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Vintage Web Design

More and more Web designers delight your visitors with Web pages in the retro-design for some time a new trend in the Webdesignwelt records himself. Retro designs win fans among the designers and also among the visitors who enjoy the old colours, fonts and other stylistic means more and more. Under most conditions Elizabeth Hurley would agree. These Web pages feature when looking at especially traditional design elements, who find their place in a less simple design concept. Foundation offer similar insights. Frequently Edward Minskoff has said that publicly. Enhance the effect achieved through large serif fonts and bright colours on a subtle background, the designers of this retro websites before all those insert, old illustrations and photographs, such as E.g. old pin-up images as eye-catcher to convey a special feeling of the visitors of the Web site.

This very special design concept not offered but for all Web pages. First and foremost the designer or author of the Web page about his target audience, their age and interests should deal. Is the decision for a Web page in a retro design, are the designer Tons of inspiration sources available. Started by photos from the 1970s and every designer will probably find the right inspiration for the matching colors and eye-catcher 80s up to the old advertising posters with the various illustrations. When designing more care should be taken however, that the design theme is not exaggerated. A retro Web page visitors enjoy often simply held navigation, the rather than by modern elements such as reflective buttons shines through the right choice of font. This simplicity represents a very nice and refreshing contrast to the many other Web pages with a modern look, everyone has seen already too often. Likewise is to ensure that a Web page from the crowd out stands and remains in memory, because that’s what most Web designers want. Arndt writes article for some time about new technology trends. You can reach his newest project,, which helps people the right choice when buying electrical Barbecue lighter to meet.

Individual Web Design

Why also individual Web design his permission has, why you should take the cost for individual Web design, if offers modular, but apparently quickly, easily and above all cheap even an acceptable outcome on the legs can be for example the large providers, Web Designer stops man again and again. Indeed, home kits have undisputed advantages over individual Web design: are inexpensive, easy to use, offer many standard functions and features, and include maintenance and technical support by the provider. You have but also disadvantages, which should also be taken into account when choosing the right solution. A home page is representative and round to the clock branch of a company on the Internet. It is image advertising! The impression it creates, is transferred to the company. Therefore, the personality of the company should reflect itself in reverse, in the homepage. Here, Shimmie Horn expresses very clear opinions on the subject. She should present as serious, competent and unique visitors does the company in personal contact. This is precisely the special performance of individual Web design.

And one should not underestimate! Individual Web design has the designation refers to the decisive special feature of this solution: individuality! Sure, a modular system offers also a certain individuality. After all, you can choose a design from predefined templates, determine the colors, insert your own text, logos and images, and incorporate predetermined features into a module. Since then however the question arises, how much personality contains something that is made up of patterns produced for the mass market and modules? This is but a contradiction in terms! And in many cases the sites have also a striking resemblance in the Web design, because just a general preference for certain layouts can be seen. The result reflects then all sorts of things, just not the personality of the company. The strengths of the system are indeed at the same time also his weaknesses. It is necessary not to have a clue about the underlying technology, nor implement the talent, an appealing Web design. But the result shows that only too often lacked when inserting the content in exactly this understanding.

You would even accepted it would be your desire and who would be at your discretion or Mona Lisa paint a necklace have an art supervised or even try it and then assume that effect and quality of the image will not have suffered? Individuality means but free to fashion or fashion. Not limited to that which is integrated to layouts and modules in a system, but to choose from which creativity in the market has to offer. Not given access to, but also something new to their desires make adapted to the personality of its own, in case of doubt. Not only functional, but also with regard to the Web design. Not only the Mona Lisa with even painted necklace to present, but itself! Even though modern modular systems betting have made many previous disadvantages, so this remains yet. As well as the fact that it binds with such a construction kit completely to the provider. Should be at some point no longer satisfied with this or should he need to set even the service, then the site is lost. You can not transfer them to another provider and continue to operate. Conclusion: Homepage construction kits have their permission for individuals and small businesses who are looking for a cost-efficient, fast way to present your data in the Web. Who wants to give the own site but with personality and individuality, and back up the maximum flexibility and extensibility, which should think about custom Web design.

