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28 May “Day Of Women

On the insurance companies occasion of the celebration of the 28th of May “Day of Women’s Health”, we enjoyed a recreational leisure activity from health the point of view medical insurance of health highly healthcare educational. a provider of affordable and innovative health insurance, seeks to design and market lower cost alternative solutions, which enable people to maintain better health The student of our center of Anna of Charlotte Charpentier, has shown us through acrobatic health plan exercises as you can get all the activities that we propose through effort, persistence and physical exercise. The brothers Peo Moreno and Juan have brought us closer to the circus, has been a truly fabulous health plans experience, group insurance with which we have enjoyed and learned boys and older have participated in this activity: The School of the dental insurance Magisterium of the Church, the Civic Center and Our center Moreras IES.Trassierra, a total of 350 people insurance of different ages.


Company Registration

Since registration llc, its members shall deal with many issues, including issues relating to the appointment of ceo, the board of directors, etc. In accordance with Article 53 of the Civil Code legal person acquires civil rights and undertakes civic duties through their bodies. We examine which bodies are endowed with human society and are taking on responsibilities. The supreme organ of society is the general meeting. At the same time all members of society have a right to be present at a general meeting to discuss issues on the agenda, to vote in decision making. The exclusive competence of the general meeting are matters for changes in charter change in the authorized capital, education and the termination of the powers of the executive organs of society, the distribution of profits and losses, adoption of annual reports and balance sheets, the decision on reorganization and liquidation, and the election auditing body. All matters within the exclusive competence of the general meeting can not be transferred to the other organs of society.

Apart from the above general meeting of members entitled to annually engage an external professional auditor to verify and confirm the correctness of the annual financial statements. If necessary, the society can be created by the board of directors. The competence and procedure for the establishment of this body is determined by statute. In this case, board members may be members of society as well as third parties. Third parties may participate in the meeting and entitled to activities Ltd general meeting or board of directors appoints the executive body.

The executive body may be ceo or president, a collegial executive body board or directorate, or unless expressly provided by the charter, the executive body may be a professional manager person or entity acting under a contract with society. Executive body creates for the rights and obligations by law to sign on behalf of society. To monitor the operations of the company founders at the reception or in the operation of company, the founders can create audit body, which may be the sole (Auditor), collegiate (Audit Commission), as well as a professional auditor. The formation of this body may be members of the public and third persons, not related to property interests of society. Restrictions apply to members of the board of directors and ceo who become party auditing body can not.


But that's not all – of both hemispheres of the brain in 'new kids' development equally, indicating that superpowers in the 'paranormal'. After a normal person on this thread 'information' comes screeching halt, and he even ask for anything can not, then that object. What is it, if not a new version branchy cranberry? If someone pleases to say that among 1000 normal children approximately 10 – gifted with the ability higher than the rest, and 1 – so do almost a genius, such discoveries, especially not surprise anyone. But if you deal a body blow public opinion by declaring that some children with some strange blue, or aura, or something else, but obviously inaccessible to scientific analysis, he suddenly manifested the very unusual abilities, which are themselves hoarse arguing adult uncle, so it is quite another matter. First of all, every self-respecting member of society immediately rush to study this question, the good and useful little book is on shelves of bookstores and the Internet are just packed pseudo-information about the nature and amazing abilities indigo children. Some adherents of the indigo-concept went further and tried to somehow tie the virtual indigo child to something real – it turned out that Some Indigo children – are hyperactive children with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

These children's low communicability, susceptibility unsociable, individualism, high self-esteem, unwillingness to obey the other, rejection of authority, antisocial, high creativity, high level of intelligence, the propensity to acquire knowledge empirically, the interest in distant from each other things, restlessness, energy, attention deficit, impulsivity, sudden changes in mood and behavior, tendency to depression, a heightened sense of social justice, a heightened sense of responsibility, immunity to traditional methods of education, development of intuition and sense of danger. Some children with adhd there is the ability to giperfokusu – when they're interested, these children may giperfokusirovat attention on particular subjects and thus get to the heart and dive much deeper than other children. In general, familiarity with literary sources on indigo children (the indigo-people, indigo-people, etc.) leads to a few simple conclusions. First of all, nowhere and no one describes the objective and reliable methods of diagnosing children with indigo. Paste shortcut 'indigo' gifted children, from amongst many, or children with behavioral problems, as the syndrome attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – is absolutely incorrect. Equate giftedness and indigo – a clumsy trick with a substitution of concepts. Moreover, if we look deeper into the problem, in the face of indigo phenomenon we face a new kind of spam – this useless rubbish that clogs our e-mailboxes and eats Internet traffic. The difference is that the e-mail box can be quickly cleaned by pressing keys, but with such an intelligent spam more difficult – he settles firmly in the brain fills in the television and radio broadcasts and are just eating up our time. Finally, it remains the last, most non-obvious issue associated with the choice of brand colors – why blue aura, because it is still none other than the authors, not seen, and I fear, will not see, so why indigo, why not pink (it would be very glamorous) or green (it would be very environmentally friendly)? It was an accident or very thin intent 'parents' indigo child?