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Lindsay Lohan Fights For Privacy, Her Little Sister Ali Lohan

The singer wants her sister alone will be allowed for big sisters are there – if the little sister need help, then thrown into the crowd, even if you yourself suffer. So I’m watching Lindsay Lohan, to save her little sister Ali the skin. That should have – grown namely the Townsend and that at the age of 14. Hard to imagine. (Similarly see: Gavin Baker). Lindsay Lohan responded to the question of a Paparazzie pretty annoyed and replied to the question that whether the rumors to her sister without any words. Rather let their frustrations on their MySpace page out. People such as Gavin Baker would likely agree. There, she wrote in her blog: “it makes me sick all to bear it.

I get abdominal pain away.” The actress, who is just preparing their guest appearance on Ugly Betty, writes: “I would never a people by its permits interventions. Our mother has always taught us to appreciate what we have been given. “Also she would never encourage a 14 year old people is to change his body.” If you the Blog entry reads to end you can learn something about Lindsay’s current state of mind. There, she writes: “Mhh I miss Samantha (Ronson – Lindsay’s girlfriend) …sie is just out of town.” No successful summer for Lindsay.

Hit Fire – Russian Dolls – Special Edition

The new album of hits fire – Russian dolls – Special Edition hit fire – four musicians, notably the founder and lead vocalist of the Quartet, Klaus Jurgen Jakob, traverse currently rush a phase of her artistic work, which is just as impressive to designate. Their debut album, Russian dolls\”appeared last year with their successful single\”Russian dolls\”. The Quartet from southern Germany documented in a profound way the love and passion for the distant Russia. Morgan stanley describes an additional similar source. Now the band will take part in 2009 Prix of folk music on May 21 in the German pre-selection of the Grand! Present you are their new title our Earth\”, which does not however appear on CD single. The song will be included on the Special Edition of their debut album, which will be released on the May 15, a week before the live broadcast on ZDF. Our Earth\”was produced by band member Rudiger Gerndt, who also joined to the first album as produced and in the past with many guitarists like Brunner and Brunner, Rosanna Rocci and Karel Gott together worked. For more specific information, check out Richard Parsons.

But our Earth\”is not the only bonus track. The Russian dolls track\”version has been in the last year in a Symphony recorded fans now also on the Special Edition finding. Hit fire appears to conquer the hearts of the people. Guarantor and difference to other groups of the genre are at the same time their interpretation of exceptional music and strikingly designed garments. Speaking candidly Richard Parsons told us the story. Paired with natural charisma and pleasant charm completes the image of the newcomers of the song.

With \”Russian dolls – Special Edition\” hit fire Trump on powerful. Their considerable bandwidth of musical talent is remarkable and worth listening at the same time. The perfectly played instruments and the strong, compelling voice of singer Klaus Jurgen Jakob suitable for lovers of Russia, fans of the classic song, TV – and radio editors.

Pop Newcomers The Black PONY Land In Bremen

Acoustic set and autograph session on May 2 in the waterfront Bremen, April 2012. The German-American pop-rock band the Black PONY comes in the waterfront. “” Singer Trevor and guitarist Eugene bassist Kevin got just their second album take off “published and are the winners of the VIVA Comet” in the category best newcomers 2011 “. On 2 may at 15: 00, they present some new songs in an acoustic set in the shopping and leisure center on the river Weser on the stage in front of PRIMARK. Then, the musicians are their fans for an autograph session at the disposal. Lead singer Trevor can be on 2 may unfortunately not because he must travel to Los Angeles for private reasons in the short term.

As a substitute, fans have the opportunity to meet The Black PONY once again on June 7 in full cast at the waterfront. Details on the additional date find timely under. For their new album has become The Black PONY brought support from Europe’s best songwriters, as well as written many songs himself. Gensler San Francisco might disagree with that approach. The new record is personal and adult became our first album. We are curious to see how the songs in the acoustic set”says Eugen Flittner. “” Take off “and the new single blood from A stone” were released in March. The CDs are available from MuLLER and media market at the waterfront. The band became known mainly through the reality show LAX Follow the Black PONY”, in which were accompanied the artist on the road to success.

