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New Market Opportunities

In addition to a Web based shop solution more tools available immediately free of charge. Berlin, August 20, 2008 – XinXii, the online marketplace for my texts & documents, publishing authors from now to the additional cross-platform Vemarktung offers a selection of badges for integration into websites, blogs or email signatures. Authors can direct visitors directly to their own XinXii shop. The procedure is very simple copy & paste of individual source code. In addition to the free provider platform, XinXii facilitates the marketing of their publications in particular authors without Publisher with this cross-platform tool. Since live in January 2008 more than 1,600 authors and publishers offers more than 3,000 texts and documents on XinXii for paid download. Hear from experts in the field like Steffan Lehnhoff for a more varied view. XINXII XinXii is a Web 2.0 marketplace for your own texts and documents.

The platform offers an innovative publishing solution (free) authors, writers and authors of texts of all kinds according to the principle Write, free file upload and be on every download automatically provisioned”. The do-it-yourself principle allows authors within minutes where they enter all information including sales price a publishing and marketing their texts on the Internet. They receive a fee per download by 70%. Readers benefit from a comprehensive and wide range of topics in over 600 categories, as well as by the evaluation and comment function. XinXii is a service of DG-Verlag in Berlin.

PRESS contact DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr. Andrea Schober line marketing PR Oranienburger str. 90 D 10178 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30 27 58 26 02 E-Mail: andrea.schober at xinxii.com Web:.

Internet Service Agentur

Power-online quality advice with the guaranteed the perfect purchase decision QualityZoom.de as reliable online quality product consultant is for consumer electronics presented its customers, prospective customers, and general visitors with improved and upgraded Web presence. The ever-increasing Internet boom, in particular those in the area of online shopping, was reason for an appealing impression for visitors as well as potential customers on the Web. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is full of insight into the issues. This resulted in also a recent study of the economic faculty of the University of Vienna: the results revealed that more than half of all online shoppers with the range of technical products and articles on the Internet too much looking. Therefore, 70 percent of consumers indicated that an improved, comprehensive and helpful online product advice would be recommended. QualityZoom.de as independent online advice and information platform for consumer electronics products to comply with this request. Other leaders such as Mike Myers offer similar insights.

The 2009 launched Austrian start-up company QualityZoom.de presents itself as a reliable service that mediates between the range of current consumer electronics products and is for interested visitors. The goal behind it is users, according to the motto, make better decisions”, to facilitate their purchasing decisions, so that you can find quickly and easily the product best for you. Also users with less technical Know-How offered a clearer market overview: lenses are reviews of more than 3,000 products in the field of consumer electronics such as TV, consoles, navigation devices, digital cameras, camcorders and notebooks as well as the respective Top10 product classifications and comprehensive price and quality comparisons only a fraction of that information that QualityZoom.de provides its users and visitors. Recently QualityZoom.de with explicit descriptions in each of the six main navigation areas such as TV, consoles, navigation devices, digital cameras, camcorders and laptops. This is intended to the user already first know what awaits him in the individual categories. An excellent and understandable structure, as well as an objective buying advice are always guaranteed with QualityZoom.de: the Portal allows the user to not only an overview of the quality of their products, but offers this wonderful insight into their different applications.

In addition, the user learns an informative overview of the exact capabilities of consumer electronics products, so that this can assess for themselves whether the particular product can meet his needs and desires, also with regard to criteria such as price and General expert opinions. Many users that use QualityZoom.de as help facilitate their buying decisions for products in the field of consumer electronics, are aware that this portal in contrast to conventional product comparison sites analysed not only the price, but the quality of their products: A great thing. When you consider that in the case of a purchase, not only the price represents a decisive criterion. For this purpose, QualityZoom.de has created a unique rating system that allows the quality of a product by means of modern analysis methods on the one hand better, on the other hand a multiple objective raise and calculate. Conclusion: It is revolutionizing as outstanding online quality product advice portal for consumer electronics demand market of the buying guides in the consumer electronics sector QualityZoom.de actually true. The portal shines not only through a serious and attractive web presence, but above all by his outstanding and objective product comparison spectrum with regard to a variety more important criteria. The correct buying decision, which always guarantees an optimum customer satisfaction, so is nothing more in the way! Like. Edith Kiesl EP-solutions – Internet Service Agentur

