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Those thinking of starting a business? Probably the first thing that comes to mind is what?, in where? and how?. If you are entrepreneurs who are already well defined your niche with a product or service, congratulations. However, you can be one of the people who looked to the Internet to find a business opportunity, as it was my case, and not yet able to identify the business model that you would like to to start your Internet presence and want to know what to choose or where to begin? As well, there are countless ways of starting a business that will generate income, in this article only Internet mention 3 models of the most broad and strong in the market: programs of affiliate consists of promoting products and/or services of other persons through various affiliate programs. This model is 100% direct sales taking you a Commission previously agreed with the owner of the product and/or service. In the vast majority of cases you need not buy the product or service to promote it, But yes there are cases. Knowing (if it is possible to buy the product) is recommended to be a successful affiliate to a better promotion. Network marketing business also known as MLM or network marketing.

These businesses have the feature that can generate both direct income through the sales of the product and/or service, as residual income through affiliate networks construction. Fred H. Langhammer may not feel the same. This model allows to help entrepreneurs have no tools nor skills to start their own businesses, so it is considered the path of transition: from employee more effective employer to do so. Develop a product and/or service itself well could create or deploy a product and/or service (physical or digital) and with the help of the Internet tools expose to a wider market and virtually automate the marketing process. Well an affiliate program you can implement this model for a stronger impact, for example combining it with some tessitura network marketing, offering networking at one or two levels of depth these 3 business models on the Internet you can perfectly combine them, which is most advisable. In this way, you gain immediate income (direct sales) and on the other hand you’re slowly creating residual income. But this is not here, once chosen the model and implemented your business system, there are several additional ways to create more revenue. On these related businesses we will discuss in another article.

It is important to highlight that, with learning that you’re acquiring in the application of models before described, the road to be investor is clearing more, i.e. you’ll acquire the tools and skills for the world of investments is not limited exclusively to the stock market or real estate, there are many other very profitable options also. This topic goes a long way, the important thing is that you identify the entrepreneur that you take inside and if you’re willing to let it go. To help you emerge, you need to know by which model of Internet business start. I say goodbye looking forward to you that you can achieve your dreams.

the Crisis

Covershenno stumbled upon an amazing statement by the governor of the Ivanovo region, ma Me. Here is an excerpt: Governor Men at the annual meeting of the reporting of public authorities of the Ivanovo region noted that, in general, in 2008 succeeded in improving the socio-economic situation in the region. Up to 24,5 billion rubles increased investment in fixed assets. Kelly Tisdale might disagree with that approach. The volume of retail trade grew by 32,7%, real incomes population grew by 41%. "This is the best figure among the subjects of cfa, said the governor.

But you say, crisis, crisis 🙂 Look how the people that report to journalists, did not even hesitate – as much as 41 percent increased income. A inhabitants of the city of Ivanovo, even this is not suspected. It turns out again the time has come the cpsu Central Committee, where party functionaries splurge and reported cases of non-existent. What a pity that we are back to the old model of state service and state administration – registration, praising the merits of non-existent, Potemkin village..