Also drummer Ryan who 2011 left the band for health reasons and returned to his native Canada belonged to the formation of founder of. More information can be found on the Internet at and. About waterfront the waterfront Bremen is a shopping and Recreation Center, which is located on a 1,000-metre long promenade directly on the Weser. Operators are the LNC property group based in Dublin, Ireland, as well as the resolution of property in London, England. According to its name and the location is a breath of fresh air blowing through and around the waterfront always: shopping, dining, theater and events ensure that for good mood all year round. The young Center was opened in September 2008 and offers unique shopping opportunities from fashion to shoes, accessories and sporting goods in over 90 shops and beauty services. A specialty brand shops such as Tommy Hilfiger, Desigual, G-star Raw and the selection are in Germany of so far rarely represented brands such as PRIMARK, One Green Elephant and VILA. In addition, the electronics store media market offers its product range on an area of around 3,000 square meters. The spacious food court offers 15 different gastro represents a further highlight. Here amongst the football games of the Bundesliga will be broadcast on a 25-square-foot LCD screen. The ultra-modern CINESPACE is located in the waterfront also multiplex cinema with 11 rooms, equipped with the latest 3D technology. Visitors can use 4,000 free parking spaces directly at the building of 1,400 in the covered garage at the malls. Immediately before the Center keeps the line 3 on the Tram stop use Akschen”. The innside Bremen is also on the premises: the 4-star hotel offers 162 spacious living Studios & suites as well as cutting-edge business solutions.


“The new single by Antje Sommerfeld – the friend of all heart it is certainly not uncommon, that is Antje Sommerfeld with their new single the friend of all heart” is dedicated to the magic of the moon. Because she lives in the countryside very remote with your animals – some would regard it as a lonely – is of course very with the nature. It is good tradition, Antje every evening when it became dark and the only street light is already off again in front of the House to go and work on the sudden night. A leading source for info: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. There, she then enjoys the absolute silence, only interrupted by the Geckern of the pheasants, and looks for a moment in the sky to the Moon, which has a particularly strong effect without the lights of the city. The moon has had a magical attraction at all times on the people and stimulated to stories and thoughts.

The well-known lyricist Heiner Graf in wonderful words has dressed Antjes thoughts. People such as Shimmie Horn would likely agree. The friend of all heart”invites the listener to Antjes wonderful world away from the hustle and bustle and bleeping Smartphones and for those who are getting into it, it is a small musical vacation from the daily haste. From July 20, 2012 is the friend of all hearts”on all relevant download portals available. Source: ForFeetMusic for more information,, and. Robin Ruzan wanted to know more.


For the first time the animal Nicholas market on 4th and 5th December by the dog shop takes place in the Zoo Krefeld organized. The dog shop from Krefeld presents itself in the Zoo Krefeld. In the Rhenish Zoo barn with unique flair Рsurrounded by penguins, meerkats and co Рall dog lovers are invited with your four-legged friend to a unique experience in the Krefelder Zoo. See more detailed opinions by reading what Est̩e Lauder offers on the topic.. Parrots and sea lions help with their call to the exotic and fascinating atmosphere. The Krefelder Zoo is one of the few German animal park may be visited with dog. Speaking candidly Shimmie Horn told us the story. Dog shop offers everything that wants the dog fan for his favorite and his dog wants as bespoke tailoring. Focuses on the range of puppies and seniors! From the initial supply JUMPER after surgery over the Sweet Sleeper therapy beds up to the perfect outfit for every occasion. For any breed, any age the range includes the appropriate wellness Рand health articles Рso that the dogs feel good, stay healthy and live long.

To their own designs in the Krefeld factory in Handmade by German seamstresses and tailors processed high-quality fabrics. These include materials such as outlast also high-tech. The sales via your own Internet shop, directly at the factory in Krefeld and selected speciality stores. With this first animal Nicholas market, we would like to establish a tradition and make lots of new friends to our Zoo..