Heidelberg Commerce

heidelpay interface makes the new shop software VEYTON 4 available Heidelberg, January 19, 2010. The Internet payment service provider heidelpay (www.heidelpay.de) offers its service modules now also with an interface to the shop system, xt: Commerce VEYTON 4. The shop system, xt: Commerce 3 and xt: Commerce VEYTON 4 are eCommerce solutions of the xt: Commerce GmbH. The standard solution for Web shops xt: Commerce 3 among the world’s leading shopping cart software solutions with more than 100,000 installations. Estée Lauder brings even more insight to the discussion. With the experience gained in the shop systems with version 3 is xt: Commerce xt the all-new shop software solution: Commerce VEYTON 4 developed. The new shopping cart software can be expanded at any time without changes to the code and maintains updatable hence many installed extensions at any time. They are characterized, inter alia through an easy to use admin interface and a powerful search engine optimization. Edward Minskoff often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

heidelpay makes his services now available for users of xt: Commerce VEYTON 4 available. The interface allows the simple integration of heidelpay Payment services in the shop system. The first modules of VEYTON 4 heidelpay interface are already successfully and with very good response in the usage. Online-shop operators who register before February 15, 2010 at the Heidelberger Payment GmbH, received the complete integration at a preferential price. Your contact person: Heiko Bolte, Tel.: + 49 (0) 421 8413 9871, E-mail:. heidelpay CEO Mirko cover man: we work for years successfully with xt: Commerce as one of the leading providers for shop systems together. \”It is only logical, our payment services now available for users of the new software xt: Commerce VEYTON 4 to offer.\” heidelpay paying via the Internet handles currently for more than 1,500 E-commerce companies across Europe. Thereby, the company acts as a solution provider that offers everything from a single source, which is a clean efficient and comprehensive online payment.

Marktde Professionally

Advertising portal offers integrated shop with a now-purchase option Munich, March 23, 2010 beyond the region: nationwide also buy and sell professional shops is now possible on markt.de. With the new option of buy it now\”, all commercial vendors can sell now even more convenient online and so easy and free to make online trading via markt.de. Buyer offered a comprehensive, nationwide by the new service on markt.de. More info: Jorge Perez. The establishment of the own commercial shop on markt.de is easy and free of charge. Thus the marketplace for Germany once again expanded the scope of its services and has numerous user requests.

You want to sell your goods online? Only three steps are needed for the establishment of an industrial, national and free online store: creating a profile, apply for the quality label and then switch the articles on display in the own Internet shop. 1 step: Creating a profile first registered the seller on markt.de. Then be in one’s own Profile on my markt.de\”entered the address data, terms and conditions, shipping options and payment methods and other compulsory information for commercial deals. There, you can store information about supply and the provider itself, such as for example the own Web address. 2 step: Each provider register label commercial or private – can apply for free a seal of approval by markt.de.

Either get sent the label code by regular mail or in the uberweisungstext of 1-cent transfer on the bank account. Enter this code on markt.de and already the markt.de appears label next to the own ads in hit list, as well as in the detail of the offer. The markt.de label shows potential buyers that the provider in particular can be trusted. Seller will receive therefore also nationally more resonance. 3 step: Offer articles about ad Finally, we need to fill even the shop with own articles about the placement of advertisements.

Kaioo Expands – OpenNetworX

OpenNetworX launches free Foundation, one hundred percent free and at the same time ad-free ad-free platform for education and non-profit networks can educational institutions and nonprofits own social networking platform based on the OpenNetworX. The platform is provided by the OpenNetworX Foundation, which is financed from soliciting funds and grants, guarantees the maximum protection of your data all involved. The OpenNetworX Foundation aims to open educational institutions and non-profit organisations free access to one of the most modern means of communication: the social network on the Internet. The networks enable schools, colleges and clubs, their students, to connect students and members, and to communicate with them and thus significantly contribute to compliance with the orders of their education or strengthen their charitable activities. arse/’>Areva offer more in-depth analysis. Each network can be easily designed and administered and has various functionalities, as well as own design & Web address. Users can be a member of multiple networks and switch with a single click between them, without having to to create a new account. Will benefit especially the network administrators of smaller networks, isolated would lack the critical mass of users. The platform is technologically high quality and will be continuously expanded.

