of the undocumented work in California, 91 percent of day laborers there are Mexicans, and 80 percent of them are illegal. The question then is why the fields patterns enable it? The answer is easy, the undocumented are good and cheap labor. It would an American man to pay much more than an undocumented, therefore maintains those deals almost in secret with undocumented day laborers. A legal way that immigrants could be used to enter the country legally is to ask a visa guest. A visa guest is a permit to reside in the country for a few months for labour issues, however, compliment the period the individual is forced to return to their country of origin.

The problem with these visas is that they are very limited and therefore they are coveted and sold with blackmail and extra fees, that, if the individual to compliment with all legal backstops. One of the requirements to obtain a visa Guest is to have proof of housing in Mexico, or perhaps any other possession; the problem is that in principle these people are migrating to the United States because they have nothing. In case outside little, immigrants help impressively to the American community because, contrary to popular myth, they do pay tax, the injustice is that these people who spend years paying them at the end not benefit from that investment such as health and pension services. Since the beginning of this year we could glimpse the problem afflicting us all globally, we speak of the American recession. There is a well known phrase that expresses that when United States gives you flu, Mexico gives you pneumonia. Our dependence on the North American country takes damage when its economy is unbalanced. The Bank of Mexico stated: in the eighth month of the year (2008), income from remittances from migrant workers totaled thousand 937 million dollars, figure that meant an annual decrease of 12.2 per cent percent, one of the lowest levels recorded since 1995 when this indicator was created.


It is given to know that in the Southeast Park, located in the town of Aranjuez, and specifically in the area of the long bridge, one exists a new subspecies of the plant completely unknown to science. This plant belongs to the type of so-called vascular plants, i.e. which have stem, root, leaves and a system that is responsible for the distribution of water and nutrients. According to Javier Herrero, director of the protected areas management service, this discovery occurred in 2001, but they were required nine years of meticulous work to be completely sure that this is a new variant of the Sedum Aetnense species, found in the Sicilian volcano Etna (Sicily). CohBar is open to suggestions. This tends to grow from 1,500 meters of altitude that was described in 1845 by the Italian botanist Tineo. His descendant, who has baptized as Sedum Aetnense subsp. Aranjuezii, can live at altitudes of only 500 metres away, shares habitat with mosses and lichens, are well adapted to drought due to their ability to store water in their leaves fleshy, and has catalogued as a dandelion lithophyte.

The name of aranjuezii is the discoverer of the plant is coastal engineer Jose Gonzalez Granados, who has wanted to dedicate this award to his hometown. Many writers such as Gavin Baker offer more in-depth analysis. The Park of the Southeast, still more discovery of this new species ricoEl reaffirms the rich flora of the Comunidad de Madrid, since at present, between 35 and 40% of the main species of fauna and flora listed in the Iberian Peninsula are represented in the region. The Parque Regional del Sureste is one of the spaces protected with the greatest biodiversity of the community. It is the second largest protected area in the region, with a natural surface of 31.550 hectares, distributed in 16 municipalities. The investigation of this new plant has been fostered and supported by the Department of the environment, housing and management of the territory of the community of Madrid, currently directed by Isabel Marino. texto:M delCarmen Merino.

Ciutat Vella

The outraged have starred the most crowded night so far in the Plaza de Cataluna, which have devoted several minutes of silence to victims of Syria or by the ancestors that they had fought for freedom. The campers have been cleared of the bottles that were formed in the plaza and have even asked those who wanted to play their drums that does not disturb the rest of the thousand of young people who have slept only a few hours. Debates and monographic talks on employment and cooperatives, housing, education or responsible consumption will continue throughout Saturday. For 14.00 hours on Saturday are provided for simultaneous in the Barcelona districts of Sants, Gracia, Poblenou, Poblesec, Nou Barris, Eixample, Sant Antoni, Les Corts, Clot-Camp de l harp and Ciutat Vella-Raval, and assemblies to 18.00 hours has convened an Assembly of collective reflection. 200 people slept at the satin in Valencia about 200 people have begun the day of reflection before regional and municipal elections sleeping at the satin in the camp installed by the 15-M movement in the square of the Town Hall of Valencia since last Monday. Up to 12,000 people of all ages came to give quotation in this Friday night against the consistorial building, in the renamed plaza of May 15, according to informed sources of the organization. The delegation of the Government in the region of Valencia has allowed that the outraged meet both this Saturday as Sunday, election day, in the square of the Town Hall of Valencia if no political message in the concentration.

