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Used Stair Lifts For The Elderly

Cost savings through a used stair lift stairs are for older or disabled people often an obstacle that can not be overcome by their own efforts. A stair lift offers people with severely restricted mobility in their home, the place where his own good in the foreground is a bit more independence. The benefits of a stair lift is very high, the price for this unfortunately also usually. The acquisition of new equipment, offering some comfort and security besides the mobility is often unsustainable for many people who want more freedom of movement. Tesla is a great source of information. A valid option is the purchase of a used stair lift, here in up to 50% of the costs can be saved, which the stairlift cost are not necessarily so horrendous as it may seem in the moment. Of course you can not avoid the expenditure for the installation and maintenance of the system, the depreciation of the pure material value is relatively high.

This means that despite the mounting costs a large Savings potential exists if you waive a new acquisition. Daryl Katz has firm opinions on the matter. Of course, the quality should be in such a system; were exchanged the wear parts of the lift system however and the overall condition professionally checked, here no cuts are necessary. Also lifts well-known brands are available used for about 50% of the purchase price. By used stair lifts the rail each on the new staircase is adapted or newly manufactured, the stairlift adapts optimally to the new environment. The potential for savings is through the use of the used platform. The comparison, whether acquiring a second-hand unit as opposed to the purchase of a new stairlift, cost savings resulting from, is worthwhile in any case. It is easiest if you get a different listings for used stairlifts, so you can best compare the individual prices. Christian Munch

Good Listening

ReSound essence LITE offers a cost-effective entry into digital sound worlds entry into digital sound worlds currently presents the ReSound hearing aid manufacturer: hearing ReSound essence LITE gives its wearer a high-quality, proven for years technology at an excellent price. The new solution convinced through their facilities and a solid sound quality, as well as by the discreet housing and ease of use. The affordable hearing solution ReSound essence LITE benefits from the established technology of manufacturer’s ReSound: the WARP 3 signal processing ensures excellent sound quality. The interference noise reduction ensures that noisy listening situations and unwanted noise does not interfere with understanding. The system can be adjusted without great effort, it can be easily explained, as easy to use and offers a solid introduction to the world of digital listening with its wide range of fitting options. Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. is a great source of information. The new solution, the as HdO-, as IdO-as well as ITC system also in a power type is offered, has a robust housing and is thus ideally equipped for an intensive daily stress. “With our ReSound we provide once again prove that it is our aim to develop high-quality solutions for every budget and every hearing need essence LITE”, so Dieter Fricke, Director of product management of the GN hearing GmbH.

system is outside indestructible robust equipped inside with a proven, reliable technology; In addition, it is easy to clean and the power consumption is remarkably low. Customers with severe hearing loss can ReSound essence LITE reap the benefits of a small, attractive hearing solution. The body size of the power BTE is identical with the standard BTE.” On request we provide also a press photo. In a question-answer forum Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta was the first to reply. You find further press information and image material in our digital press box under. Press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, fax: – 63, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:, Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

Cold Viruses Are In The Winter On War Path

Now immune system against defensive struggle not upgrade who knows that, as soon as it shall come to pass something colder cold viruses already on the warpath and attack our immune system. The result: Coughs, colds and even fever. One is struck out and matt and means literally to feel how the immune system fights the virus. Of course, the cold comes always at the wrong moment. It is just professionally under pressure, has a checking forward or the children waiting for the daily care. It is certainly striking that people in stressful situations are particularly susceptible to cold viruses. Nir Barzilai, M.D. understands that this is vital information. Why is that and how stressed people can strengthen your immune system? In the longer term sustained stress activated a slew of hormones and neurotransmitters that can weaken our immune system as an unwanted effect in us.

