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We know that marketing in the broadest sense of market orientation, i.e. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kelly Tisdale. orientation means (all) activities and products on (inter) national markets, market segments, customers and their needs. Seekirch, 17.7.2013 – we know that marketing in the broadest sense of market orientation, i.e. orientation means (all) activities and products on (inter) national markets, market segments, customers and their needs. Is marketing only as advertising – whether using an Internet presence, press releases / ads, trade shows, participation in social networks, and more, understood, the term (and also the customer) not enough done.

And the goal of improving a company – planned – cannot be achieved with this solitary actions. What should be done – here on the example of capital goods, such as machines, etc.? Basic but again advance: disambiguation: marketing is a definition of marketing Professor Kotler, United States,: marketing to identify unmet needs and Wishes. It defined, weighted and quantified the size of an identified market and the profit potential. It accurately determines which segments can be best operated by the company, designs and promotes the appropriate products and services.” That each sales/marketing one best fares ‘, which is capable of amgunstigsten to offer its products the wishes/goals of the respective customer and she make is to satisfied customers by alone. Disambiguation: International each producer has a domestic market ‘ and therefore means international’ everything – sold beyond the borders of the home market, whether from Germany to Austria, or to China, it ultimately matter. One can speak of globalization only when targeted different markets worldwide are processed. Initial situation every (home market) is limited, and second coming foreign competitors first there in its absorptive capacity and limit will automatically Opportunities for the growth of any single company. Wants to so grow a small or medium-sized company – also the today great were sometime in a similar position–remains only an increase of the sales territory beyond the borders, so international marketing’ to operate – and the existing competitors also stand up to offer.

Corporate Branding Process

The H2O GmbHbeauftragte SCHILLER fire COMPANY with the profiling of their corporate brand H2O. At the same time, the brand VACUDEST should be strengthened. “The holistic branding process took place in several strategic and creative steps together with the H2O strategy team: in a first step, a brand strategy was developed for worldwide use and the brand H2O as the experts for a waste-free production” with the promise of efficient processes. Secure solutions”and the range brand VACUDEST as the efficient distillation system” positions. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kelly Tisdale and gain more knowledge.. “Basis the corporate vision of the wastewater-free future” and pioneer expertise vacuum distillation “. The value-led brand identity and positioning was written down in a brand manual. Also a coherent brand architecture was developed, which precisely defines the relationship of the range brand VACUDEST and the various technology brand to the brand name H2O.

Was also a brand-strengthening architecture of range of and the naming of the product lines developed. In a second step the Markenikonografie was claim, logo, colors, fonts, imagery designed and designed for self-similar guidance the brand develops regulations, which are binding design manual have been documented in a fire. y/’>British Petroleum. Style guide for the corporate language were drawn up as well. In a third step design concepts were developed Internet for the fixtures and the print and online communi cation media image and product brochures, posters, image, product and personal ads, PPT, and an Internet navigation structure developed. The entire image material for the new brand identity was realized in an extensive photo production. It also marks key frames to strengthen the fire behaviour and for personal communication were designed and implemented.

Digital Reproduction

Memes are so easy and so many prospects for success have company. We are talking about a “meme” we mean actually mostly digital reproductions which can cause Massenhypes and thus have a significant impact on the marketing of a company. Read more from Robin Ruzan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Most of them are very simple things that the viewer right into the blood, talk to him, whether it involves a dance videos ala Gangnam style or the “Harlem shake”, is beards glued-on, the so-called “plan King” and cat beards, the “generation of iA” used, reproduced and imitated this digital memes. The word “Meme” (in English “memes”) derives from the Greek “mimema” (?? = pronounced Mi? m?)Ma = m? m? ma off and means “Something imitation”. So the meme was marked the first time “meme” used by British biologist of Richard Dawkins, who invented the word in the publication “The Selfish Gene”.

The word is a combination of “memory” and “genes”. In the biological Meaning involves the evolutionary propagation or reproduction of an “idea” or a partly cultural property. Transfer may include this also melodies, sayings, clothing styles, or also plans for the construction of arches. Memes reproduce normally by the induced behavior in its “wearer” or “Economic”. The special kind of passing a digital memes come also to modifications, deteriorations, modifications and improvements – according to the principle: each major, more diverse! Culture spanned memes spread rapidly at the present time! Memes in target practice in the dissemination of memes is to reach a large number of people. But how can that be achieved? What we have found in our work is that good marketing for products or brands, always a poignant statement, an “image” “sell”, which itself shapes up in the memory of the people. However, a meme must meet additional criteria – it must simply be reproducible, copyable and distributable. Let us look at the Harlem shake from a marketing perspective.

