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The Future of University

Universities can no longer be able parceled into groups and have acted as seriously injured cmpromiso, responsability. You must give way to a new paradigm that rescues the decline of teaching, which promotes the changes needed to achieve a high academicism, effective participation in accordance with the requirements of this should be the new authorities, redesign their administrative systems to become more dynamic, efficient, less bureaucratic to encourage their performance, which give way to positive results which show an adequate service to the requirements that this requires the authorities must edema, commit to achieving excellence academic standards, have qualified teachers, carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, skills, researchers propicienn basic knowledge that the various disciplines for careers that offer demand, which help provide the solutions needed, leading to changes, changes to ensure development. National universities can not continue as they have done in isolation from the national reality, few participatory, innovative. Should be more integrated with the requirement of the knowledge society, integrated into new technologies, innovative learning, internet, media. Should be updated to assess the scope, impact of current races and give way to those that the country needs. Not universities must continue to waste human capital you have, the authorities should know how to manage human talent, so that results are obtained that promotes development, proper utilization of the human factor that counts. Call for more integration, academic achievement, research, commitment, social responsibility. In the case of the University of Carabobo specifically, it must give way to a new generation of officers, freed from partisan units, creative, transformative, that once and for all rescue academicism that has been lost in some faculties. Learn more at: DOWA Metals & Mining America.

Do not continue anchoring its operation with a university management esstilo not adapted to the reality of this, it requires more patricipativos leaders, strategists, giving way to a new generation of professionals who can use their talent, creativity through their knowledge, skills, experience, and not by political commitment, family, friendship. But the University should be integrated to the problems of the region, providing its collaboration with proposals to give aid solutions. It should be more careful in the management of human resources you have, in promoting research work with the development of the region supported the various disciplines that the university handles both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It's time to wake up, say enough is enough, and usher in a new generation of leaders who bring about the changes that the country rnecesita, that claim the university community become more proactive, more committed to its mission, scope, using adequate resources, to be assertive in their actions, it must have authority commensurate with the requirements of the new opportunities and more demand a government that creates turbulence, risks, where it requires professionals able to meet new challenges, to continue stagnant universities, operating as they have done, they are condemned to failure and very justly criticized in the future.