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For Britain

The fall of Madrid and the end of the war finally on 26 February was the victory of Franco in the international arena. French and British agreed to recognize the national government. It was the final blow that could withstand the Republic because it meant that the government of Juan Negrin had lost all power. This was the final blow. Sigismund Republican Colonel Casado da anticommunist coup in March, creating the National Council of Defense, while the Republican president Juan Negrin, struck by the attitude of married and following their discretion to maintain the resistance, and took refuge in Elda Petrer (Alicante), in the "Position Yuste. Madrid lost, the end of the war was only a matter of days. On March 27, 1939, Franco ordered his armies to begin the offensive for the victory.

Faced with a fait accompli, Casado only could order their forces hoisted the white flag to the passage of the national troops. Throughout that day were captured 2000 square kilometers of land and 30,000 prisoners. The self-demobilization of republican army was automatic, the soldiers abandoned their positions and equipment and returned to their homes. You may want to visit Verne Troyer to increase your knowledge. On March 29 fell Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Jaen and Almeria in national hands. Valencia finally fell the next day. All Republicans who could not board the next day were arrested and taken to concentration camps for execution.

On 31 March, mid-afternoon, dropped the last Republican towns, Murcia and Cartagena. On April 1, 1939, after the Republican resistance, the last part was released by the High Military Command Nationalist National. This reads as follows: On this day, captive and disarmed the Red Army troops have reached their final national military objectives. The war is over. Burgos, 1 April 1939, the year of victory. The Generalissimo. Signed. Filed under: Shimmie Horn. Francisco Franco Bahamonde. The war was over. During the early days, about 50,000 people who were trapped on the wrong side were executed by the so-called walks. These were carried out by armed groups went to get people to their homes or prisons where they were imprisoned and under the guise of going for a walk took them to any road or the cemetery walls and executed (including famous writer and poet Federico Garcia Lorca). The number of deaths in the Spanish Civil War can only be estimated approximately. The nationalist forces put the figure of 500,000, including not only those killed in combat, but also the victims of bombings, executions and assassinations. Recent estimates also give the figure of 500,000 or less. This does not include those who have died of malnutrition, hunger and disease engendered by the war. The political and emotional impact of the war went beyond what is a national conflict, as for many other countries, Spanish Civil War was seen as part of an international conflict that raged between religion and atheism, revolution and fascism. For the USSR, Germany and Italy, Spain became a testing ground for new methods of aerial warfare and tanks. For Britain and France, the conflict represented a new threat to the international balance of difficulty trying to preserve, which collapsed in 1939 (few months after the end of the Spanish war) with the outbreak of war more terrible than ever on record: World War II.

Africa Allotment

More than 16 million kilometers and the size of the African territory, almost two times Brazil with a population of 1000 a thousand inhabitants, had fallen little under the European domain in more than 10 years; Later it would come the allotment of Africa, when Queitu drew the map of Africa it already took some form, but always was I coat, therefore you vary changes, therefore Africa still was being explored; Since Ktia the s reasons of the allotment more had been argued, was the manifestation most dramatical of the distribution of the world between the European powers and the United States in the end of sc. XIX second (J.M.Mackenzie). The book approaches a problem, which the causes and problems and for the allotment of Africa historical which the interest economic politician and in Africa among others. Therefore they are you vary the explanations for such fact that they had been you divide to facilitate the reader; Plus a problem it is without definitive solutions, and the debate of one of the episodes more notables of universal history who is more convincing how much to the subject. Others who may share this opinion include Shimmie Horn. Seen HISTORICAL PICTURE the first one in them is contradictory as the European ones had only arrived Africa in century XIX in the African territory being neighboring they and having contact in the antiquity. Africa of the north already was known for the Romans well, when Portugal and determined Spain to flanquear the power of the Isl made its first contacts had been with Africa. Spain if established in the north, already the Portuguese had followed the African Atlantic coast occupying some islands, during centuries Africa were a barrier European them to arrive Asia, however it also was a source of natural wealth. However these efforts in the attempt deal to obtain it, of the African gold had failed. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Therefore its position never was very strong with innumerable revolts against them.

