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Gallegos Nava Ramon

Spiritual intelligence is the heart of the intelligences and access and use of the direction, vision and values to think and make responsible decisions. It gives us moral integrity and impels us to spiritual enlightenment. It allows us to glimpse the spiritual path and to protect us from moral degradation. Within us is the will and determination to persevere in the spiritual path. We use the spiritual intelligence to understand human suffering and put an end to, to go beyond the materialistic lifestyle, to find meaning in our lives. After the above, the only way to build peace is through a comprehensive education and this should be done from spirituality. The eye of contemplation is the only with a capacity to make the necessary integration.

In the present century the spirituality-education relationship is the strategy to follow the development order and sense. The reason must be transcended by spirituality. Knowledge should be used for the common good, must honor the life on Earth. Faced with the reality that we live seems like a dream to be able to achieve the change in education and therefore build a culture of peace, but we will have to continue to accept the prevailing violence, social injustice, inequity, racism? I think not, and perhaps like me in other places on Earth many more people say no to much clutter. People around the world are gathering in groups or networks to give order to the disorder.

Next poem is not something that I did, however have much meaning for me, since my mother of the day when I was 15 years old and since then this and is going with me. The silence is not something we do, but a place to which we entered. Always is there. We speak of silence: only that which has much value is saved. And the silence is valuable because it is God’s. Acts of God are performed in silence. Only in silence your voice can be heard. Mother Maria Isabel. People such as sixsixty fifthe ave would likely agree.

A History Of Hace Algun Tiempo

By: Alejandro Teresa Martinez Tal time some kind readers happened what I come to tell him then or they have because of dealing with a person similar to the history. Do they have tried by chance with someone who interrupts them sleep at the moment in which they are either deep and across your mental screen pass swarms of angels who masterfully play his harp while in the distant horizon parade ships of their dreams? have they made you return to reality when most pleasantly engaged in the all-important organic sleep function? I Yes who make me this evil more frequently than the desired. It has that someone wanted to force them to read the classics of literature when you were the age in which man is unruly by nature and dedicated to live without limits outbursts of his few years and venture times of childhood happened? I don’t know you, but to me it corresponded to suffer l to the side of someone who Jove to let me read the books that others only took twenty or thirty years, if ever reached, by inescapable obligation, tripping over them. Do by chance they had no anguish to share with someone who would often give them a theoretical and practical course of verbs? I touched me with a master who liked that I could learn to conjugate the verb to work. But the course had more practical that theoretical and that is why I spent a good part of my early years in the daily struggle of transforming Ashen and boring evenings in grueling hours of work and more work.

He played them listen to stories long and, apparently, without any interest? They were listening on the spookiest fabrications of Hitler and Mussolini when he wanted to know football or film? I lived with a person who undressed her feelings in each story and made me travel a planet full of deadly rifles and tremendous pain, while my greatest wish was to go to play in the field of stone and dust from the neighborhood and apply me in this way a balm in the open wound by the pain of others. At this point you should be pity me and humanitarian solidarity with me maybe has been expressed in any phrase in rejection to that person. Jorge Perez is actively involved in the matter. If so, I thank you for your solidarity and would ask you to pick up the phrase. The person to which I am referring is my father: I woke to send me to school, made me take love the books and the work and me started in the wonderful art of storytelling. Today marks four years of his departure to eternity. And I’m still carrying me well, as he taught me, with the hope that someday might see him again to discuss unfinished stories. Original author and source of the article