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New Stuttgart Education Cooperation

New business management course since July 19, 2012 it is officially the Stuttgart-based Alliance and the Academy of open media: the Stuttgart Academy of media GmbH opened together with the renowned insurance company Allianz Beratungs und Vertriebs AG the course on business management. On Thursday met the executives of both companies to sign cooperation agreements. Together, they want to start a Bachelor’s program developed especially for the insurance and marketing from next year (winter semester 2013/14). The open degree programme in business management with a specialization in insurance sales management to preparing students for management roles in private and public institutions. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Edward Minskoff. In the 6-semester bachelor’s degree, special emphasis is placed on combining scientific methods with a very high proportion of practical projects and renowned lecturers from the industry. The special proximity to the profession during their studies will be the flagship of the new programme. The course closes with a State Bachelor of Arts degree and has been accredited. More information under business management.

Contact person for the press: Academy of media wife Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart Tel: 0711 92543-10 fax: 0711 92543-25 company portrait: the Academy of media GmbH, founded in 1993, is a private vocational school as well as an accredited study institution with State degrees. The Stuttgart Academy educates around 300 recognized experts and personalities in the fields of media, music, technical product design and economy. In addition to the Academy, the media GmbH also has an own ad agency and several production studios (film, photo, sound), which are integrated in the teaching. Because since the founding of the Academy, the priority is to provide best to smooth the transition of studies or vocational training an impression of the real world of work during the training. The entire Training is practical and is mediated by didactically trained and experienced professional instructors in small study groups. In addition the Academy engages regularly with industry experts. So latest pulses and flows from the various departments without detours are integrated into the classroom.

Julich Engineers

Dr. Krieger architects + engineers from Velbert were from the Europe-wide architecture competition prevail in Dr. Krieger architects and engineers have end in a Europe-wide ausschreiben architectural competition the contract for the construction of the IMP-fountain bath in the Hessian Niestetal won. For more information see this site: Edward Minskoff. The jury praised in particular the nationwide unique architectural idea, futuristic appearance through the use of underwater adventure elements to make the bathroom. Also, the panel praised the solution of urban and topographical challenges, as well as the integration of energy-optimizing technologies.

The indoor swimming pool in the years in Niestetal will differ a new sports and leisure pool until the end of 2013. There was the design for Dr. Krieger architects Ingenieure GmbH & Co.KG in enforce Velbert on May 7, 2011 against the works of another four renowned architecture offices in the framework of a Europe-wide required architects and engineering competition. The jury praised in particular the nationwide unique architectural idea of the bad futuristic appearance due to the installation of Underwater world adventure elements to fashion. Also, the panel praised the solution of urban and topographical challenges, as well as the integration of energy-optimizing technologies. Building technology responsible for the project partners DTF engineers GmbH & co.

KG from Velbert. That is 10 million euro project a sports pool, a family area and a sauna landscape with IMP fountain”feature. According to project manager Dipl.-ing. Jochen Batz is the planned start of construction for the spring of 2012. As General planners plan, build and operate sports and leisure baths Dr. Krieger architects and engineers for decades very successfully. More bathroom projects implemented as 200 with numerous competition successes, they thus belong to the largest German companies in this area. The prevailing in the bathing area high demands on architectural competence, expertise in structural engineering and the team of Dr. Krieger architects and engineers in the technical building equipment, as well as adherence to time and cost requirements mid-market transferred last years increasingly on services and industrial construction projects.


With afforestation of tropical forest for the future give year after year many people are faced with the question of what they can give to the wedding. Details can be found by clicking Nir Barzilai, M.D. or emailing the administrator. Often it runs also on money gifts. But also monetary gifts to the wedding can be more than just a couple of bucks. With the GeschenkBaum and the BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance, money gifts are personal and meaningful gifts. Sustainable forest – special gift a BaumSparVertrag or GeschenkBaum is an ideal gift for couples, because it conveys how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and the preservation of species from the very beginning,. Both products are eco-friendly, sustainable and also lucrative money gifts. The recipient an individual certificate in an elegant wooden box will also receive with rosewood key chain, making the gift has a particularly personal and exclusive. When the BaumSparVertrag plants ForestFinance for 33 euros every month a tropical tree and maintain these for 25 years up to the Harvest.

