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Editorial and independent product guide provides targeted search CIO for B2B-IT products Munich, August 10, 2009 18bits, the editorial and independent IT product guide for businesses, was successfully launched on the 1.8.2009. The Web portal informs under 18bits.de now up-to-date products in the field of B2B-IT. Through a sophisticated system of category visitors an overview of those products and manufacturers that especially interest them by 18bits quickly. All content on 18bits are selected by a qualified editorial, edited and checked. The “class instead of mass” ensures a high quality of reporting. Visit Mark Nevins for more clarity on the issue. In addition to current product information, 18bits offers its visitors a quick and targeted search for current IT products in the B2B sector.

To do this, the editorial divides their product coverage in eight main categories and sub-categories currently 92. Under most conditions Gavin Baker Atreides Management, New York City would agree. With only two mouse clicks, IT managers, administrators, or even a reseller on 18bits can for example, new network cameras, NAS servers, or firewalls communicate. A product presentation on 18bits content includes the main properties, advantages and characteristics of a product as well as an appealing image, as well as data on prices and availability. The editors also researched all important contact information of the manufacturer. For the official launch of 18bits, visitors will find more than 500 products from over 300 manufacturers on the Web portal.

IT vendors who want to be represented in the product guide, can send their product information to. The Editorial Office checks all submissions and decides then according to journalistic criteria processing of the information, as well as their publication. “Traditional product messages are obsolete after two weeks and disappeared in a virtual online archive, even though they are relevant to the reader often for a long time”, explains Marco Wagner, editor-in-Chief of 18bits. “We build a catalog with our product guide, the” constantly grows and is thereby always up-to-date. So decision makers, IT administrators, buyers and resellers can get anytime soon an overview of the interesting just for her products on the market.” About 18bits 18bits, an editorial product guide for companies that focused is informed of IT products in the B2B sector. Technical competence and manufacturer-independent the experienced editors at 18bits.de introduces new and updated hardware, software and services. The reporting are always the benefits and relevance to the target group in the foreground. All content on 18bits are selected by the qualified editorial according to strict specifications, processed and tested. This ensures a high quality of reporting.


Free guide with new features already in 2002 was the BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen with their own homepage is online. On the wellness Info page visitors as well as all important information about the counselors of the author will find whatever current tips, tricks and extraordinary recipes around the health, beauty and wellness. Free guide with new functions now appears the wellness Info page with a modern look and many new features. (As opposed to Atreides Management Gavin Baker). So expect the visitors as well as numerous tips and tricks detailed guides and free eBooks for health, beauty and well-being. Suitable to the current topic of swine flu, Vanessa Halen introduces a special immune treatment. Also, Vanessa Halen presented their current books now in image and sound: to their advisor the new BEAUTIFIER the author keeps a video clip. Visit Envoy Electronics Pvt. Ltd. for more clarity on the issue.

And in her book CYBERBEAUTY you can listen to a professionally produced audio version with goosebumps factor. Editors and journalists will always find the current press articles in the press section and can order here also meeting copies of the Advisor of Vanessa Halen. Information about Vanessa Halen and their books or advice on topics such as obesity, wrinkles, cellulite, whether the appropriate help hair loss and many other issues more on the wellness Info page. For more information see this site: Kenneth E. Boulding. Learn more

Federal Parliament

The new portal of political mitbestimmung.de provides the infrastructure, with a far-reaching political participation via the Internet is possible Cloppenburg, 01.08.2011 – many German citizens want more opportunities to exert influence on political decisions. Especially among young people, the Internet has become the most important source of information and allows a rapid networking of many activists to a group that is due to their size in the situation, to exert political influence for example through blogs and social networks. Here, Nir Barzilai, M.D. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The new political mitbestimmung.de Portal provides the infrastructure available, with a far-reaching political participation via the Internet is possible. Click Edward Minskoff for additional related pages. The figure of the political mood in Germany by voting on individual topics and forward the results to the members in the committees for the contribution of qualified petitions to the Federal Parliament up to the call to campaigns, such as signature campaigns, demonstrations or collective Contacts by eMail, letter or telephone, the portal offers the so-called PNAs (political net activists) many opportunities for more democratic participation. By clearly linking of the own themes with the agenda items discussed currently in the Bundestag as well as all politicians involved in the topic, influence may be exercised directly on the current work of the members with the above resources. In the portal without political reports or its own discussion forum, instead the suggestions by all participants to evaluated and expanded their own aspects, so that the subsequent vote produces a result which can be used as a basis for decision making by the politicians. esc/E.k.., called the portal in the life is a software house for kfm.

application software as well as Web sites and Web portals. As a service provider without its own political interests company can guarantee esc/e E.k.. Portal operator the necessary neutrality. Also is waived on advertising, to not the influence of enterprises or other institutions, and whose interests are subject to. The financing of the portal is done instead by a moderate fee for active participants in the amount of 8,-euro per year. The Bundestag also has recognized the importance of new forms of participation via the Internet and to the enquete Commission “Internet and digital society” initiated in the project group “Democracy and State”, which has recorded the work with its constituent meeting at the 06.06.2011. At about the same time, was started also with the development of the portal, which offers already now many possibilities of political participation, which – to be expanded steadily with the help of active participant -.

