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Education and Experience

Limits without trauma Tnia Zagury are teacher, pioneer in the quarrel of the paper of the limits in the education, especially in the family, were the first one to alert to the parents for the social consequncias of the extreme freedom and the lack of authority of the same ones. To the 11 five year years cartilha alfabetizou its proper sister with one elaborated by it. Its life is marked by some works carried through in the education. It published 13 books, the book ‘ ‘ Limits without trauma’ ‘ published in some countries it appeared in the list of the most vendidos of Brazil.

The workmanship left of the necessity of if rethink the education through the dialogicidade. The Tnia teacher was the first educator to alert for the social consequncias of the extreme freedom and the lack of authority of the parents. The thematic one of the funny book around the education of the child and the adolescent, where it uses a set of topics and chapters divided for etria band that serves as starting point to show to the necessities of the children in each phase and the paper of the parents in each stage of the development. Inside of this perspective, the workmanship is based on the beginning of that an education with authority exists (where the father, although to impose the rules, hears and respects its son) and not with authoritarianism (using the power and its point of view). The author also approaches the stages of development of the child, starting with the hedonista phase, (where the same one searchs the pleasure and the immediate satisfaction of its desires and necessities) and the egocentrismo (where the child she believes that the funny world around them, of that all the people and things exist only for satisfaction of its desires). Salient it, that the child who does not learn to have limit, grows with a deformation in the perception of the other, importing itself only with its welfare and pleasure.

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