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Opens New Branch Office

GDS AG confirmed its significant growth and shortened the routes with new location Sassenberg customers, September 15, 2011. The gds AG, full service provider for technical documentation with its headquarters in the Westphalian Sassenberg, is now available in Julich in the District of Duren. Since two months Branch Manager Christian Schmitz and Editorial Director Konstantin Sigal serve customers from the region of the Ruhr with her team now directly on-site. “The day settlement has become much simpler and more straightforward through direct contact to our customers”, Christian Schmitz is pleased about the advantages of the new site. The new Office represents a significant milestone for the gds AG. “With close to the Rhineland and the Ruhr area, we want to strengthen our national position and be optimally accessible for potential new customers in these areas”, explains Ulrich Pelster, Director of gds AG and stressed the importance of personal presence in these urban centres. In fact not long left to the first enquiries from new buyers to wait and the first orders from new customers in the region are already in progress. The employees of the branch of gds Julich are immediately under the telephone number to reach 02583-301-3040. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz.

More information: gds AG Robert-Linnemann-str. 17. D-48336 Sassenberg Tel. + 49 (0) 2583 301-3000 + 49 (0) 2583 fax 301-3300 via global document solutions clients of gds AG use a variety of solutions for technical documentation. As a software developer, the environment sells gds docuglobe, who works with MS Word as editor. Based on the principle of modularization, docuglobe demonstrably reduces the costs for product supporting documents by 30-70%.

With the terminology tool docuterm gds offers a solution to ensure consistent naming. In the service sector documate customers take advantage of complex services: translation, technical writing and graphics. By the outsourcing of small documentation projects to full outsourcing of the Technical documentation. Last but not least, customers reduce their liability risk in this sensitive area by documate. The offer is rounded off by docuconsult, the Department of analysis, advice, training, workshops and seminars, each with a focus on current developments and trends in the technical documentation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules – Requirements For Qualifying

Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules, Chapter 7 bankruptcy information, chapter 13 bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy information involves basic liquidation of assets for individuals and businesses it is of so known as straight bankruptcy because it is the simplest and quickest form of bankruptcy available. A chapter 13 bankruptcy rules on the other hand involves reorganization for individuals with on expected source of income which enables individuals to develop a more effective plan to repay all or part of their debts. Bankruptcies under chapter 7 or chapter 13 are always filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Daryl Katz can provide more clarity in the matter. Bankruptcy cases depend for their validity of claims and exemptions upon State law. State law plays the most important role in many bankruptcy cases and it is not wise to take a broad view of bankruptcy law nationwide. personal bankruptcy information therefore requires the help of a bankruptcy attorney. Companies having a network of attorneys nationwide to deal with individual specific needs have easy accessibility thru their sites. Bankruptcy only allows you to get in touch with a professionally skilled attorney suitable for your needs.

A debtor can file bankruptcy to get relief from debt, and this is done either through a discharge of the debt or through a reorganization of the debt. A bankruptcy case is started when it is filed as a petition in a bankruptcy court. Your bankruptcy attorney knows best how to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy successfully to make it possible for you to make a fresh start after the bankruptcy is discharged. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy information involves basic liquidation of assets for individuals and businesses, it is of so known as straight bankruptcy because it is the simplest and quickest form of bankruptcy available. A chapter 13 bankruptcy on the other hand involves reorganization for individuals with on expected source of income, which enables individuals to develop a more effective plan to repay all or part of their debts. The debtor maintains ownership and custody of all the assets and puts to one side a part of the future income for repaying creditors usually over a period of three to five years. Filing bankruptcy and completing payments successfully according to the terms of the plan, the court grants the top a discharge of the debts provided for in the plan.

