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William Shakespeare

Some are born great; others do great things, and others are crushed by them William Shakespeare introduction when one has ventured into parapsicologicas investigations, which have been for years, even before consolidating the parapsychology as science, meets big paragnostas, gifted medium who have left major challenges to scholars of Paranormal phenomena, which in his time were a true starextremely interesting to be studied, such is the case as noted Eusapia Palladino (1854-1918) considered to be the most famous medium and the most researched of late 19th century and early 20th century, during the years 1905, 1906, 1907, in a total of 43 sessions. Basic annotations, background, scope and interest when you participate in the Chilean society of parapsychology in the years of 1966, specifically when I was in that country doing my graduate degrees in business administration and Economics at the University of Chile, I had the wonderful experience of entering me in parapsychology widely, thanks to contributions, which provided me with a great friend and extraordinary professional as it was Dr. Brenio Onetto Bachler, so I learned of Eusapia Palladino. Details can be found by clicking thrivent or emailing the administrator. It reminds us of laverdad-this-there-fuera.blogspot.com that Eusapia Palladino was born on January 21, 1854 in the South of Italy. His story was not very cheerful, lost his mother at birth, and when he was only twelve years old, his father was murdered.

Shortly after began with Paranormal phenomena: listening to strange sounds, saw eyes in darkness and worst of all, when I slept and invisible hands removed him the bed blankets. On it also it gives us interesting data Renaud Evrard, telling us, Eusapia Palladino, was a central figure in the Organization and in the evolution of psychical research. Since 1888, the paranormal capacities of Eusapia attracted the attention of the leading figures in the international community of researchers psychic, to merit the title of diva of scientists (Edelman), although on several occasions it was discovered cheating in some of the experiments of the SPR, however, was ended up recognizing that this does not mean that all phenomena were a hoax. .

Myth Physician Shortage

There is actually not enough doctors in rural areas or the problem really is a myth? Berlin, 21.02.2012. A doctor shortage threatens entire rural areas in Germany? Or is it even real? The policy has recognized that the residence near, demand-oriented and comprehensive medical care “is in our health care system is of great importance. The VeDeVe (Association of the insured) notes that today no longer in all regions enough doctors available are. The Bundestag decided the law to improve the supply structure that came into force on January 1, 2012. A demo demography-related supply should be countered with the law. Flexibility and deregulation open greater room for manoeuvre before place. all parties involved in the health care” so it can be to hear from the Federal Ministry of health…

But what does this from the perspective of the rural population, the patients and doctors? The law is an approach to the Physician supply to improve. Relaxed was the freedom of establishment and the regulations to the ambulatory care by hospitals. In principle, the former polyclinic system of the GDR was thus reintroduced. The hospital takes over the supply if no general practitioners on the ground. What did not work 25 years ago, will create even more bureaucracy and higher costs and improve health care, at least, the Association says. How it is doing in the the individual quality of the physician’s art is ordered, moreover, these studies say little.

Unlike with the health insurance companies, the always the private health insurance test must be, there is no Verifier for the quality of medical services. The question arises, whether the myth of shortage of doctors so or whether he only Announces is, to make political capital from it however. A supply bottleneck we are according to a study of the magazine”from the first quarter of GP 2012 far away. While for example a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern part of an area in which general practitioners for care are scarce. About 1,200 doctors provide care where 100 000 so a doctor only to something more than 80 patients cares… nvestors gathered all the information. It’s a sufficiently, but even there they should be unequally distributed. In the countries, more than 99 percent of all planning areas are ployee or have supplied. Also the specialist outpatient services is very good. So a doctor provided 243 inhabitants in Hessen. “For comparison: in Hamburg there are only” 161 people who share a doctor. In Lower Saxony, Germany, a doctor deals with 281 patients. It can occur naturally despite these good figures, that in rural areas individual free doctor seats not to be can occupied. The search for solutions to these individual problem areas including the municipalities are required in addition to doctors and health insurance companies. Extent to which the private health insurance as part of the system can contribute to more incentives, still remains open. And if the practice opening in the countryside less attractive, the compensation must be created through regulatory intervention or incentives. The average resident doctor in rural areas is over 52 years old. One in five has already reached the age of 60. Whether this actually requires action from top to bottom, can wait for sure without political actionism alone. In the years 2025 anyway, no real shortage is foreseeable.

