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If you are looking for a heavy duty pickup, but not let side luxury, what you’re looking for is a Sierra pickup. You can find this pickup in different versions: Denali, Sierra 4 4, 4 4 and Regular 4 4 Crew Cab. We recommend the Sierra truck for heavy work because it is the most powerful pickup. The Sierra pickup has an engineering that will leave impressed, is of the highest quality and he has the best power. Here are the characteristics of motor in different versions. -Sierra Regular Cab: Engine 5.3 l VVT V8 Flex Fuel. Power 315hp@5,200rpm.

335 Lb – foot @4 torque, RPM. -Double Cab sierra: 5.3 l SFI V8 engine with AFM (Active Fuel Management) system power 315hp@5,200rpm.Torque 338 lb – foot @4, 400 rpm. Automatic transmission 4 speed Hydramatic, HMD, 4 L 60-E electronic control and 3.73 rear axle ratio. -Sierra Denali: 6.2 engine liter V8 SFI Flex Fuel, optimizes the mixture of gasoline and oxygen power: 403hp @ 5, 700 rpm. Torque 417 lb-ft @ 4, 300 RPM.

Transmission AWD system with 4 wheel drive, automatic 6-speed with changes semiautomatic mode, includes transfer case and rear differential. 3.42 Rear axle ratio. With so much power you’re probably thinking about security. Feel insurance in the new truck Sierra, because account are the Antilock braking system that monitors the speed of the wheels and the brake pedal. When the driver braked and one or several wheels have different speed to the others, the ABS system applied a hydraulic pressure to that wheel in order to match the speed.