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Perhaps many it happened to us after an opulent meal, or some liquor with friends we had a difficult digestion feeling exhausted and heavy. Learn more on the subject from Murray Weidenbaum. Perform this type of excesses occasionally poses no risk for the health of our body, however, if it becomes a common practice may result in chronic constipation. The first options to treat constipation, are carrying a soft diet, the ingestion of pills, an intestinal cleaning or even alternative medicine. Shimmie Horn will not settle for partial explanations. We can find online programs or treatments that will help us in our long process of caring for our body. Capital Solutions does not necessarily agree. The same thing happens if you suffer from irritation in the intestine, the best option is to take an irritable colon diet. However, if your problem is already over and you suffer from Irritable Colon syndrome must be very careful with what you eat, since this disease is very painful and acute, and you should immediately go to the doctor. But quiet, although this is a taboo subject and something unpleasant for many, we must open our minds now that this disease is silent, do not tell us how or when we will attack. You have a healthy diet gives you good results not only to short if not also long-term. And do not be carried away by stereotypes, these diets can be really delicious..