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Student Government RSSU Unity

You are courageous, resourceful and fun? Want to express themselves in public life? Think about where you can get management skills, organizational work, negotiations take place? Then boldly engage in a student Self! Be among those who develop their leadership skills and is not afraid to take responsibility. What is the student government? The main function of student government – the union guys who seek to participate in the life of the university and contribute to solving the problems of youth. Note that a unique system of student government, established in RSCU, recognized as the best among the universities of Russia. Children involved in addressing educational, social, domestic and other issues, the most important of which are discussed at meetings of the Student Council – the Senate. Its structure includes the Board of Stewards, Leadership Council and the Council of hostels University. In the Student Council to protect the rights and interests of students are responsible for the hostel. Considering the opinions and recommendations of the guys who work in student government, leadership of the university provides financial support to young people from socially disadvantaged groups. Among other interesting areas of work – ensuring transparency of student government, organizing public events exhibitions and conferences, development of inter-institutional, inter-regional and international relations.

The guys also assist the Student Academy of Social Sciences, Student Security Service, the Student Information Bureau, KVN and creative teams. In addition, collaborative work with the authorities at various levels. Elections – a step crucial in RSCU everyone has a chance to realize their boldest ideas, to implement interesting and social projects. Participate in the work of student government is prestigious, but it assumes greater responsibility. There shall be elected by the best students who showed themselves in school and in public life. The first step of the staircase leading to the Student Council – Senate – Election of mayor and leader of the group.