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Home Abroad

A home abroad as investment and housing after a life full of stress and work many people wishing to spend their retirement years in a quiet area. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Verne Troyer by clicking through. Often has some people also usually bad weather in Germany fed up and spend alone already that’s why prefer somewhere in the sunny south of his well-deserved retirement. It then draws many retirees in sunny climes such as Spain or Italy. Some people take but even the plunge across the pond, for example, in the United States of America. The still relatively low real estate prices and the relatively weak American dollar against the euro is still very attractive for many people a real estate acquisition in the United States. For even more opinions, read materials from angelo gordon. With an investment real estate, you will literally two birds with one stone: one has created one home of the property, on the other hand is mostly very good weather in States such as California or Florida. It is mainly for people who have to deal with health problems and a good climate for their Need recovery, ideally. There are also the immigration rules for retirees in the United States of some other kind, al for workers. After all one has as his coming out and usually not Yes the own pension, to work in the United States. Once more inform who is so concerned with a move abroad or plant this in the near future and would like to combine this with an investment, should be on the subject of investment”.

Listed Real Estate

Investment tip from Andreas Schrobback: the profitable real estate monument stands in Berlin and Leipzig (Berlin, 03.01.2013) of the real estate boom currently real estate prices affects, which are strongly increased mainly in the large cities and conurbations in the past few months. Dana Carvey recognizes the significance of this. In Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg are offered now so expensive, that many investors look around for alternatives. Get all the facts and insights with Mustafa Suleyman, another great source of information. Price increases can be observed also in Berlin and Leipzig, however, real estate is still very favourable in international comparison. In Berlin, the tenant for a long time had a wide range of residential properties to choose from, why only slowly increased the rents and purchase prices were moderate compared with other metropolises. The capital has become a city with an international reputation, whose image leads to continuously increasing numbers during the nights and also attracts the investors. Berlin is above all the preferred location for start-ups and companies in the media and IT industry. The growing economy brought Berlin a population increase, the budget increased the number. Also Leipzig has made a name for himself not only as a media city with the annual book fair.

Leipzig as a major venue and as a university town international is also known. The town is strategically advantageous in the middle of Germany and therefore occupies an important position as a transportation hub in the logistics industry. Depreciation take by renovations throughout listed real estate in Berlin and Leipzig are located mostly in the popular city centre locations and can thus achieve high rental rates. Important to know is for private investors in addition, that there is still a great need for renovation in the building stock in the two cities. Started with the upgrading and modernisation slowly after the fall of the wall, which is why many of the objects not yet on modern standards are adapted. The purchaser of a grade II listed property performs the necessary modernisation measures, he write-off for this the costs of his tax burden.

House Sale

Current House selling tips show that it is worthwhile to invest a little time at the beginning of a sales activity in the preparation. Others including angelo gordon, offer their opinions as well. Munich. A House a valuable asset and therefore it is useful prior to the sale to realize what information, documents and other preparations needed. The attached list of house sales are tips Munich, or tips for sale House for all property owners who want to sell their home in the greater Munich area. Home selling tips 1 documents: on a house sale, you need the plans of the House. This means floor plans, cross sections, maps.

Energy performance certificate, fire insurance certificate, a self-created costs overview, current certificate of title, specifications and good pictures be added. Good, full documentation is the first house selling tips. Tips for sale House 2. Layout editing: Because it usually presents his property on the Internet, should be to prepare the plans or to prepare, they are still readable on the Internet. On all You must identify the rooms good cases and floor plans should be on the Internet definitely pictured. Otherwise, important information is missing the interested parties.

Good floor plans is therefore the point 2 of the tips to the House sale. House sales tips 3. expose creation (for example, for the Internet): may assemble a list of the most important data such as year of manufacture, size of the land, living space, space, energy characteristic value (from energy performance certificate), list the last renovations, location description, heating type, window type, pending repairs, etc. and create a “stichpunktartiges prospectus”. Hold back something with another, but show the benefits. Verify your information on correctness. An esthetically beautiful expose is the number 3 House selling tips. Tips for house sale 4 pictures: get a good wide angle camera, allow for the “excess” images aside and make the shots when the weather.