As a by-product to the Harlem shake and thousands of copies and subsequent creators the topic overlaps well on the iPhone and other mobile devices with video capability. So its own app for the iPhone is available now, with in a few minutes an own Harlem shake video can be made. Usually, we used platforms such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your own blogs and Google + for the launch of a digital memes. The most common target group people who spend much time in the Office and online are the “white collar jobs”, because here is the distribution rate of interesting and funny videos, photos, etc. particularly high. What teaches us the spread of memes? Many companies are facing a high, partly for them even intractable challenge in the field of social media marketing and online marketing. Almost daily are local and supra-regional up to worldwide to thousands of potential customers in the Internet, looking for the right Are the product of the right service. We have requests from customers, whether we can use this new form of digital marketing for them regularly. Memes are generally a good way but so harder to place in the own target group. It is particularly important at this point, that companies in Germany learn to tweet, with Facebook really familiar make, consider customer service from a new angle, and take care of the customers of the digital generation. Before this way is not reached, in which we are happy to help you, as the online marketing agency bwave from Munich / Los Angeles, it makes little sense to think about the creation of memes generated attention.


Marketing on the information superhighway – the other way press releases are a classic marketing instrument that must carry the ever-increasing relevance of the Internet accountable only logical. Online publications be budget-friendly alternative to print and provide reliable distribution of information to the public in careful placement. Search engine optimization and an appropriately professional website complete the online marketing package. But grade placement can cause unforeseen difficulties in the endless expanse of the Internet. A number of portals, the websites of renowned publishers, but also numerous industry-specific publication opportunities are available.

Here, reliable information about traffic and target groups due to not professional operator are sometimes difficult to bring experience or of dubious credibility. The Internet can seem like a rear-view mirror, objects may appear larger than they are – the virtual sense deception. By the same author: Douglas Elliman. A way to the offline less popular addresses do not exist, should go to the overall strategy and scatter points are not neglected. A risk factor of the global network but also before the marketing does not stop: good advise is, who meticulously on the control over its data respects and continuously check, where it now has ended up the information. Although the distribution is desirable, but malfunctions in search engines, legal loopholes in the international arena and lack of traceability of data paths in the grey zone open Internet abuse and copyright door. Meanwhile, specialized agencies have integrated the advice on the problems and idiosyncrasies of the new medium into their performance package and will be the clientele to the page, if virtual new land should be entered. Industry experts can imagine also often attractive publication addresses to their customers and create room for own research within a priority. Jens kindling press releases

Setup Compliance

Erklarungsbedurftiges salt communications experts have created a new brand to ride for COMFORMIS. Learn more about this with Nir Barzilai, M.D.. COMFORMIS is a spin-off from the compliance specialist digital spirit, the salt serves since 2008. With the new brand, the salt team took over the entire communication Setup. “The naming to the business paper we have designed by COMFORMIS that is advertising from a single source for compliance from a single source”, says Alf Arnold, Managing Director of salt communication. As so often has salt designed the entire appearance and in all media: name, claim, corporate, design, business stationery, sales documents, website, etc. is compliance for staff and management a rather ungrateful theme – what must have just.

The art was so COMFORMIS similarly appealing to fashion and to jump over the hurdle of attention with seriousness. Management and management of the medium-sized target group should be addressed of course precisely. The newly developed brand-name COMFORMIS without ambiguity in the pronunciation and unites compliance with its result of conformity. “In the claim of compliance as a service” the USP – the holistic offer from a single source can be found. Risk analysis case management, the customer is advised here. The images communicate clearly: compliance management COMFORMIS offers safety and orientation as the key to success. The color world builds a bridge to the Infinitas group and digital spirit with fresh sounds. The new website convinces through its seamless integration into the overall appearance of the company, technical base is the open source CMS Typo3.

The outline of the navigation, clear text boxes and slider elements guarantee “Ease-of-Use”. So the site can be used completely intuitive, long search spared. Salt has created all around, COMFORMIS is fully satisfied. On the portfolio! werbeagentur-berlin-mitte/werbeagentur-b2b/referenzenb2bkommunikation.html salt communication Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We are the experts for Need of explanation. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So arise from complex challenges cross-media concepts, brands or products make the experience. Contact management: Alf Arnold salt communication Berlin Oranienburger str. 26, d-10117 Berlin phone: + 49 (30) 345062-30 fax: + 49 (30) 345062-35

Hamburg Development

“HTML5-based apps by Panacoda Stuttgart Panacoda, cost-efficiently and cross-platform, February 14, 2012 – leader in the development of HTML5 apps, specifically aimed at agencies and publishers: with the help of the M project”, HTML5 framework of the Stuttgart-based company, agencies and publishers to develop cross-platform HTML5 apps themselves. They have great advantages: they offer an attractive price / performance ratio and achieve a high range. The development of native apps each platform is time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, HTML5-based apps work across all platforms, the development effort will take place only once. Especially for companies that need to achieve long ranges, the HTML5-based apps is recommended it. With his offer, Panacoda meets the growing needs of agencies, whose kunden require more and more cross-platform solutions.