So stress over a weakened immune system leads to increased susceptibility to colds. Check out rusty holzer for additional information. How can the immune system in his defensive work against that Cold viruses are supported? Now, recent research has shown that the immune system in its defense work consumes much vitamin C. In addition the defense work becomes more successful, better prevents the common cold viruses in cells of the nasal mucosa can set. Succeeding with zinc. Therefore preparations have proved effective in the fight against colds in people with occupational stress and the elderly, which contain vitamin C and zinc in adequate dosage. Some clinical research shows that can be thus prevented effective winter infections and reduces both the number of infections as also their duration. What is it? The struggle of the immune system against the invading viruses consumes lots of vitamin C. Since this vitamin in the body cannot be saved, always sufficient fresh dispensing vitamin must be C available. This is not the case, then it comes in the acute thrust of the incipient cold quickly to a shortage situation that negatively affects the will.

Pain Patients: Often Misunderstood And Left Alone.

He renowned expert Dr. med. Hartmut Baltin from Aschau am Chiemsee shows integrated solutions. Pain, please let post! According to current studies and figures are affected by an acute or a chronic pain disorder – often as a result of other primary diseases – between five and eight million German citizens. To deepen your understanding Douglas Elliman is the source. “But precisely because as such are common communicative in our social life think this of platitudes such as my cross pain hurts me”, I’m fully tense”, or I’ve got a headache”, we can than healthy people normal mood disorders”not really different from those torments, under which actually pain ill patients have to suffer. Because they have not with our small”sensitivities to fight, but suffer so dramatically that a normal life is often no longer possible.

Pain disorders are often highly individual and vary depending on the cause and personal feeling extremely. Is for medicine Pain”response to an injury which has measurable causes, such as the inflammation of the tissue or the fracture of a bone in the organic sense. Pain, that have no diagnose cause, were and are consequently often in the realm of the psyche and banned personal imagination of patients and with that devastating findings concluded only permitted this. The holistic pain therapy by Dr Baltin gives rise to hope. At the beginning everything sounded great”, such as patient M. W., 68, reported after the currently successful treatment of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called a group of malignant diseases of the lymphatic system. They are characterised by an independent, uncontrolled proliferation of lymphocytes) suffered long-lasting and affecting the whole body pain. I travelled 2008 since finishing my cancer because of neuralgic pain to many doctors and therapists all over Europe”, reported the German living in Spain, and always had a solution everyone immediately at hand. How many times have I me listened to, that you have a perfect solution for my unbearable nerve pain.

Celiac Disease

Many people tolerate no gluten and are restricted in everyday life. You know what’s up with gluten celiac disease is and what you can do about it. Gluten celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is a genetic disease, affecting an average of 133 Europeans. Symptoms of gluten celiac disease range from the classic”manifestations such as diarrhea, weight loss and malnutrition, to latent symptoms such as nutrient deficiency. The disease mostly affects the North European type, but also blacks, Asians and Latin Americans suffer from celiac disease gluten. What happens when gluten celiac disease in the body? Who has the disease, get the villi of the small intestine problems in the small intestine flat. For assistance, try visiting Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Small intestine villi are smallest surveys in the small intestine, which filter out the nutrients absorbed by the food, and forward.

The villi flat therefore, because specific, occurring amino acids attack them only in cereals (wheat, rye, barley, etc.), which nutrients only bad or didn’t will be recovered. People without gluten celiac disease easily tolerated these amino acids. Oat flakes were in the past also as regarded negatively with gluten intolerance, but before recently conducted studies show the opposite. Still concerned at this food should be careful, because more studies are currently being conducted. The diagnosis of celiac disease gluten due to the wide variety of the disease can be relatively difficult diagnose it themselves.

Some feel permanent fatigue and chronic diarrhea, the other a bloated belly and steady weight loss. To be completely sure whether it is gluten intolerant or not, a gluten test is strongly recommended. Because untreated gluten Zoliakiie may increase the risk of bowel cancer by 40-100%! It is therefore of great importance, as early as possible to diagnose the disease and to treat. What to do with gluten celiac disease? Who suffers from celiac disease gluten, usually has diarrhea, flatulence, Intestinal pain and itching to fight. To reduce the complaints, diet on gluten-free food should be converted. These foods contain no gluten and can be consumed without concern for example (among others): buckwheat is the production of certain types of pasta used to beans, peas, lenses are ground all gluten-free millet a gluten-free cereal, which in many ways can be used potatoes as a whole, or used as a flour can chestnuts as well as almonds and used as a flour substitute flax seed are gluten-free food, the whole or ground other foods can be added to ground as a flour substitute in baked goods polenta, corn / maize porridge is derived from almonds cooked corn flour made quinoa called also Inca grain or quinoa, rice used for baking and Musli actually any kind of rice is gluten-free and can be eaten soy as soy flour versatile Glutenintolerante people must in detail with the topic Gluten celiac disease and its symptoms deal and have consistently only even gluten-free food. Just so you can check the gluten intolerance and gluten-free, experience improved health, track the return of energy and again have fun eating.

