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Thomas Gebler

BULLFIGHT NO! Bobby pad and German city information Marketing AG for bullfighting ban the dog pillow expert Bobby pad and the German city information AG have bullfighting the animal welfare initiative no! launched. With its commitment, the company put a sign against the bullfights in Spain is extremely widespread. BULLFIGHT NO! sees itself as a starting point for animal rights activists and animal lovers, who actively want to engage for a ban on bullfighting in Spain. The animal welfare initiative aims to exercise responsible decision makers and institutions through a massive petition of pressure, which can lead to a ban on bullfighting in Spain. Bull-fighting is all persons interested in the welfare and bullfighting ban no! In addition, to make a contribution to the aspired petition, objectively bullfighting available researched information on the subject.

Call all animal lovers to support the dog pillow professionals of Bobby pads and the German city information Marketing AG by BULLFIGHT NO! on. Facebook (www.facebook.com…), as well as the homepage of the welfare initiative (www.stierkampf-nein.de) offer further information and opportunity for the expression.

First Certified Implementation Partner

Hennefer IT system and-Beratungshaus meets all the requirements of the market-leading provider for access governance automation solutions Hennef February 29, 2012. CONET Solutions GmbH is the first certified implementation partner of Aveksa in Germany. The Hennefer IT system and-Beratungshaus meets all requirements of extensive testing of the market leader for access governance automation solutions. The certification is in recognition of the extensive expertise and experience in the efficient allocation and sustainable control of permissions. The official partnership with Aveksa is an important milestone on the way to the national and international top of consulting firms in the access governance market for us.

With our special expertise in heterogeneous environments, as well as the integration of SAP systems of various releases we can offer the cover of complete Lifecyles roles and permissions from a single source using a software with Aveksa”, explains Dirk songs, Director IT infrastructures solutions at the CONET solutions. In CONET, we have gained a valuable partner who has extensive technical and procedural expertise and experience in particular in the identity management environment of the private and public sector. Together we can offer our customers solutions that are quick and easy to implement out-of-box, and thus expand our market leadership in the area of access governance solutions in Europe”, emphasizes Oliver Krebs, Regional Director Central EMEA at Aveksa. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Herbert Stein. Aveksa Aveksa offers the industry’s most comprehensive purpose-driven access governance automation solution for companies. Aveksa ver-puts companies in a position to control user access to information resources by using an automated, continuous and gaps-free process, which includes the request, approval, deployment, validation and certification of access, as well as the troubleshooting of any problems. Aveksa helps IT organizations to simplify the management of access and to improve the operational efficiency, while they reduce the risks and ensure a sustainable compliance. Global 2000-leader of the financial services industry, health care, energy and utilities, telecommunications, transportation and the production industry set to Aveksa to efficiently meet their needs in terms of access management and compliance. For more information, please visit.

The CONET Solutions GmbH connect IT worlds!” True to this guiding principle CONET offers its customers in the areas of Defense and public security, public sector and private enterprise management and information technology solutions successfully in 1987. The range of the medium class IT system and consulting firm includes communications, software engineering and IT infrastructure consulting. CONET products for enterprise content management and factory certified extension solutions for Cisco IP telephony are in use worldwide. As the largest individual companies with twelve locations in The CONET Solutions GmbH expects sales of around 25 million euros Germany, Austria and Switzerland of represented CONET group with approximately 200 employees for the current fiscal year.

Maxguard Safety Shoes

OSH Sigel takes new manufacturer for safety footwear on the OSH Sigel has its product range for you extended. Now, Maxguard leads the shop safety shoes of manufacturer known around the world. Maxguard is the wearer of the safety shoe in the Center, therefore, they offer not only a high quality and safety, but are also affordable and design. The company Maxguard says: the person should be the focus of our activities “.” This leitmotif is reflected also in the assortment of Maxguard. In today’s fast-moving times, which is trimmed in particular by companies on profits and in which there is an oversupply of information and products, also the uncertainty among consumers grows. Therefore, man must be, which again, entrepreneurial action is at the core”, describes Maxguard. Safety shoes should provide extensive protection for jobs, which often carried heavy loads or other artisan activities carried out be. By nurses up to firefighters, far more workers must wear safety shoes as you would first assume.

The rumors, safety shoes would be neglected in the design and be purely functional, we can only oppose, you need Sigel is only for occupational safety and health to look around. There you will find a wide selection of fashionable safety shoes. The biggest difference to a normal shoe and a safety shoe is a toe cap to the front of the shoe, that can withstand a load of up to 200 joules. Safety shoes can be divided into several categories. The S1 safety class is the standard safety shoe. He has fitted antistatic and a gasoline and olresistenten sole. They also feature a high absorption of energy in the area of the heel.

