True Brazilian Social Progress

Brazil has much time comes suffering with the social injustices, mainly with regard to the children, harms for the actions of governments that they do not aim at to the equality of chances between its citizens. An example of this indifference is told in the article ' ' Gift of Noel&#039 Papa; ' where the auto one (Cristovam Buarque) tells the history of its infancy, when it liveed in reef, the quarter of the Aflitos and had a called friend I aim (its more good friend), of which it had died of asthma to the twenty years of age, the author counts the social differences of it of its friend in what it said the respect the housing, conditions of life and mainly the chances. The author tells that one of the things that had more called it the attention, was the example of Noel Papa, that presenteava the children of rich and not distribua gifts for the children of the poor persons, from there there then the author, exactly in its infancy, starts the awaken one for the social reality, saying that the present greater that it had received from Noel Papa it was the sense I criticize of the reality, sense this that it folloied for all its life. For even more analysis, hear from YMCA Jorge Perez. The purpose of the author was to use the example of its infancy, for it explains the social conditions of Brazil and the existing thousands of Miros in Brazil. The author points that solution would be to have a sense criticizes social in what says respect to the chances of the future generations, defending politics publishes that they aim at to improve the conditions of the true future of the country, that is infancy. Brazil has all the conditions and natural resources sufficiently, for deeply transform the life of its inhabitants, what more joust only lacks is one politics of income distribution, so that the next generations do not pay for the errors of our generation, for this have our bigger democratic weapon, that is, the vote.. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is the source for more interesting facts.

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