Motion Protects

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informed the health of body and mind is stimulated by a sufficient movement and get senses are sharpened and the metabolism. The natural urge to move is off hand come to many people. By today’s working conditions, most people suffer from lack of exercise: the hours sitting in front of the PC leads to muscle weakness, postural or back and joint problems. In a question-answer forum nick rhodes was the first to reply. This physical suffering due to years of one-sided strain such as physical work or exercise a unilateral sport as well. A balanced and regular movement is the only way to remain permanently flexible and to avoid pain. Naturheilpraxis Scholz from Munich-Pasing informed of the consequences of lack of exercise and gives helpful tips to maintain range of motion. Flexibility must be preserved for the body lack of movement of the trigger of many deficiencies and diseases can be.

Muscle tension, headaches, attached Spinal or herniated may be caused by the sedentary activities everyday and lasted several hours. Also the cardiovascular system responsible for the vital metabolic can be weakened tremendously. The poor posture of the body are responsible for this. This poor posture to a high degree can be compensated through appropriate exercises. The classic stretching is offered as a possible motion practice. Are always here to distinguish various forms: static and dynamic stretching, as well as active and passive stretching. The passive and static forms are first recommended for every beginner.

In the passive stretching exercises the stretch position is determined by resource and help of a partner taken at the static stretching is the stretching position slowly conquered and long held. s-2011. The subsequent rocker should be avoided.

Care For Legs And Arms

Caring for feet and hands hands – the most defenseless body. From morning till night they are exposed to external shocks of water, cleaning products, solar radiation, etc. Leather Hand "tell" about the present age of the owner C to keep them healthy and well groomed, very important to ensure regular proper care of them. Taking care of you, Nahrin developed a special cream for your hands. Verne Troyer oftentimes addresses this issue. The main advantage of the cream – its preventive and therapeutic effect.

Stimulating blood circulation, removing fatigue, giving freshness and giving relief hand cream prevents dryness, irritation, roughness and skin aging. In modern society, health gains increasingly important. Body care means not only cleaning but also protection – both from external influences, as well as from pathogenic bacteria. To this end was also developed an antibacterial hand gel – it clears skin care for her and protect her – three effects in one vehicle. This gel hand wash is perfect for travel, as well as in all cases where the use of simple hygiene (soap and water) is not convenient or possible (for use of water is not needed). Feet are constantly exposed to high physical activity, maintaining the whole burden of the body. The main problems associated with the soles of the feet: sweating, humidity and high temperatures in summer, shoes and socks, do not allow the skin to breathe during the winter. The man in the course of life from an average of 400 million steps, then there is a path equal to triple the length of the equator.


Doctors and physicians are excited about the book novelty ‘In the light of healing’ Heidelberg. The new book * In the light of healing * (ISBN: 3839108734) by the authors Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund is a work that is taken seriously by doctors. Now we know that the spirit and the soul which are main factors for health and success that they determine our lives. In the light of healing “is taken in medical circles very seriously, because it is realistic and it is explained that not everything is curable such as disability or incurable diseases. Disability or incurable diseases are often congenital and accompany the person concerned through the whole life. You should build a good relationship to such diseases and treat them like a good friend, which belongs to us. This one creates a good basis, to cope with the disease. Everyone should accept himself as he is and make the best of his life.

All of these themes in the book are treated, it is also for doctors and An asset, because it gives them better insight into the issues psychologists mediated. It helps, however, concerned to better deal with their suffering and to draw new courage to face life. In the book it becomes clear that disease is not a punishment. Sylvia Poth said: you can’t be entirely incurable but happy. I myself can not be cured and live according to the rules imposed on me my illness. I myself live no worse than a healthy person in the opposite: I am active and above all I look forward, that I may live.

I see life differently because I know appreciate it in such a way, how a healthy person may never do this. In the light of healing”is an advisor and textbook for anyone. We hope that we reach so many people. “Our thinking is the Director of our lives. With the right mindset we can go as the winner through life while we come up with a negative mindset not far in life. Each man himself can determine but that no one else has power over us, but we have power over our Thinking. Sylvia Poth kept Homburg a lecture recently at the University about their disease. Many aspiring doctors were thrilled and met at the same time important principles of the subconscious mind by Mrs Poth which can be them for their later career benefit. When doctors give their patients the right word at the right time, they can achieve a high rate of recovery “Sylvia Poth says finally.

