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Many Questions

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Rikkonen are two drivers topping the list of the best odds of which driver anger to win the 2007 World Championship, and it’s no surprise that being approached by Felipe Massa. But the biggest three competencies in question is probably, when McLaren will fit into the equation? The 2006 season was reasonably unfortunate for the silver arrows failed victories for the first time in 10 years, and Raikonen went to the podium only six times. That would be enough for some, eso and the consideration of that Raikkonen had seven win and 12 podiums all in 2005 for McLaren was nothing. The common belief for this Championship is that Ferrari more Raikkonen is equivalent to a win final, and could result in the truth but I have my reservations about that equation. I admit that Kimi is one of the most talented drivers and Ferrari forces are undoubted. But in spite of that, Raikkonen has made mistakes in the past and has a new team which get used.

Also, one only needs to recall the 2005 to know that Ferrari is not invincible and things that can turn into a mess. The competitiveness of McLaren is questionable for some, and also is the dedication of Raikkonen its occupation, when compared it numerous times to Schumacher the word round is that Finnish cannot match the commitment of Michael in and out of the track. But such judgments are ignorant who seem to ignore the fact that Kimi and Michael are completely different people. Raikkonen is incredibly fast and if given a cart terribly fast a genius don’t have to predict the outcome. The question remains how much time and effort will put Kimi to help Ferrari make a fast car. In an ideal world, Ferrari should produce a good car since it comes out of the box and Kimi only need parking their inspirations and keep pointing it in the right direction. Original author and source of the article.

Healthy Colon

There are some habits that can improve our quality of life, but they can also do our beauty to increase in a significant way, and despite this many of these habits are us unnoticed. One of those habits that may contribute to winning beauty and health is colon cleansing, but few are those who really know their benefits. What does a colon cleaner? Most people have a dirty colon, due to lack of dietary fiber intake, do not forget that fiber is the brush of the body, that is why it is essential to seek alternatives for cleaning. Aunque cueste us believe it the average of fecal matter that usually has a healthy person attached to your colon ranges between 3 and 5 kg, without doubt a very high amount that impede digestion, but also create the ideal environment for pests and make us more vulnerable to disease. The colon is not sufficiently clean is one of the direct causes of colon cancer, possibility that also increases with the intake from: meat refined flour products all excess dairy products are used to cleanse us teeth, or lavarmos hands, but why not we clean the colon in the same way? frequent cleaning of the colon prevents waste material to accumulate and harden. With a colon cleansing as well as eliminating almost on the fly about 4 kilograms of our weight, we will achieve our metabolism work better, by unlocking it we will feel more energetic with a saturated colon it’s difficult to absorb essential nutrients for perfect health have yet to think why colon cleanse you? Source: Operation Bikini original author and source of the article..


During the period prior to obtaining a mortgage, it is very important that you know that it is the foreclosure. It is much better know before you make a medium-or long-term commitment with a lender. When you sign a mortgage payment guarantee is your home, in case that does not adhere to the payment of the loan proceeds with La Hipotecaria execution. It is a legal process by the lender, Bank or financial institution, whereby remove you your House by delays or lack of payments. When you are in the process of building or buying your House in what you think less is that you can have personal, occupational, financial or health conflicts in the future and that you atrasaras or stop making payments. That is why it is very important that you learn everything that means a mortgage and have very clear that you are owner of your home until you concluyes with payments, including interest, and within the time limit agreed.

In recent years you’ve seen or heard like millions of families, in the United States and other countries of the world, they have lost their homes. ring House). Remember the crisis which led to various banks to bankruptcy and a process against many people to remove their houses. This process is existing and with many legal complications. Possibly you know someone that is facing this situation at this time. Laws also establish rights to people that are in the case of a foreclosure, there will always be the possibility of negotiating with the lender different solutions.Each country has its laws and their specific regulations. Search which are which would apply in your case and devotes two hours a week to read them and understand them.

