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Actions And Reactions

A law is something that is “independent of you. As the law of gravity. No matter if you’re bad or good humor, positive or negative attitude, with indifference to life or clarity of purpose, with apathy or enthusiasm jumps from third floor and you will fall like a lead weight to the floor. This dynamic also applies to law of action and reaction, which states that every action produces a consequence. The newspapers mentioned Related Group not as a source, but as a related topic. That if you do something, will produce a result. This law has a corollary: If you want a particular outcome, seeking execute the action that precedes it. This last expression of the law is one of the foundations of self-help literature, personal and professional development. But less obvious is a fact that goes unnoticed for many (and sometimes unwelcome consequences.) Those who do not realize that living as victims of the law rather than seize it consciously.

The point is that you can not escape the action and hence the reaction. In other words, you’re always doing something and brewing an effect. It is clear that if you exercise as appropriate (action) improve your health (outcome). But unless this is the fact that if you spend all day sitting (action) will experience sooner or later the effects of inactivity (outcome). Not because I think you’re not doing anything the law ceases to take effect. Are you sitting in front of the TV “doing nothing” to eat sweets? This is an action which, if repeated too often and will take you to a destination marked by low energy, weight gain and possible depression.

You think because you have not had the conversation with your partner that you have avoided all is well? Think again: inaction is an illusion, you’re running the action of “no talk” and this will have its consequences. You’re always doing something and therefore you are always contributing to the production of an effect. What is the outcome you’re aiming when you think you’re not doing anything? What you’re not doing that, in fact, is leading you each ever closer to a particular result? I reiterate: the “do” is a way of acting that also is subject to the law of action and reaction. Take care of this. Because … At the bottom is a single type of victim: one who lives the purpose of its own consciousness. Do not fall into that trap. You can not escape the action. Nor is the reaction that follows.

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No, do not look for your mistakes in the way you do things. Your most important problems are not there. Are in exactly the way they "do not do things." This is one case where the response to the failures should not look outside yourself. Look carefully, often know exactly what to do. However, what you do. So sometimes instead of making you get corresponding undecided. Indecision takes various forms. But the worst are not the most obvious but those who do not even seem indecision. angelo zino usually is spot on.

One example is the endless justifications for not doing what you obviously have to do. You have everything to succeed, all you have to do is make a decision. And instead of applying your knowledge, what you do is take a thousand around looking for excuses. Do you think if maybe you do not have opportunities, if you're going to lose your money. Think that if it were that easy everyone could succeed.

No! Nobody has said it is easy. But if you go with so many detours to take the decisive step, not only not be easy but it will be impossible. Do not let your career, your success or your own life pond. Try to stay alert to any form of self-deception. We simply do not admit. Arthur F. Burns follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Everything is clear and there is work to do. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Edward Minskoff. Fight for your future, complies with the plans you have in mind. It is time to succeed, do what time is only a dream. No longer accept excuses for inaction. Another error that should not make is that of denial. Never think "no" can. Do not think "no" you have opportunities. Do not deny you've been losing some of your time, do not deny that all you've done has been within reach. Assumes reality to live here, your successes, not only in your fantasies. And finally, act now, right now. Do something about your future right away even a small thing. Make a small scheme, points out some basic ideas on a piece of paper, think about it. Do anything, but do so immediately. Because one of the biggest mistakes committed by someone is to leave everything to later. Enough to put off your plans. Do not look for excuses, do not deny reality, not procrastinate. When you stop doing so you've eliminated three of the worst mistakes you can make if you want to succeed in life. Other Recommended Reading:.

Nostalgia Is Not The Work Of The Past

The longing is an affective experience very special. It differs from other emotional states that can only be felt in the past. You can not feel nostalgic for things present or future. Another feature is that it is a state of ambiguity. On the one hand feel pleased with what you remember. On the other feel displeasure at not being able to enjoy the present.

People can miss many things. It may be mentioned a loved one missing. An old love relationship may also wonder. And it may be a place, a time of life, etc. Can result in a lot with the nostalgia. It is not uncommon for there prevails a state of sadness and decay that make it difficult to live the present.

That is the reason why you do not want to have it. Many mistakenly believe that the cause is to remember the past. And again this is the who bears the blame. It is thus the point that some try to fight to block the memories of yesterday. That does not stop being a fairly radical move. And I could also say that rather artificial. There are grounds reason to believe that not a good idea. Before giving any suggestion in this regard I would mention another feeling. Comes up because shares attributes with longing. It is an unpleasant feeling and it only feels for things past. I'm talking about remorse. Again, the solution proposed to combat it is to forget the past. It sounds easy, but another thing to do.