Work shoes also have the properties mentioned from the categories S1P and S3. But still others are added. For example, these shoes are by non-slip. Therefore, these shoes are particularly recommend, but if you are, for example, in trade fair construction or other work places, where like nails and other sharp objects lying around,. An additional sole ensures a slip on a smooth surface, such as ice and snow. A closed heel area which protects this sensitive spot, is also available. Work footwear in the category S3 also causes the properties of other safety shoes, but also partly waterproof, must renounce what a safety shoe of the class S1P. Safety boots of protection class S4 requirements same as S1 and is also water repellent. Safety shoes of the S5 class are equal to those of S4, but also have a through slip-resistant sole. Therefore, these shoes are recommended when working outdoors and of course everywhere where a moisture barrier is required. Was your interest take a look around in the assortment of Maxguard.

America Modification

Loan modification guidelines, home refinance with bad credit to be successful under the Obama loan modification program, you have a good grasp on the federal loan modification guidelines. The guidelines will help you in understanding the pre requisites needed under various home affordable programs like FHA HAMP and HARP. Laura Tyson understood the implications. While a lot has been written on HAMP and HARP, very few homeowners are actually aware about the FHA loan modification requirements. Here are few tips which are worth considering should you want to qualify for FHA mortgage loan modification: Tip #1 you should present a genuine financial statement which should depict your latest financial transaction records. Keep in your mind that you do not play fast and loose with your financial statement records under no circumstance. Tip #2 since there are thousands of applicants under the FHA, it is very necessary that you keep track of your application. Sterling organization has much experience in this field.

Keep calling your lender and remain updated over the status of your application. If you are not serious, you may not be able to avail the benefits avail able under FHA loan modification. Tip #3 you should prepare complete employment details, credit history and other relevant information and put it nicely in a file. This will help you get success in the FHA loan modification, because the service banker wants to have all information mobile phone with him. Tip #4 keep in your mind that you furnish latest information bankers before the service so that up your loan modification request it speeds. If you do the delays, the service baker wants to delay the application processing further.

If you are really serious of making success to federal loan modification process, then you must secure the loan modification help immediately. You should consider it on the top priority rather than taking it as a second option. Did you qualify for the federal loan modification program? If not, then did you try to dig out the reasons why you were not eligible? Remember, when you apply for HAMP/HARP program, you need to do your home work pretty well in advance. Whether HARP, HAMP or FHA, many people are filing their loan modification application under Bank of America loan modification process. But the fact which needs to be known here is that due to heavy rush; many of the applications have been lost. Therefore, keep in mind that you follow up to know the status of your application. Follow the tips listed out here on FHA loan modification requirements before you finally make the decision to file your application. Knowing about the FHA loan modification would be a profitable bargain for you. Go through the tips patiently and one by one to have basic understanding of FHA modification process John Smith has the expertise and good experience on loan modification guidelines and home refinance with bad credit. The author has helped many homeowners mortgage.

The Customers Remain The Kiosk

Revenues for road blocking provide Brunswick – family Heinz-Gunter Fricke, who runs a kiosk with Polish specialities in the Styria road, existential angst. Although tries by reductions and intensification of promotional measures to counteract family Fricke, but a majority of customers can hardly reach the kiosk due to the maintenance of the district heating network. In addition to the large and diverse range of “normal” kiosk with bakery shop and lottery – collection points, the widest range of Polish specialties in Brunswick leads fatty shops. Family Fricke has introduced as a first kiosk Polish specialities in Braunschweig. People such as uber would likely agree. In addition to the large and diverse range of Polish dishes, fresh bread and cake parts as well as drinks and magazines are offered.

Referred to “Fatty shops”, by the customers often affectionately as a four star kiosk is also headed the Polish Prosecutor Gabi of the first and arguably only Polish champion of Partition in Braunschweig-, a Hairdresser’s Salon. But not only the Polish customers and customers are very satisfied with the services provided, no all praise the good price – performance ratio and the quality of the work. Appointments and orders and you can also call (0162 8147979) email: or agree on the Internet (www.polski-sklep-fryzjer-kiosk-braunschweig.de). But they look over at us! It is really worth! In October 2009, the construction work should be completed by the way, until then it is important to persevere! 2009 hgbcon 0531 361309