Carriage House

Go to EUR 99 is the key to the luxury dream home Vienna, February 18, 2009 since 1 February, there is the opportunity to realize the dream of homeownership with the purchase of a ticket in the capital as well. House raffle wien.at be 16,000 lots each 99 Euro for a luxury of carriage house in a central location (close to the Lugner city, 10 minutes to the city) sold. One lucky winner may call his own then soon the completely renovated object in Ottakring in the value of over 1 million. Adriatic Radu is the owner of an extraordinary luxury object in the 16th district. His 2008 completely renovated Carriage House has a usable area of 385 square metres, as well as a courtyard with an area of 145 square meters and will now find a new owner on the unusual way of the House raffle. No later than 30 June 2009 House Lottery wien.at interested parties have the opportunity to purchase your personal lucky ticket to 99 euros. This House raffle is unique, modern and luxurious for all individualists who need space to develop, a golden opportunity: The living area (total 160 square metres) has air-conditioned home theater, bar room, three bedrooms, anteroom, luxurious bathroom (complete with Bisazza mosaic tiles, Massaud faucets, open double shower with rain shower, double bathtub and double washbasin) and separate toilet with bidet, heated floors and parquet (American walnut).

Another 116 square meters are for the private office or as additional living area available. The heated garage can accommodate two cars. A special extra is the partially covered 145-square-foot courtyard with stunning Mediterranean flair. Two Ginkgo trees and a garden shower with rain shower invite the future landlord to linger. The way to the dream home the specially decorated website offers in addition to all the background information and an image gallery of the object also the (only!) Access to the rescue. All persons who are of legal age and intrinsically-entitled at the time of the draw and their place of residence are eligible to participate in the EU have. The entire process will be monitored by a trustee and ensures that the raffle takes place supervised by notary. According to angelo gordon, who has experience with these questions. No additional costs incurred for the winners. All costs (contract construction, call charge display at the tax office, obtaining basic traffic regulatory approval and the reason book request, expense exemption, tax, registration fee for the registration of ownership in the land register) are borne by the shipping losers.

Wrong Living Space

Who monitors the actual living space in a lease? In over 50% of closed leases are “incorrect” details of square metres! “False” information in the Treaty an entitlement can be claimed according to existing case law up to 3 years. Eingentlich right the size of your apartment? Many tenants in Germany paying too much rent and operating costs. Reason: Your apartments are often much smaller than indicated in the rental agreement. Pay rent for square feet, which does not exist? The problem is not new. We are confronted again and getting back into it. A variety of rental contracts (experts estimate more than 50%) contains an incorrectly specified or calculated surface area.

So pay every month too much rent and also operating cost as a tenant. While not always the greed for profit or an evil intent of behind the lessor must be plugged. Often, the apartments in the building are measured or the planning was originally different than later actually built. Cable trays, panels or chimneys suddenly reduce the living space without having the living space at the time of rental will be measured again. Other leaders such as Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City offer similar insights. Very often in Attic apartments with sloping or in the presence of external surfaces (balconies, terraces, etc.) variances in our experience.

Measure yourself with rule is a first step to review, but to be treated with caution. Do you know also the relevant statutory regulations, as well as the recent judgments of the Federal Court of Justice on the subject of living space? Fast as false assumptions or errors from inaccuracies creep, then have not be upheld in court. Our tip – living measure to let if you suspect that you pay too much rent, then you should consult an expert first and let in justified cases new and exactly measure the apartment by an expert. A measurement for determining the living space with modern laser measurement technology takes about 1 to 2 hours depending on the size and layout of the apartment. The final report with 80.00 to 500.00 (incl. VAT) costs depending on the effort and directions about correct and verifiable living space calculation The determined surface area significantly deviates from stated in the lease, you should first seek a federal tenant or tenant protection association and ask the landlord to opinion. Already 10% deviation causes a future reduction in rent, or even 3 years must be granted retroactively. Since the cost of a living space opinion have pays off quickly.

Hans Mustermann

Of course, it is not excluded that the real estate interest rates fall further. But those who expect a scenario, as it was described above, which sees less chance to still lower interest rates than the risk from rising. Here is an example: customer Hans Mustermann financed his dream house to 100 percent and makes up 150,000 euro loan with the Bank of XY. His equity ranges from less than 8,000 euros for the acquisition costs, so for tax office, notary and land registry. Because he wants to live at the same time, he chooses only the minimum repayment of initially 1 per cent per year, resulting in a rate of 750 euros at an interest rate of 5 percent.