What is not reaching this situation by ignorance or bad decisions at the moment to negotiate and sign your credit. This article intends to inform you that this is possible and that the measures you take are not corrective and preventive. Several times you’ve mentioned that your home is the best place for you and your family. Imagine that you have problems in the future, remove you the House, away it and sell it. That frustration and sadness, not let it and learn now that you’re not in the midst of the problem! In the video below you will find information about options to avoid foreclosure in the United States, check it at least twice, and prepares your notes and conclusions: until next time. Jose Luis, Tu architect online.

Torna Mas Fuerte

All misfortune is a lesson. Turkish proverb. Before starting the work of changing the world, it gives three turns around your own House. Chinese proverb despite all efforts, actions that initiated the American President Barack Obama face the economic crisis that was presented to the United States, the dollar its official currency has not been able to move forward, the opposite has strengthened to an opponent of the European Community currency such as the euro. Wharton.Universia.NE, in this regard, presents a very interesting letter, which analyzes this reality and points out, that according to the opinion of Mauro F. Guillen, the dollar maintains leadership as a global reserve currency and is maintained as a safe for investors when there is too much economic uncertainty. So it is important to put an eye on their movements in the short term, but keep the other on how the trend in the long term affects the currency, advised.

At the moment there is much uncertainty about what will be the evolution of the exchange rate of the dollar the next months. Although in general, analysts agree in pointing to its depreciation will continue. Goldman Sachs experts have commented that the euro will reach changed to 1.55 dollars in a period of between three and six months. Now it seems as if the collapse of the dollar is slightly deeper, they wrote in a report to clients dated Oct. 18 analysts such as Thomas Stolper London, Mark as in New York and Fiona Lake in Hong Kong. The underlying long-term vision is that the dollar is undervalued and will recover something, said experts of the American entity. Which according to figures from Bloomberg is added, and at current market prices, the euro has appreciated 6,19% against the dollar so far in year, and 18,38% from the annual minimum of February. But this is not here because the weakness of the dollar has not only left note against the rival of the old continent.


Carlos Mora Vanegas national universities are facing serious problems for the achievement of academic excellence, many of the careers that offer are outdated in their reality, not have programs requirements than the present scenarios demand in order to have professionals not only able to cope with the changes, challenges, but generate those that permit to properly use the talent of those who graduate from universities. The Chichi Professor Paez in an articles on this reality points out, that the problem not only is national but that they just leave the two main ranking – lists in order of excellence, (quotes and clarification of the author of this space) – of the best universities in the world – the educational supplement of the London Times and the of the University of Shanghai – and both give very poor grades to universities in Latin America. The list of the 200 best universities in the world, 2006? of the times London educational supplement of London, which was released on Friday, is headed by Harvard University, It includes only a University Latin American, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which last year was among the best 200, no longer appears in the list this year. To be honest, I’m surprised we don’t see more Latin American universities, said Martin Ince, the director of the ranking of the London Times. Part of the reason is that 40 percent of the score depends on the reputation that have universities in academic circles, and is not much research coming out of the Latin American universities. Indeed, even the UNAM of Mexico, which soared from 95 last year to 74 this year, place Gets the worst possible classification – zero – in research papers published in international academic journals. UNAM does not produce much in terms of high-level scientific jobs. .

Acne Remedies Simple Quick

I woke up one day in my bed to wash my face as I do normally, but seeing me in the mirror, I discovered one thing that had happened to me before. I had a pimple on my cheek. I could not believe it! He was about to die, but I said to myself: Let’s, breathes, it may not be so bad. The yellow point hurt me. I had seen something like this somewhere, but didn’t think that I was going to happen to me. Others who may share this opinion include Eddie Murphy. This can imagine what anyone who this entering adolescence or puberty. If you’re one of those people and those looking for remedies against acne, stop a second and look at the options.