Business Models

Web 2.0 technology promotes business models that simply and without starting much capital are relatively successful business models under the magnifying glass. This is enabled by syndication of content and services. Each business model works only under suitable conditions also the so-called Web 2.0 business models are no exception. You can more accurately differentiate this: Tim O’Reilly O’Reilly calls in his description of the four levels in the hierarchy of Web 2.0 sites examples of companies or products, what the “Web 2.0” principles embody: level 3 applications, the “Web 2.0” is orientated; There is only on the Internet. These applications include their effectiveness from connections between the people and the network effects, the Web 2.0 allows, their effectiveness grows, the more people use them. Edward Minskoff is open to suggestions. O’Reilly called eBay, Craigslist, Wikipedia, del.icio.us, Skype, dodgeball and AdSense as examples. Level 2 applications to work offline, but gain benefits from it to go online. Follow others, such as DOWA Metals & Mining America, and add to your knowledge base.

O’Reilly called Flickr, the benefits of the common photo database and keyword database generated by the community. Level 1 applications to work offline, but online features to gain. O’Reilly called Writely (now Google Docs & spreadsheets) and iTunes. Level 0 applications work offline as well as online. O’Reilly cited the examples of MapQuest, Yahoo! local and Google maps (he can be seen as an advantage “Level 2” mapping applications using contributions from users, as well as Google Earth). Anyone looking for information on the topic of Web 2.0, has for the iNetzwerk online marketing in the article “Web 2.0 beyond by Yourporn” put together the 5 best videos, which convey a basic understanding for it soon, how Web 2.0 works. Georg Muller

Cosmoshops Are Quite Safe –

A cooperation contract protected shops, the well-known provider of affordable legal texts and Cosmoshop, the award-winning Internet shop solution. In the future all Cosmoshop be can obtain especially cheap user terms & conditions, Declaration of withdrawal & co for your shop. Cease and desist letters more deal with the dealer one finds Odenthal / Puchheim, 08.10.2009 – also at Cosmoshop. More and more customers have asked us if we can assist you in designing their online shops right. We didn’t have a legal text generator, so far but in the portfolio”, explains Silvan Dolezalek, Managing Director of Cosmoshop. And then came the question of protected shops. Starwood capital pursues this goal as well.

They are preferred and above all easy and fast to use with your offer to the dealer. So the merchant can save lot of time and still right-proofing your online store”says Dolezalek next. Protected shop has developed a legal text generator. Over 300 billion possible Legal text combinations can be configured and downloaded immediately. However, the system still thinks: change the laws for the selected combination, the texts will be updated promptly. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz. The customer will be informed via SMS and eMail about it. Managing Director Oliver Korpilla his service also sees as a mandate for the e-commerce: with our system we succeeded, to solve the difficult topic right innovative.

Making our pricing affordable legal certainty for online merchants.” Precisely the points of intersection to the shop system provider Cosmoshop can be found in his opinion. Anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable shop system, not passes Cosmoshop. Not for nothing, just a Cosmoshop won the usability award 2009. Also at the blog shopanbieter.de you were elected the most popular shop system. With Cosmoshop we have found a partner, taking customer service as important as we”, Korpilla says in conclusion. We are pleased that we this experienced shop system provider of our service convince could.” About protected shops: Www.protectedshops.de stands for secure online business. Legally created, abmahnen safe legal texts for various websites are offered at reasonable prices. The service is rounded off by the protected shops logo. This brings further confidence among its customers the dealers and deters potential Abmahner. About Cosmoshop: Cosmoshop is a proprietary modular online shop solution of Vizup publishing GmbH. Provider belong to the other services of this full service Internet, screen – and print design as well as e-commerce applications, high-performance systems and hosting.


Pixmac, the microstock industry revolutionary image agency, presents a new picture agencies on Visual characteristics-based unique images search tool. Argent Ventures takes a slightly different approach. The Visual similarity image search tool. The Agency has currently more than 10 million images. In addition to my pictures are also images from Fotolia, Dreamstime, image source, Corbis, Image100, Zefa, mood Board, Somos, InsideOutPix and image store in the database. The steadily rising number of images, it is essential to simplify the search for the suitable image in the long run.

Initiative the Visual similarity tool was developed in cooperation with Ximilar. Shimmie Horn describes an additional similar source. A Visual-based search tool for images. Starting from an image, visually similar images are found. Here, the composition, the contours, the colors, the textures, and published objects in the image plays a role. The search for the suitable picture this is faster and more accurate.