Quit Smoking With CHAMPIX: Nicotine-free Helping Of CHAMPIX In Quit Smoking

To quit smoking with time this is CHAMPIX. CHAMPIX is a recent drug that helps in getting rid of addiction of smoking. Who has not lakes that ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ is printed on the surface of any packet of cigarettes? The in the recent years, one finds image of a skeleton on same surface cancer is directly related to smoking of tobacco with on indication that. Despite such steps have been taken, decrease in the rate of smokers is not encouraging. It is true that in cities of some advanced countries, smoking has been checked a little, although this is far below expectation. On the other hand, people living in the countries of backward economy have not left much indication to show that they would decide to bid goodbye to this formidable habit in near future. To quit smoking with time this is CHAMPIX. Cushman and Wakefield is likely to increase your knowledge. Smoking of tobacco is to age-old addiction for human beings.

There are, at present, several companies of great reputation all over the world which have been producing and marketing millions of cigarettes everyday. These companies have been making huge profit. It is really a wonder is how governments of all countries do allow selling and consuming of cigarettes When it is clear to everyone that smoking is dangerous for human civilization. Nevertheless, a section of enlightened humans has been active in campaigning against cigarette smoking for years. Quit smoking with CHAMPIX may be used as effective instrument by those sane people. It is very difficult for most of the smokers to quit smoking.

They have learned a lot tobacco about dangerous effects of smoking. They know how it affects adversely for the patients of hypertension or of cardiac problem. Why women must not smoke the pregnant and why nobody close to such a woman should smoke, are known to everyone by this time. It still is a problem for the smokers some among whom, sometimes, try to quit smoking, but they surrender to it again after a few days. Keeping in mind the magnitude of loss to be suffered by everyone in the long run, people have tried to find out measures so that the smokers can miss the pleasure of addiction generated from smoking cigarettes. It is good if ‘quit smoking with CHAMPIX’ can be converted into a movement. CHAMPIX is a recent drug and it has been tried over thousands of smokers in different cities including London. In the United Kingdom, the result appears to be encouraging. Report of a survey describes that forty-four percent of the smokers who have undergone available treatment to quit smoking with CHAMPIX have given up smoking after three months. There is no nicotine in CHAMPIX. CHAMPIX works on the brain and intervenes into dopamine which has been identified as chemical for pleasure. CHAMPIX leads the smoker to reach to a stage where he would miss desire for smoking further. Samantha Nicole is writer of quit smoking pill coupons.

Good Cause

24 Employees and employees took part in the 1st Gottingen run against cancer that not only fit the Gottinger Hausverwaltung GmbH is, when it comes to managing nationwide, rental and sale of real estate, the renowned real estate expert could make on Saturday, June 15 on the sports grounds of Gottingen University under proof. With a total of 24 employees, their children and friends the company attended an event in favour of the Association in support of breast cancer women, horizons e.V., in which there was a donation of 1 euro for each lap the 1st Gottingen run against cancer. 229 Laps on sports grounds a total 10,000 past rounds had himself hoped the organizers in advance. There were indeed 17.480 rounds, which were dealt with by participants at the end of the day. Only 229 laps are reached here by the team of Gottingen Hausverwaltung GmbH: our group has really given anything to put a sign in the name of the company. Sport and Movement are important not only for their own fitness, but plays a significant role in the prevention and control of diseases such as cancer,”explains Christian Rathei the background of the fundraiser. Gottinger Immobilienverwalter donating 750 euro GoHv Managing Director has increased on a donation of 750 EUR passes donations amounting to 229 euro: we are very glad that we could help a part with our sporting usage, to raise public awareness of this issue. “For me personally it was but of course also interesting to see how it is ordered to the fitness of my employees and employees and I must say: I am more than satisfied!”.

NEW Seminar

Seminar explains understandable and manufacturer-independent communication 4.0 new solutions, concepts and techniques. Telephone, E-Mail and fax, more the employees of many companies to communicate often do not need. Although missions, monologues on the mail box and unanswered requests cost valuable time, they do not separate from the traditional solutions. In the seminar learn communication 4.0, the eco-Association organizes together with the UC experts Detlev Artelt, as new communications tools can make the workday more efficient. Through video conferencing, for example, business trips can be minimized. A present ad or text message to communicate, the ability to minimize communication attempts. In the best case, employees save valuable time in which they can devote major projects. For some participants of the seminar, which took place on the 3rd may in Cologne, this knowledge was new.