Then the recipient receives the proceeds, which forecast makes more than the 8 times the deposited amount. The GeschenkBaum plants and maintains ForestFinance for a one-off payment of 60 EUR in Panama. The income credited to the recipient after the harvest. Sustainable monetary gifts to the wedding – wearing nature the returns worldwide invest pension funds and banks in tropical forests: an investment that offers a combination of security and return on investment as opposed to stocks or other investments. Thus, forest investments are the ideal gift, because the past shows: Woods hits shares. Compared to the past 20-40 years, forest investments better cut off almost 20 percent as all relevant stock indices. Wedding feast time is under wedding refers to the beginning of the marriage or more recently a registered life partnership associated with the wedding rituals. Wedding is a term that originally referred to “Fixed time” (“high”), so high Christian festivals.

The term “Marriage” was therefore referring to the celebrations on the occasion of the marriage. Today, “Wedding” is used only for the marriage. GeschenkBaum and BaumSparVertrag – more than just gifts of money investment in ecological timber reforestation provide a triple return on investment: a financial, a social and an environmental. They are not only financially lucrative, but safeguard permanent jobs and have a sustainable effect on climate and environment: rain forests are protected, CO2 emissions for decades tied, and created rich mixed forests. The forests will be replanted according to strict ecological criteria and manage sustainably. Thus the GeschenkBaum or BaumSparVertrag are not only ideal money gifts to the wedding, but also sustainable gifts for any occasion: for birth, baptism, Christmas, or birthday. Learn more about the money gifts under and

Applied Sciences Academy

Announcement of lecture in the series ‘master talk’: 02.10.2008 18:00 – ‘ the fascination of everyday life. Rituals and their importance for trade and communication ‘ by MARK ANDREE we all know it: standing up, the procedures on the way to work, that are preparing a meal with friends or at night to bed–everyday life consists of rituals and repetitive sequences. Contact information is here: Jorge Perez. BBDO has these behaviors and phenomena international researches and lists opportunities and risks for brand management and communication in this context. After the presentation is to inform the possibility of the three Masters: starting in the coming winter semester, future students can the masters of creative direction (consecutive *), marketing communication (non-consecutive *) and corporate communications (part-time) study. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) is one of the leading universities in the field of communication, advertising, marketing and design. The State-owned recognized private University of Applied Sciences Academy was founded in 2007 from the existing since 1995 design berlin out and offered Bachelor in communication design and marketing communications, as well as master’s courses in creative direction, marketing communications, and corporate communications. Characteristic of the College are manageable semester associations of maximum of 27 students and a practice-oriented training aligned to the requirements of the market. Graduates of design Academy berlin work inter alia for BBDO, TBWA, sat.

1, Scholz & friends, Rolls-Royce Germany, to the Golden deer, Hugo Boss AG and the German Bundestag. * consecutive, i.e. only for a specific, specialized access study recordable or non-consecutive, i.e. After studying do not set access

Kalorienfallen Food

Consciously and healthily enjoying summer with my JogStyle finally! The Sun is shining, the temperature rises and it draws people out into the fresh air. Prefer the most pass their free time in beer gardens, barbecues, in the ice cream parlor, in the favorite cafe or at a picnic at the nearest Lake. But be careful: here, lots of Kalorienfallen, which quickly cut away the desired Beach figure lurking. My JogStyle gives tips on what you should look for, to enjoy the delights of summer without bad conscience. There are so many tempting refreshments for the warm days of the year: ice, ice coffee, Frappucino, iced tea or cold soft drinks such as Cola or Fanta. Who respects but on his character or wants to lose a few pounds in the summer, should be a bit careful.

In particular milk and ice cream contain lots of sugar and fat, fruit ice cream and sorbets, however, are mostly made of water and thus have fewer calories. Also yoghurt and buttermilk ice cream better suitable for those that are on her figure want to make sure. The beloved ice coffee plus a delicious piece of cake in this country usually consists of coffee, cream, ice cream, and Schokostreuseln and the calorie bomb is perfect! Better suited to ice cubes in the coffee and fresh fruit as a snack for between meals. Also the standard iced tea contains much sugar, what is likely not too very happy hips. While you can prepare such a summer drink wonderfully itself: BREW tea, use some sweetener instead of sugar and refrigerate the whole thing. Who like to attack on warm days to Cola, Fanta or Sprite, can drink as well the light variations, because you’re usually virtually calorie-free. Water of course best suited to the body for the taste can give you something to juice.

