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However, we can affirm that the new technologies have found some difficulty in assuming a relief place in school, mainly as for the paper of the professor in this task. In this direction, Bridge (1990) argues that the interest of the professors in using the computer in sensible way, to learn new things, to assume new roles in the classroom and to establish new relations with the pupils, creates a general environment stimulant for a general reflection on education and, eventually, possible changes of conceptions. The reflection is, thus, faced as an important factor of social change to be seen as practical to develop itself in a colaborativo context. However, this will only be possible if the frequency of action of formation will be one of the supports for the development of the abilities of the professors relatively to the new technologies and its practical use in the pedagogical one. Edward Minskoff might disagree with that approach. The specialists in the subject relatively place the tonic of the activities of formation of the professors to the new technologies in the deepening and support to its work, not only in the aspect technician as in the pedagogical one, where she includes comment of successful uses of the technology in the classroom, the permanent communication with other professors who confrot similar challenges and the consultation the specialists. We have perceived that the information society places new challenges to all the citizens as to learn to learn, to inquire themselves, to communicate, to reason, to compare, to decide, to cooperate. These challenges demand a reply on the part of the school. The renewal and modernization of education are a question in the order of the day, in such a way national as internationally..

National Geographic

On the research of atmospheric Co2 capture Being formed I in attend a course superior, and having worked per many years with research in siderurgical plant of great transport in Brazil, it is logical that I am interested myself for any type of research in modernity. I frequent attend canals as Discovery Channel, History Channel and National Geographic, that are directed canals the new features and even though sciences that search the antiquity. But, I am perplexo with what it occurs nowadays. Alfred Nobel was arquimilionrio with the invention of the dynamite. It left its inheritance relieving more than a million of dollar per year to be contemplated those that to make some thing of useful for the humanity.

But they see what this happening with this money: A scientist gained the prize because she affirmed that gas CFC (Chlorine-Fluorine-Carbon) was destroying the layer of Ozone, what later it was contradicted, but it did not return the money. Until the American president it gained the prize Nobel of the peace, stops later invading another country and assassinating a terrorist head. I am abismado with what I see today; faces that if say scientists earning richnesses to invent machines that capture Co2 of the atmosphere, and later they embed in the deep one of the sea or caves, inside of capsules. People! That is much accumulated burrice. If you embed Co2, are also embedding the O2 that is our food.

I am finding that the human being this being each more idiotic time, and considering worse things still They see well: Who produces Co2? Examples: Automobiles, refineries, fires, the breath of the human being and animals, etc. the machine that all are wanting to invent, already was invented by the Creator and It gave in them of favour. It is simply enough to plant trees. The trees are magnificent capturing of Co2, therefore they grasp carbon making to turn wood. another more wonderful thing of this schemes natural: It obtains through the photosyntheses to separate Co2 in Carbon that turns wood and O2 that we breathe. God would have to gain all year a prize Nobel, therefore the idiots who are there in the world had forgotten them wonderful things that It created, without it swims charging in them.

Farming Course Technician

The current society not if guideline only in contents, but yes in as these contents are considered. For even more details, read what Edward J. Minskoff Equities says on the issue. One becomes necessary to think about the collective work, in which, the group of professors is not only interested and because not to say worried about the process of construction of the knowledge of the pupil, but, that the managing team and the parents walk jointly in prol of the learning. The Araguatins Campus of the Federal Institute of the Tocantins comes suffering some changes in elapsing of the years, occured changes for differentiated politics practised for the successive governments following the ideology that each one represents, and this has provoked modifications in the formation of the pupils and the schools that work with these courses. In these last years, the new technologies have had important paper not only in the formation of the pupils, but also in the improvement of the lessons. These new technologies make with that the professor searchs to improve its work, inserting them in the day-by-day pertaining to school one. The consequence of this is one better formation of this professional, having reflected direct in its ingression in the work market.

