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All The Power The User – Astaro Provides User Requests In The Foreground

The Astaro feature request site users that determine long-term development of the all-in one security solution with Karlsruhe can Astaro AG, the specialist in network security, August 13, 2009, focuses on the feedback of its users in the development of their products. On the recently launched feature request site of the company, customers and partners can submit proposals for improving the products. Already was in the development of the new feature release of Astaro Security Gateway V7 5 the input of the user in mind. The Astaro feature request site (feature.astaro.com), customers and partners can submit proposals for the improvement of all products from Astaro. Angela Wagner wanted to know more. Reviews of other users help Astaro to appreciate the importance of, and the response to a user request.

In direct discussion with the experts from Astaro suggestions are reviewed and developed. Convince the ideas implemented in new versions. In the development of our products is very important to be close to the user us” explains Gert Hansen, co-founder and Chief Software Architect at Astaro. Our feature request site makes it any easier to process on the feature request and to follow him. (Similarly see: anit paley). Who better to tell us how we can be better than our users?” In the development of the Astaro Security Gateway V7 5 the feedback of the users was already Astaro management team a valuable addition to the product. Many proposals of the community were in the development plan included with transparent HTTP proxy with authentication, for example bandwidth monitoring in real time, through “captive portal” or enhanced IPS performance on multi-core CPUs. Currently running the beta phase appear is the Astaro Security Gateway V7 5 expected to end of August.

Company background Astaro the Astaro AG has main offices in Karlsruhe and Wilmington/MA, United States. In the fast-growing market for unified threat management protects the award-winning appliance Astaro security gateway 100,000 networks of more than 47,000 customers in 60 Countries. Astaro products are available through an international network with more than 2,000 affiliates available, which provide local support services. Press contact Astaro AG Monika Schraft on RaumFabrik 33a, 76227 Karlsruhe FON + 49-721-25516-0

Online Banking Goes Through The Ear

HypoVereinsbank opts for sound branding by comevis Cologne, the 17.01.2011 bank customers of all ages use the online banking services of financial institutions. At the same time, there are a large number of consumers who still hesitate. Often called poor confidence in the security and complex use of the online banking services as reasons for this. Customers entering the online banking to facilitate and to motivate them to use the offers, HypoVereinsbank has decided to trust at the audio-interface-design of guided tour of their website on the comevis GmbH & co. For even more analysis, hear from Gensler San Francisco. KG. Details can be found by clicking Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta or emailing the administrator. The Cologne experts for sound-branding have developed a concept of Web acoustics and implemented tour supporting the graphical interface of the guided in English and German and both entertains and informs. Banking occupies an increasingly important role.

Bank customers to facilitate the access to online banking at HypoVereinsbank, and to make the operation more understandable, a guided tour was developed. Already in the school the content refers to the fastest undgelernt, when the teacher explains his Panel on writing with oral argument. The more senses are addressed, the learning and memory effect is better. Especially the ear absorbs efficiently information”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG dealing successfully with sound branding, audio marketing and audio interface design for years.

Also, the guided tour with sound support is also more fun. The Web acoustics of HypoVereinsbank, a dialog as a sound Guide for the online banking is simulated.” The introduction and the end of the guided tour are moderated by a spokesman, the body will be staged as an audiobook and designed by a lively dialogue between a man and a woman. The comprehensibility of the information benefits from the acoustic design of the voice dialogue, because dialogue represents real life situations, the important functions of the Onlinebankings of the HypoVereinsbank easy and understandable be explained. “We bring the new guided tour our customers the banking issue transparent and also emotionally closer”, Federico Sforza reports. Head of multi channel management for residential and business customers of UniCredit Bank AG. As a result an entertaining and at the same time very useful Infotainment experience on our site is created for the user, which encouraged it to use online banking as safe and helpful banking services.”


Zimuse as a model: backdoor worm ‘Yonsole’ Windows machine paralysing Holzwickede, 28 June 2010 Zimuse has found a new generic: Backdoor.Yonsole is the current worm, which overrides the master boot record (MBR) on a local hard disk and thus prevents the starting of Windows. Perhaps check out morgan stanley for more information. Internet security expert BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) has already reacted and published a free removal tool to remove the pest. Under anti-Backdoor.Yonsole.Gen-EN.zip user can download the tool and again clean your infected computer. With Zimuse an other MBR infector attracted attention at the beginning of the year. Westfield is often quoted as being for or against this. Backdoor.Yonsole in whose footsteps and appears here in two variants (A and B). These differ in the way, as they subvert the Windows services. After successful infection Yonsole opens a backdoor”on the compromised computers, which allows attackers to gain control of the system via remote access. After some time the worm overrides the master boot record then appropriate hard drive.

