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A practice report from CoboCards.com in the referral marketing Internet startups, which have a small marketing budget, usually one goal: grow virally! This particularly low-cost variant of the marketing (called also referral marketing) like to use at the beginning of a project. The desire is always the same: the product is to convince users and therefore cause a viral spreading of the product in the network. The so-called is expected snowball effect on a staunch user etc. makes several friends/acquaintances to users and other friends. The learning platform of CoboCards tries to this effect take advantage of. Through the collaborative use of flashcards, software on the Web involves CoboCards already establishing a mechanism for the viral growth. Students who want to be like to share the work and control each other, invite friends to the common learning. This form of dissemination was supported by integration of possibilities of social communication such as Facebook, email, Twitter.

Bookmark setting etc. To give further incentivize the whole is rewarded each successful inviting with a month of the otherwise paid Pro version. Costs: 5 euro. The more friends accept the invitation, more per month will be there at the end. The measurement of results is important in such an approach. Because only through measurement and continuous tuning recommendation marketing can lead actually to the desired results. Who relies purely on his product, offers no incentives and mechanisms, will quickly realize that viral growth only by the Facebooks and Linkedins of this world takes place.

Approach after was decided through an active referral marketing, was first change the home page of the software. Gain insight and clarity with Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The previous “welcome message” was replaced by the note “1 registered friend = 1 month free Pro”. Also highlighted the benefits of kollaoborativen learning. Where teambuilding was communicated so far as an effective means for learning, it is now much more moved to the fore and more intense communicates.

Marriott Hotels

Playful insight into everyday Hotel social networks are hardly imagine from today’s society. Portals such as Facebook, StudiVZ or XING application platform gaining in importance. The Zuckerberg’sche Empire recorded the largest increases, both in Germany and internationally. The hotel Portal hotelreservierung.de reported as a hotel company utilizes the potential for themselves. Those who are interested in a position at one of the Marriott hotels, can find out on the Internet via the corresponding requirements. For this purpose the hotel chain has created a special Facebook profile: across the Marriott jobs and careers’ insight potential candidates in a playful way in the everyday life of the hotel operation. The idea didn’t come from about, finally celebrate since prolonged success of Facebook games such as Farmville and recorded many million users a month. Target the Marriott games is that prospective customers get to know the different areas of the hotel operation and within a given time-typical tasks run a hotel employee.

So is the player in the kitchen, at the front desk or guest rooms. For passing challenges he scores, with which to unlock more levels and areas. The game is available in the languages English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. Who feels at home in the profession, can take advantage of his chances in the reality that a link will take users directly to the online application portal of the Marriott hotel chain. More information: nachrichten.hotelreservierung.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Tecoba With Fresh Design

The new Tecoba website presents itself structurally redesigned and fresh design. Teningen Kondringen, the 29.06.2012: The Baden engineering and consulting company in the pipeline construction technology Consult Baden, short Tecoba, has its website revised. The new website presents itself structurally redesigned and fresh design. The website presents visitors tidier and optically clear, introduce the companies and services. The design of the website special was attention on, intuitively understandable to represent the services offered and the consultation processes for customers and prospective customers. As a website planning and design implemented in plant construction and the Earthbound pipeline construction with highest quality in reality.

These requirements need individual solutions tailored to businesses and objectives. The presence in the Internet Bill to carry this claim on the part of the customer. Dipl.-ing. Ralf Kaufmann, Tecoba GmbH: For the relaunch, we were deliberately looking for a simple and effective solution, of functionally and in terms of content the complex issue of the pipeline construction and supply technology such as industrial plant construction and tunnel tubes for our visitors is tangible. With our corporate website we succeeded, another piece to be closer to the customer and to live in genuine service with a fresh presence on the Internet.” Short profile: the TECOBA – working as Engineering Office and service provider for the pipeline construction and the engineering technology Consult Baden since 1997 for municipalities, public utilities, utilities and system operators. The work focus in planning, consulting and conception of the undertaken projects. Technical advice on the latest state of technology and product knowledge in the pipeline construction as well as the supply of technology, allows solutions also for complex projects, in terms of costs and on-time completion, to develop. Contact person: Dipl.-ing. Ralf Kaufmann Tecoba GmbH technology Consult Baden Manua str. 6 79331 Teningen telephone: (07641) 936415


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Especially the current Spring collection offers a wide selection of shoes in their colourful or classic designs. Just when the temperatures get something back and often look to the Sun, the foot requires jackets lightweight footwear be exchanged for jackets, boots against ballerinas. Fashion dreams come true at the sight of the new spring models on gesunderschuh.de and can now be purchased in the online shop. Customers of gesunderschuh.de provide a great shopping experience easy and fast navigation through the shop, friendly customer service and attractive conditions. No tiresome searching a shoe shop in your home town, no opening hours, which must be observed and especially no big-ticket products that spoil his shopping the shoe buyer.

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