Barbecues are already fine with family and friends. A delicious sausage, potato or pasta salads with mayonnaise, salad with cocktail dressing and later a few chips. It doesn’t have to be! Tasty Turkey Breast, lean steak, grilled mushrooms, Zucchini, corn or Potatoes, some cream cheese fresh salads with oil and vinegar dressing and the bread tastes and is healthy. Even at the picnic, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a self butter sandwich can replace the sweet cake or the hearty Meatball. Who so wants to preserve its character in the summer or even a little take off, must not renounce all delicacies, but only slightly more consciously choose. There are more tips about health and nutrition, running sports topics and information about the biggest marathon events online on. (Picture: HLPhoto Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, make Omron products not only for professionals, but accessible for general use. In 2009, the company had a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

Crystal Line

USB-sticks the Crystal Line by ATC with noble Crystal elements of the brand SWAROVSKI element I don’t need it, but I want it! With this punch line of a current automotive advertising you could end this report. For ATC, specialist in design, production and distribution of exclusive and innovative marketing and merchandising items, now has its series of exclusive USB-sticks under the name Crystal Line by ATC equipped with SWAROVSKI element. And rightly take star names, such as Orion and Sirius, as the sparkling gloss and the elegant design give an extravagant, distinctive character the sticks. The technology, the Crystal Line by ATC is used, complies with the high quality of the other components: USB 2.0 ultra high-speed chips Intel and Samsung brand. The individual stocking with the Crystal elements applied in precision CNC drilling technology and finest jewelry store-technical manual work. And the heavy metal chromium steel 1402 covered the sticks, sturdy and safe.

By careful sanding and polishing is achieved a particularly sympathetic perception optically and haptically. In this impressive triad chrome steel 1402, paired with high-performance chips and refined with Crystal elements – fulfilled the desire for absolute exclusiveness on exceptional and spectacular way. Practical storage media are a status symbol, to the exclusive Office accessory or the very personal keychain. And one can well imagine how the Manager or his Secretary, the designer or her assistant, the lawyer or the agent with casual elegance use their exclusive stick. At the time, you can choose among eight models in different variations. In addition to the standard versions, the USB-sticks on request can be filled with elements from a variety of other colors. From a certain number of pieces, the arrangement, as well as the number of individual SWAROVSKI is freely selectable ELEMENTS and even the shape of the sticks. He gives data as an object, as a gift, he gives recognition and the owner He conveyed a silent satisfaction. Like I said, you don’t need it, but you want him to the USB stick, the Crystal Line by ATC .

Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater

Decimal minute repeaters are crowning the art of watchmaking – the Japanese watchmaker Seiko presents the world’s first minute repeater with spring drive. Willich, June 1, 2011. The Seiko Watch Corporation presented in the spring of 2011, the 130th year of existence, the Credor spring drive Minute Repeater. The percussion of the minute Repeater is combined with a spring drive caliber, single mechanical caliber that produces no ticking sound. To create a particularly pure and pleasant sound, Seiko used the traditional Japanese Myochin steel for the percussion. Jorge Perez insists that this is the case. The Myochin wind chimes or the miracle of clarity in the development of the watch stood the absolute clarity in the Center.

As the watchmakers in Seikos micro artist Studio in Shiojiri who searched for a material which they could use for the Bell of the minute repeater, they opted for Myochin steel. The family Myochin produces steel for 850 years, in 52 successive generations. They had already made in the Heian Era (late 8th 12th century) in the vicinity of Himeji armor for the authorities. Also called Hibashi “, fire tongs, produced. These look like metal chopsticks. With them, to get coal out of the fire in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The Smiths realized that the fine pliers when struck along the iron produce a splendid sound. Then the family it started wind chimes. They hanged two or more Hibashi side by side that moved by the wind, creating a unique pure and melodious sound. Faithfully as possible in the Credor minute repeater to integrate the sound of the Myochin chimes, the sound frequency, sound volume, and the damping rate with Seiko Epson monitored production equipment. Then the sound is perfectly clear, the quiet ticking of a mechanical plant in its purity can disturb him. That’s why Seiko’s watchmaking use drive technology the silent spring. In place of inhibition, drive turns spring watches a sliding wheel in a clockwise direction.

