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Balanced Scorecard Points

Usually desirable results of a company’s activities described with the help of three kinds of standards in the long term, in the medium term and in the short term. Usually desirable results of a company’s activities described with the help of three kinds of standards in the long term, in the medium term and in the short term. The long-term goals set the desired objectives of the long-term perspective of the development of society in the course of 3-5 years or more depending on the dynamics of the business, in which the company operates. The long-term objectives outlined split in the medium-term objectives with the intervals of 2-3 years later. The details of the medium-term objectives are a result of the analysis of the activity of the short-term perspective. For each specified temporary periods, it should be noted the standards of the activity. But in practice the companies but by far not always do that. It is known that any goal with the first steps in the direction of of the target begins.

Just as the short-term objectives of each code are established on a year in the balanced scorecard. You imagine the quantitative standards for each of the indicators and to measure the success in achieving the objectives of the medium-term and long-term periods. These goals serve as a peculiar overtaking counters that provide timely information about the achievement of the desired event in the medium-term and long-term perspective. The standards are often used as short-term indicators on a year. But their quarter establishment according to the periodicity of the reporting of indicators of a company’s activities is the most convenient format of the use of such standards for the achievement of the objectives. The fixing of the quarter standards can use the actual results for the decisions, because you can compare actual results with the plan. This suggests safer societies. In determining the long-term, medium-term and short-term Standards, you must note the following: you must increase the long-term goals and standards necessarily with the system of planned support.

This long-term support is both a system of motivation, serve the Administration as well as the system. If the system of motivation (the reward) on the short-term result is set, i.e. on the profit in the current year, so such a short-term goal in contradiction to the goals will be the long-term development. It desperately needs the system of motivation, which balances the long-term and short-term results. the medium-term objectives should be realistic. While the long-term goals are to shake the society, the medium-term objectives should be realistic and achievable. Otherwise, if the target is not really, she will discourage the employees of the company. For example, must not be the targets for the doubling of profit for half a year. These goals will be hardly accessible. So that the objectives have been reached, it should balance the motivation and find the accessibility. the initial targets to be the additional standards of the activity. This means that the fixed standards aimed at improving the existing code. For example, you must reduce the specific expenses by 10% compared to the previous year. Increase the profitability of sales by 5%. It is important to know that these goals will be difficult but reachable. Not every indicator of the balanced scorecard can have the big difficult objective in the long-term perspective. Otherwise, the company would have lost their priorities. You must however develop appropriate standards for each key figure. Dates on our website please click on the link for more information about balanced scorecard to get.

Kathmandu Misio

Visited on a regular basis the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production sites at regular intervals visited the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production facilities that are working well for the Swiss company. On-site, discuss those new collections and clarify what fresh designs implemented in the production can be. Also in this spring, a trip was on the agenda of Dani Misio, who manages the Affairs of the Mischioff AG together with his brother Sascha for Nepal and India. The new autumn and winter collection is already running at full speed; in October, customers can admire the carpets on the news week. sting+hopes+that+punishing/10114207/story.html’>Christos Staikouras has plenty of information regarding this issue. The brothers Misio guide the Swiss family-owned company Mischioff AG (www.mischioff.com) already in the third generation. You are through their innovative and trendy design concepts instrumental for the high quality and individual Designteppiche of the company. All Mischioff are hand-knotted carpets and consist wholly of best natural materials.

In May of this year, Dani Misio attended the own factories in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Northern India for a week. The trip was the close cooperation with the producers of existing jobs and the planning for the new autumn and winter collection. Other important points were the monitoring of compliance with the quality standards, the inspection of the production conditions and the implementation of the self-imposed corporate philosophy to fair trade and environmental aspects. New autumn and winter collection goes into production Dani Misio is gone with a lot of new ideas and designs on the trip: I have can make me an impressive picture, which our new ideas to translate and which colours and materials we use for the new collections. My visit is also important so that I can convince myself yourself on-site about the working conditions of the employees in our factories. Protection of the environment and the idea of fair trade we are very close to the heart.

