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Buying Used Cars

The first thing: after all, you better try to find a good friend – an experienced motorist, who unselfishly helps you not to buy rotten lumber for a fortune. But you have to trust this man and his experience. At least not Take the time to explore the sites of automotive subjects, before taking action. But do not buy a used car, relying solely on someone else’s recommendation! If there were no friends, and we must act at your own risk, when viewed from car, pay attention to the following things: If the car is very dirty, discard, or ask the seller to wash it, make an appointment the next day. Under the mud too often hidden defects in the body and paint avtomobilya.Sravnite paint under the hood with the paint on the wings. If all or part of the car repainted, you should notice a difference in tone.Osmotrite car for corrosion. Start with the wheel arches – there are usually rust appears fastest. In addition, the right side of the car rusts more than levoy.Proverte as closed doors.

Doors should be closed from the same effort and the same sound. If not, the body is likely to ‘behavioral’, that is visited by car in an accident. Carefully inspect the clearance between the body parts – they should be odinakovymi.Kachnite their weight with two hands, each of the four angles of the car. Slide makes no second ‘kachok’ with normal shocks, listen that it had not been examined stukov.Postaraytes bottom of the car for signs of oil. If you find them, it says punched gaskets in the engine or transmission. Also, be sure to check all the documents of used cars! This action by the inspection body.

Car Rental

Rental avtomoblya – Tse obsession klntom konkretno vigodi vd vikoristannya avtomoblya in obmn orendnu on board. Hba to 15-20 mi rokv ago uyaviti sob podbnu poslugu? By old chasv, yakscho lyudin potrbny avtomobl LUVs, maximum at scho vn mg rozrahovuvati, Zeh on taks, abo on druzv, yak shaping can pozichiti car. storichny fact. storya svtovogo car rental vsogo deprivation on vsm rokv molodshe, obtain Pershiy seryny avtomobl, Yakima LUVs legendary Ford T. St zakonomrno, scho Persha Modella avtomoblya, uzyato rent, LUVs of the same Ford T.

Tse-ladder in Taqiy sposb: shtat in Nebraska, USA, one torgovtsev, sponukuvanomu polum'yanoyu addiction to svo dvchini, the requirement to Bulo vchasno potrapiti ne pobachennya to have zv'yazku z obtain, vn uzyav pd Orenda avtomobl Joe Saunders, yaky pslya danogo vipadku th rozpochav Pershiy in svt bznes, rental avtomoblv. Potrbno vddati nalezhne CIM people. Avtomobl in one hour has passed great rdkstyu th tlki pochinali zavoyovuvati 'svo mstse pd Sonts'. Same stench became 'ponerami' rolling bznesu. Pznshe have passed dvadtsyat Rocky storchchya, z'yavilisya slit kompan, yak broach prosuvati bznes rental avtomoblv, bagato s yakih nastlki mtsno zaynyali its nshu in dany sfer, scho th day of ninshny lderami in dany sfer. Ale in the Danian Ti chasi bznes LUVs dosit rizikovanim pdprimstvom, that scho vigdnst, uzyattya avtomoblya in hire a Persha ergov otsnili adventurer rznih suits, right up to grabzhnikv, Yakima avtomobl potrbny LUVs tlki, yak zasb obsession nechesno gain.

Pozitivn aspects rental avtomoblya. W silent since avtomobl zmnilisya, ale sutnst car rental zalishilasya nezmnnoyu. When vdsutnost abo polomts vlasno car rental avtomoblya dinoyu th povnotsnnoyu zamnoyu, zabezpechuyuchi nezalezhnst i peresuvannya freedom. W nshogo side, taking in avtomobl Orenda, koristuvach rozporyadzhatsya m for svom rozsudom, ale to vdmnu vd vlasnika, uryatovany vd neminuchih problems. Rent a car is not zazhada: insurance, putting on oblk, garage, tehoglyad, dagnostiku, tehobslugovuvannya First purchase zapchastin – usm CIM zaymatsya kompanya hire. In pdsumku, rent a car – Tse tlki not spare varant vlasno to cars, ale th mozhlivst vikoristovuvati avtomobl efektivno as not to vdvolkayuchis zayv Turbota.

METRO Protection

The advantages of aluminum include the protection of its high stiffness, provided that the thickness of the aluminum crankcase protection for at least 5 mm. Due to the fact that aluminum is lighter than steel, such protection weighs as much as a steel, but it is very thick. Protection of housing Stainless steel is largely identical to the aluminum. At a cost may be higher, but due to their appearance, are a great decorative element, especially for an SUV. In order to make the best choice, you need to know what should be the right crankcase. The defense has its crankcase main purpose – to protect the engine blows.

