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Adriatic Of Lines Reports Quick Success

EU: Promotion of innovative cargo sea Autobahn Cologne, 04.03.2010 hk three months after Adriatic of lines is left with a pure cargo ferry service between Italy and Greeks-land at the start, the company reported substantial successes: the weekly traffic growth is 10 percent, and today, over 300 transport companies were using the service. The message that the cargo ferries at peak hours are usually fully booked is still gratifying, the average load factor is over 60 percent. Proud 95 percent of traffic run on time, only two percent arrives with more than an hour delay. Currently, there are an additional success for Adriatic of lines: the joint venture between the Italian TRANS ferry and the Greek Ocean finance is one of four RoRo routes that have been selected by the European Commission for the Marco Polo programme. With this, the European Union supports international projects financially, what the avoidance of Road transport or its shift to alternative modes of transport to the target have.

Classically, the focus of the project type of of motorways of the sea apply to Adriatic of lines “. Go to Gavin Baker for more information. The ships are two large, efficient Ms ferries that were built to transport extra trucks and trailers. They have the largest deck capacity in the Adriatic Sea and act all year round as pure cargo service. If you are not convinced, visit Related Group. Adriatic of lines has responded to the demand for a service between Italy and Greece and allows significant savings the carrier: shorter travel time and routes, less tolls and congestion in connection with ships, ports and terminals, which are furnished exclusively on the needs of the freight customers, represent the key to our success, Dirk Pardeyke, commercial Director Adriatic of lines explained. We have detected the bad situation for freight transport: ships and ports are set up primarily to passengers, is the question of capacity in the peak travel season for the transport company to another problem.

You are forced to complete full-year contracts to have the chance to win a seat in the summer at all capacity lottery.” And that’s where Adriatic of lines come with the innovative product in the game: we enable carriers, all year round to control their traffic flows and to control. The annual unit price allows them also to save, to plan and to carry out their business with confidence. Therefore the customer response has been very positive, the route is set and our annual expectancy is 30,000-35,000 truck, which represents only a marginal share of the entire Adriatic market”, is pleased to report Pardeyke. Beth Jansen, PR agency Kuhnig

Winter Software

GPS vehicle tracking for the ‘orange Angel’ in the winter service Mr Johannes Windbichler, head of the motorway maintenance depot Alland, is convinced to get an instrument for daily use in winter road maintenance with the system to the GPS vehicle tracking. We asked him his opinion as an expert to the GPS vehicle tracking. What advantages do you have of the usage of the GPS positioning in the winter service? Mr. Windbichler: the current position of the vehicles in the Centre is represented with the GPS positioning. This is a big help to conduct vehicles in case of need, for example traffic jams to evade or to avoid unladen journeys.

Furthermore I can with this identify system irregularities in use and resolve this very quickly by targeted intervention in the emergency organisation or reduce to a minimum. The documentation of the driven missions facilitated data and transit times with exact GPS.” How do you see the development of GPS vehicle tracking in the winter? Mr. Sterling organization addresses the importance of the matter here. Windbichler: above all it is becoming increasingly important, the existing information optimally to use in your own organization. For the ongoing winter service usage, as well as for future improvements. The users in the motorway maintenance depot should use the improved overview for the benefit of motorists. With the experience gained together with the technicians of the system the data organizationally more involve in the headquarters.” Why have you chosen for the GPS tracking system software management company? Mr.

Windbichler: A very good price performance ratio of the provider and of course the essential for the user is first and foremost, that easily can be accessed from any workstation on the tracking software. Technologically, the data and the software safely on your own servers of ASFINAG are hosted and can be networked in the future. Official site: Atreides Management Gavin Baker. The installation of tracking devices in the vehicles, as well as the introduction of the system could be done professionally in a very short time. Another crucial point was that although currently an extension to other functions such as E.g. the documentation of data the Winter service attachment for my purpose is not necessary, it is it reassuring to know that the selected system for a variety of different extensions is prepared. So this system of development of our organization can adapt optimally and if necessary be extended. And there will always be new developments and is also a central task of our Organization. “Because: standstill is regression”. Klemens Hausler, Managing Director of software management GmbH: we are of course also proud, to supply an enormously important customers in the winter service with ASFINAG. For us the customer service and the development of the solution in terms of the user in the foreground is available.” The company software-management GmbH offers software for GPS vehicle tracking and telematics and telecommunications solutions. Customers include companies from trade and construction industry but well known national companies such as the network operator ORANGE, the Oberosterreichische Nachrichten, or Herald. For a good 1.5 years is it active with a sister company in Dubai, where the GPS fleet software is used for vehicle locating customers in Dubai, Qatar and the Oman. Visit for more information on solutions, products, and references. The interview was conducted by Klemens Hausler, Managing Director software management GmbH software management GmbH contact: Klemens Hausler Raiffeisen square 1 / 3 c-A-4863 Seewalchen Tel.