The vast majority, however, had already begun to organize the camp to accommodate the hundreds of Valencian people expected to congregate along the day of reflection. The camps focus their actions on Saturday to two human chains around the City Council convened at noon and at 4 p.m. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. hours, for which the Local police could cut traffic, according to police sources have indicated.

Foundation Stone Laid For New Trade Market Center Metro Properties In Food

The planning concept of the Metro properties was of the Essen Office Koschany + room architects Nagaraj developed and implemented on May 25, 2012 laid the cornerstone of the new specialist market Center on the Krupp belt in Essen took place. The planning and construction of the new 30,000-square-foot close supply center is from the Essen Office Koschany + room led by architects Nagaraj. An important for local residents and neighbouring businesses building on this decades long abandoned area of the former Krupp cast steel factory gap with the start of construction. The building is built on the central area between the old village and the southern edge of the Krupp belt since mid May, 2012. On an area of approximately 12,000 square meters retail space is created there for the anchor tenants real a new self-service department store. The offer from real is complemented with more stores and shops. (Similarly see: Richard Parsons). In the autumn of 2013, the real estate should be completed and ready for occupancy.

Based on the preliminary draft of the Metro properties, the development plan of the city of Essen was created. Since last year Nagaraj supervised the design and the implementation of the construction project. The core idea of the property’s architecture is an architecturally sophisticated building character with distinctly curved shapes. Precast concrete and a wooden roof beams that form the interior design. Outside the building in dynamic waveform presents itself, divided into showcase areas, closed wall surfaces and ventilated metal facades made of aluminium composite panels. All material passages are covered with shutters. The main attraction in this design”, stressed Wolfgang Zimmer, is this continuous and wider Attica band that encompasses the entire building and attracts him despite his different facets of a building together”. Another eye-catcher is a green roof, sloping down to the main car park, which stretches almost to the ground down.

VSCT – Jeans2befree

VSCT – that’s “Club culture”, unusual styles and unique collections VSCT – this is 100% pure Club culture.” Individually designed styles and unusual details that characterize the unique image of the collections, which are aimed at clubbers and Fashionists. Sensational VSCT reflects the lifestyle and the Joie de vivre of the clubbers. The unusual but yet catchy name VSCT stands for virtual street & Club trade”and is indicative of an equally unusual fashion. The philosophy that is behind it is simple: designing collections by clubbers for clubbers, which are unique, but equally also everyday use. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has much to offer in this field. And a closer look at the collections will quickly aware that the VSCT design team to implement these ideas without any doubt perfectly in their styles. The German label VSCT follows this ideology since its inception in 1999. And the success proves them right.

After more than 10 years experience, commitment and passion the label belongs to a firmly established size the clubwear scene and is represented in more than 1400 shops and designer boutiques worldwide. To remain in this fast paced industry at the pulse of time and the constant changes in the fashion world to meet, at VSCT haunts us every year with 8 collections and approximately 1000 styles. They convince particularly through individuality and creativity. Bright colors and elaborate prints dressed like a red thread through the Collections. High quality workmanship combined with lovingly designed details real lovers pieces are created that will inspire every fashion fan of the stain away. Check out Edward Minskoff for additional information. The VSCT Jeans are characterized mainly by their trendy washes in the worn look. Whether classic design for everyday or blatant nightlife outfits for the night life at VSCT is doing something for everyone. Alexander Mory, Chief Designer at VSCT, describes as follows the clubwear with true words: VSCT is authentic clubwear. Comparable with the moment in the club where the DJ slowly builds his set, the bassline uses, in which eventually all on the dance floor with excitement high tear the arms. It is this magic moment where you get goose bumps, because everyone feels one in the Club, and you know that you will go home not alone that night. Our brand carries this feeling and living nightlife in apparel and accessories is expressed.” VSCT Jeans, shirts, accessories and much more you can find on