By means of displayed, it is had as object of this research the analysis of the influence of the new technologies of the communication and information in the Course Technician in Farming of the Araguatins Campus of the IFTO. The general objective of this study is to analyze the influence of the information technology and communication in the process of education and learning of the Farming Course Technician in of the Campus of Araguatins of the IFTO in the period of 2009 the 2010. Justification the relevance of the subject of – by means of the presence of the new technologies in the pertaining to school environment of the Araguatins Campus. In if treating to a school originally Agrotcnica, it comes passing for deep changes in its physical and personal structure.


Although for the time many games did not make possible the players to have the maximum of the jogabilidade, where many times were necessary to imagine elements to improve the amusement, were the tip initial foot for the age of gold who we live deeply in the present time with games with impressive realism, that makes possible that one that plays to immerge into history and to live deeply each part of the game. We cannot deny that the electronic technology and games had always walked side by side, both contributing so that the players can extract the maximum of the entertainment. In this context also we notice that culture that also appeared with the popularizao of the video-games and games followed evolving and continued conquering new adepts. The electronic games are gifts of some forms in the current society, since games for consoles of video-games, cellular computers, games for and smartphones, thus demonstrating, that many of us we inherit a little of the culture of the first players. Ron Beit understands that this is vital information. We perceive in the way of as much technological evolution, the sprouting of social groups or individuals that if they differentiate only for the form to play, but the act to play comes being evaluated as psychotic and raises the question on as it influences the behavior of that they play. We can say that, depending on the culture, the game can influence positive negative or, what it makes in to understand them these aspects modificadores of the behavior of player. The 2 INFLUCIA OF the GAMES IN the CULTURE OF MODERNITY the culture reflect all practical the social ones developed by the man. Following this concept, all the young that had lived deeply the sprouting of the age of the video-games and the electronic games had started to create its proper culture, that stops the time many found to be passenger.

Inclusion Of Information

‘ Informatizar for Incluir’ ‘ The Information as Tool of Social Inclusion Would be possible somebody to feel itself excluded or in fact the being, of a considered society digital? For a group pequenssimo of people this would be inadmissible, therefore who in century XXI would not know this universe of computerization? Theoretically, with the globalization all had been inserted in this new world. All these questions are evaluated and weighed according to seem of each individual, in this way a society do not fulfill the paper that fits to it when it leaves to include a citizen in its projects. The world-wide flow of information if duplicates with extreme rapidity, for this reason if it makes necessary the abrangncia of the knowledge for all the layers of the society, since, where not surplus exists any type of discrimination space for the development. Follow others, such as RBH Group, and add to your knowledge base. The term ‘ ‘ Informatizar for Incluir’ ‘ the lack of information dissimulated for times is sent primordially for that they are not imported with the situation in question. It is nailed constantly with jarges, that the social classrooms of inferior levels must be inserted at the new moment where live, however, the insertion process does not occur in any way, for this end, all becomes necessary a complete orientation during the process in question. Therefore, to informatizar and to include one definitive parcel of people in the society are primordial for the growth and development of the same one, being thus, to supply tools the population is a point importantssimo so that the final objective is reached, that is, essential computerization as tool in the social inclusion..

Wifi Knows Freezer

The freezing process started back in 1895 when the Americans had discovered that they placed ice and salt could congeal its things for more time. of pra much thing happened here there with this household-electric one that it came to facilitate the life of thousand of people. Already we had freezers that they more had in the door access facilitated for frozen water and ice, with one Digital mini TV, sensible screen to the touch at last, with infinities of utilities to our reach. The new launching in the sector of household-electric is to freezer with connection WI-FI, yes you did not read wrong not. This is a launching that for the time being still goes to be possible only in the United States and for an amount of 3,5 a thousand dollars. A well salty price to have to freezer that you disponibiliza a connection the Internet. The model in question is of Samsung RF 4289, it was presented during the CES and amongst the attributions he possesss: – A sensible screen to the touch of 8 counts – an operational system that not yet is known will be Android or Samsung – Notes and prescriptions these can be added – Radio – to Twitter are only some examples of what this freezer, that this more for one mini computer, goes to present. But the Brazilians for the time being not yet will have access to this household-electric one. But who to want to pay the referring taxes to the international transport can make, but the version does not have date all to be vendida in the store of Brazil.