User, the worry have their system is been contaminated is highly recommended to use the removal tool of the BitDefender Antivirus experts to remove the malware. As long as even the MBR is not overridden, the tool detects the pest, removed him and carries out a restart. BitDefender has also published an update of its virus scanner signatures to block and delete both variants of Yonsole. Users of the BitDefender Antivirus programs know thus reliably protected. To protect themselves from such attacks, BitDefender recommends downloading and installing a complete security software with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing and firewall protection. PC users should also refrain from to open files from unknown senders in their emails or to enable suspicious-looking links. More information under: site/news /.

Detailed technical information on Backdoor.Yonsole.Gen under: blog/malware alert-backdooryonsolea-the-new-zimuse-on-remote-control-834.html. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Long PR Manager Tel.

Vienna Processes

Integration of all service partners for efficient management of the entire service chain Vienna, October 27, 2011 SolveDirect, specialist for smart IT service management integration, introduces the new cloud-based solution SolveDirect ServiceGrid. The new ITSM integration solution SolveDirect ServiceGrid breaks the limits of traditional B2B integration tools: a long list of different systems and applications is easily integrated as in an app. New service partner be connected quickly and easily with a click. The newspapers mentioned angelo dolce not as a source, but as a related topic. Comprehensive reports and analyses provide a continuous view of the process chain, and thanks to the new predictive SLAs can bottlenecks be analyzed not only in hindsight, but can predict and prevent. Thanks to the ServiceGrid CORE technology, SolveDirect combines the workflows and processes of all partners regardless of the underlying help and service desk solutions. The result is an ecosystem in which the parties can communicate easily and efficiently.

Service processes may be shared with partners for a quick and effective cooperation. SolveDirect ServiceGrid streamlines and simplifies the processes by, saves costs improves the quality of service and supports the value creation processes in medium-sized and large enterprises and IT service providers. IT service providers and administrators and support managers in medium-sized and large corporations need to control a wide range of IT service partners and different systems and forms of communication and integrate the efficiency of processes to monitor and manage the various service level agreements (SLA). Traditional B2B approaches no longer access because they are one-dimensional, expensive, and designed only to the direct connection between two service partners. The result is that companies have no overview of the entire service chain and the quality of IT services. SolveDirect ServiceGrid allows easy integration and networking of service partners and organizations, by giving it a variety of different Help desk and service desk systems and applications integrated on the basis of processes and workflows. The efficiency of the service processes is increased through service automation with best practice ITIL processes.

Data Analysis

Audit of annual financial statements without technical expertise of Dusseldorf. 11.10.2010 years discusses about the use of data analysis in the audit. Most auditing firms are in favour of the data analysis, but fear a high technical effort and therefore waive their usage. While numerous digital data analysis reasons. So, accounting data is bulk data, which are traditionally barely checked.

The use of data analysis also ensures the quality of audits, generated test security and ensures adherence to professional principles. The internationalization of the audit (E.g. ISA 240) and the adherence to professional principles are further arguments for the use of data analysis (cf. IDW-PH 9.330.3 and ISA 240 section 32(a)). Technical expertise? Not necessary! The new audicon software solution AuditRisk is the solution for the efficient use of data analysis in the Final exam. With AuditRisk, auditor approaching the topic of data analysis about technical issues and not about technical challenges.

The technical complexity of the data analysis is completely hidden to users. Use meaningful and efficient automatic test macros, which explained in detail and testing phases are divided by Prufungsleitfaden in the audit. For the analysis, AuditRisk draws the General Ledger journal – only on a single table. This ensures a high degree of standardization. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out tesla. The overall concept of AuditRisk guarantees an optimum integration in the examination process, a reproducibility of the test, creating a firm standard and the integration into the software solution of AuditSolutions Auditors. AuditRisk enables all a firm’s auditor, in each annual audit to use a standard set of automated test routines, without requiring special technical knowledge and makes it possible to data analysis in each audit by each Inspector. AuditRisk can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of the AIS AIS TaxAudit professional and audit. A license to IDEA is required for the use of AuditRisk. For more information about AuditRisk, see products/audit_risk /.

