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The challenge more grande which the networkers have faced us throughout the history of MLM, is the continuous exposure to the rejection. And this, the main reason why many networkers have withdrawn before you even begin your adventure multilevel. But not an agent generator of social, economic changes, and communication, most importantly, that the INTERNET has existed in history. Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue. Is precisely the Internet, who is going to radically change the way we communicate and do business networkers in the Internet today has the potential to minimize the challenged more important which the networkers were exposed for many years rejected continuing from friends, relatives, acquaintances and even strangers on the street. The Internet allows the networkers, obtain prospects qualified for their opportunity, since more are those who join are network, in search of information on any topic in particular, as for example business opportunity, work from home etc. It is however important that you have clear, as in every business and every venture, the most important is the Marketing system and the planning you have for it. Cannot follow by applying online, the same methods of prospecting, which you used in the traditional MLM talk with strangers in the street, distribute flyers, believing that everyone is your prospect and all the other things, whose equivalent in the network is to send messages indiscriminately as the last, best, my compensation plan, my products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, my company, that is not an effective Marketing system you can not keep thinking that way referring you to ti and what interests you to you and the good thing about your company and the good thing about your products, your work is to give that person that enters the network looking for information, a solution to your problem or your expectations!!, but putting you in their shoes.

Online only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your prospectus, and show you because it should be with you, so is that the question is: do you have your value to offer, that interest to him?. If you do not solve this concern in the network, are just a click of your competition, you decide. So it is clear the Internet minimizes, the main reason why abandon the networkers prevents rejection face to face. Gives us the opportunity to eal of work from home allows us to reach prospects qualified day after day. But also this clear you must dedicate the time needed to think on as it would be your ideal prospect and if your were in their shoes you’d find on your site? Remember real results, it depends on how you do it..