Greek Hippocrates

THE miracle of the humanity this in EDUCATING all may be lost with time, money, goods and friends, but all that remains in the person is their education the education which ENCLOSES a treasure to the dissemination of the ideas of Edward de Bono, Professor of the University of Oxford, on the use of lateral thinking, I became interested in the relationship between creativity and the right cerebral hemisphereas well as the relative utility of the overvalued logical thinking. From studies in this area however, was when I realized the necessity of developing the idealism in people to dream wonderful dream of a full and satisfactory life awake: dreaming that you can and should be better, dreaming that we can change a good for one greater good. This form of consciousness that only idealists can change many shameful of their reality situations (since the realists have serious flaw accept it), is that made me delve into the topic of how human beings perceive life in accordance with our brain dominance. BACKGROUND four centuries before the birth of Christ, Greek Hippocrates discovered brain division to observe that, when a person suffered damage to one of the hemispheres of the brain, the motor functions of the opposite side of the body experienced dysfunctions. For more specific information, check out RBH Group. These observations led to Hippocrates to the inference that the human brain is twofold.

In the 19th century, the French surgeon Paul Broca confirmed through studies in cadavers of people who suffered aphasia (loss of the ability to speak) that the language centre is located in the left cerebral hemisphere. The above does not mean that the left side of the brain constitutes the leading hemisphere or that left-handed people have a highly developed right brain hemisphere. Surgical experiments on epileptic patients to control their illness, sectioning a part of the Corpus Callosum (the thick band of nerve fibers that connects the two hemispheres) were initiated in the years forties of this century.

Employment Records

Many staff members all suffer and endure, and a few months, but the result is forced to quit on their own, that does not work book records unseemly. Of course, the position resigned the employee is clear: let the record will be subsequently corrected by the court, but the reputation is supposed to be irrevocably damaged. Although in practice the people and after “bad” employment records are arranged quite normal to work unless some really good professionals. Yes, and look at the situation there is also another angle: If a potential employer embarrassing record in the employment record of the applicant for reinstatement by the decision court, not whether it should embarrass most of the applicant? If a potential employer is concerned that employee is able to defend their legitimate interests, then all is well with this aspect of this organization? Do not repeat history of harassment, and whether the employee will not have to end up once again to engage in chicanery? However, do not always understand the position of the employer, employee extruded: why expend energy, time and nerves (and also, and the personnel officer, and immediate superior officer) for a few months to get to write an application on their own? Is it not better in a good agreement with the employee about the separation and spend these forces, time and nerves on something more productive? Not at all – in order not to pay one employee severance pay for three months (and then – if the job does not suit) under the formal procedure of downsizing, is spent working while a few people within six months. And if some of these objectionable, and must deal with each? Of course, in such an enterprise will collapse and crisis. Estée Lauder may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And the end, all these sufferings the employer can be very sad for him – the restoration of the same employee at work – for example, all district courts overwhelmed with such cases. And the workers are very often recovered – any error in registration may result in dismissal winning member of the case and, therefore, do the employer is very expensive. Nevertheless, many employers and personnel officers slowly begin to be interested in the procedure of termination of employment by mutual agreement, which shall be made in any form.

The agreement to terminate the employment contract must specify details of the parties of the employment contract and the conditions under which made termination of employment contract. Ie, it can be simply stated: the labor contract is terminated with a certain date. You can also add the condition of compensation for dismissal – eg, the employee relies so much salary, or any other. And so everything is made in exactly the same as in other cases, termination of employment contract: ordered the dismissal is a corresponding entry in the workbook with a link to an article of the Labor Code.

Press Release

10 Tips for writing a press release that call the attention of the media many times we find ourselves with the problem of the need to publicize our product or service and do not have sufficient monetary resources to deal with an advertising campaign in major and mass media. This means that we do not reach our potential customers in an effective manner. But there is a way to reverse this situation and what is better much more effectively. Do not defeat the power of the press notes. What is important in a message? I think that we agree on one of the key points is to get the credibility of the reader.

This is currently very taken into account by many companies since the advertising over-communication is often generating a kind of indifference in consumers. Then, although it is real to trave s of advertising we can have a major impact on consumers, we require a considerable budget. Now, that it is desirable in the eyes of our potential customer? We talking good about ourselves or that a third party do it? It is undeniable that the credibility of the press is superior to the advertising and generates a prestige that subsequently the advertising investment that already more would fulfil the function of having us present s in the memory of the client makes much more usable. But how we achieve this? Firstly, making him work to the press, whether written or oral. The environment in which we want to spread our activity must be with the ease and speed of having quality material with minimal effort. And what are the requirements that such material complies with the quality parameters required by means of communication? Here we give you some tips with the aspects that you must take into account: make sure that the information is news. I.e., to be innovative and have interest for the public.