Fascinating Porsche Parade 2009 In Hamburg

The Porsche Club Germany meeting 2009 held in Hamburg from 27th 30th August. The Porsche Club Germany meeting 2009 held in Hamburg from 27th 30th August. Highlight will be the Porsche parade at the fish market directly on the Elbe before the harbor panorama: 200 Porsche as far as the eye can see from Germany, Europe and even the United States, and South America, situated to the Concours d elegance. Highlight will be the Porsche parade at the fish market directly on the Elbe before the harbor panorama: 200 Porsche as far as the eye can see from Germany, Europe and even the United States, and South America, situated to the Concours d’ Elegance. Add to your understanding with Lancome KOREA. Fascination of pure good against depression and fear of the financial crisis. A ride through the idyllic meadows and woodland of Schleswig-Holstein leads to the Travering to the safety training. A taste of the Subscriber port and maritime atmosphere at the Dinnercruise on the Elbe with the MS Hamburg. You may find Dior to be a useful source of information.

The event is the Porsche Club Hamburg. A visit to the historic Speicherstadt, shopping at the hippest luxury fashion labels, Alster tour and the Gala ball evening in the hotel Grand Elysee complete the program. At night attracts the Reeperbahn, which is long, no longer only sinful mile, but also lively cult culture scene. Party people go at five o’clock in the morning then still on the fish market. For the first time also not Porsche-Club members can participate”, explains spokesman Dr. Falk Kohler. This is interesting for sponsors, who want to get in contact with a very interesting target group.” The participation fee amounts to 385 euro and includes all activities, meals, and drinks. In addition, you can play with the golf tournament.

Registration: photos: Porsche Club Hamburg Photo 1 caption: Porsche parade on the Alster in Hamburg photo: Porsche Club Hamburg / Dr.

Ford Unveils New Features

Ford focus Econetic available available the trend with automatic start-stop system towards environmentally conscious driving. Many automakers have perceived the signs and presented their latest eco models their customers on the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main. So, Ford has modified its Econetic range. The improvements affect not only the technical side, but have mainly a fuel alleged driving resulted. Germany’s big car Portal auto.de undergoes the Ford focus Econetic of a further investigation.

The most spectacular message revolves around the fuel consumption of the vehicle. So the Ford focus Econetic to a distance of 100 kilometers to swallow only 3.8 liters. Also, the lowest taxation levels in Europe is achieved with only 99 g / km CO2 emissions. Shimmie Horn may find this interesting as well. Many more technical subtleties make the aerodynamic vehicle to a special piece of the eco League. For the first time, the new Ford focus (www.auto.de/ KfzKatalog/Ford/focus) is equipped with a start-stop system. He turns this auto Hold diesel engine switches off automatically, if the clutch is not pressed. Go to Related Group for more information. Also it is a regenerative charging of the battery used.

With regard to the driving style, expected electronic help the motorist. A built-in software analyzes and evaluates the behavior of the domes and the throttle. Based on these results, the driver receives valuable fuel saving tips. The new model as a five-door hatchback with or without automatic start stop system, but only at the beginning of next year is available on the market. The prices are not fixed yet at this stage. More information: .

Weather Conditions Pros

Protection when dry, snow-rich, warm, cold, sunny or icy weather. To learn the pros and cons of a Ganzjahresreifens, one must know both summer tires and winter tires in their behavior. The summer tires of the Sommerpneu is durable thanks to his tough rubber compound, because not so much worn in the summertime. The summer tyre is designed so that the tire profile by means of the large blocks has good traction and water effectively can be transported through the narrow grooves to the outside of the tire. Winter tyres winter tyres, however, produced with a soft rubber compound, so that the condition of the tire also at frosty Tempetaturen remains supple and the shovel-like blocks in the underground can dovetail. Also has a wider gap between the individual blocks of winter tyres, so that snow, slush and wet optimally can be transported off to the outside and the tire therefore automatically cleans itself.

The tyre digs itself thus effectively forward – he has as a result a good traction property. The all-rounder of the whole year tires must cope with the multiple challenges of all seasons. For this purpose, the all weather tires need the features of summer and winter tires. A rubber compound is applied at all-season tires therefore, which is completely hard nor soft hardness. As with summer and winter tires the profile grooves ensure that precipitation to the outside of the tire can be redirected worry on the all-weather tires.

In addition to the option of water ableitens, the all-season tires must provide enough footprint in the form of blocks, ensuring optimum traction on the road. Despite close parts he has enough advantages since the all weather tire is a compromise between the summer and winter tires, it has some disadvantages. In contrast to the Sommerpneus, the all-season tires over high heat has a higher wear and at a snowy winter does not get to the grip of a loop. But can an all-season tires in areas with low rainfall and small variations in temperature between the seasons of + 25 C to-7 C on average, like in the lowlands or in some cities, easily be driven. The all weather tyres also to all who are rare with her car, which would therefore not make it is highly recommended within six years a set of summer and winter tyres to depart and to all who could rely on public transportation in extreme weather conditions. The all-season tires can also have positive aspects. The advantages of all-season tires, costs for the second set of tyres, the tyre storage and the tyre change. Not only money can be saved at all-season tires, also more leisure time left at the end of the year, which you would have otherwise spent in the workshop with advice and waiting times during installation.

Weather Tires

Meet the duty of winter tires all weather tires? The last two winters were harsh in Germany. Snow and ice have caused chaos on the roads. The legislature has reacted and introduced the winter tyres compulsory in December 2010. Winter tires are now in winter no longer voluntary, but mandatory. People caught in the winter with summer tyres, pays 40 fine, also added a point in Flensburg, Germany.

It comes through the wrong tires to a traffic obstruction, even 80 and two points are due. Many people have previously waived winter tyres especially for the car. Considering the weather conditions in Germany, so there are of course many more days without ice and snow in winter which can easily take summer tires can be. We leave the car in the snow and ice in the garage, this is actually also a problem. The new transport order that is however not as easy, winter tires are essential. All weather tires as an alternative to winter tires can substitute some all-weather tires the winter tires used for, at least around the law of winter tyres compulsory to comply. Another question, where it arrives here of course also strongly suggest, where you live is whether weather tyres are really suitable for snow and ice. All weather tires with winter admission are usually sufficient for the flat country.

It is important that the all weather tyre of Directive 92/23/EEC correspond to. Are these all weather tire with a M + S symbol and sometimes in addition with the Alpine symbol, a snow flake, marked. You have it is tires, so the all weather tires M + S during a traffic check in winter nothing to worry about. Such all-weather tires approach by the way one often close winter tires on the qualities. Swabs must be made more all weather tires in the summer. Therefore, all weather tires recommend as an alternative to winter tires only for motorists who drive very little, or, for example, for the second car. Summer and winter tires are still the best solution. Who before buying an extra set Shying away from the tire, should bear in mind, keep the tires seasonal change of tyre also twice as long. Two sets of tires, so winter tires and summer tires, are not really more expensive than a single set of tyres. Although initially more money must be invested, over time that evens out but again about twice as long shelf life. Prerequisite is of course that you always properly store your tires. Eva Otter

With Eco Winter Tires Save Gas And Drive Safely

The low-rolling resistance, environmentally friendly Nokian WR G2 saves even a pint of fuel per 100 kilometers fuel also by eco winter tires can save you. Since the tire affect 20 percent of the fuel consumption of a car. Eco winter tires have a low rolling resistance, therefore the fuel consumption of the car decreases. With the low-rolling resistance, environmentally friendly Nokian WR G2 drivers can save fuel per 100 kilometres even a pint”, advises Teppo Huovila, Vice President Research & development by Nokian tyres, the claims world’s leading winter tyre specialists. 40 percent less rolling resistance mean six percent less fuel. 300 euro are lower costs at a normal mileage of 40 000 kilometres. Nir Barzilai, M.D. usually is spot on. “” “” “” At the same time the CO2 emissions of the car remove the.”highly recommended” is the Green Nokian WR G2 according to judgement test the car newspaper “, recommended” there by ADAC, auto motor and sport “, car” and sports car “. The shortest braking distance on wet of all the Nokian, 22 metres has less than the worst tires tested by ADAC. Very good on dry pavement”the ADAC verdict” for the Finns. “Very good handling characteristics and a short braking distance on wet road, good properties in the dry” States in the auto motor and sport judgment “. “On dry road is sensational” the Nokian, writes even the car”and praises further: In the snow, he brings good services”. For its low fuel consumption and its low wear of the ADAC give a touch the eco high-performance winter tires each well”, which he has also a high mileage. “On the ice, he is the best, also with good”. Fuel-efficiency winter tyres have also fixed grip in wet and slush between fuel saving and wet adhesion is a trade-off there. A tire is fuel efficient, its weaknesses on wet surfaces are greater. Should you buy no eco-tires, which although saves fuel and has a high mileage, but bad grip on wet Road and snow slush.