The repayment amount and the period of the repayment plan depend upon factors like the value of the property and the amount of income and expenses. Secured creditors may get greater payment than unsecured creditors. The chapter 13 bankruptcy rules say that the creditor repayment plan needs to be carried out within a three to five year period during which time creditors cannot try to get their money from you directly but have to go through the bankruptcy court. For staff and self-employed bankruptcy claims, the chapter 13 Bankruptcy states that even though you get to keep your personal possessions and continue with your business, you are not completely relieved of your debts. You have to use your income over the next 3 to 5 years to pay this off. A good attorney at law to advise you on all the chapter 13 requirements and help you decide and file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Gift Finder

Over 300 exceptional gift ideas until 23 August 20 percent cheaper who does not? The secretive pleasure, if one has once again struck a bargain. Who is also desperately looking for creative gift ideas for family and friends, which is now in the gadget shop Sowaswillichauch.de find it. “I want something too since late 2008 the shop according to its own slogan offers things you don’t need, but want to have.”More than 300 products in the fields of technology, gadgets, toys, home and outdoor are offered. By trend sports equipment, about floating bookshelves for your own four walls, up to the smallest video camera of the world – the selection is plentiful and hitting on many products, of which you don’t even knew, that they are there. The home remained”in the great holiday to bring some happiness, there now until Sunday, 23 August, 20% discount on all gift ideas and gadgets at”Something I want too”. Want about something “I also” is partner of the most successful online distributor for gifts & gadgets in England, IWantOneOfThose. Since October 2008, this unique in the German-speaking world, selection of unusual gifts, clever gadgets, fine lifestyle accessories, funny toys and hip technology now also in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland is available.

Fast Unsecured Loans: Instant Cash For Tenant

The fast unsecured loans are the best suited loan option for the non-homeowners or tenants. It is free from the possession of valuable asset. You can attain desired cash without placing any collateral. Are you a non-homeowner or tenant? Do you have urgent need of money? Are you unable to place any asset, property, home, building or car as a collateral security against the loan amount? In that case, you should opt for fast unsecured loans. These loans are non-collateralized.

Through these loans, you can satisfy all your small and sudden expenses without any hesitation. These cash advances support you with instant cash at the time of emergency. The borrowed cash from fast unsecured loans can be utilize for meeting the day to day short term needs including renovation of home, home rent, pay for medical or hospital bills, pending electricity or water supply bills, paying school/college fee, purchasing a new vehicle, unexpected wedding expenses and so on. Connect with other leaders such as Christopher Peterson here. A large number of branded and reputed banks, financial institutions and companies attract their customers by giving them numerous offers and services at nominal Council. These financial institutions are tied up with strict rules and regulations. Because lender views each and every time this procedure takes slightly much more personally and properly aspect. The loan application goes through many hands. Only after considering all the aspects accurately, loan amount is approved.

Apart from visiting physically or personally to the lenders for availing fast unsecured loans. You can apply online too. This is considering the quick and simple fashion. Online lenders enquire the borrowers’ personal details like loan amount, repayment duration, permanent home address, contact number etc through to application form. Additional information at Spencer Breslin supports this article. The fast unsecured loans are mainly designed for the UK non – homeowners or good. The most important, these loans do not require any valuable asset. Without placing any collateral, you can acquire loan amount went up from 5000 to 25000 for 1 to 10 years. Under this loan category, the interest rate is charged slightly higher. Cross River Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Like this, it is proved little risky loan option for the lenders. Before approving the desired cash, the fewer lenders confirm personal details of the borrower like income, credit history, repaying capability and many more. Bad creditors such as CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults and insolvency etc. can therefore acquire fast unsecured loan. At online is the best option for finding the suitable loan quotes. A long list of online lenders with loan quotes is available on the internet. A meticulous research can prove to be helpful in availing the pocket friendly deal. Online calculators can be used for this purpose too. Alisya Marshal is author of Fast Cash Unsecured Loans.For more information about quick loans, fast cash visit

Thomas Gebler

BULLFIGHT NO! Bobby pad and German city information Marketing AG for bullfighting ban the dog pillow expert Bobby pad and the German city information AG have bullfighting the animal welfare initiative no! launched. With its commitment, the company put a sign against the bullfights in Spain is extremely widespread. BULLFIGHT NO! sees itself as a starting point for animal rights activists and animal lovers, who actively want to engage for a ban on bullfighting in Spain. The animal welfare initiative aims to exercise responsible decision makers and institutions through a massive petition of pressure, which can lead to a ban on bullfighting in Spain. Bull-fighting is all persons interested in the welfare and bullfighting ban no! In addition, to make a contribution to the aspired petition, objectively bullfighting available researched information on the subject.