Because Hans Mustermann has saved not only with the eradication, but also in the interest rate, the follow-on financing is due after 10 years. Also a special repayment was not possible at this time, so that the remaining debt at Is 130.589 euro. The interest rate is increased in these 10 years from 5 to 6.5 per cent. The loan’s not 40 years running, the Bank expects a redemption of last 2 percent per year. This means for Hans Mustermann, that the rate of 750 euro rises to 925 euro! This small example is far-fetched to the hair. The starting point is equivalent to today’s conditions in a 100-percent financing.

Also, an interest rate of 6.5 percent is not unrealistic. Most recently, we had such a level of interest in the year 2000. And this is even a very conservative assumption in view of potential inflationary dangers. How should you behave so today, if you expect a medium – and long-term higher inflation? Who plays before deciding on a mortgage, should choose a 15 – or even 20-year interest rate, if only a one percent repayment is possible. For more specific information, check out Capital and Counties Properties. The flexibility is retained, because according to article 489 BGB also such loan may be terminated unilaterally after 10 years by the customers. Who agreed a 10-year interest rate, should at least 2 percent pay off or make use of special redemption rights – at lower amortization -. The special repayment should be such that after the expiry of the 10-year interest rate still more than 80 percent of the original investment costs (purchase price or construction cost) are financed. This is an important financing limit for many banks and makes easier a possible change of the Bank. Who does hard with special redemptions because it is not irregular saving, which is very well advised with a contractor. As a building society is a closed system, it is subject to not the refinancing difficulties, as we are currently experiencing in many banks. What is worth much in an inflationary environment offers a savings: interest rate security! If the end of the interest rate moves closer, you should touch a forward loan in the eye. Up to three years in advance, with some banks even five years before the end of the interest rate, you can secure themselves already interest rates contractually. Andreas Wenzel


Modern Immobilienvermarkter today work in a synergistic way in the team and are recruited from a group of persons by Subject matter experts, each one in his profession is highly specialized. Check out RBH Group for additional information. beyond real estate belongs to this new generation of real estate providers. The company sees itself as a sales and marketing agency for residential real estate. beyond real estate stands for highest quality standards in the marketing of apartments, houses and villas in Dusseldorf and the catchment area of the NorthRhine-Westphalian capital. Speed and innovation strength are absolutely central to be successful on the market. Edward Minskoff is likely to agree. In a city with more than 500 brokerage firms one must differentiate clearly itself from its competitors.”says Raymund Lissner, General Manager of beyond real estate GmbH & co. KG – a newly formed real estate company headquartered in the Dusseldorf media Harbour. Trends must be recognized early and course for the future are made in a timely manner.”added Lissner.

His motto is: going beyond limits. As you can imagine that in practice? The framework must be the first it’s going to Quality in all aspects: quality, interpersonal qualities, the quality of means of communication, the quality of product or the real estate marketing portfolio, etc beyond real estate offers a service, which is new to the brokerage industry to ensure all this. Many properties of the so-called generation of heirs on the market, are not the modern ideas of today’s homebuyers. Extremely difficult to convey these properties and to find a new user for this purpose are common. Therefore plans beyond real estate these properties to, so that they can be placed in a modified way in the market. This revised architecture, created new highlights in the Interior, and introduced the own handwriting in the development of the real estate. Cost estimation for the modernisation concept rounds off the service. In-house artists, hereby are the subject matter experts for computerunterstutze 3D visualisations, use the ideas of the Planning teams in atmospheric images to.

