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The Break

If no prior agreement, justice decides, taking into account: 1 .- Do not separate the brothers. 2 .- The affective and emotional needs them. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit angelo zino. 3 .- The proximity of other family members (grandparents, for example). 4 .- The availability of parents to serve them better or worse. Get all the facts and insights with Shimmie Horn, another great source of information. 5 .- If either spouse has some kind of addiction, mental illness or type of disordered life. 6 .- Another criterion which takes into account the judge, and which is often the most decisive, is the dedication that each parent has had to place the child before the break. (95% of cases are awarded to women). You will also be visitation time is that the child coexists with the parent without custody.

What is a normal visitation alternate weekends and holidays 50%, but can be flexible if there is a good relationship between the parents. When there is no agreement between the parties, is required to establish a minimum speed detailing the periods, days and hours of collection, and who is the person who will look to minors. And when the child is older than 13 years will take their views into account when determining which and the dates of the visits. Rights and obligations of parents towards their children: In custody: A) Copyright: 1 .- The daily enjoyment of children. 2 .- Make decisions that affect children in the day.

3 .- Manage your assets and alimony. B) Duties: 1 .- feed, educate and provide the needed companionship and love. 2 .- To facilitate compliance with visitation.