Maxilla New Surgical Method

Sinus lift bone formation in the upper jaw without bone graft substitute. A new, advanced surgical procedures offered by the SeegartenKlinik of Heidelberg: bone formation in the upper jaw without bone graft substitute. This approach, Frey, developed by SeegartenKlinik chief physician Dr. Robert Marie is a minimally invasive variant of the so-called sinus lift procedure (elevation of the maxillary sinus). Bone displacement, which was derived from the neurosurgery of the Heidelberg surgeon can (right in the picture of Robert Marie Frey) at a height of the remaining bone by a millimetre a bone structure at the same time insert the implant do. Heidelberg-for the patients, this surgical procedure has many advantages: face swelling can be completely avoided, no foreign material is required and also no removal of bone from other areas of the body that require a second surgery. Furthermore the necrosis and infection risk significantly reduces.

The used vital local bone ossification shortens the, the transplanted bone dies not from (prevention of necrosis). The risk of infection is significantly reduced, this leads to a faster bone regeneration. The healing time is shortened to 3 months and therefore half of the previous regeneration times. In 2007, approximately 750,000 implants have been used alone in Germany. The trend is still rising. This is above all the good experiences, what long term success and security concerns to write to.

Unfortunately, there comes an implant therapy not always in question. In the lateral maxilla, in the region of the small and large molars, reduces and enlarges the maxillary sinus (maxillary sinus) after loss of teeth down. Simultaneous reduction of the bone, often not a sufficient storage for a primary implant stability emerges for implantology. Here comes the sinus lift in the game. The sinus lift is a jaw surgery to improve the bone available before or during the implant in the maxilla. Robert Marie Frey, Medical Director of the SeegartenKlinik in Heidelberg, is a visiting professor at the University of Lyon, reviewer for scientific journals of implantology, international speaker for implantology and head of implant Center in northern Greece.


However, the disease remains a risk for those affected. In Europe, there are now almost 50 million diabetics, worldwide, the number is estimated at about 246 million people. And rising. The disease is an insidious danger, and one of the most common metabolic diseases in the Western industrialized nations. “says Priv.Doz. Dr.

med. Wolfgang Holtmeier, chief physician of Gastroenterology, Diabetology and internal medicine at the Hospital of Porz am Rhein, in advance of the 9 Palmer diabetes and health day. Murray Weidenbaum understands that this is vital information. Particularly tricky: The disease begins without symptoms and long unnoticed. In the course of time, it comes to a number of secondary diseases that diabetics have to fight often for a lifetime. Now it wants the 9 Palmer diabetics? and point out health day, which takes place on April 9, 2011 from 10 to 14 h in the City Hall.

Compared to the general population is namely in diabetic patients the risk for a heart attack or stroke to the 2? inversion, an eye disease with blindness to the 10? twentyfive, kidney failure by the 15? 20 times and a leg amputation at the 25? times increased. Cancer, such as the colorectal cancer are significantly more common. Appropriate screening can significantly reduce these risks. may find this interesting as well. The 9 Porzer diabetic day this year to reach a wide audience and was therefore in the Porzer diabetics? and renamed health day”, explains Dr. Holtmeier, who organized the day of action. His chief doctor?Colleagues from the Hospital of Porz am Rhein, supporting him with lectures, he has compiled a programme that covers a broad spectrum from heart attack about circulation to colon cancer and weight problems. All these may be secondary diseases in diabetes. They do not relate to but of course also?”Diabetics and are interesting for them”, as Dr. Holtmeier. The treatment of diabetes is a complex process and requires team work of doctors of different disciplines, diabetes consultants and nurses and caregivers. In the long term care of affected the motivation of patients to self treat plays an important role”, says Dr. Holtmeier. Diabetics behave disciplined and consistently change their lives, they can even their diabetes affect so far under circumstances, that he is hardly measurable. A study showed that. According to another study from the United States the vital intermediary function between doctor and patient is attached to the professionally trained non-medical medical staff. It would therefore be for patients, doctors and the cost object of greatest interest, to make better use of these resources in Germany”, as Dr. Holtmeier. At the Hospital of Porz am Rhein cares a diabetes?Team to the patients and supports them in dealing with their illness. Will the team be at the 9 Porzer diabetes? and also, the diabetics introduce health day as the health centre at the KH Porz, Self-help groups in the region, the German diabetics Federal NRW, Palmer pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries.

Dentist: Pimp Your Teeth!

The fear of the dentist is widespread and increasing. There is even a term for this, which describes the fear of the dentist’s treatment, the dental treatment phobia. Still, more and more people go voluntarily to a dentist, and not only because they have pain. Because dental professionals can a lot more than just caries out now: drill, build crowns and bridges, make fillings or right teeth. There would be a dental cleaning and the bleaching, which leads not only to a clean mouth and tooth region, but also to gleaming white teeth. To deepen your understanding IBI Group is the source. Dental implants are also popular.