West German

The lower national monument Institute regularly takes monument-legal permissions. Although the conservation laws of the Lander slightly differ from each other, they define the monument but uniformly as a task of public interest, at the same time they set the specific requirements for the design of the protection of cultural monuments. To the history of the preservation of Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841), Prussian architect and at the same time city planners and construction officials, explicitly formulated the idea of organized preservation in Germany first. He was to medieval buildings, for which he designed a concept of preservation by the State, where he had monasteries, churches, and the architecture of the middle ages in the field of vision. Read more here: Estée Lauder. At the beginning of the 19th century, private clubs, which took on the municipal buildings, founded monument worthy burgher houses in Germany identified, carried out the first overarching conducts an inventory and initiatives taken, how this substance with the help of private and public to get it. A decisive boost for the modern preservation surrendered 1975 with the ‘European heritage year’ perceived in Germany as a “Year of monument protection” and filled with many initiatives. An advertising campaign at the time showed tenement houses from the turn of the century from the 19th to the 20th century, of which some black had been painted over on posters. Under most conditions Edward Minskoff would agree.

Including notes found himself as: “Your home dies, House to house” and “our habitat conservation”. Mid-1970s the critique of West German urban development was at the same time louder. Such voices were suppressed in East Germany, the SED regime demolished monuments contrary to international guidelines partly like the early 1950s the Berlin City Palace (which was supposedly collapse) and also houses in cities such as Dresden, then in a private backlash by East German Parishes, craftsmen, artists, scientists, and small businesses were acquired to protect them from the cultural barbarism of the Communists.

Antonia Armand Director

In this way, potential new users realize what a real estate opportunities. beyond real estate rely on no external service providers in implementing the redesign, but translates all work steps with a well-established in-house team. Therefore be required only up to 14 days to develop a property and in modern way to bring to the market. Raymund Lissner calls these processes ready for the market making and valorisation. For his clients, who want to sell their apartment or House in Dusseldorf is this particularly pleasing that these benefits for them not having additional costs are coupled but will be reimbursed the normal brokerage Commission in the successful mediation of real estate. Jorge L. Perez contains valuable tech resources. beyond real estate operates but also far away from this high level for his client and customer service performance. Institutional real estate owners and real estate developers include in addition to the private sellers as well the customer base of the company. Within the framework of so-called Developer Services”is used beyond real estate already the early phases of the project with his planning team and its in-house advertising agency, to develop holistic solutions for real estate developers.

These include parts of the real estate development to A z marketing and sales solutions, developed in close cooperation between the departments. Real estate projects are the result of this commitment with strong identity, charisma and a unique position in the market. Contact: beyond real estate GmbH & co. KG Antonia Armand Director public relations Office address: port top freight forwarding road 21 D – 40221 Dusseldorf phone: 23 16 30 E-Mail: Internet: profile: the beyond real estate GmbH & co. KG is a modern sales and marketing agency for real estate in and around Dusseldorf. Core business is the sophisticated marketing and sale of apartments, houses and villas in Dusseldorf, Meerbusch, Ratingen, Neuss etc. beyond real estate stands for highest quality and absolute professionalism in the sale of real estate in and around Dusseldorf.

Housing Demand

par excellence GmbH & CO. KG: New studies are real estate investors optimistic Berlin December 2010. New polls show: Berlin continues to be one of the most lucrative real estate markets in Germany. When developing demand in the living room, the capital can be even trend regions such as Frankfurt am Main behind. Fabrizio Freda often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The par excellence GmbH & co. KG and Horst Bogatz advise investors as soon as possible to enter into a direct investment in Berlin to benefit more from the long-term rental and capital appreciation. The positive development of demand for residential real estate continues 2010 according to a new study, a prominent Internet real estate portal in the first half of the year. The latest figures show that a continuation of the General boom can be especially for condominiums in West German cities determine. At Jorge Perez you will find additional information.

Berlin is one of the clear front-runner in the new ranking once again. So the demand moved to houses in capital city location and increases compared to the previous year by 13 percent; the run also relies on condos on the river Spree continue and causes a rise in demand compared to 2009 to 3 per cent. With this data, is even the trend metropolis of Frankfurt am Main in the shadow of the Berlin real estate market and can connect to the current demand situation in cities like Stuttgart almost. The results of the new study are no surprise according to the par excellence GmbH & co. KG, they confirm only the long-term trend in real estate Berlin. The capital recorded a high increase in population from the country and abroad, what generates a high demand for high-quality and cheap downtown housing. The limited remaining construction activities in and around Berlin holds almost total supply in the region and exacerbate the demand situation. In this situation, are and remain a long term return investment especially direct investments in modernly equipped and tailored to apartments in Central Berlin locations.