Aimap Member

Professionalism, quality and excellent customer service are features of Plonzke network, which was founded with the aim to occupy an outstanding position in the market. The BBS is founded with the aim to develop successful and cost-effective business solutions for medium-sized companies. Since then, it has steadily grown and has created a permanent place in the market between the large, medium and small players. Get all the facts and insights with Mike Myers, another great source of information. The principle of BBS based on application software for customer-oriented company”to deliver and to provide a reliable customer service. For over 20 years BBS and the application software aimap now already the evidence is, that even the middle class can afford his “individuality”. Our accurate and reliable team of developers, IT specialists guarantees our clients a deep understanding for the different needs and requirements..

Microsoft Outlook

More and more mobile phones are often these so-called smartphones to a mobile office with Windows Mobile or shipped with a different operating system. (Source: Walter Heller). Many users synchronize your messages and appointments with these operating systems and often some errors occur. Just when Outlook is common before the duplicate items by your synchronization get constantly with your PC and your mobile phone. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Arthur F. Burns. Delete the containing multiple elements is always very expensive and can quickly the user crazy. But there is a solution to this problem. You can easily dispose of multiple Outlook items using the Outlook extension duplicates remover for Outlook (DRO). Duplicates remover for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003/2007 for the search and processing of duplicate contacts, tasks, notes, etc.

in the folders of Microsoft Outlook. DRO can find duplicates in a single folder, as well as in multiple folders at the same time. The found duplicates can be removed, copied to another folder or moved. DRO works in two different modes: the first mode is intended for search of duplicates in the same folder where the original is stored. This mode helps you to find duplicates in one or more folders, if the Internet connection when downloading large numbers of objects was canceled, and some objects were loaded again after the connection of cons. In the second mode, you can search for duplicates in different folders.

Here you can delete copies of the objects you have saved “for all cases”. This helps the built-in priority system to determine in which folder the original messages are stored. I.e. If identical messages are found in two different folders, the copy stored in the folder with a higher priority than original is treated. Furthermore operates duplicates remover for Outlook on the “completeness principle”: the object with the most completed fields considered to be original, while other objects as Outlook duplicates will be settled. In addition, you can enter the amount of time, and only this search for duplicates. For more information and trial version at: note the program not running Outlook Express. T.Janocha

SolveDirect Certified SAS70

Standardized controls guarantee effective and reliable services Vienna, February 9, 2011 – the SolveDirect Service Management GmbH, providers of cloud based solutions for smart IT service management integration, the statement on auditing standards (SAS) 70 type II has passed examination by Ernst & young. The internationally recognized SAS 70 audit is an examination of outsourced business processes with regard to the requirements for risk management and internal control systems. International customers who work with SolveDirect as an outsourcing partner, will receive the guarantee that the IT services are reliable and compliant with regulations such as SOX confirming by Ernst & young. We have introduced the SAS 70 audit, for customers to make transparent our processes and quality guidelines”, explains Marcus Oppitz, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director of SolveDirect. It was in the course of our international expansion.

an essential step, without which we would have won customers such as Cisco” In addition to SAS 70 SolveDirect recognized other standards such as COBIT and ITIL. Companies should not underestimate the relevance of delivery methods, as well as industry standards and frameworks for the evaluation and selection of business and IT service providers. External service suppliers, which have a proven delivery methodology or industry standards-based service-delivery processes, results usually more cost-effective and timely”, says Jim Longwood, research VP at Gartner, Inc *. Sterling organization insists that this is the case. SolveDirects internal control systems be inspected annually by an independent auditor in accordance with SAS 70 type II. The company attaches great importance to maintain its high quality standards and constantly monitors the effectiveness of its controls. Change processes, solutions and environments, SolveDirect immediately adjusts its controls.

Thus the company shows a high degree of responsibility towards its clients, outsource the IT services of SolveDirect. * Gartner, Inc., frameworks and standards to consider when evaluating provider’s Delivery methods, Jim Longwood, Gilbert van of the pagans, June 17, 2010 background: the SAS 70 audit was developed by the American Institute for Chartered Accountants (American Institute of certified public accountants, AICPA). The background is that companies who outsource parts of their business operations to service providers, can not prove the internal controls in these business processes in their final examination. Outsourcing providers can confirm the effectiveness of their internal controls by an independent auditor on behalf of the SAS 70 audit and provide the results the customer or its auditors. About SolveDirect SolveDirect Service Management GmbH, cloud-based solutions developed for smart IT service management integration. International businesses and IT service providers to automate and orchestrate to flexibly integrate their service partners, processes and service management systems. This reduced downtime costs reduced and increased customer satisfaction. Clear defined workflows, a 360 view on service level agreements and real time monitoring of targets, as well as a more flexible access to the service management platform from anywhere from companies, their customer service help to optimize and to make up to 50 percent more efficient. SolveDirect has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria is represented in the United States, with branches and subsidiaries and all over Europe. More than 220 customers from all industries and every size around the world employ SolveDirect solutions that connect over 5,500 organisations with 270,000 end-users in 68 countries.