Therefore, the most important quality reliable protection crankcase – rigidity. If the crankcase protection sufficient rigidity, it will bend on impact. And you know what can happen in this case? Protection will give a blow on crack! Therefore there is no sense to put the protection of the crankcase, if she is not tough. It's like that to go without it. Traveled from the parking lot METRO – all covered with snow.

Speed of 20 km / h, taxi, do not notice the snow dusted the curb and come on to him. Stopped – nothing everything is OK. I came home looking under car spot, rode – blah, oil! Outcome: cracked sump (defense bent and just hit the corner of the pan). Gave in Avignon (the others all were employed), arranged for welding base (crack brew argon) + something to do, since all the same Oil and filter change.

Choosing Auto Cars

The car is a very necessary thing in the family. But what car do we need? Big or small? SUV or passenger? These questions do not remain unanswered for the future owners of cars! But the correct answer is given to ourselves motorists? This is probably necessary to understand! A simple example. Ron Beit can provide more clarity in the matter. Many speculate that they need it SUV, because they love fishing, but after that they need to think about and ask yourself the question: 'When I last went fishing? "I'm sure most will answer: '5-7 years ago … And maybe more! 'Next is to talk about the motorists who are going to buy foreign-made cars! It is clear that for foreign-made car should be more to lay out money for cars than our production, but the essence of the issue is not whether to buy or our foreign producers, but the essence of the question is whether to buy a new or an old foreign car! Of course many will say, 'If you have money, then Of course it is better to buy newer cars! 'To understand this important matter to us to approach each customer individually foreign cars! The most important thing in this matter would be one thing that must make it clear to yourself every driver! You are about to buy a car on long lines or for a while? If the long lines, then of course you have to buy a new car! Or a year or two, you can buy backed car! Let's understand what the essence! At buying a new car to give more money, but it will serve you a long time with minimal spending on maintenance, but, for example, in a year if you want to sell the car, he would no longer be new, and therefore its price be greatly reduced! If you want to ride a year, then backed the car just right for you, because you paid for it are not that much money and is more likely that you then can sell it even at that price, and that purchased. In choosing an old car compared to the new difficulty is that we need to be not just motorists, but also to understand the technical condition of cars! And yet We will understand how much money you can spend on the car! Do not buy a car for the price you can not earn a year because this car the driver will not enjoy, and will only worsen their mental health! It must be concluded that the choice of car is not an easy task, as it seems at first sight!

International Automobile Association

New world record for distance run without recharging the battery, set the Japanese electric trolley Mira EV, having passed 1003.184 kilometers. Made electropenalties Mira EV electric vehicle enthusiasts club (JEVC), based on the series 'kei-car' Daihatsu Mira. He improved the results shown to them, almost 500 kilometers. That was in November last year, a record was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The interesting thing is that technically, the electric filling has not changed since last year's record. On Electric buses have been installed with low rolling resistance. Ron Beit is full of insight into the issues. Facilitated by weight, by replacing the rear windows on the plexiglass, removing the rear seats and some equipment.

Equipped with electric, 14-kilowatt 8320 motor and lithium-ion batteries of cylindrical firm Sanyo, battery supplier for the project Mira EV. In 'real life' battery used in laptop computers. The first speed record for electric vehicles recorded in 1899, and then dispersed to electric trolley 106 kilometers per hour, while the latter belongs to the American car White Lightning, in 1999, he traveled at a speed of 394 kilometers per hour. Incidentally, the English Electric swing at world speed record electric car designers 'ABB e = motion', aimed to break the world record, surpassing the speed barrier of 300 miles per hour. Check-in will take place in America, Nevada.

Record will be recorded by representatives of International Automobile Association (FIA). Will be made two check-in and electric needs to show speed in the interval of 1 km, more than 394 km / h. The last land speed record for electric vehicles was established in 1999 American car White Lightning. It is equal to 245 miles per hour (394 km / h). In the preliminary competitions 'ABB e = motion' has shown that he can develop a speed of 237 km / h, exceeding the existing record for electric vehicles in the UK. 10-meter electric car 'ABB e = motion 'is designed by two engineers from the UK by Mark Newby and Collin Fallouzom. Equipped with two 37-kilowatt motors, and 4 units with 52 batteries, rechargeable batteries. Mark Newby said: "For the first trial race 'ABB e = motion' revealed spectacular acceleration during testing in the UK, it is easy to overclock to 146 miles / hour (237 km / h) in just 1,000 yards (914 meters). We believe that will exceed existing world record. " Trying to set the record already made in Tunisia, but was postponed due to insufficient safe surface. Engineers expect that in Nevada this will not happen.

