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Filing Served

Tea is served in teapots, tea cups or glasses with coasters that can be placed on a plate, next put a teaspoon. Sugar serves lump, jam, lemon, thinly sliced, served separately on the outlet or in the bowl. In group serving sugar served in the sugar bowl and a lemon on a plate . Cream served hot in a milkman, milk boiled – a milkman or a ceramic pot (in Russian). With tea cakes can be submitted, cookies, cakes, and tea, in addition, bagels, drying, bagels and other pastry products. Pour the brewed tea into glasses or cups should be about 1 / 5 of their volume, and then topped up with boiling water to the normal 200 ml. If you leave a large amounts of tea in coffee shops are allowed to refill hot water at a rate strictly directly in tea maker or thermostat, where the pre-brewed tea.

When serving the tea-table (if it's for a group of visitors) to cover colored cloth, and put a vase with cakes or biscuits, sugar, dish with thinly sliced lemon. Additionally, you can put a dish with sandwiches. Against each seat put a tea cup and saucer and a tea spoon. Sometimes the tea table, pulls a table for a samovar and a teapot brewed tea.