Sebastian Werler, Managing Director of Panacoda, explains: from the iPhone up to the Samsung Tablet the apps you want to on all platforms work. We offer this to a good price performance ratio. We develop high-quality apps, which cover the maximum range thanks to HTML5-based cross-platform work.” The Stuttgart-based specialists deliberately set HTML5 technology. In America, has long been a trend, she increasingly prevails also in Germany. Even when companies get the acceptance, Wallis knows and says: we are the technology leader in this field. With the steady development of our framework the M-project’, incorporated the knowledge and the know-how of the entire developer community in that, are we always technologically up to date.

Through our experience from customer projects we know again what the market demands. Like we want to pass on this expertise to agencies and publishers. You can entrust us with the development of the apps or use our framework.” Panacoda categorized the apps depending on scope and complexity in price levels. The development cost in a defined price corridor keep agencies, what and publishers are optimum planning certainty. The combination of technological know-how in the area of HTML5 with a wide range of services from consulting to training is unique in Germany and the unique feature of Panacoda. About Panacoda Panacoda develops powerful software tools such as the mobile framework “the M project”, which structure the development of mobile apps world and accelerate. The Stuttgart-based company maintained medium-sized companies, agencies and publishers in the area of mobile Web and cross-platform apps. press contact Panacoda CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 46 D-20354 Hamburg phone + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91 26 fax + 49 (0) 40 43 17 91 27 E-Mail

Wolfgang Junius

And yet they seem non-obtrusive, but discreetly: the customer can decide whether he has access or not. And just because he has that option, it accesses. However, it is hardly possible to escape the advertising messages on the Internet. You forced to take note, developed a latent distaste for them but rather instead of interest. Foldable brochure holder have the huge advantage that they are delivered normally in padded cloth bags or aluminium cases. In addition to the simple transport to the job site, this type of packaging guarantees a significantly longer service life. The stand is well protected against damage during transportation.

The low-priced foldable brochure stand A4 ECON STAR EXPO Ltd. is as a prime example of a successful product innovation, which meets all the above described requirements for design and functionality. Quickly installed and quickly stowed by the very practical Folding and locking mechanism. The brochure stand built on longevity foldable A4 ECON is with 4 compartments (DIN A4 portrait format) of durable ABS equipped. Each brochure compartment is 4 cm deep and offers such a high storage capacity for leaflets, brochures and magazines.

The use of aluminum for the folding mechanism is the total weight of the brochure stand less than 4 kg. A black solid nylon fabric bag as an accessory is supplied as standard for the secure, protected transport. The very robust cardboard packaging is also ideally suited for a multiple parcels service. For more information about this brochure stands and other products and services of the presentation display specialists STAR EXPO Ltd., on. Description of the company the company STAR EXPO Ltd. is a dynamic B2B companies for mobile exhibition and presentation systems such as roll ups, pop ups, racks and brochure stands and sales promotional funds to the POS and POI in Germany. A large part of the foreign products is imported directly from world renowned manufacturers such as Ultima displays and expand media from Great Britain or Sweden. The STAR EXPO full-service package of comprehensive services in the areas include large format digital printing, trade show consulting and marketing advice with implementation support under special consideration of professional social media marketing, as well as the local online advertising.

Crystal Line

USB-sticks the Crystal Line by ATC with noble Crystal elements of the brand SWAROVSKI element I don’t need it, but I want it! With this punch line of a current automotive advertising you could end this report. For ATC, specialist in design, production and distribution of exclusive and innovative marketing and merchandising items, now has its series of exclusive USB-sticks under the name Crystal Line by ATC equipped with SWAROVSKI element. And rightly take star names, such as Orion and Sirius, as the sparkling gloss and the elegant design give an extravagant, distinctive character the sticks. The technology, the Crystal Line by ATC is used, complies with the high quality of the other components: USB 2.0 ultra high-speed chips Intel and Samsung brand. The individual stocking with the Crystal elements applied in precision CNC drilling technology and finest jewelry store-technical manual work. And the heavy metal chromium steel 1402 covered the sticks, sturdy and safe.

By careful sanding and polishing is achieved a particularly sympathetic perception optically and haptically. In this impressive triad chrome steel 1402, paired with high-performance chips and refined with Crystal elements – fulfilled the desire for absolute exclusiveness on exceptional and spectacular way. Practical storage media are a status symbol, to the exclusive Office accessory or the very personal keychain. And one can well imagine how the Manager or his Secretary, the designer or her assistant, the lawyer or the agent with casual elegance use their exclusive stick. At the time, you can choose among eight models in different variations. In addition to the standard versions, the USB-sticks on request can be filled with elements from a variety of other colors. From a certain number of pieces, the arrangement, as well as the number of individual SWAROVSKI is freely selectable ELEMENTS and even the shape of the sticks. He gives data as an object, as a gift, he gives recognition and the owner He conveyed a silent satisfaction. Like I said, you don’t need it, but you want him to the USB stick, the Crystal Line by ATC .