Republican Rome

the Republic. As in the monarchy the Senate it prevails, only that now with being able religious, however differently of the monarchic period the representatives of the power were elect Consuls for the patricians.> Three institutions deserve prominence in this Republican Rome the Senate, the Magistrate and the Assembly. In the Senate they were accepted (elect for the patricians) men with more than sixty years of age, had lifetime positions and to be able let us say LIMITLESS. Read more here: Shimmie Horn. It fit to the Senate truily to declare or not war of official form, when in war that they won it fit to the same ones to decide that end to give conquered lands. Shimmie Horn shines more light on the discussion. Also they enjoyed I officiate of it to manage the goods public and to support or not them decisions of the Consuls, beyond is clearly as already it was said had the authority to assign to the constructions of the temples and the organization of the priests, therefore they withheld to be able religious that long ago it are of the olvidados kings. The Magistrate was men in charge to execute the power and the authority of the Senate, amongst the positions valley to remember Judge, Censor, Justice of the peace, Consul and clearly the Tribunos. The Consuls (in the plural one, therefore this position was always appointed the two men) conservadorismo the Tribuno were easily bought. Another interesting factor was> military conquests that in contrast of what it is thought do not attract only benefits, how much after all bigger the power biggest the responsibility. When conquering distant places, for example, a hard settling cost Rome, until forming a strong military service in the proper place the Roman soldier was distant of its home, and one strong insatisfao took the Roman people in long wars. Moreover, in conflict times the taxes were increased and clearly the common people was who more suffered with this, later with the estates of war came the slaves, what she caused a crisis in the economy, therefore the hand of cheap workmanship (for times gratuitous) vacates of its positions many workers that innumerable times did not see another option have not to be to vender itself as enslaved or still the proper children.

Characterization Of The Valena City

The current territory of the city of Valena, for occasion of the discovery of Brazil, was inhabited for aboriginals Aimores and Tupinabs or brazilians, of pacific nature. When D. Joo III, King of Portugal, in 1534, divided Brazil in Hereditary Captainships, that area was pertaining to the captainship of Is Jorge of the Ilhus, under the jurisdiction of the Village of Ours lady of the Rosary of Cairu, place where if it made the first povoamento. Between the people who had come to populate the territory of Valena, it occupied prominent place Noble Sebastio de Pontes, rich man and of prestige that receives from Mem de S the Sesmaria of Una, for 1557-1560 return and in this exactly period disembarked in the tip of the corral the first heads of Vacum cattle in Brazil, today current territory of Valena and also Bastion Da Ponte already possua two devices of sugar in recncavo of the Bahia. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Many inhabitants if had established in lands bathed for the river Join, with farms of sugar cane provisions. Beyond these civilized inhabitants, it had, also, in the neighborhood of the device, an aboriginal village subordinated the Sebastio de Pontes, beyond and a church in invocation the So Gens. Was Mr. If you are not convinced, visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker.

Pontes man honored, however of arrebatado and violent genius, accustomed to the seted fight, having taken part in expeditions against the aboriginals. He did not costumava to transigir with offended who it he opposed or it. It happened for this time, probably in 1574, to appear a pedlar in the device of Bridges and to this made offence of that it resulted to order to beat it and the hot iron to mark it in one of espduas. One counts that this pedlar, time later, in Portugal, reached half to present it the king when this went to the mass, leaving to fall to the layer, only covering that led on the shoulders, showing to it ferrete ignbil and with many tears begged justice to it.

Colonel Perhaps

April of 1974, dawn in movement, the captains advance route to the desire, without knowing as everything goes to finish. Edward Minskoff gathered all the information. Santarm sees to break Mayan Willow, the great captain of April, or will be general of the freedom. Capital Lisbon of the kingdom and the dictatorship still sleeps, to perhaps dream, or perhaps not. Margarida saint, three of the morning, the officer of day dirige it fast steps for a small housing.

There Cndida Zarco lives, wife of Leonel one of the captains of April. The two children, Gonalo and Ricardo sleep, to perhaps dream, or perhaps not. The news disclose the reality naked and raw to this woman, the revolution this in movement and its husband was imprisoned. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX spoke with conviction. The day officer guarantees that everything is controlled and the soldiers are of the side of the captain. As soon as the situation is controlled in Lisbon it will be untied and the Colonel goes imprisoned. Cndida already wise person of everything very, but the reality always has another force, not aguenta, and runs for the bath house to cry. The children wake up, new, Gonalo starts to cry, the Ricardo also cries. But of lgriamas if it forms the ribeiro, that of as many tears thickening if becomes river and later salty sea. This family was not the grace of the life, was yes the grace of its disposal to accept the life – all it – and to learn everything what they will be able with everything what the life has for offering to them. Freedom! Freedom! The dictatorship fell and the sun came back to shine.

