The Girl

The young man wanted to get up but her stunning prevented it. Although fully aware could not have done much with burning beam which separated them from the salvation. I approached them, with my superhuman strength I took the beam by ignoring the extreme pain inflicted by the burns. My wound is soon curable by my metabolism, but the pain is inevitable even for me. I picked them up and put out of all danger. The boy tried to thank me but cough inhaled smoke prevented him from speaking. The girl hugged firmly to my leg. No more I went.

One of his heroes, gave me grief, that have reached these pathetic humans, give me pain to me. I would have never believed it. For centuries the humans fought against me and they always failed, they looked for thousands of ways to eliminate me, but his inferiority was clear. Finally they have succeeded, they have found the way to exterminate me, they exterminated is first. In a short time you will not be No being alive on this planet that can feed me with his blood. Anyway I have not fed from the impacts, I won’t take blood adulterated by radioactivity, if I disappear do with honor, even if it hastens my extinction.

In that I am still differentiating them, they have been eradicated without no honour. I wonder if now at the end will have realized their mistake, if they will be thinking like me. I don’t think so. Even if they had a second chance they would make the same mistake. His self-destructive nature cegaria them even though they knew what was going to happen in the future. Annihilating each other, razing even your environment. Why? Because his intelligence used it to meet his egocentrism, rather than use it for what should be. The human, the more intelligent species of the planet, but the more selfish, the more self-destructive.

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