Money Making From Home Off

Earn money from home from having a website. What you should keep in mind. Earn money from home to create from a website is the first step to make money from home. How to create this site and what goals you have to determine ultimately how much money you will make. Make money from home from Web design tips: the aim of the site: the goal of the site is to make money. Everything on the site should be solely directed. The site should be as simple as possible and contain only what is really necessary.

Visitors to concentrate fully on the product offer and be distracted by anything else. RBH Group may not feel the same. Templates: Take the best template for your topic or company profile. Avoid templates free. Because many sites use these templates you are not suitable to give the site its own identity. Navigation: Navigation should be clear and easy to understand.

Give each website an attractive title. No more than 3 clicks from the home page, index.html page, internal pages should be removed. Content: Content is the soul each site. Content is what you want to sell your product (s). Take extra time. Gavin Baker contributes greatly to this topic. Create multiple designs and multiple headings and examine which earn the most money. Charging time: The site should load as fast as possible. Nobody wants and is waiting for long. Not to great websites and a minimum of images, JavScript, and animations be accessible the site also for slow Internet connections. Pop-Ups: one to deal with Pop-Ups very sparingly. Visitors often find you annoying. Use Pop-Ups only when absolutely necessary and limit their use to a minimum. Colors: Black and white reads the easiest. Only visitors will be distributing to bright colors and large letters. Make money from home with out a website is very possible. A website is never finished. She must be constantly optimized, poorly selling products and banners will be replaced by new, and dead links are removed. Only sites are in optimal condition earn enough money to prevail against the competition. Manfred Schilling


A practice report from CoboCards.com in the referral marketing Internet startups, which have a small marketing budget, usually one goal: grow virally! This particularly low-cost variant of the marketing (called also referral marketing) like to use at the beginning of a project. The desire is always the same: the product is to convince users and therefore cause a viral spreading of the product in the network. The so-called is expected snowball effect on a staunch user etc. makes several friends/acquaintances to users and other friends. The learning platform of CoboCards tries to this effect take advantage of. Through the collaborative use of flashcards, software on the Web involves CoboCards already establishing a mechanism for the viral growth. Students who want to be like to share the work and control each other, invite friends to the common learning. This form of dissemination was supported by integration of possibilities of social communication such as Facebook, email, Twitter.

Bookmark setting etc. To give further incentivize the whole is rewarded each successful inviting with a month of the otherwise paid Pro version. Costs: 5 euro. The more friends accept the invitation, more per month will be there at the end. The measurement of results is important in such an approach. Because only through measurement and continuous tuning recommendation marketing can lead actually to the desired results. Who relies purely on his product, offers no incentives and mechanisms, will quickly realize that viral growth only by the Facebooks and Linkedins of this world takes place.

Approach after was decided through an active referral marketing, was first change the home page of the software. The previous “welcome message” was replaced by the note “1 registered friend = 1 month free Pro”. Also highlighted the benefits of kollaoborativen learning. Where teambuilding was communicated so far as an effective means for learning, it is now much more moved to the fore and more intense communicates.


Successful opening of the online shop gesunderschuh.de you can finally buy the innovative shoe models of relevant companies such as MBT and Joya now also via the Internet. The online shop gesunderschuh.de offers a wide range of models of from different manufacturers. Specializing in healthy and comfortable shoes the shop offers everything the shoe lovers heart. Who once slip into these comfortable shoes, will never again give it. Ergonomic sole, breathable materials and excellent workmanship ensures a pleasant and above all healthy walking and standing. But not only those who are on their feet all day, will find it at gesunderschuh.de. Whether business, leisure, or Ausgehschuh, the matching offered anyone who looks healthy footwear.

Especially the current Spring collection offers a wide selection of shoes in their colourful or classic designs. Just when the temperatures get something back and often look to the Sun, the foot requires jackets lightweight footwear be exchanged for jackets, boots against ballerinas. Fashion dreams come true at the sight of the new spring models on gesunderschuh.de and can now be purchased in the online shop. Customers of gesunderschuh.de provide a great shopping experience easy and fast navigation through the shop, friendly customer service and attractive conditions. No tiresome searching a shoe shop in your home town, no opening hours, which must be observed and especially no big-ticket products that spoil his shopping the shoe buyer.

Gesunderschuh.de meets fashion dreams and sent the article also not only nationwide, but also in other EU States to reasonable postage costs. A wide range of healthy and comfortable shoes caters to every taste. Whether sporty, casual or chic, Brown, blue, green, black or colourful, whether leather, synthetic or textile – the wide variety of trendy and current models of various manufacturers you can decide just yet. In addition to women’s and men’s shoes the shoe shop offers healthy kids shoes at reasonable prices. Because children’s feet just need guarantee healthy and comfortable shoes, and safety on the first steps through the world.