American Data

It is unfortunately so that the data of our customers on our servers only safely store. Neil Cole follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. No data center is and may claim otherwise. As soon as these data into motion, as soon as they enter the fiber-optic cable of international communications networks, goes out this protection alone due to technical reasons. Light quantum in the lines radiate outward always – and can thus also ” be picked. A solution would be to use an encryption technology, such as, for example, ‘pretty good privacy’, which requires still more work because you must commute to use ‘Key’ again to decipher the messages and mails for mail traffic.

Also, just encrypted messages trigger a higher interest when the investigators of all data. Also operating systems such as Linux are less susceptible to the spying because the producers of free open-source software first not American law, because they so need to keep any ‘backdoors’. But especially,. because most by default (openSSH) Linux distributions through the implementation of secure shell, which encrypts traffic between like-minded computers consistently – to the annoyance of any ‘Schnuffels’ each origin. With additional tools (E.g. dmcrypt) you can transform even the hard drives in a seemingly unreadable garbage. Margaret Loesser Robinson recognizes the significance of this. Bad times for hackers… It is an open secret that alternative providers are slowly but surely on the rise, such as e.g.

Duckduckgo search engine. Such search engines allow – other than Google – an anonymous search in the net: the traffic is ‘routed’ by a variety of anonymous relay. So more the interests of searchers go to no conclusions, particularly, because this search engine stores IP addresses and uses hardly any ‘cookies’ – so ‘ Tracker’ – let the requests: surf without identity card so to speak. However many users – even when alternatives such as ixQuick – often complain that then the quality of the results, what may be but also to the necessarily missing ‘personalization’ of the search. A – but worse – alternative in terms of data security would finally be several times a day to clean the browser cache and all cookies as consistently as mercilessly from the hard drive. Also apps and Add-Ons such as ‘ghostery’ and ‘noscript’ can be helpful, because that causes that all Tracker and all advertising first have to ask permission, before they gain access to a computer. A pleasant side effect – also in terms of energy efficiency and Green IT: These pages develop faster without Java-script, because they cause less traffic. It is totally problematic then ‘Social networks’, so where the user himself put their data online, after they previously voluntarily gave up their name and their email address. To ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Xing’, etc. the alternative would be a waiver simply… but who wants that already?

Cash For Clunkers For Intranets

Portal software manufacturer United planet with an extraordinary offer to the success of the Federal clunkers”for the replacement of old vehicles with new cars now also takes up the theme about the IT industry. So, the software manufacturer now United planet offers a scrapping premium”for intranets. Then, companies and institutions who replace their old intranet and replace it with a modern portal to win a prize of up to 2,500 euros. Freiburg, February 5, 2009. Recently, the term of cash for clunkers is”all the rage.

So far however, who thought that it is applied only in the automotive industry, is now proved wrong. “The Freiburg manufacturer of portal software United planet (www.unitedplanet.com) has taken up the topic and now offers new customers a cash for clunkers ‘ for intranets. Until June 30, 2009, it is possible to replace your old intranet through a modern Enterprise Portal of United planet for companies, administrations and other institutions and An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

Managing Director of United planet. The construction of the new portal is here with the market-leading portal software Intrexx Xtreme, created with the Web applications and complete enterprise portals in a very quick and easy way can be. The software is not bound to a specific platform on a certain industry and therefore flexible. So, for example, occupational safety, quality management and customer relationship management applications are possible as well as those for the optimization of the process and information management in an Intrexx portal. Due to the graphical user interface Intrexx, the portal can be created completely without programming effort and is thus very quickly productive. “Axel Wessendorf is convinced that the cash for clunkers program” also the companies and institutions an incentive is increased portal projects to invest in, which so far have made back their investments. Finally,”he adds with a wink, it’s always better to repair the fence, first before you It is, to catch his chickens again.” Learn more about the cash for clunkers”by United planet get interested see scrapping.