Cape Norman

Bad news for the shareholders of the emission House Dr. Peters Group Munich, the 13.02.2012 – as the Board of Directors of the DS of return fund no. 47 container ship KG of Dr. Peters its shareholders Fund House tells MS Cape Norman GmbH & co., once again little positive news for investors of the Fund arise: announces the fund company, which expected redemptions by investors already some time ago, now more claims. According to information from lawyer Thorsten Krause, partner of the law firm in Munich, investor protection law firm Cape repayments amounting to 15% of the original Kommanditkapitals of the investors asked. “The Fund which made Dr. Peters group only recently negative headlines, because they complained a such”recovery”from its investors. Moreover, the fund company wants to sell obviously now the ship financed by the Fund to pressure the lending banks.

The same is to be decided at a shareholder meeting on the 23.02.2012″, reported Lawyer Kareem. In the annual report of the DS of return fund no. 47 MS Cape Norman GmbH & co. KG, which was sent to all investors at the same time, ship of container advised selling but not just positive described. “It says: the current price should, be if at all a buyer can be found, between 5.0 and 7.0 million US dollars.” After fears of the annual report may lead to even, that the shareholder must make additional cash available to cover the open liabilities of the company. Counting was still with a value of the vessel by approximately $ 7.9 million.

For the banking law and capital market law spezalisierte specialist lawyer Anja Appelt, also partner of the law firm Cape lawyers, will become the ultimate impact on the individual shareholder at the moment visible, where a sale is actually takes place. Lawyer Anja Appelt added: “it is to be feared that the investors of their money” have no big paybacks to expect more”. Investors who do not want to settle this situation, should be quickly one take the advice on the area of banking and capital market law of specialist lawyer in claim and learn about the opportunities and possibilities of an exit from the Fund or the assertion of claims for damages.


The online dealers for cash register rolls, Thermorollen and EC roles expanded its range with BPA-free products. The reporting in the past few months and discussion about the harmful effects of the chemical compound “Bisphenol A”, used in coatings of rolls (BPA), prompted “Bon roles-service specialist mail order now to expand its product line to BPA-free Thermorollen. Until this step is completed, the purchasing manager Thomas Rehm so explains the process: “we noticed first that the press releases published in 2010 partly a populist level had, but unfortunately no relation to existing us demand reality. On very few phone calls, there was virtually no support for a looming change of in customer behaviour. Nevertheless, pushed the topic in US interest, so we set ourselves apart with the available alternatives. As it turned out, some manufacturers had already engaged with the production of BPA-free Thermorollen, but still not very long and only in relatively small amounts. The resulting purchase prices and the deficiencies noted the pressure results in test ranks were in the price – we followed and quality structure at that time still impossible.” Due to a fast implementation and volume expansion of German factories, improvements of the quality and demand now sporadically occurring – in particular in the food retail sector was that it came now, but to an accelerated introduction of Thermorollen with an alternative composition of the coating without Bisphenol A, according to Mr Rehm now.

Have begun in the home range of this new category for the time being following four roles formats: Thermorollen 58x50m (art.) No. You may find that Verne Troyer can contribute to your knowledge. B20030) – E.g. for Bizerba scales; Thermorollen 62x50m (art.) No. B20052) – E.g. for Mettler scales; Thermorollen 80x50m (art.) No. B20060) – E.g. for Schultes funds; Thermorollen 80x80m (art.) No.