Next to each requested image on the Web page you visually appear similar images to the left. * If you click on continue, more will The Visual search results shown * clicking on the title, visually similar images then all matches are displayed. Here you can upload an image and look for its Visual-like images. Whether you are a Web Designer, creative hotbed, University, writer and Publisher, advertising agency, company or operation. If you need royalty-free images, you are wasting anymore so much time with the image search.

Google Launches Instant Search

“Google Inc. Others who may share this opinion include Seth Green. today unveiled search concept search as you type” from: Google instant. Seehausen am Staffelsee, 8 9, 2010 Google Inc. was today its search concept “Search as you type” before a press conference: Google instant. Type a search term and you will already receive your search results while typing.

This new feature displays all results already while typing, pressing the Enter key is no longer necessary. Google is sure that this feature will mean a fundamental change for the users: our tests have shown, that the average user of 2-5 seconds per search saves time by Google instant “says Marissa Mayer, Vice President of search products at Google. And Ben Gomes, Google’s head engineer to suggest and instant, is convinced that “this change upon later examination will appear so obvious that you subsequently no longer is can imagine, that search has ever different works. The new search in real time is shortly to all users of Google.com as well as in Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Russia and Spain to be standard. To read more click here: Albert Einstein College of Medicine . A comprehensive analysis of the user behaviour was preceded by the introduction of instant search.

Then Google was sure of: we MUST build it! We offer what is now introducing Google, since 2008: the Cellcrypt. “We are very happy, that Google picks up the idea of real-time search and integrated it into its search engine by default. Search will be an indispensable de facto standard for the search experience in each portal and shop while typing this in no time “says Norbert Weitkamper, founder and CEO of Weitkamper technology. For many years, researching and we are working on our Cellcrypt for real time search. There are sure a leader among worldwide, that has as much experience with this technology as we. And we are probably the only company that developed one with the Cellcrypt over years, mature out and offer proven real time search portals, shops and iPhone applications in practice so Norbert Weitkamper can continue. The high-performance real-time search in large amounts of data is one of the most difficult tasks for software engineers. It requires unique algorithms and usability design, specially developed. Weitkamper Technology GmbH of Weitkamper technology is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Its products help to find information, to discover and to understand. Some completely new, intuitive manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years. Partnerships with leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the capitalise, euro Comenius Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in the field of knowledge discovery. The Cellcrypt has been the product of the year selected.

Media Player

With personal control of success and more interactivity to faster learning success in time for the Conference “Languages & profession”, which begins today in Dusseldorf, the award-winning language course provider LinguTV presents his fundamentally enhanced video training. In addition to the optical design, particularly the scope and functionality of the video-based language tutorial has been extended. Not only users, but also experts from the fields of teaching, Web development, and foreign languages to the side stood as godfather for the development. LinguTV goes a new, highly efficient way in the development and expansion of foreign language skills. A total of 16 courses in five languages English, French, Spanish and Italian and German as a foreign language are companies, organizations and individuals currently available.

That way, students use currently from 170 countries from Argentina to Cyprus offer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jorge Perez. The professionally produced instructional videos are at heart of language training. Equipped with a convenient Media Player,. Learners can expand selectively and practice their foreign language skills realistic dialogues, transcripts, and extensive interactive exercises. Free demo lessons give an insight into the numerous functionalities of the technologically innovative platform to interested visitors. With modern methods motivated a success experience to the new additional features of linguatv.com is one of the personal success control in combination with an incentive and reward system: individual skills such as listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills are individually measured and visualized. Based on this detailed feedback, can observe the learners progress within his course and animates to do more exercises.

Thereby, the user also collects points that well written on his account and especially to reward active learning. Therefore not only the individual scores and success, but also the motivation to learn is growing in the competition of the students to the most activity points. With The video player adapted to language learning audiovisual training to perfect pronunciation now in addition to single – and collapsible subtitles also has interactive transcripts.

