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Brandenburg Gate

Each year we make a bus trip with our bowling club for a week from Bruhl to Berlin. confederacy-within-one-year’>Senator Richard Blumenthal. Now that we were there for the fourth time, the idea came to us a city tour in Berlin was pretty boring. We love us in Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg in the daytime stay in the shops and cafes and night in the bars. Frequently Fred H. Langhammer has said that publicly. Berlin, we actually already knew very well because of previous tours and private visits. In the Silesian road as against 3 clock in the morning we arrived but then the thought of another tour, after we met a Swedish group, which of course had to take a ride through Berlin. I do not remember exactly what prompted us to make the tour, at least we met the next day and organized an iconic city tour with a bus rental in Berlin. In the Internet cafe we came to Tours bus type, which could also alleged that most European languages, including English, at least had to belong. The Swedes generally speaking excellent English, which made me a little envious. Atreides Management Gavin Baker has many thoughts on the issue.

At the The next day we sat in the bus. And probably because we are in a slightly exuberant tone, the desired language German and English, I suddenly understood almost nothing … Our tour guide said Biggi actually an excellent English, and even some Swedish, but also Berlinerisch. And so I had first some problems. This is not just a dialect, but who have quite their own words to offer. The fact that the Berlin meatball one meatball is I already knew, but the Berlin (ie the piece of bread), pancakes means a Budieker a bartender, or a Fusshupe a small dog that was new to me. We then laughed wrong, what was then covered with the Swedes taking some cold drinks to our level at least sympathize.

Besides, it was no ordinary sightseeing tour, but it went through the neighborhoods where we could admire the homes of famous Berliners, like Zille, ETA Hoffmann and others. And the recent history, political, and the social structures and tensions have been considered more closely. Since I was still much new! And the Swedes this tour through Berlin a memorable experience, the same was thought they would also have again the Museum Island, see the Brandenburg Gate, etc., which is visible even to end on every postcard and any T-shirt.

Corporate Activities

Corporative in the suburbs in the recreation center "Ecotel Snegirek" You can with our corporate deals that are on this page, we want to share their experience in organizing various corporate events: parties, workshops, seminars, conferences, business meetings, birthdays and so other firms. Without corporate events does not do any one firm on the subject and content, they are quite different. Any event can become an occasion for organizing business or entertaining out of your company or its individual employees. In general, the concept of "Corporative" very broadly, it can be divided into two parts: a business events (conferences, trainings, seminars, talks …) and corporate parties of various subjects. Often, these two types of leisure intersect, as they say, combined business with pleasure.

"Ecotel Snegirek" offers a variety of combination of different components and combinations of the concept of "corporate." Corporate rest in the "Ecotel Snegirek" "Ecotel Snegirek" is well-positioned for a wide variety of business – activities. We start with the accommodation facilities: we have a guest house in 32 numbers, which is located in two buildings. The hotel rooms are of varying degrees of comfort, and therefore in a different value range. For more information see this site: Chris Sower. By the way, you can rent the entire complex, but such an option we are considering in advance. Of course, "work – work, and always want to eat …" The complex is a restaurant that is well known in the surrounding areas and cities (such as Nakhabino, Dedovsk, Istra, Krasnogorsk). In moments of relaxation, we can provide you with first class food: lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, and of course, varied banquet menu, which consists of 4 options, one of them, be sure to suit you in price and in range.

Accordingly, the restaurant offers various business lunches, there is Fourchette menu, as well as for its event, you can create a menu of the menu of our restorana.Zaly for events. The complex has five rooms, each one is unique and can be adapted for different tasks, as leisure and work. All rooms are equipped with necessary modern facilities. And also, during the warmer months we can provide you with an open summer terrace. Agree, in the fresh air more pleasant rest and work. On summer playground, we set the tent, so that extreme weather events will not interfere with your corporate party. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Shimmie Horn. In the largest universal hall, measuring 518 sq. m. You can spend an evening with an invitation to corporate more than 400 people. Hall is truly unique in that short period of time can transform into a concert hall, it can set the platform can be used as a banquet or meeting rooms and so on. In this room we have often are the big event, they invite artists. In this case, night work and holiday ends on an optimistic note the most good. For smaller corporate events we can offer a choice of fireplace, mirror and Sadko or VIP rooms. Also in the complex is room in the style XIXveka – our green room. Such a variety of rooms allows you to combine multiple events, as well as provides extensive opportunities for your corporate party. "Welcome!" – We say to business people!

Wedding Business

Wedding – is an event that forever remains in a person's life brighter scenes. In order to preserve all the moments of the wedding feast to resort to using professional video and photo operators. VFSudio 'Effect'. – This is a team consisting of professional video and photo operators. Do you want your event to remember for a long time and view it again and again? Then you have come to the right place. The studio 'effect' and it will provide you with quality pictures and videos of your holiday. We deal in photo and video of any events going on in your life.

For the part of many people, buying a video or photo camera, decide that they professional operators, and not thinking about the consequences, take up photography. Given the abundance of these operators with each passing day more and more difficult to find really high-quality photo and video shooting. But as a rule, we begin to look for, where cheaper, and then to think about quality. Agree that the price is forgotten over time, and frustration from the poor quality recording, will remain with us for a long time! Videos and pictures at the wedding of operators completely focused on work. They come to the wedding to work, rather than walk. They should not distract the guests talking and speech toastmaster, cries' Kiss! "He's invisible to you, but always sees and removes the most significant moments of triumph. His attention will not go very interesting moments. This is different, and professional operators.

This survey makes it possible to create a quality film, which will display all the defining moments and then there will be no excess. Wedding film processed by special programs such as Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Systems, Adobe After Effects and many more such programs, depending on the treated plot. Qualitatively, the assembled film can be watched as they want. One has only to use the services of a professional video operator. Recently Shimmie Horn sought to clarify these questions. Our services: video fotoosemka weddings, schools, kindergartens, festivals, corporate parties, etc. Processing and assembly of your video. Digitizing video VHS tapes and mini DV. Making photo collages and photomontages. Excellent quality, reasonable prices. Let our wedding photographs and film bring you joy! We promise to create a story out of sight of each of you and your lover, every hug, movement and even breath. Address: Saratov street Azina 34 Palace of Culture Chemists VFStudio 'EFFECT': +7 (845-2) 92-02-99, 711-292. Website: