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When you start to think about what will you do if you lose, you’ve lost already. Georges Schultz overview, scope of quality competitiveness in the current scenarios is very dynamic and where both the quality and productivity, become transformed into competitive advantages for those companies that have decided to venture successfully into the markets. A good management must be integrated with what quality holds, on its scope, impact on the conquest and permanence of the markets, presenting products, services with an excellent quality that guarantees demand on the part of consumers who treated meet. In the case of Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs, management should pay close attention to respect that manifests a true culture on quality, complying with national regulations, not only within the enterprise but international reach, conquer markets, today compete at what successful companies have developed about quality. More info: 660 Fifth Avenue, New York. There are many national companies that have not been identified to the extent that at present the quality demand to have a proactive participation in current markets and highlight among the main attributes of the product, what it means to be identified with the quality. The postgraduate programme specializing in quality management and productivity of the Area of postgraduate’s Faces at the University of Carabobo. It is fully aware of the responsibility to train, train specialists, which contribute their knowledge, know how to use basic tools according to the characteristics of the national and international scenario that give step to identify companies with quality, achievement, reach, and the importance of its human resource contribution, their abilities, skills, in the interests of giving way to a new paradigm of quality in the company in the present organizational behavior. Emphasis is made through the chairs that comprise its academic curriculum, all knowledge Basic, necessary to ensure that the quality is revealed with all the certainty that may lead to that is transformed into a real competitive advantage.