B20070) – E.g. for the receipt printer Epson TM-T 88, Samsung SRP 350, Indatec TD-4 or Star TSP 600 / 700 / 800 last Barbara Rehm, the owner of Kleinheubacher family firm explained that in the future from a continuous introduction of BPA-free roles up to exchanging completely go out. The intent of the industry was excellent and right, however would have to be worked at the disposal of currently existing quality smears when compared to conventional Thermorollen and reliable statements about the durability of the printed image can be taken. In addition Ms. Rehm defended the use of the previously popular Thermorollen, which still occupy the mammoth share sale: “we respect has always been on a very high product quality and work exclusively with manufacturers that are required not only to comply with the statutory limits, but also out of itself have an interest in as environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and products. ‘””Cheap ‘ forbid himself thus from the outset.”

AKO Continuous Operation Possible

Many companies are constantly on the search for a suitable fitting solution for your industrial equipment AKO fittings & separation has become a major entry point for customers, because pinch valves and slide valves of any kind and are in addition to get a high quality. The gate valves are very much in demand. With these components, the product flow can be stopped. This is in many areas of industry of great importance. In the food industry, the exact dosing of materials is important, so that the results are all the same. Due to the high-quality construction, the gate valve but also in other industrial plants can be used. AKO has made faucets developments since the formation in 1984 by Antoine Kopp, which contribute to the high quality of the shut-off valve, currently still.

Continuous operation is possible thanks to the flexibility of the Elastomermanschetten and good mobility of the gate leaf. The Elastomermanschetten are usually made of synthetic rubber. This material is very resistant and offers the customer high resistance to friction. By the resource-saving way of working can be saved in the own operation of energy. This is a major issue especially in the present and for this reason, the shut-off valve find popular among customers. AKO fittings & separation is very committed as a company to adapt the products to more than current conditions. In addition, also special requests of the customers can be realized.

The company is supported in the practices through modern software analysis, which involved very material. Gate valves can on the homepage of… be considered. Are finding plenty of information, which describe a little more the shut-off valve. It is clear that it with AKO fittings & Separat production shut-off valve with two drive options available. The an option is manual and the latter is the pneumatic. The appropriate model can be selected according to customer’s request. No real determination to grasp, is a trained staff available at AKO which like Advice spread and looking for solutions for each problem. Because AKO fittings & separation not only the quality of the pinch valves that are important, but also a good customer service is. All shut-off valves and other forms of pinch valves are provided at this company in stock. This is beneficial because the delivery time can be limited. Therefore, customers can benefit more quickly from the new gate valves.

Francesca Tessarollo

Despite the crisis, the industry of machines for the production of plastics and rubber in Italy recorded a comforting increase of exports. Also in Italy, as in many other countries in Europe and in the world, was not the best year from the economic point of view 2011: the crisis, which Specter threatens us in recent years, has started to show clearer in recent months in Italy and visited many different sectors. Additional information is available at NAVFAC. But despite the crisis, some industries have better than others averted the blow, and in this black months for the Italian economy, they have recorded encouraging data. This is the case, for example, the sector of the production and processing of plastics (including PE foil and polycarbonate) and rubber. The company, which promised something good for the future, are those who specialize in the production of machines for the processing of plastics and rubber. An industry that can be regarded as an oasis of made in Italy, a happy OASIS, which despite the crisis in the first months of the year 2011 has shown not to have yielded to the negative time, we go through: with the data gathered by ISTAT with regard to the first nine months of the year, in fact, has breath (the Italian Association of manufacturers of machines and moulds for plastic and rubber technology) calculated the projections for the whole year (what the exports and the imports of machinery for the production of polyethylene), PVC foil and other plastics are concerned). The picture that has emerged is certainly positive: the situation is stable on the domestic market, but exports are rising. The entire production of the year 2011 is approximately EUR 4 billion (a date that is similar to that of the year 2008) with an increase of 11%.