Customs Service Auto

BMW Corporation has asked the Russian Federation to end the importation of products without the required consent, which is owned by the BMW brand name. A similar ban on the Customs Service of the Russian Federation wished to achieve and firms Toyota and Nissan. Compulsion to deal with 'gray' import cars – the main reason for such action automakers. While automakers have been slow to claim to meet Russian authorities and even the courts. Visit Edward Minskoff for more clarity on the issue. On car Customs recommend prohibit legal entities and individual entrepreneurs importing vehicles under the brand BMW. Individuals that harassment will not be hurt, it is reported to clarify the automobile branch. Toyota and Nissan – the representatives of of these foreign auto giants have joined the claims BMW. According to the press, already more than once in support of informal dealers rose Russian judges. Delete branded auto parts Nissan and Toyota Arbitration Court Moscow refused in early September. Whatever it was authorized dealers of Japanese auto companies as well as representatives of customs service of Russia were completely disagree.

Auto Light

How to improve the look of the car by tuning auto backlight is believed that the owner of the dog has much in common with his four-legged friend, that is, outwardly, and the nature of the sample most likely match owner and his ward. The owner of the powerful Bulldogs certainly has a solid business acumen, and the owner of the elegant Pekingese – looks vulnerable, but on occasion can and bite (if you have for that). The same can be said about motorists. But if the dog is its temperament, character and behavior, the car – registration. From this point of view on the first place auto tuning. Highlighting the car – one of the surest ways to change and improve the appearance of four-wheeled friend.

Auto backlight is external, such as LED lights or the bottom of the car wheels, and internal (LED lighting instrument panel, etc.) Auto Light can be split and the other parameters: LED lights car lights interior car lights underbody car, LED backlighting instrument panel. What will your car stand out among other cars (for example, you might wonder, what can you give the car underbody lights) If you want to select your car among the gray mass of all the other "vehicles", the lighting and the bottom of the car light rim caps with LEDs – the best solution. At night, your car becomes the object of attention and admiring glances. LED illumination of the bottom car and shining caps on the wheels will light up only when driving, creating a mouthwatering effect, while parked outside LED backlight auto off, saving battery power.

Corrosion Aluminum

Any court, including wooden and plastic must have metal underwater parts. At least – it's mount and engine parts, as a maximum – the case of aluminum, which are very popular in our country for boats boats and yachts. But especially in freshwater and seawater metal parts of the vessel inevitably damaged by galvanic corrosion. And the installation of parts made of stainless steel does not guarantee long-term carefree swimming. The most dangerous so-called local corrosion, which occurs in small areas of the surface, usually very intense, and ends with the destruction of the hull or ship's equipment. But there is a simple solution – the use of anodes.

You do not need to know more school course in chemistry to understand why it is impossible to put the brass or copper fasteners in aluminum housing. In water or in moist air from two metals with different potentials, galvanic cells are formed, a sort of 'battery'. And the more potential difference in metal forming corrosion couple, the more intense destruction of the proceeds of one of them speaker the anode. What kind of metal in the pair will break down due to corrosion? For the answer to find the number of standard electrode potentials of metals. Anode metal will always be with less capacity. And I need it? – think you are, and will, in general, right. Sales to ships, we will meet only two types of anodes – aluminum and zinc. That is enough to answer the question: when to use zinc anodes, and when the aluminum? Aluminium Anodes are better than zinc, protects against corrosion, but also why and quickly destroyed.

The latter is not very important for fresh water, in which corrosion takes place less intensively. Therefore, aluminum anodes are recommended for vessels who attend predominantly in fresh waters. Zinc anodes recommend the use of salt or brackish water. Aluminum anodes are also in the salt water 'eaten up' too quickly. In vessels with fiberglass and wood buildings should be reserved only metal parts. In doing so they must be connected to the anode, either directly or through a copper cable. It should be noted anodes company Vetus. Vetus Zinc anodes are manufactured with the most high quality requirements of the metal (military technical standard of the USA). Otherwise, they are not effective enough. Aluminum anodes are made of aluminum Vetus-indium-zinc alloy. All anodes elaborate form, with a layer of paint on the inner side to protect the colored blocks. The choice of a special attachment comes in the form of rods to weld a steel hull, or special screws for fiberglass and wooden hulls. Anodes for the propeller shaft (axial anodes) are joined perfectly with the shaft and have a unique mounting system, so that work only on the outside.