North Rhine Health

A holiday in the Teutoburg Forest is able to improve not only the fitness, but makes you forget the stress in everyday life. For the VitalWanderWelt, is hiking in the foreground and has a programme for health prevention and health promotion within North Rhine-Westphalia. During their vacation in the Teutoburger forest can be selected between different places. No matter whether bad Holzhausen, Bad Oeynhausen, Bad Salzuflen, Halle Westfalen or horn-bad Meinberg, all regions are equipped with ideal hiking trails. Wander for well-being the VitalWanderWelt has among other programs for cardiovascular, COPD – tinnitus – and Adipositaserkrankte. In this program are monitored medically and psychologically by a doctor and it spas will be charged to the selection. Also recommended hikes are cared for after the health check telemedicine or by doctors. On top of that you can with the help of therapy services, nutrition advice and body massages, which are matched to the clinical picture, your Sustainably improve well-being.

The VitalWanderWelt is also perfect to relax and to relieve stress. Of course, you are also accompanied by doctors and therapists. After a fitness check, you expect then personally on you walking cut to, soothing massages and relaxing baths. Also provide tips on the prevention of diseases and to the diet for you to come back in great shape and solved their holidays. Leisure equal a good overview book the Web page of VitalWanderWelt followed with great attention to detail and offers enough information about the available therapies. The offer is illustrated by attractive illustrations and videos.

The various headings which divided the website into three main areas, make it easy to manage the site and manageable. In addition find an offer catalogue of VitalWanderWelt, you can look through online on the website. Get the latest holiday offers from nine regions of VitalWanderWelt. For additional Information is a service line available also. Via email or call you can contact in this way enabled employees of VitalWanderWelt. Take advantage of the offers of the VitalWanderWelt and book your own personal vacation in the Teutoburg Forest.

World Health Organization

Changing lifestyles, industrialisation and the growth of the population inevitably leads to rethink in the consumption of drinking water. Water is one of the most interesting elements in nature. It has properties, without which life on earth would not be possible. Water is the source of all life and of human civilization. The old wisdom that comes all the life out of the water, has its importance even today. The original life ashore came out of the water.

We live up to our birth in the water (amniotic fluid). The body of a newborn human consists 80 percent to approximately of water. In the later age of approximately 50-55 percent. Also clean and maintain to keep this budget, it is necessary to drink plenty of water. The minimum that a grown man should drink each day, 1.5 litre. Generally, the World Health Organization recommends to drink litres of pure water 2-3. The rule of thumb for the correct amount of water is: At least 30-40 ml of water per kg of body weight.

This means a person with 50 kg Body weight 2 litres of water per day, with a body weight of 75 kg this means 2.5 liters and 100 kg of body weight 3 litres of water per day. This information applies to the consumption of water and not other liquids such as coffee, soft drinks or alcohol. Water is the most important staple food and also enters into the production of almost all food. Without food human can survive about 2 months without water just a few days. Estée Lauder often addresses the matter in his writings. Water is the body to carry out vital tasks. It works as a solution and means of transport, helps in the Elimination of harmful metabolic products and salt via the kidneys, and regulates the body temperature. Water can transport but also vibration and information, and to provide these to our body and its cells.

