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Italian Education

It is recommended that a valid Italian teacher Francesco Tonucci, we think, that the knowledge already in the midst of us: in the documentaries, the Internet, in books. The university, schools must teach using a scientific method. You can no longer believe in the dogmatic position of the teacher who has knowledge and which transmits from a pallet or a blackboard while students (those who know nothing), record and listen to dumb and boring. That way you learn to shut up and is often lifelong. You lose curiosity and critical considerations and suggestions In the case of the Venezuelan educational reality, especially in universities, a topic we discussed, you should definitely change radically the way to select who will play their role as teachers, university authorities to be more selective in who constitute the teaching facility, with a guarantee that allows them to integrate academic, as well as dedication to service, enthusiasm, motivation, influence, knowledge generation, updating and applicability, and have a good grounding in what scientific research required for achieve favorable results. You can not hire people without academic training, not knowing to play the role that this need, teachers proactive, creative, innovative talents properly used, the capacity of its participants with new learning methods, renovators, freed from the traditional, integrate knowledge to enable all stakeholders to the emergence of a new paradigm of education knowing how to use modern tools that have been generated and have brought forward, as anything that promotes information technology. You can not have in the classroom to teaching content to fill their students, it is hotter than these give way to their creative, innovative, that they can listen to what they already know, and to propose interesting methods discuss the knowledge they bring to their school, home, internet, television documentaries. The recurrence of new assessment systems to enable everyone to demonstrate their learning while also evaluating what teachers have done Based on the results obtained.

I share the idea that teachers must value knowledge, family history that each person brings and that it can provide much information that may help in appropriate learning, when detected weaknesses and strengths. It is necessary that the teacher is current and act according to their here and now, to identify with the needs and realities of this, which unpins the past, not to waste time on what others have left us and no longer have Effective, Working on issues of this, current problems to be solved, of course, this may encourage new knowledge. Should the modern teacher, be very attentive, providing tools that give way to new methods of work and research, to encourage critical knowledge and learning to cooperate and work together, that keep the motivation to be attentive to all events that occur and be prepared to face them with knowledge conducive. Should the teacher to know their students influence interest in being authentic, to present their concerns, work on them, achieve real cohesion of ideas based on the analysis, discussion and everything that would bring that talent which is now required, to return to rescue education and generate a new learning methodology that benefits everyone.