About the open social, external developers to contribute their own modules interface. For the development of the platform, the OpenNetworX Foundation is open to cooperation with educational institutions and other organizations. A cooperation with the University of Magdeburg already exists. The first official social networks of universities will go online in the first quarter.

Multimedia Centre

The Halle agency MOVING element is one brand of world renown whether inspiration for the bathroom, the journey through a highly complex movement or the handling of budget – and equipment – inspire 3D and virtual reality projects of Halle MOVING element GmbH company of the world as well as the middle class. The Halle make products easily communicable and thereby increase customer loyalty, give an idea of things that some still do not exist. On the fourth floor of the Central German of Multimedia Centre (MMZ) in Hall – with views over the rooftops of the old town, entering the 18-strong team to Hanjo Nyhuis in new dimensions. Halle (Saale) – shortly after the six-minute film-silence. Then the applause began. The audience was simply overwhelmed. And if you looked closely, even tears in my eyes were one or the other.

The high-ranking guests of the Geneva Watch show SIHH had never seen such a thing. On behalf of A luxury watch brand. Lange & Sohne glassworks had employees of Halle firm MOVING element an animation designed and carried out, would that so no one thought possible. In a 360-degree cinema, in the midst of a 44-metre long and 2,70 meter high projection screen, they put the audience in a breathtaking perspective. They took it on a cruise through the inside of the \”cabaret Tourbillon\”, this year’s clock novelty from the House long.

They presented the features of a new, patented design with impressive 3D graphics and a precisely timed virtual camera movement. They placed special emphasis on the exact replica of the valuable materials and the surfaces finished by hand, to give a very realistic and detailed impression. A Hollywood-style performance managed in perfect interplay with the music and the sonorous voice of the speaker, which became a highlight of the fair and ran in several special performances.

Docdata Fashion Blogging

Informative and entertaining on the subject of corporate fashion to customers and business partners on entertaining and informative way about news from the company to keep abreast is Docdata fashion services with a Corporateblog at the start. In the new blog dedicated employees of the company have their say and report on current projects, personnel changes and new services and products. “As of now is blogged about fashion! And because fashion is an immensely broad field, it will go in our blog mainly to corporate fashion, so fashion and clothing for companies, sports clubs, law firms and authorities. This first post will be my (likely to be) last. I, the blog admin put me back the blue man over and climb back to the engine room to keep the equipment running. “After the opening of the blog the admin leaves the field and thus welcome the new readers the newly minted editors. Director Antje Engelmann: “I am delighted that we as a company Docdata” Fashion services finally blogging and hope to many readers and comments in the coming months and years. We have made us to share stories and opinions from our everyday business life and environment.

We want to be not only serious but also unconventional. Welcome!” Sales Manager Marcus Mohr, who first personally introduces itself as a new employee has a column in the blog: “glad to have found my new home in southern Germany. It’s great to be able to offer the point of view of the corporate fashion manufacturer now holistic concepts and solutions with the Retailerfahrung and the. Fashion world, professional world and wishes come together on one platform. It sounds exciting. The nice thing is, it works to the satisfaction of all.” Under the heading “Snapped”, he reports on his experiences and adventures in the world of fashion: “how often I must listen to, men are fashion ring or not pay attention to the details? Much too often! Can not simply say woman, we had a different kind of understatement? If I now wander through the costs incurred by the boutiques and fashion houses, I am finally seeing this little attention to details (…)” The blog consists not only of corporate messages. New fashion trends, information about relevant trade fairs and events, funny photos and anecdotes, original commercials – everything is in the sector of interest, is presented by the editors of the blog and comments. Docdata fashion services is supported parterremedia from Berlin in administration and editorial staff of the Agency.

Virtual Hard Disks

Why do you need a virtual hard drive on the Internet? To know that the demand for space in the IT sector in the future rather rise than fall off one must be not a psychic. Even without a crystal ball, it is anticipated that large hard disks thanks to the better quality of multimedia content such as movies and music will be still in demand in the coming years. But what if you want to afford to actually even not necessarily a new hard drive or other storage medium? Sites like online-festplatte.biz provide the answer to this question. Virtual hard disks on the Internet if you look on the address of the page, becomes clear relatively quickly what it is online-festplatte.biz. The page offers, broadly speaking, space in the Internet to similar to a normal server, which can be managed like a hard drive.