There are many treatments that can help you in the situation that you’re not matter so serious or simple is, can help your discomfort with more than one alternative. The alternatives range from masks, to lotions and creams. There are also some medication pills. The most common medications that work as acne remedies include the substance tetracyclin. This substance activates, is used in topical ointments or medications, according to the convenience of the people. Not all people are equally sensitive to the drug, and this is not recommended in all situations.

Mainly used in treatment guided by medical dermatologists. They diagnosed the most complicated cases of acne where serious situations they need it. In cases of acne remedies natural, there are masks of different products, and prepared with different ingredients. It must be taken into consideration that these masks, nourish, cleanse and tone the skin. This is a great relief and aid. However, the origin of acne are responses of the body before hormonal adjustments. Its manifestations are perfectly normal, and it is only a matter of time before they disappear. But, always a help to be faster than you can give. A method there are 100% natural try and guaranteed to eliminate acne in days, not months. To get rid completely of acne forever, read as I couldn’t do it by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.

The Garden Of Eden

Studies by Professor Brian M. Fagan; world authority in prehistory. A Rabbinic parable tells us: Eden is a unique place in the Earth, but nobody is allowed to know their exact location in a future Dios will reveal the way to Eden. No one has never known location of the biblical Garden of Eden. The book of genesis tells us: the Lord God planted a garden to the East of Eden. According to the interpretation indicates an area of southern Iraq formerly called the land of Govt and Sumero. From San Pablo, theologians, thought in the garden of Eden as a place of divine reward, which in an earthly paradise. The idea of garden is deeply rooted in the Semitic mind probably as antithesis of the parched landscapes around cultivated areas where people live.

In this region always has been big contrasts; How to be well watered areas, with very fertile oasis in the midst of arid deserts. The rains in this area are unpredictable, even agriculture is at the mercy of the water supply. The dream of the Pharaoh of the Nile Valley’s seven years of plenty and seven of famine (genesis 41: 1-4) reflects a very real situation in Egypt, which persisted until the mid-20th century, when the Aswan Dam was built. Hear other arguments on the topic with Herbert Stein. The Eden name is related to the Akkadian Word Edinu, which means plain; or more precisely with a Hebrew root meaning delight or pleasure. From the earliest times always tied to the idea of paradise. Our word paradise derives from the word apiridaeza, which means Park in old Persian, which became pardes in Hebrew and then in paradeiseos in Greek. In the Egypt of the Pharaohs, Kings and aristocrats surrounded their house from gardens irrigated with gardens that grew fruits and vegetables; the fish that ate came from the ponds. In the Hebrew Bible, it says a garden there type in the area between the two walls that protect Jerusalem, which could be addressed in the same garden that the Michnik.


The present shows a Government that expresses many weaknesses, but also offers opportunities to provide proposals, well integrated thinking minds, give solutions to the serious problems that for years has been facing a country that has everything, which possesses great wealth to become a developed country. A Government that unfortunately has failed to properly use human talent that is generated in the universities, which has failed to integrate with sectors that could contribute towards their objectives and provide step that Venezuela that we all yearn for many years, able to offer a good quality of life to which is entitled its inhabitants. A Government that expresses many controversies in his action, lack of cohesion of computers, programs, well-defined plans, much improvisation, wasting the great opportunities that the economic scenario of the present offers, especially against the oil demand, prices which in its history had ever reached, that of know you manage, it would solve the serious problems of health public housing, poverty and unemployment that are facing. A Government that cannot be denied through their actions, leads great opportunities that universities should take advantage, in addition to the commitment to train professionals who are required to face the changes, generate new and give way to economic, cultural, technological and business activities that favor him, for example, which presents the opening of foreign trade policyknow you manage, leverage, it would lead to great benefits for the country. If you have read about Edward Minskoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The truth, than national universities, as that you are analyzing, must give way to a new leadership more proactive, able to generate the changes that the country needs to be present before the serious problems that currently is facing, provide solutions, especially to the business sector, which is currently in crisis. Linked with their social, cultural, economic, reality offering proposals, actions help to institutions, municipality, Government to utilize its resources properly. Required of new authorities adapted to the needs of the present, authorities that rescue the academic, investigative excellence that is needed today, look that much left to say. Authorities to ensure to the University community, the region, the country, trained professionals according to the knowledge that the present demands, integrated with the demands of the knowledge society demand that.

