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Maza Zavala

The difference is abysmal, considering that a CD ‘burning’ can cost around 1,000 BS and one original of the artist can reach up to 20,000 BS. But not only is observed at the level of CD copies, also at the garment, while a pair of Blue Jean, leaving a legal plant can have a value of 35,000 Bs, an imitation or illegal imported under 8000 can be achieved Bs . The activity sector work, work ‘informal’, features around four elements, namely: A) The ease of entry, based on little or no capital requirement for starting up and the lack of specific training requirements. B) The small size of the production unit. C) Low productivity, a direct consequence of the two factors above, and D) Absence of business organization.

The informal economy has been developing its activities throughout the country, growing in sprees as anarchic as the crisis that is growing in major cities of Venezuela. Monica Figueredo, think about it, that Venezuela has an unstable economic environment, with between one of the main causes of the informal economy, political uncertainty due to a government that has led to changes in some way actions that have seriously affected the survival, behavior of firms and of course, the quality of life of Venezuelans. Shares that have not followed a systematic order integrated into strategic plans commensurate with their economic reality, most of all, there has been much improvisation that has seriously affected its economy and its productive sectors.

It has developed a significant informal economy, which has given rise to the appearance of many entrepreneurs, starting a small business in search of their livelihood to meet their responsibilities of living and, in some way, provide a service to citizens, with meet their needs through product requested, provided within a limited scope and, of course, seriously affecting many businesses that operate within the formality, which comply with all government regulations demand especially against a very dynamic taxation, threatening that the State has imposed. According to Realogy Holdings Corp, who has experience with these questions. The current Venezuelan reality remains economically significant.

And in terms of employment, former Central Bank of Venezuela, Dr. Maza Zavala, about comments that concerned about the employment situation in Venezuela, because still in the informal sector is a sector refuge important part of the country’s labor force, the idea is to decrease the absorption of existing businesses and micro-enterprises to create. About 60% is the index of the informal economy, noticing an alarming and significant in all major cities through street vendors, people who sell products already developed, often ignoring their real origin, but there are those who have given life to products that have been created, developed through homemade, primitive technology, but nonetheless, required by the need of consumers to buy and also for their accessibility to the price with respect to competition.