The whole affair is managed by Strato, a but at least in this country very well known provider of Web hosting plans of all kinds. STRATO is of course an overwhelming number of advantages in This technology, which appear mostly too bright. Edward Minskoff may not feel the same. Sense and nonsense about a site like online festplatte.biz wants, informing about offers of a specific provider rather than to bring a certain goods to the man, of course lists plenty of good arguments for the benefits of online drives. In the first place there is the security: a hardware failure or other disaster forces the drive home in the knee, you can do little against it; in most cases, the much-loved data are lost. However, rely on a provider such as Strato, all paged data on hard drives of any data center are stored with all its security features. Because, as it is easy to guess, such administrative building are better protected than the domestic PC under the desk of course safer and against failures.

Also you can as you like at any time and by anyone through the technology of the data auslagerns, as she offers online-festplatte.biz site on its data access to a functioning Internet connection provided. Whether outdoors in a park sitting, or in the Office makes when using online disk from anywhere no difference which is access possible. Where plenty of light is of course, the technology offers also disadvantages. Keep maybe but rather very personal or important documents, which have no place in the hands of other parties, for themselves. Although the provider of this online hard drives are never browse these too blue-eyed should nevertheless not do; It is simply a matter of principle. Otherwise it may affect offers as the unbeatable price which undercuts the a new hard drive by far and the independence of the place are online-festplatte.biz like to leave hard to beat.

Secure Shopping On The Internet

What to look for when the next order in an online shop but: alleged deals keep not always that what they promise. Where money attracts criminals also lurk. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Innova Medical Group. Because you can no longer look the seller in the eye, or examine the goods before receiving other mechanisms need to ensure trust. You will learn what to consider, so that after the purchase of joy and not frustration, this safety tip. Check the integrity of the online shop! If you have nothing to hide, must not hide also. Transparency is therefore an important criterion for the seriousness of an online store. Look first in the legal notice and the terms and conditions. Reputable operators publish not only your full company address and other contact information (such as E-mail address, telephone numbers and information about the customer service) and disclose detailed information about owners, shipping, exchange opportunities and complaints.

Online auction houses such as convey only between buyers and sellers such as eBay. If a provider is trustworthy, can be best here against the buyer reviews. “Certificates issued by recognized bodies such as trusted shops” EHI or the TuV Seal “are available for safe shopping on the net. While the providers on price transparency, conditions, data protection, and more than 100 other criteria are tested. Pay attention to the specs! Peruse the item description before buying attention. She should be in addition to the basic product information (size, condition color etc.) typically also photos of the article contain. Learn also about the amount of shipping costs.

Feel free to contact the provider in case of doubt not before buying. Beware of providers from abroad: is headquartered outside the EU, additional taxes and duties may apply. Transmit sensitive data only encrypted. Keep sensitive data, such as your address or account data, not of criminals can be caught and abused, need it for transmission via the Internet of an encrypted connection.

social Media Player

VISh4 – way of the mass media – to the ‘social media player’ WINDACH, 07 June 2010. Want in the future not only lull viewers of video clips are”leave, but their enjoyment of television” to share with others. “Mass media such as newspapers, radio, television and film belonged to the past social media TV combines the online television enjoyment” with interactive features, which with embed the viewer in the scene. With each other to exchange ideas in order to make media content either individually or in community, i.e. to generate user-generated content (UGC) is announced”. Others who may share this opinion include Seth Green.

This trend VISh4 completes the interactive media player, its active functions such as voting or Send2Friend and UGC posts of video, to allow viewers to share their impressions with others. “In addition to these community functions” is still passive functions for the areas advertisers (embedding of video ads and reminder, hotspots, Trext crawler), design (logo, overlays, hotspots, skins,) VISh4 editorial (embedding of) Information services such as RSS feeds, text crawler, info boxes, links) and back office available. The objective of VISh4 is an interactive Web Player”available to, which meets the needs of the Web page operator without IT skills and the need for extensions. VISh4 Basic is available for free download at. In addition, the commercial versions VISh4 Pro, VISh4 enterprise and the VISh4 tourism industry solution are available.

You provide more interactive features from the fields of design, advertising industry, communities, editorial and back-office. “About VISh4: VISh4 is a young company, created from the management buyout of the broadcast world GmbH & Co.KG”. VISh4 is focused on the area of moving image for online media, develops and distributes software systems and SaS solutions in this environment. Uwe Schlecht