New Market Opportunities

In addition to a Web based shop solution more tools available immediately free of charge. Berlin, August 20, 2008 – XinXii, the online marketplace for my texts & documents, publishing authors from now to the additional cross-platform Vemarktung offers a selection of badges for integration into websites, blogs or email signatures. Authors can direct visitors directly to their own XinXii shop. The procedure is very simple copy & paste of individual source code. In addition to the free provider platform, XinXii facilitates the marketing of their publications in particular authors without Publisher with this cross-platform tool. Since live in January 2008 more than 1,600 authors and publishers offers more than 3,000 texts and documents on XinXii for paid download. Hear from experts in the field like Steffan Lehnhoff for a more varied view. XINXII XinXii is a Web 2.0 marketplace for your own texts and documents.

The platform offers an innovative publishing solution (free) authors, writers and authors of texts of all kinds according to the principle Write, free file upload and be on every download automatically provisioned”. The do-it-yourself principle allows authors within minutes where they enter all information including sales price a publishing and marketing their texts on the Internet. They receive a fee per download by 70%. Readers benefit from a comprehensive and wide range of topics in over 600 categories, as well as by the evaluation and comment function. XinXii is a service of DG-Verlag in Berlin.

PRESS contact DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr. Andrea Schober line marketing PR Oranienburger str. 90 D 10178 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30 27 58 26 02 E-Mail: andrea.schober at xinxii.com Web:.

Money Making From Home Off

Earn money from home from having a website. What you should keep in mind. Earn money from home to create from a website is the first step to make money from home. How to create this site and what goals you have to determine ultimately how much money you will make. Make money from home from Web design tips: the aim of the site: the goal of the site is to make money. Everything on the site should be solely directed. The site should be as simple as possible and contain only what is really necessary.

Visitors to concentrate fully on the product offer and be distracted by anything else. RBH Group may not feel the same. Templates: Take the best template for your topic or company profile. Avoid templates free. Because many sites use these templates you are not suitable to give the site its own identity. Navigation: Navigation should be clear and easy to understand.

Give each website an attractive title. No more than 3 clicks from the home page, index.html page, internal pages should be removed. Content: Content is the soul each site. Content is what you want to sell your product (s). Take extra time. Gavin Baker contributes greatly to this topic. Create multiple designs and multiple headings and examine which earn the most money. Charging time: The site should load as fast as possible. Nobody wants and is waiting for long. Not to great websites and a minimum of images, JavScript, and animations be accessible the site also for slow Internet connections. Pop-Ups: one to deal with Pop-Ups very sparingly. Visitors often find you annoying. Use Pop-Ups only when absolutely necessary and limit their use to a minimum. Colors: Black and white reads the easiest. Only visitors will be distributing to bright colors and large letters. Make money from home with out a website is very possible. A website is never finished. She must be constantly optimized, poorly selling products and banners will be replaced by new, and dead links are removed. Only sites are in optimal condition earn enough money to prevail against the competition. Manfred Schilling


A practice report from CoboCards.com in the referral marketing Internet startups, which have a small marketing budget, usually one goal: grow virally! This particularly low-cost variant of the marketing (called also referral marketing) like to use at the beginning of a project. The desire is always the same: the product is to convince users and therefore cause a viral spreading of the product in the network. The so-called is expected snowball effect on a staunch user etc. makes several friends/acquaintances to users and other friends. The learning platform of CoboCards tries to this effect take advantage of. Through the collaborative use of flashcards, software on the Web involves CoboCards already establishing a mechanism for the viral growth. Students who want to be like to share the work and control each other, invite friends to the common learning. This form of dissemination was supported by integration of possibilities of social communication such as Facebook, email, Twitter.

Bookmark setting etc. To give further incentivize the whole is rewarded each successful inviting with a month of the otherwise paid Pro version. Costs: 5 euro. The more friends accept the invitation, more per month will be there at the end. The measurement of results is important in such an approach. Because only through measurement and continuous tuning recommendation marketing can lead actually to the desired results. Who relies purely on his product, offers no incentives and mechanisms, will quickly realize that viral growth only by the Facebooks and Linkedins of this world takes place.

Approach after was decided through an active referral marketing, was first change the home page of the software. The previous “welcome message” was replaced by the note “1 registered friend = 1 month free Pro”. Also highlighted the benefits of kollaoborativen learning. Where teambuilding was communicated so far as an effective means for learning, it is now much more moved to the fore and more intense communicates.