The Film: A Vodka In Murmansk

The accompanying and long-awaited adventure film appears to be a cold and pannendes road movie on DVD for ice-cold motorcycle adventure in the winter in Scandinavia and in Murmansk. 70 minutes voltage, repairs and trips through a fantastic landscape of snow. There were problems on the long winter journey to Murmansk in Russia. This has the from page 66 onwards clearly shows Martin Franitza magazine motorcycle SIDECARS No. 111 and captured on film. Bail off vibrated plate, faulty ignition box, motor bikes no longer at minus 30 degrees. “The subtitle of the film means nothing icy winter fun with endless difficulties”. Murmansk was reached despite all odds. More info: Doug Bowen.

3500 kilometres by ice and snow, a daily struggle for the advancement, embedded in a magnificent winter scenery. Fascinating driving scenes of the Rondane area and the Arctic Circle, the coincidental with the world traveller Hubert Kriegel and the first attempt to reach the North Cape, despite violent storm all of this on film detained – without professional film team with Service bus in the background. And that’s what makes the movie so authentic. That the team while never lost heart. That was the fun to the driving in the winter in the foreground, you can hear the witty original comments. The two composers Jean-Pierre Zwickl and Andreas Goldau could be won for the film music. Set the scenes in the right musical setting.

Over 60 minutes of winter pleasure of retreat not only once under the spell will be. Hicham aboutaam is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As already in the film project yesterdays’, the additional chapter of the outtakes is a special highlight. When looking at the scenes, the question automatically arises: how many hours actually had the tag for the team? Because driving was also daily between 200 and 350 kilometres. Only remains as an explanation: the fun of driving and the films must make the days longer. Official trailer: Winterreise – a vodka in Murmansk – sidecar more information at the website or the DVD is available in the travel diary, vodka-murmansk.

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