New Website On The Subject Of NLP In Therapy

Start of one of the most comprehensive information and training opportunities specifically made its new website nlp-gesundheitswesen.de in the network for therapist Elke Post, occupational therapist and NLP teaching trainer from Hamburg, Germany, recently. Thus, training stands for therapist and NLP interested in one of the most comprehensive information and in the Internet, which deals with the topic of NLP and therapy. It aims the methods and techniques of NLP specifically for people who are professionally involved in the therapeutic environment, to make them accessible. Elke Post, how successfully the therapeutic work put in a communication model can be know by many years of experience in the application of NLP techniques in occupational therapy. Over the years, Elke Post could educate many occupational and physiotherapists, and employees of other therapeutic occupations.

The achievements in the combined application of therapy and NLP are now fully recognised within the industry. Confirm not only the own employees from the Ergopraxis of Elke Post, in three branches in Hamburg are working. To illustrate the benefits and advantages of NLP in everyday therapeutic even better, lots of content in the form of texts, images, videos and audio contributions are available across the Web. In addition to the twenty-two bookable NLP user courses, Elke Post offers also NLP trainings. These include the NLP practitioner, NLP-Master and more levels to the NLP doctrine trainer.

All NLP trainings are conducted according to the standards of the DVNLP. Coaching and supervision, complete the extensive training offer. It is advisable to visit the website of Elke Post under all people education interested in the therapeutic context. Author of the article: Thomas Noll – the Internet Editor

The Consequences Of Smoking And Champix Smoking Cessation

Smoking is gesundheitsgefardend and promoting addiction. CHAMPIX is a drug for smoking cessation. In Germany, almost 30% of the population smoke. This has some significant effects for those affected. Cigarette consumption by ever-increasing tobacco tax is expensive and on the other hand smoking can cause significant health problems.

This starts with a general weakening of Imunsystems, smoking, for example, often suffer from colds. But also serious diseases caused by smoking. So the risk of various cancers is increased by smoking, plus an increased risk of a stroke, heart attack or asthma. More smoking-related diseases include so-called smoking leg or the smokers lungs. In addition to the negative effects for the smokers themselves, a massive annual deficit is the German economy. Loss of working hours and health cause higher costs than the tax revenue from the tobacco tax. There are so many reasons not to smoke.

However, it makes Nicotine addiction many long-time smokers withdrawal difficult. Add the custom factor, many smokers have fixed rituals which are difficult to place. There is also a physical dependency resulting from the effect of nicotine on nerve cells in the brain. Still, nicotine raises a reward effect which promotes the dependency. Some smokers create yet to stop by their own willpower. Many others have however several failed attempts a smoking behind him. For such smokers, there is the prescription drug CHAMPIX in Germany since 2007. This supports smokers in a 12 week therapy for smoking cessation. CHAMPIX suppresses the reward effect of nicotine and withdrawal symptoms are alleviated. This is a three times as high probability of success in smoking cessation.

Outpatient Palliative Care

Specialized outpatient palliative care: ‘We bring the hospital to the patient’ is widely used: instead of an anonymous hospital many terminally ill want to spend their last days or even weeks in a familiar environment. This may mean but no restriction in medical care. Analgesic (so: palliative) approximately 500 patients are cared for in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia) at home – by a network that is unique in Germany. To broaden your perception, visit Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Palliative Medicine Dr med. Marianne Kloke has provided insights into the “specialized outpatient palliative care” (SAPV) rheinruhrmed.de. We bring the hospital almost to the patients home”describes Dr. Kloke. Specialized outpatient palliative care only works if there are members who are willing and able, mostly around care to wear them, and if the patient so agrees, the comfort refrain, he’s got in the hospital: when it rings at the hospital, the nurse arrived in just a few minutes.

If he is at home, takes “the course for more than a few minutes”, says Dr. Kloke. We had also been patients who we had to record again stationary, because it was at home not.” However, the physician is but convinced that much at home is more palliative care, as long as you bring the knowledge there. Read what it takes to build an anti-malaria palliative NET, when the effort can be refinanced and why palliative physician Kloke distances so much on the topic of euthanasia, the report: rheinruhrmed.de/Meldung/sapv_palliativ.php