Call all animal lovers to support the dog pillow professionals of Bobby pads and the German city information Marketing AG by BULLFIGHT NO! on. Facebook (www.facebook.com…), as well as the homepage of the welfare initiative (www.stierkampf-nein.de) offer further information and opportunity for the expression.

First Certified Implementation Partner

Hennefer IT system and-Beratungshaus meets all the requirements of the market-leading provider for access governance automation solutions Hennef February 29, 2012. CONET Solutions GmbH is the first certified implementation partner of Aveksa in Germany. The Hennefer IT system and-Beratungshaus meets all requirements of extensive testing of the market leader for access governance automation solutions. The certification is in recognition of the extensive expertise and experience in the efficient allocation and sustainable control of permissions. The official partnership with Aveksa is an important milestone on the way to the national and international top of consulting firms in the access governance market for us.

With our special expertise in heterogeneous environments, as well as the integration of SAP systems of various releases we can offer the cover of complete Lifecyles roles and permissions from a single source using a software with Aveksa”, explains Dirk songs, Director IT infrastructures solutions at the CONET solutions. In CONET, we have gained a valuable partner who has extensive technical and procedural expertise and experience in particular in the identity management environment of the private and public sector. Together we can offer our customers solutions that are quick and easy to implement out-of-box, and thus expand our market leadership in the area of access governance solutions in Europe”, emphasizes Oliver Krebs, Regional Director Central EMEA at Aveksa. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Herbert Stein. Aveksa Aveksa offers the industry’s most comprehensive purpose-driven access governance automation solution for companies. Aveksa ver-puts companies in a position to control user access to information resources by using an automated, continuous and gaps-free process, which includes the request, approval, deployment, validation and certification of access, as well as the troubleshooting of any problems. Aveksa helps IT organizations to simplify the management of access and to improve the operational efficiency, while they reduce the risks and ensure a sustainable compliance. Global 2000-leader of the financial services industry, health care, energy and utilities, telecommunications, transportation and the production industry set to Aveksa to efficiently meet their needs in terms of access management and compliance. For more information, please visit.

The CONET Solutions GmbH connect IT worlds!” True to this guiding principle CONET offers its customers in the areas of Defense and public security, public sector and private enterprise management and information technology solutions successfully in 1987. The range of the medium class IT system and consulting firm includes communications, software engineering and IT infrastructure consulting. CONET products for enterprise content management and factory certified extension solutions for Cisco IP telephony are in use worldwide. As the largest individual companies with twelve locations in The CONET Solutions GmbH expects sales of around 25 million euros Germany, Austria and Switzerland of represented CONET group with approximately 200 employees for the current fiscal year.

Whitsun Cars

“Sunny Cars with current action agent zero cancellation fee Munich, January 16, 2012 (w & p) up to the start of the holidays free cancel the car hire: This allows the intermediary of Sunny Cars travellers within the framework of the zero cancellation fee”. Who reserved his vacation car until February 29, 2012 and ultimately but not needed it can undo free renting until the beginning of the holiday. The promotion is valid for all destinations in the program by Sunny Cars and the beginning of the rent immediately without time limit. Whether for Easter, Whitsun – or summer holidays: often just straight to the high season periods are car in popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Greece. Travelers should secure timely your vehicle request model, and will benefit the agent of sunny cars currently a free cancellation possibility until the start of the trip. Until February 29, 2012 it says for all reservations cancel free of charge until the holiday comes.” It incurred no extra costs for the case that the car rental customers their reserved model would return. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Edward Minskoff and gain more knowledge..