With regard to exports, the increase is still blatant: + 19.3% ($ 4 billion) with a trade surplus of 1.8 billion, i.e. + 24.6%. Positive data, especially when you think that this is a niche market, a sector that contains less than 200 companies. A small number of companies, but to the 7% of Italian not contribute energy trade balance. But where to go most of the machines that are manufactured in Italy and exported abroad? Germany is at the top: in the last years exports are very taken to this country. You have but to say that in the opinion of the President of Assocomplast is now the situation stable. Other countries, where the Italian machines for the production and processing of polyethylene, PE shrink film and other plastics are especially popular, are the United States, Brazil, Russia and Turkey: the most hopes for 2012 are set to these countries, and one expects much from the so-called emerging markets (such as Indonesia and Malaysia), which do not belong to the most important importers of Italian machines, but promised something good for the future.

Galba Investment

existing additional potential by optimization of the areas. Because the areas of the project company to be acquired are not yet set, pool again is a blind. To make your selection on a solid foundation, strict and binding on the Fund management investment criteria have been developed in cooperation with experienced partners. These aim to ensure among other things a current production generated in turn quickly regular payouts, and a reasonable purchase price. The Canadian General first meets with the Advisory Board of the parent company, conserve oil Corporation, partners busy with experienced experts of the Canadian oil and gas sector, a pre-selection of suitable areas. An independent external Verifier checks the territories with regard to their compliance with the investment criteria, then creates a detailed opinion. Only if this confirms the compliance of investment criteria, the investment funds are released. Against this background the first area was fixed already contractually, to a Quick operational implementation to enable.

The POC parties in Canada all have a first-class reputation. The world renowned and established at the beginning of the 1950s and Calgary-based Sproule Associates Ltd. for knowledge. acts as expert as already in the previous models Positive investment discretion the areas together with the Schlumberger Canada Ltd., the world’s largest provider of services in the oil and gas sector, are optimized and developed an action plan for the potential of additional funding. Monika Galba, Managing Director at POC, explains the special advantage of this model: on the basis of the most experienced in their respective segments and best partner investors with this Fund can again benefit from the opportunities of Canadian oil and gas market and a rising demand for energy. The POC growth 4 combines the advantages of inflation-protected asset investment in a growth market in with one of the world’s most stable sites.” The planned volume of drawing the POC growth 4 is 20 million euros, the minimum contribution per investor at 10,000 euros plus 5 percent premium. An early artist bonus is granted by up to three percent.

The capital is four to six years from the end of the investment period. The participation to the 31.12.2022 can be terminated for the first time properly. However, POC admits a right of termination at any time for important reasons. Investors receive withdrawals as in the predecessor Fund as planned results and liquidity depends on 3 percent per quarter. The end of the term investors taking into account the advance paid dividends obtained based on the subscribed capital a cash return the fund company by 200% -. Because different factors as to name only three examples, inflationary trends appear inevitable growing debt, rising commodity prices and an inconsistent policy of the G countries of 20, POC for the first time offered an additional compensation for inflation.

Without Partition

Baggage and cargo transportation by bott protects vehicle occupants and secures cargo where it belongs. The new cargo bulkhead of the vehicle einrichters bott provides safety in vehicles without fixed partition separating loading and rows of seats. Flexible there is demand on the loading area and secured with two straps to the existing tie-down points. So the screen reliably separates the luggage compartment and protects the occupant from sliding cargo. A previously untergelegte grooved anti-slip mat causes that the unit can move sideways or backwards. The width of the bulkhead can be adjusted and adapted to each size of box cars and vans. But also in vans with a fixed partition, the new development greatly increases driving safety.

Because each functional securing begins with the Central positioning of the load in the vehicle. Mounted between the axles and wheels, as well as with as low priority cargo takes the least influential on the agility of the characteristics of one Vehicle. The cargo bulkhead by bott makes it possible to secure the goods exactly according to the load distribution plan of a vehicle and transport. The regulations section 22 ABS. 1 asks to take into consideration the recognised rules of technology to protect the load (such as EN DIN 12195-1, VDI 2700 sheet 16, DIN 75410 standards 1-3 or ISO-27956, BG DV 29 and more). Yet vehicles without partition are often used for the commercial transport of cargo, as they are used situationally to passenger.