Textbooks Dictionaries

Education is listening to and playing of dialogues – on the basis of their study grammar, 'put' pronunciation. If you want to learn to speak as quickly as possible – look for good English language courses on CD. The communicative approach combines methods that use unusual for graduates of Soviet schools exercise games, debates, assignments to find errors in the comparison, analysis of situations. This approach – one of the most effective today. He does not just teach the language – it teaches the use of the language. Choose the textbook, designed on the basis of the communicative method.

Textbooks Dictionaries and your other tools if you already had once taught English, the first thing you need to do now – to assess their level using the tests. Does not overstate it – it is better to repeat once more famous than getting stuck on the third properly chosen page tutorial. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has much to offer in this field. Choose the textbook, which is not just good exercise, but also creative, unusual job, which implement the communicative approach to learning. What is interesting is textbook, the less chance encounter with the first issue of independent learning: 'workout, but not today, tomorrow'. 'Tomorrow' rarely comes on the next day.

Feel free to pass by books, CDs and cassettes with titles like The 'English for a month!'. If only it were that easy, everyone would have long known language. What are the goals you would not be pursued by studying English, you will need a good dictionary. Here, the Internet does not help – the vocabulary of online resources you will not be enough.

4elementsgruppe Transferred Their Seat

The 4elementsgruppe has a new headquarters of the Headquarters with the location Reinbek. Reinbek, 10.05.2011 the 4elementsgruppe has moved its corporate headquarters to Reinbek. This completes the restructuring of the 4elementsgruppe.The new headquarters of the 4elementsgruppe is now in Reinbek, on the same site as the Synerlogis GmbH. Therefore, the holding can accompany intense the positive business development of the successful Group subsidiary. Also the subsidiary of projects & trends GmbH, which specializes in e-commerce is already since 2009 at the site in Reinbek. Also is already since 2010 the event Division with the Northern factor GmbH in the spaces of the Borsigstrasse in the industrial area in Reinbek. the site is ideal for us, to promote the national and international expansion strategy of the group”, says Stefan Franke, managing partner of Gruppe.Neben plays also the expansion of the tax benefits to China a decisive role,”added Franke and adds, that with the economic development and Technology transfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WTSH) since end of 2010 on the site of Hangzhou in China is successfully worked together. The 4elementsgruppe is a medium-sized, owner-run Group of companies, offers the solutions for relevant challenges along the value chain of products.

The group not only for logistical and technical services for renowned companies in the cable network sector and the textile trade stands, but also for fulfillment services for Handelsunternehmen.Die business group could generate a steady growth since 2003 and has built up on the basis of a flexible and innovative logistics synergistically more activities. Now include the 4elementsgruppe following divisions: logistics, E-Commerce, trading, marketing, incentives & events and investment. With a turnover of 12 million euros, the Group employs 250 people at 6 locations in Germany, Poland and China.Mit of the establishment of the Finitex in the year 2003 was the basis of Managing Director Stefan Franke for the 4elementsgruppe set. It connects now different business fields from different business units that develop extensive synergies. All divisions benefit from these opportunities and grant its partners so interesting, flexible solutions and combinations of service projects. -Can consult online this press release as well as older company news – visit our website at.

Press contact: 4elements management gmbh Franziska Goebel Borsigstr. 24 21465 Reinbek t. + 49 (0) 40 30 38 32 573 f. + 49 (0) 40 30 38 32 555 E-mail:


The habit is a shirt of iron. Czech proverb INTRODUCTION According to my experience when first participating in Andragogy at the University and the Third Age, many years ago, I believe that what she gave me has been very decisive in the passage of adults, university students, especially to graduate, as we enter what it represents, determine its scope and impact on their learning, actually use their moral values, commitment and responsibility in relation to effective learning. Since several years we have been making use of the Andragogy in the graduate program of the Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, inviting the participants as adults, identify with the importance of being self-assessment. And fulfill their assignments, responsibilities, integration with work teams, how they plan their activities to make way for the actions that will enable it to fulfill their assignments. This allows, through self-analysis that compliance with its moral values to evaluate themselves, according to the effort made towards their learning, they may ask, what is the rating that they consider worthy for such performance and discharge of duties, because they have brought and have benefited, the have grown professionally. This is more true with the opening of the virtual classroom use, as it facilitates use of andragogy planning activities, so that the participant is responsible for its growth, fulfillment of assigned tasks, again, that the virtual classroom through the participant's participation sheet says exactly how it has fulfilled its obligations, includes a report at the end of their behavior with regard to their participation.