Together with the free cancellation option, vacationers at sunny cars back up a carefree protection: the car hire offers of the agent include all important benefits such as unlimited mileage, a fully comprehensive protection with a refund of the excess in the event of damage (also for damage to glass, tyres, roof and underbody), a car theft insurance with refund of excess, a guaranteed insurance coverage amount of 7.5 million euros, as well as all local taxes, airport fees and airport deployment. For many destinations, one-way rental, additional drivers or hotel delivery are possible also without additional costs. “Who the action zero cancellation fee” use and until February 29, 2012 would book his holiday car at Sunny Cars, following reservation options: at the travel agency, or the reservation team at the phone number 089-82 99 33 900. About Sunny Cars: A vacation rental from Sunny Cars is for over 5,000 resorts in more available in 90 countries. While the broker that was founded over 20 years ago by owner and Managing Director Kai Sannwald, cooperates with local car rental companies in the target areas and makes available the holiday car at the best possible price – performance ratio.

Educational Purposes Loans

Student loans bad credit support the students with monetary assistance. Despite of bad credit history, students can continue their further study and meet their educational expenses. By repaying loan installments on time, the students can rebuild their good credit score in the loan market. Education is quite important for the development of any country. Well – educated and experienced people are considered as on asset for country’s progress. Considering their growth and interest student of category named in studies, the finance experts have come up with especial loans bad credit.

Under this loan option, the students can meet their education expenses including books expenses, tuition fees, computer mess charges, fees, clothing expenses, etc. The students with good credit history can avail the loan amount quickly and easily. While the task for bad credit holders may not be to easy. The student loans bad credithelps the students for continuing their studies and providing them a chance to improve their credit rating. The unsecured form clarifies that these loans are free from possession of valuable collateral. If you would like to know more then you should visit Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Depending upon course duration, students can take up loan. The students need not have to worry about repayment as it usually starts after completion of studies. A huge number of calendar are available who are ready to offer student loans bad credit at genuine and reasonable Council.

So, it becomes important for the students that they should be quite careful about applying the best educational loan for their requirements so they do not borrow extra cash loan amount as it will increase their interest only. According to the needs and necessities, the students can spend the borrowed amount. When the students are opting for loan at that time they need huge amount of cash or they may be asked to apply with a cosigner. The cosigner could be anybody from the family like parent, relative, friend or any other person who trusts or ensures the lenders that they want return the whole amount on time. The timely repayment capabilities of the bad creditors help them in getting a better deal. Student loans bad credit is availed over online fashion. Instead of standing in the long queues, the students can apply from their homes or offices. A large variety of loan quotes are available on the internet. A deep research can help them in finding ideal deal. Through the online mode, the students can grab a reasonable deal. Online procedure is quite popular due to its instant approval and easy loan method. They have to fill up on online application form with fewer personal details and sent it to the lender. After that money will be directly deposited into your current bank account on the same day or the next day. Harry taker is to author for this article. For more information about private student loans Canada student loans with no.

Tested Safety And Quality

TuV for Reuter’s shop bath shop according to a study of the TuV Sud have 56.2 percent of German concerns that personal data to a third party are forwarded during online shopping. 45.1 per cent perceive a limited security of payment transactions. Over a third (36.3 percent) has fear of difficulty, to be able to convert purchased products again. Lots of potential for companies such as Reuter, to expand its customer base with appropriate confidence-building measures. Buy bathroom in the network: seal of approval to more customers build trust In his successful 25th anniversary would convince Reuter bath shop these previously confused customers: on his Web site at tuev-geprueft.html the company tells prospective customers about the conditions for the award of the s@fer-shopping-Siegels.