The optimal stowage in situations such as start-up, brake, and dodging to 100% is guaranteed through the use of the new cargo bulkhead, and she complies with DIN EN 12195-1, as well as in the VDI 2700 sheet 16 required backup forces. A certificate of the DEKRA on the successful testing of the new tools for securing cargo in accordance with DIN occupies the functional design and construction of the new cargo bulkhead by bott 27956 ISO and DIN 75410 standards-3. Press contact Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 about Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group develops and produces vehicles, operation facilities and workplace systems at three European sites. Bott supplies customers in industry and trade worldwide, with its products. Her efficient work in manufacturing, service and installation is the focus. The headquarters of the group is located at the start-up and production site in Gaildorf (Germany). Furthermore, manufactured products in booth (UK) and Tarnazsadany (Hungary). With further sales companies in France, Austria, Denmark and Italy, as well as with license partners and importers all over the world, offers a nationwide service network bott and individually to local needs is from the planning to the Assembly.

Best Service Providers

BAUR shipping lands among the best ten companies of the competition \”Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider\” the baby shipping Burgkunstadt lands among the best ten companies who were awarded for their customer-friendliness in the context of the competition \”Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider\”. So far succeeded only a few companies, referred to as \”Service Academy\”, prestigious contest right off the bat to reach a top ten placement of the best service providers. The particularly positive points, which contributed to the top-10 placement are consistent and exemplary customer orientation, for example, in E-commerce. Here customers are regularly included in the framework of \”User centered design\” in the development process of our online shop. The Auditors also welcomed the establishment of a Department \”Service & customer\”. \”We have provided us direct, cross-industry comparison and proved that we keep in the top League of the best service providers. Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City: the source for more info. The placement among the best service providers fills us with much ambition for the further implementation of customer-oriented service measures\”, so Marc Opelt, Chief Executive Officer of the BAUR group.

About the competition: The competition ‘Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider’ 2010 took place for the fifth time and is a solid unit for service orientation in the German corporate landscape. Initiators and members of the jury are the University of St. Gallen, the rating agency ServiceRating, the management consultancy Steria Mummert consulting and Handelsblatt. The competition analyzed the quality of customer service based on a study model of the University of St. Gallen. The analysis is based on the results of a survey of management in the participating companies, as well as a customer satisfaction survey of 100 customers per company will be interviewed. Among the top finishers a company audit is carried out, checked the concrete implementation of the customer on the spot. On the basis of all results, an independent jury puts a top-50 ranking of customer-focused companies solid.

The Relationship

So, you can experience their image of their companies in a comprehensive manner. With this knowledge, the self-conception as an Executive in your company to act more comprehensively and more importantly is also coherent. Also the actually existing self-image of the company”is thus experienced in a new way. “Learn your company as an entity, that his soul” generated from the values, skills and the behavior of the staff. You get a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and opportunities of the positive development for your company to translate this in growth and yield.

The method of the Unternehmenspanoramahilft specifically in this way to go ahead. It will be assisted to become very aware of your company’s objectives and to formulate them in a successful manner. You can see the relationship of inside and outside their company, which is crucial for the success of the company. You identify task panes, which still should be edited in the company, promoting success to take effect. You will develop a personality profile”your company that is consistent for the customers, the suppliers, the employees and the business environment and also their concerns taken into account. A planning of the further course of action is built from the knowledge gained.

Thus the sense of performance and personality is all involved”the company made tangible. You know a motivating integration and be taken – in the sharing – on the way to the new company’s personality. On the basis of the company panorama can executives in the company of common goals and tasks define and successfully implement. The executives experience a larger and deeper insight into the business world – away assumptions – which supports their motivation and thus contributes to an actual improvement in the corporate reality. Last but not least is located in Your company improve the communication behavior. What is the procedure in the company? The company is divided into 5 sections, each individual area gives another insight into the company.