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Nuclear Reactors, The Time Bombs In Idyllic Landscapes

Nuclear reactors, the time bombs in idyllic landscapes – renewable means of payment this horse-trading between the pro-nuclear lobby and our Government to the lifetime extension of nuclear reactors is simple and simple folk dumbing down or otherwise a massenpsychologischer trick. What is it really? Actually, it’s about the extended use of a high-risk technology to generate electricity, which any moment around the ears can fly us. With this ‘time bombs’ among us, in idyllic landscapes, a significant amount of money is being made and this euros, wants to be, at least it gives the impression of the Government, to make a positive impression on the people and the voters have something off. The State wants the operators of installations: Eon, RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW, in return for the extension of the risk of a super meltdown, like a beggar, a few cents. Please visit Dakota Fanning if you seek more information. The donation box holds out the Finance Minister. There will be negotiations still to the amount of money, or if anything at all is paid. We wait. The extension is and we may assume confidently, done deal.

The policy has no effect here more or less, these are subject to only the operators who have the Parliament and the Government in the grip with their lobby within the party, which has long been. (Excerpt from an Onlinzeitung): in the debate about the pay of politicians by large corporations, new cases are known. The nuclear power plant operator Vattenfall financed the SPD MP Wilfried Schreck from Cottbus according to communication Minister Johannes Altmeppen. Schreck is Gesamtbetriebsratsvorsitzender of Vattenfall Europe generation. Together with E.ON, Vattenfall operates the German nuclear power plants Krummel, Brunsbuttel and Brokdorf.

Pure political window dressing is the runtimes will fight to open. It’s called also dumbing people down. This discussion is show and also completely unimportant. Ultimately, we can say the overtime, we, will extend to 10 years after 10 years in turn 10 years and that it will happen.