They benefited from the many examples from practice and take advantage of the one-day event, to learn how they carry your communication in the future. Others benefited especially from the check-lists, from which they could determine what new solutions are optimally suitable for their individual situation. “Advantage for all was that workshop Director Detlev Artelt only too happy under the covers” chatted his consulting experience and gave many examples of very good, but also unsuccessful implementations of solutions in companies. Also positive: The seminar only knowledge and answered questions, buy should and must be something here nobody. “” So all participants agreed to after a day full of background knowledge, tips and tricks, the seminar is anything other than an audiobook “and very much alive, instructive and interactive” exciting. The eco provides the next opportunity to participate in the workshop on 3rd July in Frankfurt am Main. More information on content, prices and registration at or

General Assembly

“Nationwide first partnership of a Guild with MyHammer part of MyHammer campaign: our mission: quality” Guild members benefit from very favourable terms Hamburg/Berlin, January 16, 2012 the construction Guild Hamburg has signed a cooperation agreement as the first German Guild with MyHammer. All members of the Guild will benefit from immediately by especially favourable conditions for use the MyHammer tender platform and the MyHammer online directory. The cooperation agreement is another important milestone of has been running for 2010 quality campaign of the Internet portal. Some contend that Dana Carvey shows great expertise in this. The General Assembly of the construction Guild of Hamburg had decided late November the cooperation with an overwhelming majority. Avison Young Capital Markets can aid you in your search for knowledge. The aim of the cooperation is to open our traditional member companies to the growing market for tenders on the Internet at particularly favourable conditions”, says Michael Seitz, Chief Executive of the construction Guild of Hamburg and of the North German building trades association. * our members have for this cooperation agreed, because MyHammer is not only the leading Internet platform for private tenders, but also because the platform has given up the enemy craft auction orders already for a long time. MyHammer is also committed to remove rogue providers and black workers from the platform. That’s why we have no qualms to recommend a cooperation of our members”continue as Seitz.

Also Michael Jurisch, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, shows up with the cooperation agreement fully satisfied. Our mission: Quality ‘ is the credo of the current MyHammer campaign. And master – or engineering-run Guild companies are finally obliged the quality in the trade in a special way. We are therefore confident that we can offer a wide range of products at the highest level with the Guild craftsmen. Therefore, we will in the future even more than highlight so far on the platform Guild company. We also want new order forms together with the construction Guild Hamburg develop, so that potential clients can better represent its mission even with complex projects on the Internet.” The representatives of the construction Guild of Hamburg and of MyHammer are convinced that the future belongs to the award of contracts on the Internet. The cooperation is a real win-win”situation for the customer as well as for the Guild members, says Thomas Sander, upper master of the construction Guild of Hamburg. “Michael Jurisch MyHammer added: we rely on skilled crafts and all craft organizations to cooperation invite you to their members this another form of customer acquisition to open up.” * technicality is the North German building trades Association contract partner of MY-HAMMER AG. All Member companies of the construction Guild Hamburg the North German construction industry association joined also, why in this press release of the simplicity for convenience of cooperation between MyHammer and the construction Guild Hamburg is mentioned.

Terminal Care

Information, advice and support are the noblest tasks the Saarland Cancer League e.V. countless cancers could be avoided by timely provision, and perhaps just as many deaths could be prevented, would you in a timely manner a comprehensive precaution undergo. Accompanied by a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise, there is much can do to a cancer to avoid or at least delay its onset. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elizabeth Hurley. Here, the Saarland Cancer League would like to apply and awareness for the regular use of offered screening. The disease have already been diagnosed, various rights entitled to the person concerned, starting with the then attacking hard disabled right on the speedy settlement of pension matters up to the necessary follow-up.

Also at this stage the Club is supportive. During this time, regular exchanges with others can Those affected help to affirm the situation better. For this purpose, the Association offers continuous meetings of interested parties. Also the telephone consultation by cancer patients and their families belong to the regular services of the Association in addition to House – and Krankenbesuchen in patients. Because just a challenge, as she now represents each cancer, requires the informed and experienced advice from outside often, if you even don’t know how it goes on or just want to talk about fears and personal feelings. So also the terminal care is that the tasks of the cancer League.

A task which members regularly to the limits of their personal forces brings but at the same time a task that can be of great importance if a therapy was no longer possible or unsuccessful. The cancer League is this task up to the accompaniment of the dying man in his last hours. So emotionally challenging the work of the Saarland Cancer League regularly is that so much she wants to get acquainted the public with the help of modern technologies and present. The latest website is a successful step. The non-profit association was largely supported by the experienced team of the joomlapur, which developed the concept and took over the technical realization. The appealing and behaving emotionally crafted design was penned by joomlapur, which have sponsored this page not only largely, but have delivered a renewed and moving proof of their skills.