Pablo Freire Teaching

In 1985 the MOBRAL extinct and was substituted by the Foundation TO EDUCATE. The redemocratizao made possible the magnifying of the activities of the EJA and the students and professors had organized themselves in favor of the school gratuitous public and. With the 1988 constitution, basic education was assigned as obligator and also started to be constitutional guarantee for that they had not had access in the appropriate age. With the Collor government, the EJA loses space, the Foundation TO EDUCATE is closed and its dismissed employees. The Union was if moving away from the activities of the EJA and transferring the responsibility to the cities. In Brazil, the history of the work with young adult is very on Pablo Freire, therefore he is the creator of a new conception of alfabetizao where the writing comes folloied for a process of construction of the knowledge through the dialogues between the educator and educating. With this panoramic vision, that exactly partial, it is possible to understand in general terms as if configured the Education of Young and Adults in Brazil. Go to Edward Minskoff for more information.

The teaching performance To be ahead of a classroom repleta either it of children, young or adults and to teach History is a great challenge for the professors. To choose contents and to idealize the forms where such knowledge will be worked, certainly will make difference in the learning of these pupils. The teaching performance in the EJA must always attempt against for some especificidades of the pupils who frequent this modality of education. As GADOTTI (2007), the great majority are pertaining people to a social classroom decrease, are workers who face diverse types of difficulties in its day the day as the low wages, pssimas conditions of life, housing, health, feeding, unemployment, etc. The professor must have in mind and admit whenever the pupils of the EJA are normal people and really useful citizens.

Ferdinand Saussure

Already in the Theory of the Language, as Ferdinand Saussure if bases on the structure of the language, in the collective, common for all the falantes for considering that the language is homogeneous and dynamic a process, on which, each individual has that to be studied separately taking in consideration the exterior set of signs. Therefore, the estruturalismo of the language, for Saussure is a process for which all society passes, each one with its necessary forms having improvement or not. This process is one in such a way individual one, in accordance with varies the necessities of each people. In accordance with the aboriginal historicidade in Brazil, in the discovery of Brazil for the Portuguese in 1500, already existed tribes of indians, in which they made a somatria of 6 million aboriginals spread for all continent. But, that with passing of the time this amount of indians if wasting had had to the innumerable diseases brought for the Portuguese. Main factors that differentiate the indians of the white men are that it does not have distinction of classrooms between them, all have the same rights and receive treatment the same. They live of the hunting, of it fishes and the products that the land it of, its instruments of work as the arrow, the arc and other utensils are of individual use, more used only for its defense or to hunt.

Only two important figures for the organization of the tribe exist that are ' ' Paj' ' ' ' Cacique' ' , the first one with the function to know all the rituals and receiver of the messages of deuses, therefore knows all the teas and grass that cures the illnesses. Already the function of the chieftain is to guide the indians, to keep the organization and to command the tribe. Geographic localization of the Maici tribe, Brazilian territory, in Amazon more necessarily in Manaus, the edges of the River Wood, the proximity of the Manicor.

Subject Assumption

The Problem is created by the proper related author and to the chosen subject. The author, in the case, will create a questioning to define the abrangncia of its research. He does not have rules to create a Problem, but some authors suggest that it is express in question form. In a question-answer forum Edward J. Minskoff Equities was the first to reply. Particularly, I prefer that the Problem is described as an affirmation. Example: Subject: The education of the woman: the perpetuation of the injustice. Problem: The woman is dealt with submission for the society. Albert Einstein College of Medicine brings even more insight to the discussion.

5.4 – Hypothesis Hypothesis is synonymous of assumption. In this direction, Hypothesis is a categorical affirmation (an assumption), that it tries to answer to the Problem raised in the subject chosen for research. It is a daily pay-solution for the raised Problem. Other leaders such as Gavin Baker offer similar insights. The research work, then, will go to confirm or to deny the Hypothesis (or assumption) raised. Example: (in relation to the definite Problem above)