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Family Trainer Education

Today more than ever arises in all areas-family, school and society, the moral crisis that we face and the lack of valid models providing a reference to follow the example of life. There was also a noticeable gap in the training of new generations, even those who are constantly replacing axioms of property of concepts, theories or criteria of life related to a negative value. Therefore education is needed on the values from an early age. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Shimmie Horn. Educating the children of today, we will be forming new generations of people of integrity and morally autonomous, capable of serving the society in which they are immersed. Thus it is important to note that values education is a task for both family and school. Educate yourself with thoughts from thrivent.

The family is the first experience of life in society, parents and mentors first moral is the same as parents try to transmit to their children through an atmosphere of love, the values they believe are a good person full, coherent and capable of being in society. It is therefore important that the child see adults do what they say. If at home by phone call his father and he tells his son to answer that is not, that makes an ambivalent behavior. If the parent is telling the truth, try to respect everyone, from the janitor to the president, do not throw papers on the street, is respectful of the laws, it is easier that the child understands the message. It is evident that the reawakening of the moral conscience of the child and its subsequent development depends largely on the role of parents. These should be both educators, providing learning opportunities moral-authority-setting clear boundaries and predictable, “advisers” to accompany the child morally and giving tools to develop their full potential, “and guides” to be models of life and moral mentors . In conclusion it should be noted that the sooner we focus on values education, the better they can be internalized by children and to develop their inner strengths allowing the formation of his character, cultivate self-esteem and develop their moral conscience.