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The Elegance Of Modern Glass Doors

Glass door – a modern way to design a doorway. Despite the apparent fragility and lightness of this material, the glass has sufficient strength to withstand severe shocks or other stresses. The point that modern methods of processing allow to obtain very durable and strong material, the doors of which reliably protects the entrance to the building or room. One of the most popular varieties of glass doors are the entrance automatic doors. They are most often set at the entrance to stores, shopping centers, office buildings. They attach to the structure of modern and stylish look, you can create an atmosphere of lightness and transparency of the vast space. Additionally, the automatic control photocell allows you to open and close doors without human intervention. In office buildings it is important to create the right atmosphere, while maintaining strict elegant style.

Cleaning glass doors could not be better suited for this. Their transparency and openness contribute to the work environment, and the beauty and elegance make the room stylish. Especially popular swing glass doors that open in both directions, it allows to cope with the flow of people who are both coming and going. All the advantages of glass doors and well used in a residential area. Today, all often installed glass interior doors.

They match perfectly with modern interior style, do not deform with time, for they are easy to clean. In addition, there are many models of doors, which makes choice of a rich and interesting. Visit Shimmie Horn for more clarity on the issue. Glass doors can have a different design, which makes their use even more interesting. They can be absolutely transparent, and may contain a complex, beautiful images. Doors can be decorate with decorative elements, and you may leave it as simple and restrained. All this is well suited for different design solutions, allows each time to obtain a unique interior and a new concept. Glass perfectly with any material: metal, plastic, wood, combining glass doors with any furniture and any interior items.

Waterrepellent Agent

Water-repellent agent Monolith Hydro – for stucco plaster, water-based water-repellent agent. He used to give water repellency properties of gypsum products. The composition is ready for use at its base includes silicones sopolimery.Gidrofobizator does not contain organic solvents, toxic, odorless, safe for humans and the environment. Water-repellent agent is approved for exterior and interior work in the repair and construction of industrial buildings, residential buildings. Purpose Hydro hydrophobizator Monolith most diverse for example: giving water resistance to products made from plaster, facing tile, drywall sheets, gypsum particle board, small architectural forms, internal, and most importantly outdoor decoration. Water-repellent agent penetrates deeply into a plaster surface. Increased hardiness and durability of molding plaster. Also a significant reduction in winter ice, surfaced stucco and plaster to clean the ice much easier.

No surface film is formed, does not change the texture of the surface. For assistance, try visiting Estee Lauder. The risk moldy. Persists breathability, thermal insulation. I highly recommend you to my dear friends, before you start to handle the decorative surface products hydrophobizator, try to small section of stucco plaster, in order to determine the absence of color change. Dosing!! Applied to a dry and clean surface by brush, roller-paint can in 1 – 2 layers ‘wet-on-wet’ to saturation temperature (10 -25) C. Be careful! DO NOT allow the formation of puddles on the surface of the water repelling agent and should not be applied to the already dried layer. Drying approximately one hour at an average temperature of + 20 C.

Do not getting on the glazed surface. Full hydrophobization come a day – all this time to protect the surface from water and sediment. The composition of fire-safe. But still it is alkaline, therefore, to carry out works strictly observing safety precautions when working with alkali at pH 13-14. Be sure clothing. Protective goggles and rubber perchatki.Esli water-repellent agent has got into your eyes, rinse immediately with water!! Consumption is obtained by a 0.1-0.5 l / m? why such acceleration, because the surface of different porous or rough.

Types Of Pumps

Pumps can be distinguished by type depending on how the movement of fluid. Thus we can distinguish two main types of pumps: circulating (centrifugal) and volume action. Circulating pumps are movement of fluid through centrifugal force. Pumps that move fluids using this method are called centrifugal pumps. This solution is suitable for moving homogeneous liquids. Pumping equipment volume Use of the forced displacement of the moving portions of fluid from the working chamber in the discharge line, by changing the working volume of the chamber or the mechanical movement of portions of the liquid. Pumps that work on this principle, called volumetric pump action.

Pumps volumetric action does not violate the structure of the fluid. Rotary pump Rotary pump – the general name of forced displacement pumps, which move the fluid motion of rotors, cams / wedges, screws, blades / vanes or similar parts in a fixed housing. Usually necessary in the intake / intake and exhaust valve no. Gear pumps external engagement gear The simplest type of pump with positive displacement, which is caused by a change in the volume of voids between a gears coupled with independent drives. The pump is powerful and inexpensive. In main gear pumps pumping viscous liquids without inclusions. It is necessary that the liquid wets the material of the working chamber and gears. You also need to pay attention to when selecting the type of mechanical seal, which is adjusted for characteristics of the fluid.