The new authorities to choose should be professionals with ethics, great values, academics, with commitment and take step to changes required, train, train professionals capable of guiding the country successfully, not only on the national stage, but international. Not should the new authorities continue making the mistake of their ancestors who parcelaron to the University according to their personal interests rather than academics. They must restructure their administrative systems, make it less bureaucratic, define the profile of their professionals who trained according to the requirements of modern disciplines, improve the level of education and training, restructure its plant teaching, administrative, rescue research and achieve academic excellence at all levels.

The Government

The level of life refers to the degree of material comfort to an individual or group aspires or can achieve. This includes not just the goods and services purchased individually, but also products and services consumed collectively, as those provided by the public service (electricity, water, security, quality education, health services of excellence, etc.) and Governments with a high capacity of response to social problems (the satisfaction of the needs of the clientele): what good would this be understood and assimilated: built-in to the current public leadership! The Government (task) mission is to create a system of social self-protection for and with families who live in the State, secure long-term, self-financing, of very good quality and without corruption. As a priority, to ensure the future of the health, education, credit, property, pension, housing, security and an extraordinary standard of living…A standard of living determined by a group as a country, it must be examined critically in terms of their constituent values. If the average value increases over time, but – at the same time – the rich get richer and the poor poorer become, the sovereign may not be collectively under the best conditions. Jorge L. Perez is often quoted on this topic. According to Wikipedia, several quantitative indicators can be used as a measure, among which are: life expectancy, access to nutritious foods in appropriate and timely amount, security in the supply of water and electricity, and the availability of medical services (preventive and curative) of excellent quality. Social welfare refers to the set of factors which are involved in the quality of people’s lives and make that their existence has all the elements that give rise to the tranquility and human satisfaction. Social welfare is a condition not observable directly, but it is from formulations, as understood and you can compare a time or space to another. Even so, the well-being, as abstract concept that is, has a important burden of subjectivity itself to the individual, but also appears correlated with some objective economic factors.

Federal Reserve

But despite the recovery in consumption in the third quarter of the year, since the market already a relapse of the same product is anticipated by the decline in the confidence of households before the rise in unemployment. If families have labor problems, then don’t we illusions with the continuity of family consumption recovery. Why we want to answer this question: what happens with unemployment in the U.S.? Christina Romer, Chair of the Council of economic advisers of the White House recalled that: the reversal of the crucial indicators of labour markets, such as the unemployment rate, typically occurs after the resumption of growth. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Estee Lauder. At these times, the unemployment rate reaches to the 9.8% of the economically active population (PEA) and is the highest rate since 1983. More likely is that for the remainder of the year, rather than lower, unemployment reaches double digits, and depending on how this situation affects the expectations of families is that distort the dynamics of consumption or will allow to keep the expansion started. The Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner showed his moderation on the evolution of the economy by the problems that families still face: unemployment remains unacceptably high for every unemployed person, for every family facing an embargo, for every small business that fails a credit, the recession remains alive and acute. Swarmed by offers, Nir Barzilai, M.D. is currently assessing future choices. Do you follow on rising unemployment? Companies are not even willing to hire more workers and the employment growth rate fails to compensate the increase of individuals who seek to enter the labour market.

It is that companies will not hire more workers until the recovery is sufficiently strong to justify such a decision. And if we expect strength in the recovery of the economy, since the Federal Reserve not come good news, as the entity responsible for the monetary policy in the United States recently estimated that growth will not be so strong as to lower unemployment in 2010. We said that the real estate sector has contributed positively to this 3.5% of GDP, but we can think of that will continue adding to economic growth in the coming months? The real estate sector has recovered activity but in part, thanks to the temporary stimulus from the U.S.