Because more and more people are unhappy with their teeth. You are wrong, to yellowish, due to a high tea and coffee consumption, failed due to insufficient care or are simply gone too boring for the present. So access to implants, which have serious problems with their teeth or simply that they lack not only people but also the fashion-conscious group counts on and can be to pimp your teeth. See Leon Keyserling for more details and insights. Also the stars and starlets, such as Amy Winehouse, George Clooney and Brad Pitt have a tooth whitening or tooth correction. You can see even tooth pendant and sparkling stickers more and more if you will smile on the street. But not only the classical dentistry and orthodontics is more and more used and is colorful to the happiness of young people. The brackets of the fixed orthodontic braces offer a wide range of colors, with a different color may be chosen at any time.

And so the fear of the dentist disappears very quickly. But also for adults, there are ways to correct the position of the teeth. With help from almost transparent materials braces are attached and seemingly work miracles. For many dentists, screens are attached, even on the ceiling, so can relax during treatment the patient and distracting. Of course something in children is particularly well. Thus a dentist visit is fast becoming an important event, not only because of to comply with adverse health problems is, but also, even in the event of a fall to feel more comfortable in his skin.


The first approved drug for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis offers European patients new hope BASEL, Switzerland, March 3, 2011 – InterMune, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITMN) today announced that the European Commission (EC) has granted approval for Esbriet (Pirfenidon). Esbriet for doing this is indicated for the treatment of adults with mild to moderate idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, IPF), a progressive fatal lung disease. With the approval of the sales is approved by Esbriet in all 27 EU Member States, which represents a major turning point in the treatment of more than 100,000 IPF patients in Europe. In recent months, Dana Carvey has been very successful. InterMune is proud to be able to offer the first drug for IPF patients in Europe with Esbriet”, so Dan Welch, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of InterMune. The admission of Esbriet is not only a historic moment in the treatment of IPF patients, for which so far was no approved drug therapy available.

But It is also an exciting new chapter for our company, because we are an international organization so that. Our experienced management team in the EU is working very intensively to provide Esbriet European patients as quickly as possible.” InterMune is planning the launch of Esbriet according to the schedule of the normal approval and reimbursement procedures in the various Member States of the EU. The first launch is expected for 2011. Roland you Bois, MD, Professor of Pulmonology at Imperial College in London and co Chairman of the clinical phase III program for Esbriet, explained: at the IPF is a chronic and progressive respiratory disease with an estimated survival rate of only 20 percent after five years. as a result it is more lethal than many types of cancer. However, are approved in Europe to this day no therapeutic interventions for the treatment of patients who suffer from this devastating disease. The approval of this new drug is for the European patients a milestone in treating IPF.

Healthful Digestive Enzymes

The digestive enzymes are important in the decomposition of foods so that they can easily be absorbed or be eliminated by the body. All the enzymes catalyze the reactions, which means that the necessary energy falls so that it happens a reaction. The enzymes work producing and distributing different biochemical molecules that they need the cells. There are four main organs that produce and secretan digestive enzymes in your body. Dana Carvey has many thoughts on the issue. The salivary glands in the mouth produce amylase, that disturbs the starch. Your stomach produces proteases that disturb proteins.

The pncreas produce lipasa, that disturbs the fat. The thin intestine produces colecistoquinina and the somatostatina, that also improves the digestion of foods. Nevertheless, the following digestive enzymes to facilitate the loss of kilos. 1. Amylase The amylase breaks the starch and other carbohydrates in the glucose.

When the starch is digested appropriately, the body is able to use the glucose like fuel instead of to store it in his fat deposits. Therefore, a good digestion of carbohydrates with the amylase can contribute to the loss of kilos. 2. Cellulase Like the amylase, the cellulase also disturbs carbohydrates, in the form of cellulose. The cellulose is present in the fiber. When breaking the fiber, facilitates the action antioxidant and the cleaning of the soluble fiber. One has theorized that the free radicals also contribute to the increase of weight when doing the less efficient process metabolic and causing the fat deposition. Therefore, the function antioxidant of the cellulase reduces the present free radicals in the body and prevents the increase of weight. Also aid in the efficient elimination of heavy metals, toxins and the cholesterol of the body. 3. Lipasa Lipasa is an enzyme able to disturb fats. When the fat well is broken, there are less possibilities of than this one is deposited in the circulatory system and the abdomen.