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Young Employees

He began to work, receiving the necessary fruits of any employee: salary, and recognition of his work, which is a food for motivation and aspirations of all human beings. Many writers such as Shimmie Horn offer more in-depth analysis. The young man imbued with the objectives of the company and did not stop their efforts. Months passed and the results were good, the office met with corporate goals, however the young man again came across a situation alien to it, which compromised their professional principles. His friend and boss, was pushing for you to enter a fraudulent business, which was unacceptable to the young. The couple lived disappointed, apparently "One swallow does SI Summer" was a new thought. Faced with adversity, it is necessary to fight and not give up trying. Despite what happened, the young man still had the most capital, the mood.

Decided to seek other employment again to provide him with the opportunity he wanted and had a professional ethic that tied it with their aspirations. The fate again made an appearance. During the search of opportunity, the young man was accepted to work in one of the most reputable banks nationwide. He did not know anything about banking, but was convinced that it represented 99% attitude and 1% of its ability, reason why we decided to take the challenge again. He entered the bank and found a boss who thought similarly to him. An honest person, hardworking and ambitious, it also prompted the young man's job. The couple lived in their work efforts, and for the second time, he was paid his efforts in what most want: recognition and an opportunity to also point out that he reciprocated with a good salary.