It explains how in three test steps quality, service and security at the Reuter bath shop extensively tested by the TuV. Because we know that certain “Concerns about online shopping still exist and partly also to right, have we decided to certify TuV us”, so Daniel Goertz, Marketing Director of the Gladbach dealer. We want to show the flag, be transparent, and our customers give the legitimate feeling that you can buy at Reuter safely and as safely as possible. Especially since buying a bathroom or high-quality fittings, not with the online purchase of a book can be compared. Trust is paramount to us. Click Edward J. Minskoff Equities to learn more. We want to show customers and elevate our benchmark.” “Reuter bath shop: TuV shows high level of trust” with the s@fer-shopping-G utesiegel by the TuV Sud, Reuter receives an award given to only a small circle of approximately 175 German online shops.

The audit policy to a company must be technically and organizationally reliable as well as meet the high standards of service quality and security”. With 99 percent name recognition in the Population is TuV and hence his online seal of approval for tested quality, security and transparency: the trustworthiness of online stores to ensure a high level of quality according to TuV with more than 100 individual criteria. Service and solution orientation are at Reuter top next to a good level of data protection (personal and other sensitive information from the payment) and the inspectors attach importance that returns or complaints are handled easily high transparency in all processes of the entire shopping process. “We take seriously any kind of requests”, so Garcia, and take care of an optimal, customer-friendly solution as soon as possible. ” The current request catalog for online shops can be viewed at. Who is interested in the certificate by Reuter, achieved this with a click of the TuV Seal of approval in the Reuter’s online shop. About Reuter bath shop founded in 1986 Monchengladbach Reuter GmbH company is with over 150 Employees of one of the largest specialist online retailer of bathroom culture in Europe. The online store opened in 2004, is one of the European most important in its segment. Facilities include toiletries such as bath and sink, faucets and bathing facilities as well as home accessories, garden furniture and design lamps. Reuter offers an unsurpassed large with 500,000 articles range selection and their constant availability, combined with expert technical advice and competitive online prices. Managing Director is Bernd Reuter. The text in digital form and a press kit can be found under: press / Presscontact: Reuter GmbH Daniel Gortz cooling Hof 2 41169 Monchengladbach Tel.: 02161/30 89-0 E-Mail: Internet:

Schulerzeitungscontest By Print24 For Up-and-coming Designers

New from the print24.com of Europe’s leading online printer print24 seeks Germany’s best student newspaper cover and has extended the deadline to March 17. With the Germany-wide competition for young Printdesigner print24 in cooperation with the youth media centre Germany searches for the most beautiful student newspaper cover. Until Wednesday, 17 March, to 23:59 CET, all student newspaper editors and up-and-coming designers for the Schulerzeitungscontest can register. From March 18 to 30 are all entries to the election. Estee Lauder has plenty of information regarding this issue. The precise timetable for the vote will be announced March 16 in print24 blog and published a gallery with eligible front pages. Join worthwhile: a Golden Cup beckons the winning editorial.

Print24 is also responsible for the free printing of the school newspaper for 12 months. But that’s not all: allow more professional drainage work in the editorial offices, there are also 10 Netbooks from Samsung: 1st place: 5 x Samsung NC 10, 2nd place: 3 x Samsung NC 10, 3rd place: 2 x Samsung NC 10 are registrations for the participation to the Schulerzeitungscontest by print24 online possible at: print24.com/../schonstes-schulerzeitungscover-gesucht/ about can calculate online companies and individuals such as flyers, business cards, stationery, postcards, posters, leaflets, brochures and more and order. Credit: Ashton Kouzbari-2011. The free print24 freedesign software with numerous free design templates allows also laypeople, quite yourself online to make. More information about print24 and the products and services are available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/print24 contact for questions regarding this press release: David Gornickel print24 GmbH Friedrich-List-str.

3 D-01445 Radebeul phone: + 49 (0) 351 27 22 53 86 fax: + 49 (0) 351 65 63 35 00 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about print24 print24 is a company of the unitedprint.com SE – Europe’s market leader in the field of web-to-print. More than 400 employees m production area for customers 24 hours around the clock with the latest technology on over 10,000 m. The sites are located in 21 countries, including the American, Canadian and European cities Seattle, Calgary, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Prague, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon and Athens. More information about print24 and the products and services are available in the Internet at.